Sexplorations Ch. 03


Sexplorations – Episode 2 – The Weekend


I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about our last encounter. She was really wild, although we have certainly had liberated sex in the past we got to a new level of lust last time. It sometimes amazes me to what lengths we will go to conjure up actions and thoughts to satisfy ourselves and each other, although, on the other hand, I’m glad that we do. After all, I am a self- admitted sex addict.

One of the challenges I face is how to do it ‘one better’ the next time. Each new level requires something more outrageous the next time. Happily, we both don’t feel the need to top ourselves each time, there is something very comforting about old, familiar sex that lets us often retrace our steps.

We’ve both been real busy at work (being tired may be one of the effective antidotes to my addiction) so we’re both looking forward to our weekend vacation coming up.

After a period of abstinence I spend more time thinking (or fantasizing) about our next sexual encounter. Although thinking about it is in itself pleasurable, I sometimes wonder about how to bring spontaneity into the picture as well. I guess I’ll let spontaneity take care of itself – there’s always the possibility that we’ll both want to do it while we’re cooking an aromatic dinner.

Because we’re going to be away, I’ve had to plan to pack some extra things – both old and new sex toys. I think she’ll enjoy them.

We leave Friday evening, and grab a quick meal on the road. By nine we’re checking in to the mountain resort. It’s off-season so we pick a cabin that is pretty isolated. Mountain air and a week of heavy work puts us both to sleep pretty early, but I expect we’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go.

I find that my expectations last night were quite justified. After a quick continental breakfast I suggest that we use the jacuzzi back at the cabin. She’s all for it, and I am pleased to see a glint in her eyes.

After we get the jacuzzi going we both get in. Since we were so isolated I suggest that we avoid the burden of swim suits. As the water bubbles and swirls around us I reach over to her and start kissing her. Her tits are right at surface level, so I soon direct my attention there. While I have one nipple in my mouth I reach over to one of the jets and direct it at her other breast. I want to see which stimulation results in a more erect nipple. It is close, but I’m glad to see my tongue has won. She has enjoyed the competition and pushes the nipple further into my mouth. I keep sucking and licking and start to bite as well. After a while, she moves around so I can do her other tit. As I suck on it I decide to direct the jet downward towards her cunt. The jet is powerful enough so that she quickly notices this new attention.

She lets out a moan and says, “I want to have a quick-one. Not an earth-shaking climax, but one that will give me some relief. After that we can settle down to some serious sex.”

“Turn around so your cunt and ass are aimed at this jet. Just lay back and float. I’ll hold you up and work on your tits while you get jetted.”

She quickly gets in position. Both her tits are fully above the water, the air is still cool enough so that her nipples get even stiffer. I suck hard on each, alternating quickly. I start biting the one and pinching the other as I hear her breath get more ragged.

“Oh, it’s here!” she says as she starts to shake. She tries to ‘swim’ towards the jet to get even more force on her cunt. I bite hard and pinch a few more times, then let her start to cool off.

She soon says, “Let’s see how you’ve been doing while I had all the fun.” She reaches down to my cock and starts to stroke it with both hands. It was already hard from what we had done, but she makes me feel real good.

“You float now. I’ll hold you up if you start to sink.”

I quickly get on my back while she gets to one side of me. My cock is wet and clean but she still closely inspects it. She has a firm grasp at the base and squeezes it every once in a while. I close my eyes and think about her sucking me, and soon I feel her tongue licking at the head. I let out a groan when she puts it in her mouth. She starts sucking on my cock pretty heavily. I’m really enjoying kartal escort bayan it. I feel her swing my body around as she continues to suck. Suddenly I feel a strong jet of water on my ass. After the surprise wears off I begin to enjoy it. The water is pushing at my asshole and is getting in. I relax a little and feel a stronger jet of water.

“Suck me harder. Make me cum in your mouth!” As much as I want to fuck her mouth I really don’t have any leverage. She looks up at me and increases the pace. My asshole is spasming and I quickly pump a load into her mouth. She takes it all. As soon as it is over I get up and kiss her passionately. I push my tongue into her mouth and our tongues twirl around in what’s left of my cum.

I’m feeling pretty hot and after looking in her eyes I see she is too.

“Let’s go inside now. We’ve taken the edge off so we can now do some serious fucking.” She nods her assent.


I’m glad we had so much distracting us after our last extended lovemaking. My body needed to recover. It took a few days for my anus to return to normal, and my nerve-endings seemed to take just as long to heal.

I am looking forward to the weekend. It will be relaxing and quiet. I do feel a stronger need for sex so I guess I’m fully recovered. I wonder what he’s got planned. With any luck, I might be inspired and surprise him.

I’m glad he felt like collapsing when we got to the resort. I felt the same way. The next morning I was really refreshed. When he suggested the jacuzzi during breakfast I immediately agreed.

