Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 13


Hi, my name is Mike. I’m now living in retirement at the age of 72. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 13 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 12 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


After my flight back from Omaha I got my bag from baggage claim at the airport and then started to drive back to my office. I got to thinking about my two Indian girlfriends. At the time of our first meeting, these two young women owned a row crop, cattle, and hog feeding operation east of the Missouri River on a farm west of Mitchell, SD. Several years later, after I met them, they acquired a cattle ranch in west river country, out by Lemon, SD and way up by the Wyoming border.

Today it’s been over 45 years since I met these two wonderful Indian gals. Presently, their farm and ranching operation has grown to over nine sections of land some 30 miles west of Mitchell and their cattle ranch out West has grown over the years to just over 27 sections of land. These two spreads combined are one of the larger private land holdings in the state of about 24,000 acres.

Presently, these two ladies are both grandmothers several times over and their sons or grandchildren do most of the daily operations on their land. However, these two now 65-year-old gals still are the matriarchs of this small empire. I was so very lucky to befriend this family many years ago.

They spend a lot of money on wildlife each year either directly or indirectly so there is a lot of game to hunt. In October this last fall of 2007, 22 of us hunters shot 74 ring-neck rosters in just under an hour on opening day. That first day we only had to walk one quarter-mile long shelterbelt to get a limit of birds.

This was certainly not an unusual opening day bag limit in such a short time. As over these years most opening weekend days have fast and furious shooting like this. Over the next four days it took longer to get our limits, so on the fifth day we might have to hunt up to four hours to limit-out. I am sure that no where else on this planet has ring neck pheasant like South Dakota has.

My wife and I and my black Labrador dog, Coot, hunted ring-necks there for five days on their farm west of Mitchell, SD. Last year we had no trouble getting our possession limit of 15 birds each.

As I said before my wife, June is not only the best with her hot wet mouth on my cock; she is also one hell of a good wing shot, too. She can out shoot most of the men I know with a shotgun. On a pheasant drive down the corn rolls and through the slue bottoms her aim is right on.

Then we two went out to their west river ranch for shape tail grouse, prairie chickens, and prong horn antelope hunting for six more days. June got a massive, 14 inch long horned antelope at about 200 yards with her 270 Winchester, almost a record book size. I got a buck too but not as big.

Years ago Nancy and her husband Jack moved out to their newly acquired ranch to live and run it first hand. Now most of their kids and grandchildren live and work this big spread of land, too.

After our west river excursion, my wife and I went waterfowl hunting with some other old friends of mine down by the Missouri River, out at Chamberlain, SD in the center of the state. We had five great days of very good duck and goose hunting. It was a month-long grand hunting trip last year in South Dakota.

Well back to my true tale about Indian fucking some 45 years ago. For Christmas that year I was pulled out of the snow bank, I sent them a microwave oven that was still new to the market place. I went back out at the beginning of that following summer in the month of June to Nancy and Jack’s wedding. Except for the wedding day, I spent two long nights having Sue in bed at the brand new Holiday Inn in Mitchell. She and I just could not get enough of each other. She was so hot and kept me so hard.

I went back that next fall for the opening of pheasant season for five days of great bird hunting. It was outstanding, topped off each night by my Indian sex partners fucking and sucking me. I stayed at the farm just like family.

I had finally got my life into the position of doing the two best things that I liked at the same time, bird shooting with a shotgun and shooting cum out of my pecker into some woman’s hot runny cunt.

That first hunting güvenilir bahis trip, Nancy wanted my cock again too but I tried to put a stop to that idea. First she was so pregnant with a very big rounded belly. It seemed that she and Jack had done the deed without a good rubber back in March just before they got married, and now, at seven month along, she was really sticking out.

Jack said, “Nancy and I took a trip out to Wyoming to look over several bulls that we were going to buy and I forgot to bring along any rubbers. So I bought a couple of off-brands condoms at a gas station. They were made of poor quality latex and really too small to fit over my 12 incher. The rubber broke as I was feeding the meat to Nance’s pussy and I shot her all full of my cum.”

