Sexting Pt. 17


Jennifer and Chip were at the cabin in the hill country. Jennifer invited her friend from law school that served as her maid of honor at the wedding. It was the end of the first day and Barbara decided to make love to her boyfriend Bret on the deck. Chip and Jennifer decided to make love in the bedroom and left them out on the deck. The weekend would be over and both couples would need to get back to work. But there was a surprise in store.

Jennifer and Chip were in the bedroom after leaving their friends on the deck making love. “By the way Friends or no friends, I am running your ass tomorrow,” said Chip as he kissed his wife.

Jennifer was stroking Chip’s cock and was rewarded with a massive erection. She was about to say something when Chip kissed her. He spun her around so she was facing the bed and he encouraged her to lie down. “Go all the way to the pillow,” said Chip.

He got over her and moved her arms so that her head was using them as a support. He moved her hair out of the way exposing her neck and shoulders. He paused admire his wife’ skin. Despite the sun she was only lightly tanned. Chip leaned over and kissed her. “What are you doing?” said Jennifer. Chip kissed her again. He straddled her and moved his cock in the crack between her cheeks. With his hands he started under each arm, and with his nails he scratched the side of her breasts, moved up to her spine and then back down to her sides ending at her hips in a semi figure 8. He repeated the maneuver several times. Each time he scratched she moved. He leaned down and kissed the area between her shoulder blades.

Chip stood and lifted her to her knees, his hand found her clit and he guided his cock in to her pussy. “MMMM, that is what I wanted,” said Jennifer. Chip found her nipples and he began to tweak her tits. Chip began to feel warm fluid surrounding his cock and he began to move his tool in and out encouraging her to climax. Chip pulled out and turned Jennifer over and kissed her. Jennifer reached up and guided his cock back in her pussy. He slipped in easily and he kissed his wife. “Honey,” Chips mouth covered Jennifer’s; their tongues danced with each other. He began to really fuck his wife. He moved his cock in and out of her cunt. He moved in and he felt himself let go. He kissed her and held her until he fell out.

Jennifer got out from under Chip and left the room. The lights in the main room were out and it sounded like Barbara and Bret were in their room. She finished her business and went back to bed. She shut the lights off and slid next to Chip. She was soon in the same state as her husband.


“Jennifer wake up,” Chip was nudging his wife’s shoulder.

“What the F time is it?” said Jennifer.

“Our friends have come back, get up and look,” responded Chip.

Jennifer got up and Chip handed her the night-vision binoculars and pointed her at the window. She brought the binoculars to her eyes and looked out toward the other end of the pond and saw four people swimming and messing with each other.

“See if you can get B and B up to let them see this?” said Chip.

Jennifer crossed to the other bedroom and started shaking Bret. “Get up, we have visitors!” said Jennifer.

She was able to get Barbara and Bret up and they walked out to the main room and peered through the sliding door. Chip came out with the night-vision binoculars and handed them to Barbara.

“Well the two women seem to like the men’s cocks as they are giving some good head,” reported Barbara.

Jennifer took the binoculars from Barbara “I hope that they realize that fellatio is not safe sex.”

Across the pond the men started fucking the two females. “I really wish the night-vision had better resolution I would like to check out the couples better,” said Barbara.

The group continued to observe the pair of lovers sometimes commenting on the action. Chip got up and moved to the bedroom, Jennifer followed. With the door closed they kissed.

“You didn’t want to watch anymore?” asked Jennifer.

“Let’s make love, darling you are much better looking,” responded Chip.

He was on his knees spreading her legs and diving his tongue into her pussy. She wrapped her arms around his neck to hold him in position. It took just a few minutes for her to cum and he guided her to the bed and climbed on top and thrust his cock into her pussy. Chip first kissed one breast and then the other and finally their mouths met. Chip was busy fucking his wife and with a thrust he felt his release.


A cascade of t-shirts, sweat pants and shoes dropped on the major. Jennifer was standing over him fully clothed and ready for their morning run. “I will meet you outside,” said Jennifer as she walked out of the bedroom.

Chip emerged from the house and after a few stretches the couple took off following the path. They passed the area where the young lovers performed and continued to the clearing where the pavilion was located. Chip powered up the hill but Jennifer was right behind him. 1080 porno Jennifer took a different path away from the pond in a direction unfamiliar to them.

