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SEX PARTY-SHARONThe organised party was going really well and the Ladies that had chosen to breed had selected their stud for the evening. The Madam released the boys from their 2 weeks of chastity and allowed there weapons back into the public again!!!I was a little surprised that a pretty, tiny and slight girl with mousy hair called Sharon was standing nervously in the breeding Ladies line up?We spoke and she explained that she had had a couple of white lads, but said they were not up to much in bed and she was still a near virgin. 1 lad she said was told to ‘bang her up’, make he preggo. He had tried lots of times fucking himself silly with his little dick, but nothing?She was in a rush to have her belly filled as did her mother at her young age. There were lots of benefits just waiting for her if she could show she had a baby swelling that young belly. She had chosen the black man from the list on the wall, he decided to call himself Leon for the purpose of the evening, again suitably masked to hide his true identity. Leon a tall older man than her, about mid 30’s had a nice history for breeding. He claimed 5 k**s, mostly boys, he said by his way of creation? He was happy to get Sharon to pick him as he liked tight cunts and younger girls. They made off to a side room, all rooms had basic beds in them. Sharon said Leon took the lead as she was just too tense and nervous!She explained that he dressed in just the regulation T-Shirt, in his case a stringed version in red and a mask of choice, his a Hyena eye mask and ears. He sported a pair of heavy Diesel boots on his size 13 feet.Leon is 6′ 3″ on his stats. Sharon a tiny 4’11”! Seemed to me a very dangerous pairing for her!As they walked away to the room, even then Leon had an outrageous hard on. The thing was flicking up and down as he threw his arm around her naked white body.Playing to the crowd her adana escort turned to face us with his poker swinging proud and one hand on her ass.Sharon said he was like a wild a****l in the room.She thought he would be careful with her as she told him her old b/f’s had been tiny boys. He reached down to her pubescent pussy with a finger found it to be real small and tight. She had asked him if he would be at least happy with her whilst he impregnated her? Fuck you bet, he said.He got well down on his knees and tongued her young cunt, that big fatty black tongue washing her clean and rubbing her young button. She said she just lost it…her pussy splattered Leon with her young tasty love juices. Her cunt stood up like to perfect tight mounds either side of a valley as it swole ready.He picked her up and lay her on the bed raising her legs and parting them. She said it felt like a ton of weight slamming her belly as his cock crashed down on her. The bell end just under her chin all hot and her very small flat titties being hammered even flatter.As he slapped her chest and belly he groaned a bit as the 1st of his seed anxiously left the safe home of his huge swollen testicles. Remember he had had 2 weeks of chastity!!! The spunk greeted her chin with a splat spraying her nipples. She said she was shocked and wondered what had happened as the hot sticky jizum wet her. She looked at his eyes and he was in a trance now, with a fixed stare he was looking at her cunt.He for a moment looked at her face, took the weight of the big heavy shaft into his huge hand, raised it to an angle she could see the slit in the bell end just above her-fucking massive dripping monster- then let out another wad of black juice!!! He let a deep”BAAAAH’ as it shot over her face. In one shot her small face was covered, her vision all blurred. She took both aliağa escort hands and wiped the spunk from her eyes, then saw that Leon was working the sticky bell end into her cunt. He had her legs held up by her ankles in one hand the other guiding in the thick black shaft.Her cunt was very tight she told me she thought he would never break her in. Leon though was not hanging about in his job, he was here to get this bitch bred. She complained to him a bit to be careful, he was not listening, his carving for young tight cunts was driving him on. His technique she told me was to hammer her cunt with his bell end, wet it with his leaking spunk, which was a good lube, then push up her.He popped her young cunt at last and the bell end slid in. She said he could have stopped there and she would have been bred already as he again groaned deeply, OO, YEAH, he moaned. She felt her cunt pressure up as he helped himself firing a load up her, the bell end stiffening and twitching. Now he was on his way slowly sinking deeper, well past the 4″ or so of thin white dicks that had visited her before in the hopeless task of getting a baby in her. She said he bottomed out in her vagina and reached her hand down to her shock that there was more dick left out of her cunt than in it?Leon reached down and took her body into his hands, easily he raised her and she swung on his manhood. He put his strong arms fully around her, kissing her little mouth with that big fat tongue. He got one arm under her legs now and bounced her on his shaft. She wa swinging about on that fat bell end up her, each motion exciting it and making it spit spunk under her cervix.Each time he fired a round of thick, sticky black bullets in her he poked his fat tongue down her throat. She admitted that she was cuming loads too now!She held on like she was on a bucking ceyhan escort bull, her weak thin arms around the bulls thick neck. He moved his big hands to her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. Lifting her then length of his 13″ shaft he held her there then dropped her!!! Whaaam, she crashed down like an elevator without a brake, plunging to smash on the ground. Her newly opened up swollen cunt, the greasy pole she was impaled upon, her weight and his upward thrust timed to hit the cervix and it had to give in!!! Her tight cervix muscles that had been pounded for the last 30 mins let go to the black invader just gave up to his superior power. He was well happy, big wide grin as his pearly white teeth showed. ‘Lady eggs sunny side up for your Leon’, he told her.She said she felt ever inch of him in her womb as it was being pushed up into her ribs!!! ‘That’s it love, Leon is where junior is going,’ he told her. He gripped her ass and let go the whole big loads he had waited and been payed to fire into her. WOOOH. YEAH….WOOH YEAH…OH FUCK…AND AGAIN…BAAAAAH GO ON FUCK TAKE IT BABE, YOU FUCKING DIRTY LITTLE WHORE, HERE CUMS YOUR MANS SEED. . Her womb was swelling now and aching inside her. Things calmed down for Lean as he was almost empty of his seed, Sharon’s cervix though had clamped onto Leon’s thick shaft. He laid her back on the bed and pulled hard out of her. Amazingly her young cunt tightened and hardly any of Leon’s seed escaped. He was sweating, smelled like a man who had been fucking a girl all musky. His dick was still solid and dripping. His job done the madam came into the private room and took the 1st shot for the family album. He stood over Sharon, still laid on the bed opened her legs to expose her fucked cunt and lowered his hard dick to point at it, then a string of jizz fell onto her cunt lips as if to unite them.Sharon got dressed and made a call. 15 mins later a small white man arrived to collect her, he was her current b/f. Leon ws being entertained by the Madam as she sucked him clean.FOOTNOTE-Sharon missed a period and the preggo test she did is a happy result. Well done Lean that is Number 6 to you x

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