“Uhhhhh, uhhhh, oooo baby, keep… going… please!” she moaned as I pounded her sopping wet pussy with my cock harder and harder, I could feel her, tightening around my cock as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. She was stunning, she had the longest, sleekest legs I’d ever seen in my life, the most toned stomach, the perfectly sized pair of breasts that suited her frame to a tee, just everything about her was nye on perfection. “oh fucccccccck!” she let out another loud moan as one of my hands squeezed her firm boobs hard, flicking the nipple with my index finger, my other hand working on her clit, bringing her closer and closer… “OH BABY I’m COMINNNNNNG!!!!” she yelled.

I awoke with a start. I hated having sex dreams. Uncommon I know, but its just the fact that I had fancied this woman for so long and every time I saw her it drove me wild with lust. Yeah I’d been on dates and shit but I always started comparing the other girls to her. They just weren’t quite right, not my type… but she barely even looked at me at the office, even though she was my secretary. I donned my suit, shirt and tie and got ready to leave my apartment to get on the tube, to get to work. The same old same old routine, the boring journey, the usual thoughts of Chrissy walking into my office, saying “Good morning Mr. Richards, how may I be of assistance to you today?” My reply being “Well first off Chrissy, under my desk, suck my cock until I cum in your perfect mouth and then lock my door, and fuck me til 5p.m. Unless you want overtime in which case, stay til late and we’ll keep going when everyone else has gone.” “Whatever you say Mr. Richards!” she would reply as she slid off that slinky red dress and did everything that I had ever wished for.

I arrived at my work at 8:50 a.m. And climbed the 20 flights of stairs to my office. By 9 a.m. I was in my seat. And waiting. Waiting because today was Monday, and Friday evening, I had left Chrissy a note telling her how I felt about her. I had never had the courage to tell her how I felt, until Friday. I had been regretting it ever since but it was done now. It was 9:05. I was logging on and she was late. Maybe she had resigned. At 10 past the hour I had given up hope of her showing but then, a head poked round the door, I saw her blonde wavy locks and instantly grinned “Good morning Mr. Richards, how may I be of assistance to you today? Sorry I’m late by the way sir! Any punishment you deem necessary I shall see as fit.” She said with a slight grin on her face. I told her not to worry and that I was sure I could think of something. She laughed and left the office. Ten minutes later, I buzzed her and told her my computer was on the blink. She said a technician would atakent escort be in in a jiffy to sort it out.

2 minutes later, in she walked clip-clopping in her sexy black heels, her sleek figure hugging red dress that should be made illegal and showing off those gorgeous legs oh so well. “right sir. What seems to be the problem?” she asked jovially. I told her I didn’t know, that I thought it was something to do with the tower. She crawled under my desk and said that she would try and fix it for me as soon as possible. I pulled my draw out to get some paper work and as I did I was sure I felt my trousers get looser. Thinking nothing of it, I started writing on my paper work. 5 minutes later, I felt something warm wrapped around my cock. I looked down and Chrissy was there, with her cock in my hand, gently massaging it up and down. “well sir, you are the boss. And what you say goes. What would you like me to do with this…situation that has arisen?” she said and winked. I promptly told her I wanted her to put it in her mouth and suck me hard til I had cum down her throat and without warning in it went.

Her mouth felt every bit as sublime as I had imagined. Her tongue gently glided up and down my steadily hardening cock, until she had it at its full length. Then she began kissing my head and flicking it with her tongue, before oh so slowly, pushing my head between her lips, then taking my cock inch by inch until she gagged and her nose was buried into my pubes. She released it just as slowly then went down again, sucking and flicking with her tongue constantly. If she kept this up I would be cumming in no time. Then she decided to go faster, slamming my head to the back of her throat which I could feel every time she moved down, her hands flew to my shaft and balls respectively so no matter what she was doing she was bringing me closer to orgasm. I stood up and led her out from underneath my desk so I could watch her work on my cock as it went in and out of that beautiful mouth. She looked at me with piercing green eyes as she took me all the way in again, and for the first time I noticed how low cut her dress was and the view I had, was spectacular.

As I felt my balls beginning to tighten, I warned her I was close to cumming, whilst at the same time, wrapping my hands in her hair and telling her to hold still and I began fucking her face. She knelt there just looking at me the whole time and I know that if she could of, she would have smiled. Her teeth and lips grazed my cock as I asked her to massage my balls again and she did so, I slammed my cock into her mouth one more time and…. THERE. Ecstasy as she sucked hard and my ataköy escort cock exploded inside her mouth. Spurt after spurt of cum shot into her mouth and she took it all in, then when I was done she pulled away from my cock, showed me her prize, then swallowed it down with one almighty gulp. She looked at me all innocently and said “Sir, I am now quite excited. Would it be fair to assume that you can please my pussy?” I was more than happy to oblige and told her to lock the door and take her dress off. She did so in the sexiest way possible, shaking every part of her that could be shaken and still look sexy and within seconds her dress was on the floor.

