Sex Studio Secrets #26: AlesSandra-1


Sex Studio Secrets #26: AlesSandra-1Awesome Alessandra longs for love and lust, the shy slender submissive blonde bald beaver beauty Alessandra knows she will be a slave to Professor Peter and his hot pretty Petra, but not of SandraSandra is a slender slave from Riga to visit me for her pleasure in pretty torment and tit tortureSexy Sandra and awesome Alesandra, what a warm weekend ahead for Peter Poet and his granddaughter!Alessandra misses sex so much that she decides to collect all her courage and travel to AmsterdamAlessandra knows there shall be a price she has to pay for getting the sexy satisfaction she seeksAlessandra is submissive deep in her heart so she hopes she has to serve some pretty pervert wishesAlessandra sees pretty Petra sits in the shop window, reading some big book – she shyly rings twicePretty Petra smiles at Alessandra, perfect timing for a sexy exercise she likes to practise right nowPretty Petra orders Alessandra to undress immediately and sit in her chair in the window of the shopPretty Petra hand-cuffs her wrists behind her back, spreads her legs wide and canlı bahis ties them to the chairPretty Petra tells her to smile invitingly to passers-by, while she goes upstairs to make me some teaProfessor Peter slowly wakes up to reality from the blow-job by his hot granddaughter pretty PetraProfessor Peter likes his mug of tea to be served hotly, either by her or a visiting slave on dutyProfessor Peter loves the initiative of his offspring, who inherited in her genes his dirty mind!Professor Peter waits with Petra for the first female to ring twice and show her interest in salesSexy Sandra is amazed by the life model in the sex shop where she’d booked an appointment as slaveSexy Sandra likes to see the fear in the eyes of the slender sexy blonde beauty bound to the chairSexy Sandra licks her lips and lifts her short skirt a bit to seduce that sensual shy shop slaveSexy Sandra starts to play her pussy till her love lips get wet and sexily swollen, close to squirt Two tasty slender sensual blonde beauties as sexy subby slaves for a warm weekend for four or fiveTwo to treat for bahis siteleri us two, I can use some sexy hot help from foxy fabulous fetishist wonderful WendyTwo hours she needs at the most to come over from the South to help us out and have a hot weekendTwo sexy slave blond beauties to be feet-fucked by the famous specialist, who will become pro soonWe watch it on our closed circuit, cameras are everywhere even outside my shop we have a few of themWe want to keep the initiative, so I send my Petra down to invite Sandra in and let them swap placesWe wait upstairs till Petra will present Alessandra as a present to me: a fresh slave for a weekendWe want Alessandra to perform a proper presentation for my intimate inspection and her masturbationAlessandra remembers well her first visit – she was his first ever guest upstairs in the Sex StudioAlessandra bends over and spreads her cheeks right in front of the eye of Porn Professor Peter PoetAlessandra plays her pussy, opens up her love lips to his hungry hot eyes and makes her twat wetterAlessandra obediently comes within a few minutes güvenilir bahis while she keeps looking at his face between her legsPretty Petra performs her duties downstairs, implementing my instructions to turn on sexy SandraPretty Petra plucks at Sandras nipples, sucks them till they get hard, twists between two fingersPretty Petra applies cloth pins at them, and as well a few at each of her lovely looking love lipsPretty Petra proves women can be at least a mean as men under condition of lust and love or warfareAlessandra, you know you are now prisoner of your Papa Peter, so behave brave and sweetly submissiveAlessandra I know you long for many orgasms with my pretty Petra, but first you’ll be an offer to meAlessandra tell me how much you long to serve us two for your sexy satisfaction to hotly happen to youAlessandra sweetly says please Papa Pete can I blow your big brown banana, will you use me as a slave?As my reader might guess, next episode is with WendyAs Sandra is in position in the window of the shop …Assume she will be publicly foot-fucked as first oneAlessandra can not escape her fate, she knows her …We will continue this sexy slave series soon!We welcome comments and thumbs up dear readerWe know the rare down-voter basicly hates himselfWe will continue and win by offering pure quality

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