Sex With Friend’s Married Cousin


Sex With Friend’s Married CousindeleteddeleteddeletedRadhika is a 30-year-old Gujarati housewife staying in Ahmadabad with her husband. She had been married for the last 3 years but she was bored with her mundane activities. Her husband is 31 years old. He is always concerned about the business and is leading a stressed life.The sex life between Radhika and her husband Parag was just as boring as her daily routine. To describe Radhika, she has a height of 5’2 and has a plumpy body with a breast size of 38B. Her dressing is usually casual and most of the times, she wears t-shirts and shorts when she is at home.It was an early Thursday morning and Radhika woke up at 6 am. She looked at her husband snoring loudly on the bed and decided to get up from the bed. She prepared green tea for herself.While sipping the tea, she thought about her daily chores and got upset thinking about it. It was 6:30 in the morning and Radhika felt she needed some fresh air. Hence she planned to go for a morning walk.She wore a baby pink colour t-shirt and a grey track pant for the walk. Plugging the earphones, she went out. The first person to see her was the watchman of her building. The 50+ aged watchman greeted her “Good morning, Memsaab” to which she replied, “Good morning, Uncle ji” and as she passed by.The old fellow took a good look at her bouncing boobs thinking how good it would be to just touch her boobs and feel the softness. Radhika was totally oblivious to his stare.It had been half an hour since she was walking and she started sweating profusely. She came across Sumit, a tall and muscular guy who resides in her building. Both of them greeted each other and she continued to walk thinking about how it would feel to be in Sumit’s arms and be loved by this macho-man.There was a tingling sensation between Radhika’s legs with that thought in her mind and she just smiled and walked ahead. On her way back home, she met an old lady on the entrance of the building and stopped to talk with her.As she was talking, the old watchman feasted his eyes on her again. Her pink t-shirt was wet because of the sweat and there was a wet spot under her armpits. Her breathing was heavy which made her boobs move in a rhythm.Later when Radhika went inside the building, the watchman checked out her ass and he got a hard on by just looking at the wet patch on her ass and the outline of her pantie through her grey track pants.Radhika entered the bathroom and stood under the shower thinking about Sumit. Radhika thought about Sumit joining her under the shower and caressing her boobs. She started moving her hands on her boobs, pressing them hard thinking of Sumit sucking her nipples.Radhika pinched her nipples which got her excited and involuntarily, she slid her finger down and started pushing her finger illegal bahis inside her pussy. She kept on fingering roughly and within some time, she reached her climax and relived her body from the sexual tension built up inside her.It was past noon and Radhika was busy with her kitchen work when she received a call from her cousin sister, Reena. Through the conversation, Radhika learned that Reena was coming to stay at her place for a month. Listening to this, Radhika felt happy thinking that her days won’t be as boring as it was now at least for one month.Reena was a 24-year-old girl who was quite an outgoing person and liked to hang around with her male friends. Reena had a petite figure and fair complexion which made her popular among the guys.When Reena came to Radhika’s house, they started discussing everything that was going in their respective lives. Radhika confided in Reena about how she felt lonely.To this Reena suggested that Radhika should also meet up with Reena’s friends when she goes out to meet them. Radhika readily agreed and thought it would be nice to get acquainted with new people.The next day evening, Radhika and Reena had gone out to meet Reena’s friends. Radhika thought she should not feel awkward meeting Reena’s friends who are 5- 6 years younger to her. So she decided to wear a black colour one-piece dress while going to meet them.Reena introduced Radhika to 4 of her friends – Deepak, Jitesh, Sudhir, and Taani. The boys were spellbound looking at Radhika.Deepak could not take his eyes off Radhika’s boobs. The dress which Radhika wore was a low neck one and her cleavage was clearly visible to everyone. The length of her dress was just a few inches above her thighs and Jitesh was ogling at her fleshy thighs. He almost had an urge to press Radhika’s thighs.He went close to Deepak and whispered in his ears, “Yaar kya taangein hai iski. Kholke chodne ka Mann kar raha hai”.Sudhir overheard this and told to both of them, “Yeh randi ko toh mai hi chodunga” and all 3 of them started laughing between themselves.Reena asked them what was the matter to which Sudhir told Reena they were just cracking some stupid adult jokes. Then he said Reena, “Teri cousin mast kadak maal hai”, to which she just laughed off thinking that he was joking.They then had a coffee together and chatted amongst themselves and parted ways. On the way back home, Reena said to Radhika, “Coming Saturday is Sudhir’s birthday and we are planning to have a night party. Can we have a party at your house, di?”Radhika thought over it and said, “I don’t have any problem with it but you know how Parag is, I have to get his permission”.Reena said, “Arre di bhaiya se toh mai permission maang lungi bas tum agree hi jaao”.Radhika replied, “Mujhe kya problem hogi, mai bhi tumhare saath illegal bahis siteleri party karungi”.Reena convinced Parag easily for the party and said even