Now that Nancy was so pregnant, I guess Jack did not like to fuck her. She was far along but oh so horny. So, I had to teach Jack how to lay the meat to a pregnant, big bellied woman.

I had had some experience in fucking a pregnant girl a couple years before, back here at my home. She was a farm gal that lived across the section that my 15 acres where four years before I had built my house and hobby farm.

This woman was about 35 years old and I ran into her in the female sanitary napkin isle in the supermarket. She was a snip of a woman with small breast and only about 90 pounds. She had a pixie face and cute as a bugs ear. You all remember my fixation with older women.

I was trying to buy Kotex or Tampons for a girlfriend who was out at my place and was on the rag the last couple of days. I was totally confused about what to buy, regular or extra absorbent or what.

I turned and asked this lady pushing her cart down the isle for help. She asked me why my wife did not buy her own.

I told her, “I am not married and I am getting them for a girlfriend. She’s out at my place and I wanted her to stay the weekend so we could make love and fuck.” Like always, I was bold in my talk in conversing with sexy looking women because I though that it was cute and fun to do so. I hoped I could shock them a little.

I told this older gal that I had fucked my girl last night and it was her first time when she was bleeding and during her menstrual cycle and she just loved getting my hot rod in her tight cunt. My girl had had real good sex last night and I wanted her to stay the weekend but she said that she could not as she had run out of sanitary napkins.

Then the farm lady fired back to me and said, “You mean that you are doing intercourse together while she is menstruating?”

I said, “Oh yes, my girl is so hot and horny when she is in her menstrual cycle. Besides, her twat is so extra slippery at this time of the month.”

“Oh my word,” she said, “I have so wanted my husband over the years to do me when I am having my period. Like your girl, I too, get extra aroused when I am menstruating. Oh young man that is so neat and cool that you like to service your girl when she is having her monthly time.”

Then we talked more and low and behold I found out that she and I were almost neighbors. Trying to be a good neighbor I inviter her and her husband and their two kids over to my house to swim in my newly installed swimming pool. Only she and the kids showed up the next Saturday.

Well, when she came over, she had on a one piece swim suit that was showing a little rounded tummy that I had not seen in the supermarket in her lose dress attire. Well it turned out that she was pregnant and about four months along.

Right off she started to tell me how she had very little sex with her husband anymore and especially now that he had her pregnant again. She said that she was always so horny when she was with child. We were setting pool side drinking margaritas watching her kids play in the water. I had on a pair of spandex swim trunks which I loved to ware because I liked to show off my enhanced groin mound.

After about the second drink she could not stand to just look at my bigness in my crotch and she put her hand on my thigh and asked me if I was as hung as I looked there in my swim trunks.

As usual, I did not pull any words with the ladies and said, “Yes I have a cock five and a half inches long soft and nine inches long erect.”

She put her hand up on my mound and groped me and said, “Oh my goodness, oh my god you really are big. Can I come back over here and see more of you young man?” With my acknowledgement of yes she quickly turned to her kids and told them it was time to go home.

She was back in less than an hour and wanting to fuck me. We did, too, for the rest of the evening. She was good and just loved fucking and sucking me up hard. She did it three times.

She was my very first pregnant woman fuck. I started to fuck her about once a month. And because of her small size, her belly really started to stick out and be in the way so my hard cock couldn’t enter her right. So I started doing her kneeling, butt up and cock entered türkçe bahis her cunt from her rear.

We were making it on once ever two weeks or so. I kept doing her right up till she was to deliver with her big round belly and then for almost a year after.

I found out that she slept around with several other men and had stepped out on her husband for years. We had sex together for over the next 18 months in secret meetings at my place until her husband threw her out of the house and off the farm. He found out that she was a real hussy and sleeping around. He never found about me though and to this day I am still friends with this man as a neighbor.

