Sex Without Love


Jay came home from work early to see his best friend’s Beemer in the driveway. Thinking nothing of it, he walked in the door, expecting to see his wife, Maggie, and his best friend, Marty, chillaxin’ on the couch, watching TV, or drinking beer while they waited for him to come home.But that’s not what he found. Jay found his rage…He heard music and muted voices coming from his bedroom.Fuck no. This can’t be happening, he thought. But it was EXACTLY what WAS happening.“Fuck… it’s so tight… feels sooo good!” echoed from the bedroom. It was the familiar voice of his supposed best friend Marty.That mother fucker, Jay’s brain screamed.“Oh, GAWD! Just fuck me. Fuck my ass! Don’t slow down… please!” cried a desperate and breathless woman’s voice.That had to be the “faithful wife”, Maggie. Jay’s brain processed this last bit of information along with the identity of the man’s voice and his ability to reason or even process other information halted. He saw red the same way a computer flashes the “blue screen of death” when it fails to function.Rage… First, disbelief… Now, fucking RAGE!! He was blind with it.He stood there and watched his two favorite people rut like beasts for about a minute before he deftly glided into the room and punched Marty with a looping hook that started out somewhere deep in Texas and ended on the opposite side of Marty’s face. One second, Marty was lying on Maggie’s backside, deep fucking her ass and pulling her head back by her hair, the next, he was sprawled out on the floor. Out cold. That didn’t stop Jay from continuing one of the biggest ass-whippings in the history of ass-whippings. Marty never had a chance and it would take a miracle for him to leave the room alive. That miracle happened to be the same thing kaçak iddaa that left him broken and unconscious on the floor.“Jay, stop it! You’re going to kill him!” Maggie screamed. Jay stopped beating Marty to address the real target of his wrath.“Shut your lying cheating cock-holster and stay put on that fucking bed! You move and I will wreck you!” Jay returned his attentions back to Marty. Taking him by the ankles, Jay dragged him to the front door. He then went to the kitchen and filled a saucepan with water and ice. Jay finished dragging a groggy Marty out the front door. Once they were on the front walk, Jay retrieved the pan of ice water and dumped it on Marty, his best friend of fifteen years.They had served in the Army together. He knew Marty was a womanizer. It was part of his appeal when they first met. Marty had a way about him that could talk an Eskimo girl into buying ice from him… after she’d fucked him. He was always a smooth dresser and the ladies loved it. Well, they did back then. It was going to be a hot minute before Marty’s face would allow him to slay any new pussy.But Maggie? What the fuck!?! Jay always envied Marty for his smooth ways but he also felt sorry for the women that Marty “dated”. He treated them like shit. He regaled his old platoon and Jay with tales of debauchery that would cause shame for any father who might find out about how their precious daughter was treated. Yet these poor souls would always call Marty back for more, often getting rebuffed unless his nightly conquests at the bars fell short. Then, he always had a place to get his dick wet.“What the fuck, Brother!” Marty mumbled. His eye was swollen shut and there was a chance he either had a broken jaw or shattered molars.“Don’t call me Brother, kaçak bahis you piece of shit! Of all the free-range pussy that you could fuck, you chose my Maggie… If you weren’t, until just now, my best fucking friend, you’d be dead right now.”“You don’t get it…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence before Jay kicked him in his naked exposed ribs.“Here’s what I get. I’m gonna dump your shit and you into your car and turn my back. You will have about thirty seconds to get into your car and drive away forever. If I ever see your face or hear your name in my family or social circle again, I will finish what I started. Get it?”Marty nodded. Jay went back to the house and the bedroom, noticing that Maggie had started to put some clothes back on.“Bitch! Get naked again and stay your slut ass on the bed. I will not say it again.”He gathered Marty’s clothes and belongings and returned to where his former friend was sitting. Jay helped him to his car, dropping his clothes, keys, and wallet into his lap. Turning his back, he started walking back to his house.“THIRTY! TWENTY-NINE! TWENTY-EIGHT! TWENTY-SEVEN!” Jay screamed the numbers as he counted backwards. It was the last warning to his former best friend.Marty found his keys and started the BMW sedan, screeching his tires as he pulled out and left. He had seen, and now, recently felt what Jay was capable of in various fights they had participated in as platoon-mates.Jay returned to his house and locked the front door. When he arrived back in his bedroom, his hot rage had abated to something cooler and more calculating. He looked at his debauched bride with a gaze that reflected the cold anger he was flooded with.“You will answer my questions. You will be truthful or so help me…” Jay seethed.“I’ll illegal bahis do anything you ask, just don’t hurt me,” Maggie interrupted.“Have I EVER physically harmed you, Mags?” Jay asked with a touch of hurt and sadness.“No, Baby,” she answered, hoping that she could sweet-talk him into calmness. Maggie felt relief when he asked his question, punctuated with his pet name for her.“Don’t you fucking call me baby, Mags. Just answer my fucking questions. First, why? Why would you fuck around on me? And with Marty of all people?” His questioning was mostly calm but the hurt he felt resonated with his tone.“He made me feel sexy and naughty. Like when you and I first met and dated. Before we calmed down and fell seriously in love. I didn’t know I missed that feeling until Marty and I started talking and flirting during his weekend visits. Sometimes when you’d drink too much and go to bed early, we’d stay up and talk for hours. He’d tell me his naughty stories and we eventually started talking dirty to one another.” Maggie’s answer was truthful but not complete.“But why did you follow through? You know he doesn’t love you or any other woman that he’s ever fucked. He just uses them and throws them away. You knew this! Why, Mags?!?” Jay’s voice hinted at confused frustration and hurt rather than the rage he’d displayed earlier.“Because I didn’t care to feel love. I wanted the rawness and energy. I had you for love. I wanted to be used. It made me feel alive.” Her response was a little overconfident. She felt that she was gaining ground and Jay was breaking down… but she was sadly mistaken.“So you wanted to be used and treated with lust without worrying about love?” Jay walked over to caress her face, maintaining eye contact the whole time. “Yes…” she replied.  She was breathy and weak sounding.“OK… then that is what you will receive.” His words were calm, cool, and collected. “Now, drop to your knees, Bitch. Show me how you sucked his cock.”

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