Sexual Bon Vivant Pt. 07


“What are you doing? The highway is the fastest way.”

“I just thought we could run by the old Sparks place for old times sake, Mom.”

“The fishing place? We haven’t been there in years! I would love that!”

I drove to the picnic area where we had done our fishing. It hadn’t changed a bit. It was nothing more than a clearing with a couple of tables. The river was no more than 20 yards away. It brought back old memories. It was one of those magical West Texas evenings where the fierce heat had given way to a pleasant breeze.

Mom was crying softly. Her memories were of Dad and Sammy, both of whom died over a year ago.

“You and Sammy caught your first fish here. And those times we sent you two down to explore, your father would fuck me on this table.”

“I will never look at potato salad the same again. Speaking of that, I didn’t stop here for the memories.”

I pulled my cock out. She smiled and pulled her shorts and panties down and she sat on the table. This put her at the perfect height to fuck standing up. She was wet and warm when I entered her. Tillman had indeed stretched her. I could tell she was tender so I took it slow and easy.

I had her legs on my shoulders when we heard the pick-up truck pull into the clearing. We scrambled to cover ourselves as best we could. Old man Sparks climbed out of the truck and looked us over.

“Joan, you doing okay?”

“Yes. We were passing through and decided to stop for a while. You remember Jonathon, my son?”

“Yup. We spoke at Sam Sr.’s funeral. When you said you would take care of your Momma, I had no idea. I suppose it’s your business. Shut the main gate when you leave.”

As he drove off Mom giggled.

“I don’t think we will be able to fish here any more!”

“Nope, so we might as well finish up. Let’s get naked.”

“Okay, don’t be so gentle. I’m a little sore, but it’s a good kind of sore. I’m used to getting it hard and fast on this table.”

Being naked outdoors really pumped up my libido. Or maybe it was getting caught balls deep in my mother’s pussy by one of her (and Dad’s) oldest friends. It also could have been the story Mom was telling me of her night with Tillman. But whatever it was had her hotter than I had ever seen her.

“Sparks wife will probably get a good pounding tonight.”

“Lily can take it, I just hope I don’t run into her for awhile. Speaking of being pounded. I believe you owe me one.”

She got back on the table and thrust her legs apart. ‘I will tell you more about last night if you want. Do you want to hear what a slut your mamma can be when she wants to be?”

“Yes, I want to hear it.”

“He was able to stay hard after our 69. I was horny for his odd looking dick. As you can imagine, it slid in easily — at first. The head was normal. The base was so wide it stretched me. But it felt wonderful. He knew how to use it, too. When he had it all in he had a twisting motion that made it even better.”

Between every word was an “unh” as my dick bottomed out. She continued.

“He turned me over to do it doggy style. You know I like it that way. His cock felt even better that way.”

“Did he cum a lot?”

“Which of the three times?”

That sent me over the top. I added my load to Tillman’s remnants.

“I just know that when he came this first time, there was a good bit dripping onto the bed. Not as much the next times”

“Oh, and he plans to come see me later in the summer!”


About a year and a half later, I was entering a local clothing store, and I heard a soft female voice call my name. I looked to my right and saw Lily Sparks! This could be uncomfortable. We had made it a point to avoid the older couple since the picnic table incident. I just hoped she didn’t bring it up. That was too much to ask.

“Hi Jonathon, you have certainly grown since you and the family used to come fishing. How’s your mom?”

She gave a sly smile. “And I don’t mean in bed.”

My face burned with embarrassment.

“Look Mrs. Sparks, it…I…we…

“Call me Lily. And don’t worry, I’m not here to judge. I think it is sweet that you to provide your poor widowed mother’s, shall we say, intimate needs. Everybody in town thought something like that was going on since you moved in with Carol and her boy. Tongues do wag.”