“I want to see where this goes,” she said.

They continued jogging up the trail; which followed the property line, on the other side of the fence was a long road leading up to a ranch house. The path turned into another grove of live oaks. The path passed through the trees and turned toward the house. It suddenly veered in another direction and continued east. The path opened up for about a quarter mile. Jennifer suddenly accelerated and passed Chip. She was about an eighth of a mile in front before Chip caught up to her just as the path turned toward the pond. Jennifer kept the accelerated pace and the pond was off in the distance. The path started up the hill and then followed the route along the pond. They reached the house and Jennifer started up the path again. “Not enough mileage, Darling I want to go again.” Said Jennifer. A half hour later they finally turned toward the house, they finished and Jennifer walked out to the deck and stripped her clothes off and jumped into the pond. She heard another splash indicating that Chip was behind her. Instead of heading to the ladder she took off to the opposite side. Chip reluctantly followed her. When they reached the shallow water they waded out of the pond.

“Race you back to the deck,” said Chip.

Jennifer was looking at the ground, searching for evidence of the lovers from earlier in the morning. Barbara appeared on the deck “What are you guys doing over there,” yelled Barbara.

Jennifer and Chip stood at the edge of the water and then suddenly ran into the pond and started to swim to the deck ladder. They both reached the ladder at the same time. Chip being the gentleman allowed Jennifer to get out of the water first. They were both standing on the deck naked and dripping wet.

Everyone walked into the house and Chip and Jennifer got their bathrobes and returned to the main room. Bret walked out of the bedroom joining Barbara.

“We went for a run this morning and decided to take a dip in the pond to cool off,” said Jennifer.

How long did our lovers hang around after we left?” asked Chip.

“We left shortly after you so we did not see them leave,” said Barbara.

“Why observe when the real thing is near by,” said Bret as he kissed Barbara.

Chip and Jennifer looked at him in amazement; Bret never said anything like that.

“Give us a few minutes and we can all go out to eat,” said Chip.

Jennifer and Chip went around the house and picked up laundry and other items and packed the car. They dressed in shorts and shirts, and took the lead in the convoy. Jennifer closed and locked the gate when everyone was out. She got in with Barbara and Bret and gave them directions to the Iron Skillet. They parked next to Chip, and Jennifer got our and hugged her husband.

They walked in to the dining room and noticed two young women dressed in Army BDUs. They looked like the two women they sat next to yesterday. Unfortunately they were seated across the dining room from them and could not hear the women’s conversation.

“Do you think that those are the women from yesterday, Chip?” asked Jennifer.

“I did not get a good look at their faces, but I think so,” responded Chip.

The name badges above the left breast pocket were visible and Jennifer reached into her purse and pulled a small notebook and pen out and quickly jotted down the names.

“You are not going to give those women the third degree are you?” asked Chip

“It is a pattern of behavior and I want to be ready,” said Jennifer.

Chip suddenly got up and walked toward the area where the restrooms were located. He stopped by the table with the two women.

“Where are you stationed?” Chip asked the two women.

“We were lucky we grew up in this town and we were stationed at Joint Base San Antonio. It allows us to come home often. We’re clerks in the Motor Pool,” said one of the women.

“I didn’t realize that the Army allowed soldiers as beautiful as you to serve. Thanks for your service,” said Chip.

Chip walked toward the restroom and after a suitable time he returned to the table.

“Trying to line up some tail for when I am away, darling?” said Jennifer.

Chip looked at her and she knew quickly that she had touched a nerve. She quickly leaned over and kissed her husband. “Sorry darling, the bitch just came out,” said Jennifer.

“Tell her to stay in her place,” said Chip.

Barbara and Bret looked amused at the interchange between their married friends.

“Is that what we have to look forward to, darling?” asked Bret.

“Are you offering a long term commitment Mr. Forester?” said Barbara.

Everyone at the table focused their eyes on Bret, “You sir are on the hot seat,” said Jennifer.

Bret paused two waitressed walked up to the table and started to place plates in front of everyone.