Being naked was quite invigorating, the air was still a little cool and the water was nice and hot. It made my whole body tingle. He seemed to notice my pleasure at this because we soon started kissing. He soon progressed to my breasts. Being right at the surface they were being stimulated by the water, the air and now his mouth, tongue, and hands. It felt really good and I quickly started to build towards a climax.

I tell him, “I want to have a quick-one. Not an earth-shaking climax, but one that will give me some relief. After that we can settle down to some serious sex.”

He says, “Turn around so your cunt and ass are aimed at this jet. Just lay back and float. I’ll hold you up and work on your tits while you get jetted.”

This sounds like a great idea and we’re soon doing it. He makes my nipples really hot with the attention he gives them and the jet does a great job of teasing my clitoris. I reach my climax pretty quickly and I can tell from the way he is biting and pinching that he knows this.

As soon as I’ve cooled off a little I want to do him. I grab his prick with both hands and am not surprised at all when I find it full and hard. I decide to let him experience what I just did and tell him what to do. He’s on his back right away and it is time for me to suck his prick. I like to watch it as it pulses and grows, but after some of this I start to lick it. Between the hot water and my own sexual work I begin to get hot again. I want him to come quickly so we can settle into a long session. I start sucking hard on his prick. Suddenly I am inspired by a jet of water that hits me. I swing his floating body around so one of the jets hits his ass. He soon tells me to make him climax so I renew my efforts on his prick. I feel the pulses start and start swallowing his cum. It is soon over and I am rewarded with strong kisses. I feel his tongue on my lips and let him in. Our tongues lick at each other and he gets a taste of his own cum. I feel pretty hot now and I’m ready for some more.

We go into the cabin and dry each other off. He takes this opportunity to make sure my pussy is dry, which of course it can’t be because I’m getting wet. When I dry him off I make him bend over to make sure he’s dry. I look at his anus and see it is still pulsing a bit from the jet action. A quick memory of our last session makes up my mind for me. I crouch down and quickly start licking his anus. He lets out an appreciative groan and pushes it back at me. I lick it harder and start to push my tongue in. This is the first time I’ve done this, it gives me a bit of a forbidden thrill. I reach my hands around and grab his prick. It has already started to stiffen and escort maltepe my hands help it along.

I do this a while longer. I know he is getting hot but I want more.

“Did you bring along our toys?” I ask. He says yes. “Tell me where they are. I’ll get that nice dildo you used on me.” I decide to put on a show for him with the dildo, although I know he’ll join in quickly. I get on the bed with the dildo in my hand between my spread-out legs.

“I’ll bet you wish this was your prick.” I say as I tease my labia with it. His eyes tell me yes. “Watch as it goes into me,” and I push it slowly in. It feels so good. My pussy has been stimulated by what we have done but not filled. I push it all the way in and then start pistoning it. I close my eyes and just feel it. Soon I feel his tongue on my clitoris. He eats it in time with my thrusts. I keep a steady pace so I build up gradually. I feel him put his fingers in my pussy lips and then his hand is between my ass cheeks. I want a finger in my anus and he obliges.

“It’s time for your prick to do some work. Put it in me.” I say as I withdraw the dildo. I look at it glistening with my moisture and get a lewd thought. “Lick that dildo clean.” He looks up at me, gives my clitoris a few strong licks and then starts to lick the dildo clean as I hold it for him. As he does this he thrusts his finger in my anus a little faster.

“Put some more fingers in me while you suck.” Another finger invades my anus and three fingers go in my pussy. He lowers his mouth on the dildo and starts to suck on it. This is making me real hot, I like the feeling of domination and I can tell he is hot too.

“It looks clean now. Go get some K-Y jelly for that dildo.” He’s back quickly with it. “Smear it on. As soon as it is ready, give it to me and then climb on.” I thrust my pelvis at him while he greases the dildo. Once he hands it to me he looses no time getting between my legs. A few final tongue licks and he pushes his prick into me. It feels so good and hot. He starts a strong steady in and out. I flex my muscles on it. It is really good.

On one deep thrust I tell him, “Hold still now.” I reach around his still body and start pushing the dildo into his anus. From all the previous work loosening it up I’m able to get it in without too much difficulty. I feel his prick stiffen up in me.

“Start fucking. Every time you pull out of me this dildo is going to go further in your ass. I’m just going to hold it there.”

He looks down at me with a strong look of lust. He starts a series of strong thrusts that make my pussy tingle and my clitoris vibrate. Soon I can’t help myself, I want his prick to go in further so I start pushing the dildo further into him. He accelerates and so do I. My whole body is hot and I need my climax and his cum to put out the fire. He increases the pace again, he is whipping his prick in and out and I’m there! I start grunting as I climax. He answers me and starts to squirt – pulse after pulse in my hot pussy. I shove the dildo hard into him to coax out some more cum.