This was the first time I saw her through the eyes of an adult rather than as the child who fished on her land. She was tall, maybe 5-7, and thin. Her breasts were barely large enough to break the smooth line of her chest. He legs, though lovely, we somewhat spindly. karataş escort bayan Her dark brunette hair had a few streaks of grey. The closest celebrity resemblance would be a circa 1960’s Katharine Hepburn.

I knew that she had had her 60th birthday a year or so earlier, and her husband was about 12 years older.

“I do want to thank you and Joan.”

“For what?”

“That day the Herman caught you, er, defiling my picnic table, he was aroused enough to do me some good that night. Once he told me what he had seen, I was worked up myself, if you know what I mean. Herman’s once or twice a year isn’t cutting it anymore.”

“And on my picnic table! My monthly book club meets out there, You could have at least put your shirt under her ass!”

She laughed out loud at her own wit. I was just glad that she wasn’t really mad.

“Herman and I used to camp out there when we first got the place. He cleared the area and built those tables. We may have even dallied about on that very table.”

“So you dallied and we defiled. I see.”

“I think what you did, and I assume still doing, is the sweetest think I have ever heard. After that horrible accident your momma needed comfort. We all need comfort from time to time.”

She moved in close to me, putting her hand on my shoulder. Her face was an inch from mine. She smelled of old flowers.

“If you want, meet me in the lady’s dressing room. I’ve got to try on a few things. I know the saleslady and she won’t mind if I have a man’s opinion.”

She spun around and entered the store. I stood there watching her walk away with an exaggerated hip sway that made me wonder how her ass looked. I had a feeling I would soon find out. She shopped a while, finally scooping up several items to try on. I finished my shopping in ten minutes.

Lily, with her hands full, said something to the clerk and went to the dressing room. The clerk approached me saying Lily wanted my help and that it was alright for me to “give it to her.”

‘It’s pretty slow this afternoon. I may close the section. You will have the area to yourselves. Lily knows where to find me when you are done. I trust you will have an enjoyable shopping experience.”

“I’m beginning to think I will.”

“No doubt,” she said under her breath.

I went back and found the dressing room. When I opened the door, Lily already had one of the new dresses on. It was much clingier than the one she had worn into the store. She look closely at herself in the mirror. She didn’t like it. She shrugged it off her shoulders.

“I hope you don’t mind but I didn’t wear a bra today. I wasn’t expecting to have an audience. I suppose I could have worn prettier panties, too.”

I was only half listening as I stood transfixed by her body. Her breasts that seemed nonexistent when clothed, popped out a little when she was topless. Her nipples were the main attraction. Dark and erect, they contrasted nicely with her white breast skin. I would say she never tanned topless. What color she did have was on her face, neck and arms. What we called a farmer’s tan. It was a fitting tribute to a life of hard work in the Texas sun.

Her panties were standard issue, plain cotton whites. The top of her pubic hair peeked over the waistband, and it was a high waisted pair. She would have to trim a bit before she could wear anything briefer. Not that I minded a little hair. I had my nose tickled before!

All in all, her body looked much better naked than would have thought. That sounds obvious, I know, but it was more so with this mature lady.

Soon, at least it seemed like it was soon, she had tried on the last dress. I had done nothing but watch.

“That was the last dress, dear, I hope you enjoyed the show. I have to get home or Herman will try to cook supper, and that is not a good thing. Listen, I hate to tease and run, but I must. When are you next passing by our place?”

I was going that way in five days. She digested that information and told me to meet her at the clearing on my way back.

“I have been obsessing on your little escapade since Herman told me about it.”

We started to leave the dressing room.

“Wait, I almost forgot. We need to act like we fooled around. It keeps the clerk on her toes.

We waited a bit, then stepped out . Lily walked out adjusting her clothes. The salesclerk gave me a knowing smile as Lily paid for her purchase. As I paid my ticket, Lily left the store.

“Lily is my best customer. I’m glad you were able to satisfy her need — for a dress.”

Was karkamış escort bayan the clerk flirting with me? Two could play at that.

“I did rise to the occasion.”