I pushed her onto the desk and removed her panties slowly, then placed her legs over my shoulders. No pretence, no teasing, I just started flicking my tongue over her clit. She was glistening with the juices that had been produced while she was sucking my cock and I could see just how excited she had gotten. I slid two fingers inside her and was rewarded with a loud moan. She felt so warm and moist and tight. It was amazing. And the taste, was like chocolate, dipped in honey, dipped in more chocolate. I couldn’t wait to taste her cum properly. I added a third finger to the two that were now pounding her pussy and I nibbled her clit whilst flicking my tongue. Her hand flew to the back of my head and she pushed me deeper into her mound, making me lick her harder and faster as well as moving my hand as fast as I could. Not long after I was rewarded “OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!” she yelled as her pussy tightened around my fingers, her clit throbbed and her orgasm nearly made her fall off the table, which she would have done, had her legs not been supported by my shoulders.

“Sir, that was amazing…” She said, catching her breath “but could you please show me what your cock could do to my tight, hot, wet little pussy?” she said just as innocently as before. Again I was more than happy to oblige and I couldn’t believe my luck. I stood up letting my trousers fall to the floor and I jerked my cock until it was hard, which didn’t take long. Chrissy’s bra had ended up on the floor and now all she was wearing was stilettos. I slid my throbbing cock inside her juicy, wet pussy and this was met with an “mmmmmm.” I pushed deeper, and harder, slowly at first but then building a rhythm up getting faster and faster and harder and harder.

My cock was pounding the pussy of my gorgeous secretary and it knew it, I kept going, wrapping her legs around me so I could go deeper and she forced me inside. Her hand flew to her clit while mine were wrapped round her glorious thighs, sliding up to her ass and squeezing atalar escort hard. Her other hand was on my back, sliding down, clawing as hard as she could. I could feel the blood rising to the surface but I didn’t care, I just kept ramming her with my cock. Before too long she began shouting “Oh baby… oh baby… I’m cummminnnnngggg!!!” and as she said this I could feel her pussy tighten around my still rock hard cock and she screamed and moaned so loud I thought that the whole office would hear. Luckily no one came to investigate and I pulled out of her and told her to bend over the desk.

She did as she was told and I began fucking her again, harder and harder as I now had as much power at my disposal as I wanted fucking her from behind. She came twice more before I finally emptied a second load inside her. But we didn’t finish there. She dropped back to her knees and began sucking my cock, tasting all her juices, licking them off me. She knew it’d be a while before I got hard again properly but she kept herself amused with my cock, licking, biting, nibbling and stroking until I was ready. Then she pushed me onto the chair and sat facing me. Sliding my cock up inside her she began bouncing up and down, moaning with every movement she made. She began rotating her hips as she moved up and down, making my cock feel even better inside her and feel like it had gone even deeper. She got faster and faster until I thought she was gonna fall off and eventually, my cock did fall out, but rather than deterring her, she got up, turned around and started fucking me again, this time with her back to me, her legs over mine. My hands reached round and squeezed her perfect tits while she continued to ride my cock harder than anything I had ever seen before. She came again, screaming and moaning my name as her pussy tightened for the fifth time today.

She got up again her legs shaking, and I picked her up, walked over to the nearest wall and began fucking her up against that. Thrusting just as hard as I had been in doggy she was moaning and groaning just as loudly as she had been before. But I still wasn’t close. We moved to the floor, not stopping fucking, I even found time to bite and nibble her neck and nipples and then she found my weak spot. She put her legs on my shoulders and wrapped them loosely around my neck. I thrusted so hard and fast that she nearly cried with a mix of pain and pleasure. “I’m so close baby!” She moaned and I told her I was too. She cried out as she came and this set me off too for the third and final time that day.

Chrissy, after recuperating, got up, got dressed and told me the technician would be in shortly to fix my computer tower. She also left her phone number with a kiss of her bright red lipstick on a napkin on my desk and asked if I would be having computer trouble tomorrow. As she left the room I said to myself and partially to her “If this is the help I get, I think my computer will be breaking down a lot more frequently!” And with that I continued with my work, smiling widely for the rest of the day.

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