he should join them. Finally, on Saturday evening, Taani came early to Radhika’s house with the birthday cake. Parag was busy in his room with his business work. An hour later, all the 3 guys came for the party and it was Radhika who had opened the door for them.All 3 guys were stunned to see Radhika. She was wearing a black coloured shorts which was highlighting her thighs and and a yellow t-shirt. Deepak greeted her with a hug and pressed his chest firmly on her breasts. Even she did not mind that.Then Jitesh hugged her. He caressed her back slightly and brushed his fingers on her soft ass on the pretext of taking his hands down and he made it look accidental. Then even before Sudhir could greet her, Radhika went up to him and hugged him tightly wishing him happy birthday.Sudhir took this opportunity and pressed Radhika hard against him. Her boobs were crushed on his chest and she could feel the tip of his dick poking on her belly.They left the embrace and then the party started. Even Parag had joined them for the party and all were drinking whisky. Parag was not used to hard drinks so he was fully sloshed after 2 pegs and he told the rest of the guys that he needs to sleep hence he went to his room and slept.Meanwhile, Radhika was in the kitchen filling up snacks on the plates when Sudhir entered the kitchen and asked her, “Do you need any help?”“No yaar, thanks”, Radhika said.“Radhika, you are looking really sexy. Don’t get me wrong, I am just complimenting you”, Sudhir said.“Thank you so much, dear. I took that compliment in a positive way only”, saying this Radhika winked and smiled at him. Radhika then turned her back towards him to pick up the plates but before she could do that, Sudhir went closer and hugged her from behind.Before she could even react, he moved his hands on her stomach and pressed it. He then pushed his body on hers and was poking his hardened dick on her ass crack. Radhika was aroused by this act and pushed her ass back so she could feel his hardness more. She was just moving her hands on his.Then she turned around and kissed his lips with passion. Sudhir started biting her lips and they were smooching each other hard. In the meantime, Taani called out for Sudhir and they had to break the kiss and go join others in the party.They got back to boozing and both Radhika and Reena were high. Taani was the only person who was not drinking.Later they turned on the music and dimmed the lights in the room to dance. Jitesh went close to Radhika and was trying to touch Radhika’s hips as they danced. Radhika lost her balance and fell on Jitesh. He lost no time to move his hands on canlı bahis siteleri her boobs and pressed them hard in the pretext of catching her.“Aaahhhh”, Radhika left out a soft moan.Jitesh: Are you alright?Radhika: Don’t worry, I am fine.Saying this, she turned around and was dancing with Jitesh and pushing her ass back trying to feel his dick. Jitesh held her hips and thrust his dick on her ass 3-4 times again on the pretext of dancing.Finally, it was midnight and time for the cake cutting. After that, everyone decided to leave the house but Sudhir said to the rest of them, “You guys go ahead. I will leave later. Reena says she wants to talk to me”. He pointed towards Reena and she just nodded along.Reena was not in her senses as well. Once the rest of them left, Radhika took Reena to her room and made her sleep.As soon as Radhika came out, Sudhir pulled her closer to him and started kissing her lips roughly. Even Radhika could not control her sexual urge and she was moving her hands on Sudhir’s ass and pressing his ass cheeks.Sudhir: You are wild, ha.Radhika: You just don’t know yet.Radhika then pulled up Sudhir’s t-shirt and started kissing and biting his chest like a wild bitch.Sudhir: Randi, teri andar bahot garmi hai.Radhika: Bana le muje teri Randi Aaj Raat ke liye.He then lifted Radhika in his arms and made her lie on the sofa. Radhika was anticipating him to come on top of her but he went down and started kissing her feet. He took her thumb and sucked it.Radhika: No one has ever done that, it feels so good.Sudhir then moved his lips on her calves and then towards her thighs. Radhika just closed her eyes and felt him down there brushing his hair with her fingers.Then Sudhir opened her shorts and pulled it down. He was astonished to see a sexy pink colour pantie which he pulled down hungrily. He started licking her clitoris and Radhika moaned, “Aaaah fuck lick me yesss”.Sudhir moved his tongue faster on Radhika’s clitoris.Radhika: Bastard, what are you doing?? Fuck meee. Fuck me nowww.Sudhir pulled down his pants and his underwear and took his dick in his hand and took it closer to her mouth. She grabbed his dick and start sucking his dick hard.“Aaah randi aise hi choos aaah bahut garam hai tu maa kasam”, Sudhir shouted.Then he pulled out his dick from her mouth and lifted her t-shirt and opened her bra. He pressed her boobs hard, he pinched her nipples too. She cried, “Aaah bastard.. Go slow, it’s paining.”He then went and lied on top of her and put his dick inside her pussy with one hard and deep push.“Aaaaaaaa maaaa”, cried Radhika. He hugged her tightly and started moving his dick in and out of her pussy faster and faster. She pulled his hair and smooched him hard which made him fuck her pussy even harder.Both were sweating a lot. Sudhir continued to push his dick faster and faster and after some time, he reached his climax, “Benchodddd aaaaaaaa” and finally he just collapsed on top of Radhika.Radhika whispered slowly into his ears, “You are very good” to which he just winked back at her

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