“Cute, but I know nothing really happened in there. She has had a couple of guys watch her change and she goes home to her husband. You must be frustrated. If you like, I can give you a hand. I’ll lock the main door.”

When she returned, we went to the same dressing room.

“Aunt Flow is visiting, so a blow job is it. The guys aren’t the only one that Lily teases. I get horny thinking of her almost naked in front of strangers. I don’t know what it is about her. I’m not gay, obviously, but thinking of her, ooh.”

“Then you help her in the dressing room next time. If she is interested, she will let you know”

I put my hands on her shoulders and urged her to her knees. I checked the mirror to see if my forehead had something like ‘AVAILABLE FOR SEX’ printed there. It did seem that way at times.

Oh well, when it rains, it pours. Feast or famine.


Lily was waiting when I pulled up to the fishing hole. She walked quickly to my car. Despite a slight chill in the air, she wore a short sleeve blouse and white shorts with a prominent what we now call a ‘camel toe.’ She seemed very anxious to get things started. I got out to greet her. She met me with a hug and one of the hottest kisses, I have ever had. This could get interesting.

“You seem happy to see me.”

“You don’t know the half of it. I have wanted to do this since Herman described your indiscretion to me. You may have guessed, I love sex. I need it a lot. Herman kept up with me until a few years ago, but he can’t now. Watching Joan getting a good seeing to got his motor running.”

“A good seeing to? No, Lily, she had her legs spread with her son’s cock filling her pussy. “

“Yes, talk dirty. Tell me what a wanton slut I am. Tell me what you are going to do to my body,

“‘Then let me see your body.”

She quickly pulled her top off, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard in the cool air. I had seen but not touched them during our previous encounter. This time, I bent down to take her cupcake sized breasts in my mouth. Lily moaned in approval.

“You have beautiful tits, Lily. But, there is one part of you I haven’t seen yet.”

I watched as she unsnapped her shorts. She was wearing a pair of black panties. No pubic hair above the waist band like last time; she had been doing some trimming!

That was evident when she hooked her panties with her thumbs and pulled them down her legs. Her bush was trimmed down to just a small triangle.

I took her into my arms, whispering in her ear. “You are beautiful.”

I kissed her neck as my hands roamed the 60 year-old body. The untanned skin was as soft and smooth as any 20 something woman. Her face showed signs of her age and exposure to the sun. Lines and wrinkles etched her skin. Welcome to Texas.

I wasn’t much better in the tan department. My top half was nicely tanned from working shirtless. But from the waist down I was as white as she was. Even my legs. I rarely wore shorts and had no time to enjoy the pool.

Lily’s preferred mode of communicating during intimate moments was to put her lips less than an inch from my ear and talk in a sexy whisper. You know what I am talking about. A husky, breathless whisper that no matter what she is actually saying, you only hear, “fuck me now.”

“I am so glad you showed up. I have wanted this for so long.” For emphasis she gave my ear a lingering lick.

“So have I. I always thought you were a pretty lady.”

“Thank you. If I remember, you were too interested in fishing to notice”

“I noticed.”

“Do you notice that I’m naked,” she whispered, “and ready to fuck?”

Yes I was indeed ready. My cock was for sure. I scooped her and sat her on the same table that Mom and I had ‘defiled,’ that time. She spread her legs, giving me my first sight of her fleshy pussy lips. I could imagine what they would feel like on my shaft. Or I could go ahead and find out.

I decided to torment her a little first. I rubbed my cock across her lips. Feeling the wetness emanating from her opening, I made short, exploratory penetrations.

“Lily, why did you say you have been waiting for so long?”

“Not now,” She once again whispered in my ear, “Fuck me now.”

“Tell me.”

“Ok, when Herman saw you and Joan going at it, he was horny for awhile. He finally told me about it kilis escort bayan and picturing it has kept me turned on every since. When I saw you in town, well…”

“Glad you did!”