“You are 2 k porno not off the hook Mr. Forester; and if I hear that you are abusing my friend you will have a lot of people to answer to,” said Jennifer.

Bret pulled a crumpled envelope out of his pocket and looked at Barbara; “Barbara I don’t care about your family’s wealth, I do not know how long we will be in the Navy, but for better or for worse I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t have a ring but I do have a gift certificate that will cover most of the cost of a ring. I pledge my love to you in front of these people,” said Bret, as he let a large amount of air escape.

” Sorry Bret you shouldn’t have been painted into a corner,” said Chip.

“Well the ball is in your court my friend,” said Jennifer looking at Barbara.

Barbara picked up a fork full of eggs from Bret’s plate, “Come here mister and open your mouth.” Barbara gently placed the food in his mouth. “If I will do that in public I will marry you,” she said.

“Looks like I will need to Google Matron of Honor duties,” said Jennifer.

“Don’t start now I am sure we will have time,” said Barbara.

“So what did you find out, Darling?” asked Jennifer changing the subject.

“They’re clerks in the motor pool they grew up here and were lucky to be stationed at JBSA,” said Chip.

Two young men walked in and sat down at the table with the two women soldiers. It was clear that they were more than just friends.

Jennifer’s party finished their breakfast and after arguing about the check they laid enough cash to cover the check and tip. They exchanged hugs and kisses in the parking lot and made plans for future get togethers.

About two hours after leaving the restaurant Chip pulled in to the townhouse garage. Jennifer left the laundry on the machines and she walked into the kitchen. Chip was pulling some fixings for sandwiches out of the fridge and Jennifer sat at the table. “Do you think we applied to much pressure on Bret?” asked Jennifer.

“He was at the end of the board we just made him jump. I’m wondering if Barbara was ready,” responded Chip.

“She was ready she emailed me stating that she was tired of the casual hook ups and they have been steady since they met,” said Jennifer.

A week later

Chip was sitting in the office of Rosemary Stark. Stark was Jennifer’s social worker therapist, and had asked Chip to visit her. After introductions they sat in chairs away from the desk.

“You will allow us to drop the formalities Mr. Johnson,” said Stark.

“Please call me Chip Ma’am.”

“Do you have any idea why I asked you to this meeting?” asked Stark.

“I hoped that you wanted to discuss good news that Jennifer was feeling better?” said chip.

“Your wife was suffering from anxiety about being abandoned. Her father leaving her with out any explanation and the silence of her mother on the issue seemed to be one of the causes. The condition showed up in her wanting not form relationships to constantly succeed. Joining the Army and going to law school and succeeding is the way she coped with a feeling of not being wanted,” said Stark

“I think that I can understand the reaction to an incident where I took an old girl friend to lunch just after we announced our engagement. I had never seen her react like that. There was no reasoning with her. I can also understand the over drinking. I maybe practicing with out a license but I guess it was a way to keep up with the men in the units she was assigned. Being one of the boys was important,” said Chip.

“I understand that you were trying to limit her drinking, when you were together?” said Stark.

“I tried when we were together, I might have been an enabler but when I cut her off she did not fight me. I am guessing that that behavior is what got you in the picture? I was still at the University when your card hit her desk. I thought I had an angry cat on my hands it was a very long two hour phone call. I finally convinced her that I did not call family services but I wish I had, I did not know how bad she felt,” said Chip.

“Now we get to you. How did you and Jennifer get together?”

“I am making the assumption that what I say to you does not go beyond your office, and that Jennifer has already told you the story,” said Chip.

“Correct on both accounts, but I want to get your side of the story,” said Stark.

“Marrying Jennifer was the best thing I have ever done in my life. The way we got to that situation I am not so proud of. I arrived at the university in the middle of the semester to command the ROTC unit, and my apartment was located near where Jennifer was living. I was out one morning and saw a woman that I thought I recognized and I followed up to confirm that Lt Jennifer Connolly was enrolled in Law school. By that time she was Capt. Connolly. I checked the school records and she had not checked the privacy box and found her cell phone number. This is where I got stupid, and despite this hardware,” 3 k porno said Chip pointing to his rank insignia.