Oh I do digress, don’t I? Well, back to my seduction of my sweet fucking of two big Indian maidens’ hot gals. Back when I first knew these hot sexy Indian maidens, I took big bellied pregnant Nancy in my learned way that I had acquired from fucking pregnant women in the past. And Jack and Sue watched and cheered us on as he got it on with his sister-in-law.

I had Nancy lay on her left side. Then I got up on the bed behind her, up close to her back and big butt and lay down on my left side also. I then had her put her right leg up over my right thigh and leg. Now my nine inch cock was right up under her ass at her cunt opening. In this position I completely avoided her swelled up belly.

I had never done either of the twins in this position before and I found out later that neither one of them had a man nor boyfriends fuck them this way. In fact, with all my fucking since turning 18, I had had intercourse with only a couple of women in this position.

I really don’t know why but I found out in South Dakota, of all places, how good this way of giving my meat to a gal was so special. Because lying down on my side behind the woman’s butt and having my cock penetrate her vagina this way was so comfortable to both of us.

In this way, the angle of my cock entering a woman’s cunt was just right for my big cock head putting maximum force and pressure up on a woman’s G spot on the roof of her pussy every time I thrust in and out of her cunt.

That evening I did pregnant, big bellied, Nancy that way. She just went bananas in a very strong climax. Because of the G spot rubbing by my pecker she started to squirt out of her pussy a stream of her female liquid. She shuddered and shook and almost passed out with so much pleasure.

Afterwards she told me she had never squirted juices out like this before. Then I found out that neither girl had ever done the female ejaculation thing before. And that both of them knew that they had that special spot called their G spot but had never been able to find it when masturbating or going down on each other since way back at the beginning of their teenage years.

Now for eight years and every year after I first got stuck in that snow bank I have

gone back out to South Dakota to some of the finest hunting. And at the same time I got to dick those two farm and ranching gals. What more could a man want – a good piece of ass and a fine hunt all on the same day.

Well here we were. The two twin Indians squaws were now at my office and the fun was just about to begin.

I got back to my office at about 3 o’clock on Friday. The twins had been in town and at my office since about eleven thirty. June had just met them and already I would bet they were just like old school girl chums. June’s car was in the parking lot. I went into the building and into my private office through the unlocked door. There they were sitting, half-naked and a little drunk on my scotch whiskey.

June and Sue were stripped down to only having a bra on but no panties and I suspected that they had already mouth fucked each other’s sweet cunts. Nancy was completely naked with her big rounded stomach sticking out. She was sitting down in my office chair which they had moved over by a big stuffed couch.

June was down on her hands and knees between Nancy’s legs. She had her head buried deep in the wild forest of Nancy’s cunt hair when I opened the door to my office. June raised her head and looked at me when she heard me come in. Her face and mouth was dripping with Nancy’s sweet nectar juices.

Sue was standing beside Nancy. And Sue’s hands were all over Nancy’s big 43 or 44 inch plus tits. She was sucking away at her enlarged hard nipples.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you readers, these two Indian women both had the wildest, thickest and blackest pubic hair growth that I had ever seen. It was very thick growth all the way from about three inches above their cunt labia lipped opening down and up over their asshole in their butt cheeks.

Further, the twins had told me in the past that they had to shave a lot too, on the hair that grew on their legs, in their armpits and even had a few strands of hair grow around their nipples on their tits.

Sue had laughed when she told me this and said, “You know that there is not much call for big güvenilir bahis siteleri tall hairy chested, big tited, women around here. So we have to shave our tits too.”

In the past, Sue had told me that they left their pubic hair long and untrimmed because they liked to run their fingers though each other’s groin hair as they were sucking each other’s pussy.