I pushed in deeper into the surprisingly tight pussy. She squealed her approval. I gave another push and was it all the way in. She pulled my head down and whispered,

“That’s it. Don’t move, I want to feel every inch of you.”

She punctuated that by tightening her pussy muscles around me so hard that I wasn’t sure I could move. It felt unlike any woman I had before. This much older cunt was better than I had anticipated. I let her milk me with her strong contractions until I had all I could take. I began stroking her gripping sleeve.

“There. I want you to pound me hard. I can take everything you have.”

And she could. I began to wonder how the table did not collapse.

“Will you think of me when your book club comes out here?”

“Yes, yes. Fuck those bitches.”


“Just worry about me for now.”

After a few minutes, we took a quick break. The cool air evaporated the thin sheen of sweat that I had worked up. I looked at her naked body admiringly.

“You are one hell of a woman, Lily. Mr. Sparks is lucky.”

“Damned right he is. And I don’t let him forget it,”

She wasn’t ready to stop for too long. She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. The feeling of warmth on my cock while the rest of my body was cold was fantastic.

She stood up once my cock was hard. I grabbed her and forced her to bend over the table, giving me my first really good glimpse at her ass. It was lovely. She had a gap at the top of her legs typical of thin women. I always found that to be a turn on.

She was in the perfect position. My cock lined up with her pussy, but In my haste to continue fucking, my aim was off. The head, slippery from her juices and saliva, briefly nudged her asshole. This caused her to jump.

“No, not there. I haven’t ever had it there!”

I was tempted to tell her that it was actually quite pleasurable to have a man balls deep in your ass. But I didn’t.

“We need to fix that then.”

“Easy for you to say. You are not the one who gets something shoved up there.”

I smiled at that.

I had never taken an anal cherry. I tried to put it out of my mind. But, I couldn’t. So I concentrated on giving her as much pleasure as I was able.

Being bent over as she was, Lily did seem to be more animated. Maybe because I could get better leverage. Maybe she was imaging what I did to my mother on this very spot. Whatever it was, it was working. She had progressed from whispers to full blown screams.

After one particularly intense scream she signaled for me to stop.

“I’m getting a little sore. I can suck it if you want.”

What interested me was at the other end from her mouth.

“So you have never had anal? That surprises me, being the hot lady that you are.”

“When I was younger, ‘good’ girls didn’t do that and Herman never asked. What about Joan. I assume she and you have…gone that route.”

“I really should not tell, but yes, in fact we did it that day we were here,” I lied. I had a feeling that might trigger some response. I was right.

“Well, if Joan can do it so can I. Promise to be gentle?”

“I will. Bend down, put your hands on the seat and move your feet farther apart.”

I rubbed some saliva on myself and dribbled as much as I had left on to her It pooled in the middle of virgin asshole.

It will be a privilege to be your first”. With that, I slowly Inserted just the tip of my dick.”


With each bit of progress she admonished me to be gentle.

Finally I was all the way in. Slowly, I began to move in and out slowly. She seem surprised that it didn’t hurt. I pumped her faster until she started screaming again. I decided to push the envelope.

“I bent Mom over just like I have you. She looked like a double barrel shot gun, cracked open with two holes to fill.”

I had sped up significantly and was getting that familiar feeling.

I sprayed her insides with a massive blast of cum. I leaned in close enough to nibble on her neck and ear. Lily was moaning. My cock slipped out of her gaping hole or maybe she expelled it. Either way my cum was flowing out.

She pulled on her shorts and top but left her fancy black panties off.

“Something to remember me by, since we can’t do this any more.”


“This was something I wanted, no, I needed to do. Now it’s done.”

“Ok, but if you change your mind…”

“I won’t, but I shop downtown most every Wednesday afternoon. I do like to have a man’s opinion. Besides, the salesclerk is a raging slut I’ll put in a good word.

“That’s okay. I have this thing about sales ladies.”

I finished dressing and gave her a deep soulful kiss and drove off into the

Texas sunset.

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