“I decided to play a joke and sent a photo of my privates to her. No face just the equipment. I really thought the campus police would visit me and I would be counting whales in Alaska. But she sent me a photo of her crotch. For about four days we traded racy photos and I worked up the courage to meet her. I met her in the lobby of her residence and after some preliminaries; she came over to my apartment. I am freaking out thinking that the police were in the parking lot waiting to pounce, but we made love. I was very surprised that we made love the first night we met.”

“How did the relationship progress after the first meeting?” asked Stark.

“We saw each other off and on because the semester was ending and I was giving and grading finals and she was studying for her finals. I was organizing the unit for summer camp and she had a two-week commitment with the reserves. We still communicated but we did not make love much. When the new semester started we got serious. We went skiing over Thanksgiving; and I remember she got really steamed at me when I again got stupid and had an accident, and was late to dinner. I had to be carted down the mountain by the ski patrol. Then she took me meet her family over Christmas. Shortly after that I proposed.

“Any feelings about Jennifer’s inheritance or finding her history?”

“No she kept all those issues private. She got the letters from the lawyer before we were married. I did not know anything until she took me out to the property,” said Chip.

“Those instances where Jennifer got mad at what might have been your leaving is her method of dealing with perceived abandonment. It manifests in binge drinking and fear of loosing you and other love ones. I may want to meet with you again, but I can say that Jennifer is beginning to get most of her issues under control. I understand that she mentioned having children, how do you feel about that?” asked Stark

“I am in favor,” said Chip.

Stark rose indicating that the session was finished and Chip got up and shook her hand. “Call me if you want to meet again Rosemary?”

Chip left the office and noticed that it was after hours the outer office was deserted “I do my best work with no one around, Major,” Stark said.

Chip pulled into the garage and lowered the door. Jennifer opened the door from the kitchen and stood in the opening. “I am such a lucky man,” Chip thought to himself. He got out of the car.

“Come on Major, I have dinner ready,” said Jennifer.

Chip paused to kiss his wife. He walked past her and dropped his briefcase and coat in the living room.

“So did you get your brain adjusted with Rosemary?” asked Jennifer.

“She seems nice,” said Chip.

They ate and Jennifer talked about some of the cases that had hit her desk. She pulled her phone out and passed it to Chip with a photo of a hand with a diamond ring on the ring finger.

“Did Bret pass muster with the family?” asked Chip.

“Bret got Daddy’s approval but mom not so much, but Barbara is headstrong and mom will just have to deal with it,” said Jennifer.

What’s on the schedule for the weekend?” asked Chip.

We are not going to the cabin, I want to run ten miles, because I am thinking of entering the SA marathon,” said Jenifer.

“Ok but no complaints about training, darling,” said Chip.

Chip got up and took the dishes to the sink and cleared the table. Jennifer went to the office to work on items from the office. Chip finished cleaning the kitchen and went to the living room to hang his coat up and get ready for the next day.

He took off his uniform and laid it on the bed. He ran the shower and when it was hot enough he started to clean off the day.

“You’re out there aren’t you,” said Chip.

He peered around the curtain and looked at himself in the mirror. Feeling stupid he continued washing. Without him seeing her, Jennifer reached in and found the crack between his cheeks.

“Jennifer!!” Chip yelled.

She yanked his cock before retreating out of the bathroom. Chip finished rinsing and walked into the bedroom and finished toweling off. Chip grabbed his phone and shot a picture of his privates and composed a text to Jennifer. “Ready when ever you are.” He hit send and waited for the reaction. And waited and waited but finally there was a reaction

“Major Charles Johnson get over here right now,” he heard Jennifer yell.

He walked into the second bedroom that was used as an office and found his wife, naked stretched out on the spare bed. “You sir need to repeat that scratching exercise you pulled on me at the cabin. Oh and you are one crazy person, but I love you,” said his wife.

“You used the rank and formal name I must be in trouble,” said chip as he arranged his naked wife on the bed.

She was in position and he placed his cock in the crack of her ass. The warmth of her body was transmitted to his cock. He leaned down and kissed between her shoulder blades. Again starting under her arms she scratched the sides of her breasts, moved up to her spine and back down to her hips. He repeated the maneuver several times, each time Jennifer shivered with pleasure.

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