“Besides,” she said, “You only groom and trim a horse’s main and tail hair to show them at the county fairs but never a good working horse. We like to think that we girls have hard working pussies and always out for a hard cock or a wet mouth if not when our own fingers are down there masturbating ourselves.”

But of course I never saw that other bodily hair that the girls said they had to keep shaved off. I was only familiar with the thick wild gowning hair that they had down on their cunts.

So I’m glad to say that they were hygiene freaks, took many showers like me. They shaved their legs, under their arms, their nipple hair and kept them squeaky clean.

As soon as I entered the office, Sue ran up to me and gave me a big hug. Then Nancy, with some effort because of her child bearing belly, stood up and came to me and planted a wet tongue kiss on me that tasted like my whiskey. June just stood up and started to grin, opened mouth, displaying her perfect dazzling white teeth.

I was the first to speak and said, “June you know better than to be like this in my office and not have the door locked. What would happen if one of my male employees came in here and saw you beautiful, luscious women all naked? He might have a heart attack and you would have to rush him to the hospital.”

Nancy said, “But Michael, maybe several of your young male employees would come in and see us like this and pull a General Custer and say, ‘where did all the fucking Indians come from?’ And then we could suck up their dicks and they would screw us Indians like all white men did back in olden times.”

We all had a good laugh at Nancy’s dry humor.

Sue said, “Oh stud man, you told us that your secretary and girlfriend is bisexual like I and my sister are but I did not know that she had such a talent at licking another woman’s pussy. We have been having so much fun here waiting for you. We all have had three or four climaxes.”

“June Is the foremost, worlds greatest cock sucker too,” I said as I started to get out of my clothes to get more like these three hot bitches that had started without me.

Sue then came up to me and pulled down my last remaining clothes, my boxer shorts. And then she pulled on my flaccid pecker and said, “Oh Michael it’s been far too long since I saw you all naked like this. I almost forgot how handsome you are standing there all naked with a growing hard on.”

Nancy said, “That’s right, sis, and June is so lucky to get his big hard dick all the time here in his special sound-proof office.”

“Yea, white man,” she said, “with the big dick. June says you two really made this office into a fucking arena these last few years.”

June and Nancy were standing a little back from Sue and me as Sue was pulling on my almost fully hard cock. June said, “Look here, Mike, at Nancy’s big breasts. They are full of milk. She is already lactating.” Then June squeezed down on her right tit and white creamy milk squirted out her nipple.

I then broke away from Sue and went to Nancy and took both of her heavy melons in my hand and said, “Oh you hot, big bellied woman you, can I have a suck of your heavenly tasting mother’s milk?”

“Drink all you want lover boy as long as I get that big cock of yours up my ass today,” Nancy said.

So I started to suckle on her lovely big tits. Her milk just flowed forth. It was so rich, surgery and body warm. A Dairy Queen never tasted as good and as sweet to my palate.

Between gulps of her divine sweet milk I walked Nancy over to my couch. Sue followed and got down on her knees between my legs and started to suck me off. Then June got down there too and squeezed in under Nancy’s big belly and started once again to lick her cunt.

Of course, being the man, I went first. I started to blow my cum into the back Sue’s mouth and down her throat. Out of reflex I bit down on Nancy’s right big milk runny nipple. Because of June’s talented tongue all over her clitoris at the time and me biting down on her nipple, Nancy fell over backwards on to the couch and into a rousing climax. I fell beside her just heaving and out of breath myself.

So that’s how we stared in to a very sexual and loving weekend. Three sexed up hot ladies and one very overly sexed up man.

Out at my place we all went for a long three day weekend fucking and mouth sex. It was full of the three girls sucking each others pussy and my big hard cock pounding the sweet tight cunts many times. We all went totally naked all the time in and out of the pool and whirlpool or in the bed. The girls did their best at keeping me in a hard and erect state.

It had been a long time since I had so many climaxes in three short days. I just relished the time that they let me rest and the women took off from having sex and went off on their buying and shopping sprees each day.

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