As we slowly begin to calm down he says, “To continue in a tradition you started last time, I’m going to clean up your cunt with my tongue. Would you like that?”

“Of course. A nice gentle tongue after a climax can be very refreshing.”

He slowly pulls his prick out of me. I’ve let go of the dildo and I feel him pull it out. “That was a nice idea you had to slip this in to me. Your cunt is starting to leak my cum, let me clean it up.” His tongue is soon caressing my swollen labia and I feel it scour up all of his residue. It feels good and I can feel an itch slowly start again.

“There. It is all clean. But now you must show me how you care about keeping everything clean.” With that he presents the dildo to me. “You must clean this!” I’m not the dominator anymore. I feel another tingle of forbidden pleasure. He sure knows how to turn the tables.

“All right, I’ll go wash it off.”

“No, I think your mouth is the proper place for this.”

I look at him. His eyes show me he’s serious and he’s also hot. I steal a look at his prick and am slightly amazed to see it pulsing back to life.

“Here. Hold this in your hands and lean over it. Suck it clean. pendik escort I might decide to enjoy you while you do this, just make sure you keep at it.”

I do as he says. Although the position is awkward, I start working on it. Suddenly he starts spanking me, not hard but it makes my buttocks tingle. As they get hotter I start to squirm around. What is he going to do?


After all the attention she gave my ass, I knew I had to get my sweet revenge. I got a real perverse thrill when she made me suck off the dildo, not only from what I was doing but from the dominating role she had assumed. I’ll wait my turn and then she’ll get to be dominated.

My chance came quickly. While I was cleaning her cum-laden cunt I decide on the course of action. She’ll get her turn at cleaning off the dildo and I’d position her in a way that I could fuck her ass. She assumed the position I told her to. Now I could do it.

As soon as I start spanking her I could tell from her reaction that I was going to have fun. Of course, she would too.

I put my head close to her crotch and started my tongue on her cunt, clit, and asshole. She kept waving her crotch around. My tongue is soon burrowing into her cunt, which is freshly wet. But in keeping with my goal, my tongue is soon burrowing into her asshole. She responds positively.

I ask her, “Are you hot enough yet? My cock is hard and hot and I’m going to plunge it into your asshole. It’s only fair.” She kind of laughs at this but her eyes betray her – she wants my hot cock way up her ass.

I leave extra saliva on her asshole, and for good measure put some K-Y on my cock. I stand up and position myself. My cockhead rubs against her asshole and it spasms. I hold my cock to keep the proper angle and push it in. I don’t stop until I’m buried to the hilt. Her ass feels hot and I feel her muscles flex. I put my hands on her hips and start to push and pull her while I stand still. My cock slides in and out of her asshole. It feels real tight. I start to go faster and feel her guts start to wrench and move. I can feel how it is getting easier to get in. The pressure is still good but she’s really enjoying it and participating. I push my cock harder as she opens some more.

“I’m really fucking your ass. Take my cock, take all of it.”

She is groaning and says. “You fucker! Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard and deep.” I feel a new tightness – she’s got the dildo in her cunt! I pace my strokes to hers – dildo out, cock in. She’ll never have a second of feeling empty this way. I reach around her back and grab her swinging tits. Both nipples are hard and pinchable. I start to pinch them hard – she pushes her ass back to me so I pinch harder. She is moaning long and loud. I change my strokes, cock and dildo go together. The pressure on my cock by the dildo and her ass muscles are too much. I drive my cock in very deeply and start to cum. She is cumming too. We both shake and yell as the cum goes on and on.

We finally collapse on the floor and start to fall asleep. When she pulls the dildo out of her cunt it gives my cock an exquisite massage. I thrust into her again and we doze off.


I was surprised at how quickly the tables were turned. Although I had been in vulnerable positions before, with my buttocks and pussy in the air, this was a new experience as I licked and sucked the dildo.

I felt really excited and lewd and was glad that it didn’t take either of us long to get to a fever pitch. Once again I wanted to be as full as possible so the now clean dildo seemed perfect. It was great but I was really tired after my climax.

We both slept for a couple of hours, then showered and went for a long walk on one of the trails. It was really beautiful and relaxing.

We made it back to the resort and he surprised me with a pre-arranged romantic dinner by candlelight. The food and wine was excellent. We had a great time.

When we got back to the cabin we got into bed and cuddled for a long time. He gently rubbed my body. I felt very tender and warm. I wanted this evening to go on forever.

“Make love to me,” I asked him. I lay on my back and he soon mounted me. His prick slowly pushed into me and he started to do long, slow strokes. I gently encouraged him and moved my hips in time to him. We did this for a long time, both of us gradually building up our sexual energy.

“Are you ready to finish” he asked. I kissed him deeply and nodded. We both moved faster and climaxed together.

It was a wonderful weekend.

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