Share and Share Alike Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

So here I am, laying across the couch, face down, watching as my wife Kate slowly and meticulously licked the head of his cock. I was thinking to myself that while I knew she was enjoying herself, she had to know that I was enjoying the performance just as much as she enjoyed giving it. She knew it was for both of our benefit, as she not only sucked his cock for me, but also demonstrated sucking a cock for me. She knew how much I wanted it, to taste it, to feel it explode in my mouth, and I knew she wanted to see it. However, I wanted more than I let on.

So here I am, lying across the couch, naked, face down with the weight of his wife, Sheila lying across my back pressing my cock into the cushion as her hips rotating, grinding her pubic bone into the flesh of my ass.

“You want to taste him don’t you?” she said seductively.

Her statement startled me and I could not answer at first. My eyes were glued to his cock as it disappeared into her mouth. Her saliva ran down his shaft and onto her fingers as she squeezed him at the base. I had other ideas as my mind began to race.

“How long has it been for him?” I asked still transfixed on her head now bobbing on him.

“He hasn’t cum in a week and a half. He’ll cum more than once tonight if we let him” she paused”, maybe once down your throat”

As she spoke the words, I almost blew my own load right then and there. She firmly thrust her hips forward into my ass.

“Or perhaps he will spray all over your ass after he fucks you” with that she began to repeatedly press herself into me in a fucking motion, slowly and sensuously. As I watched my wife pull off his cock, I decided to turn the tables on her and looked back at her as I reached behind me and pulled her ass into me.

“Or maybe I can suck his load out of her pussy as you fuck my ass.”

She hesitated as if the thought hadn’t crossed her mind.

“Now there’s a thought. I bet you would love to have me fuck your tight little ass with a cock, wouldn’t you?”

“Only if you’re wearing it”

I felt her juice run down my crack and knew I had her. My wife walked over to where we were, leading him along with his cock firmly within her grasp. She knelt down to kiss me and I could taste his saltiness on her lips. I lost control as I darted my tongue within the depths of her mouth searching for more. She broke off the kiss and trailed her tongue around the head of his cock, which was now only inches from my face. I marveled at her as she pulled the precum off the head and returned to kiss me again. I was completely lost as I grasped the side of her face in my hands and held her mouth to mine for what seemed like an eternity.

“Don’t forget us” I heard him say.

“Sorry” I replied.

“Keep him busy you two while I go get some toys,” my wife said before French kissing Sheila.

By the time Kate had returned with our box of toys, Sheila was feeding me her husbands cock, and ardahan escort I was loving it. It wasn’t forceful or demeaning, but it was sensual as she slowly jacked on his cock in a corkscrew fashion as I sucked and lathered around the head. Without missing a beat with my mouth, my eyes followed Kate across the room as she strolled towards us. In her hand was the toy we both admired the most. It was our fantasy piece, a life like dildo that was 12 inches long and 11/4″ wide. Not only did it look real (with the exception of the length), but it vibrated as well.

“Surely that thing aint for him?” Asked Steve.

“Oh no, this baby is for both of them, just watch.”

Kate came around and I knew what she was going to do with it right from the start. We had done this on several occasions and she had orgasms that could move mountains from it. Come to think of it so did I.

“Too dry though” she said as she pressed it to Sheila’s mouth. With that statement, I had to stop and divert my attention from his cock to the two girls. Together Sheila and Kate double blew the dildo, working their tongues together over the shaft. Several times, they intertwined their tongues together as they spread their saliva along the entire shaft. As Kate worked her mouth over the phallus, she worked her free hand over Sheila ass and pussy. She routinely ran her hand down and gave attention to my bottom, running her nails across my ass, down my crack or pressed them against my asshole, firm enough to apply pressure, but soft enough as to avoid penetration. I knew from the grinding of Sheila’s pubes against my ass, that Kate was giving her the same pleasure.

“Go eat you wife Steve”, and without hesitation he did just that. I was sorry to see him leave from my view but soon realized the result. Steve dove aggressively right into her pussy as Kate began to egg him on with words of encouragement.

“That’s it bitch, eat her juices. Yea, mmm you love it don’t you, yea suck her cunt juice.”

I could feel the bump of his chin every so often as he sucked her with un-abandon want. Every time he connected with me it sent a jolt straight through to my cock. Kate realized as I moaned softly.

“That’s it get that wetness. Look at that mess lick it up bitch. That’s it… get it all bitch. “From the angle that he was hunched over the side of the couch his cock head was leaving a wet stream of precum running down my thigh.

“I said get it all!” Kate raised her voice. Whack! She must have spanked his ass hard cause I swear I felt it as he yelped and jumped, not expecting her to all of a sudden take control like she was.

“Lower” she commanded.

“OH GOD I can’t believe she is going to do this!” Sheila said in my ear, panting as she realized where Kate was headed. I felt his tongue begin to lap at her juices that had collected on my ass from her constant rotations and grinding for the past hour.

“Yea artvin escort honey lick it up; lick my wetness off his ass.”

Whack! She slapped him again. “I said lower you little shit! Suck that cunt off his asshole!”

“Deeper Kate, Faster, OH God, Please, FASTER!” Sheila was begging Kate to fuck her with her fingers so she could cum. Steve had pulled my cheeks apart and was lapping at my asshole, Sending me to the brink of cumming myself.

“Cum with me Sheila, cum with me” I said. I was close; too close to cumming and Kate new it.

“Oh no you don’t. Her first. Steve are you ready to learn something?”

“Yes, I am”

Here it came and I new it. Kate reached down and with one hand pulled my ass apart, stretching the skin, and placing the base of the 12″ cock against my asshole. The cold phallus made me jump, not only from the sensation, but from the anticipation as well. I could feel the wetness along the shaft from the girls spit against the sides of the cock. I immediately began my part, rubbing my ass in circles as I thrust my hips forward, causing my asshole to run along the shaft. With only the base of the phallus along my crack it left at least 6 more inches protruding straight up into the air above my ass. This she directed into Sheila’s pussy, which caused her to actually scream with delight.

“Work it honey. Yea fuck her with that ass of yours.”

I clenched the muscles in my thighs and ass to grasp the base of the dildo and began to gyrate my hips, which caused it to actually rotate and pump upward into Sheila’s pussy. Sheila began to furiously hump on the dildo bouncing as she closed in on her climax.

“Work my asshole with that cock Sheila! Come on do me!” I yelled.

I had learned from my time with Kate that the mental aspect of this position created a more intense orgasm than the physical one. Sheila then sat up straight to get a deeper penetration from the dildo, which pushed my own cock further into the couch.

“Let me see you suck his dick while I’m fucking you, you nasty bitch!” Sheila had reached the point where it wouldn’t take long for her to get off as her husband moved back around to where I could suck him. I took his dick as far as I could with the first motion. Although the visual for her immediately triggered her orgasm, I wanted it. I wanted to feel him explode down my throat, as I tasted his salty precum. I blew him with all I had as Sheila screamed and I heard Kate spank Sheila’s ass as her orgasm took her over.

Then it happened, to my surprise he shot his load into my mouth, and after the first spasm hit the back of my throat I pulled him out and let him spray the rest onto my face for the girls to see. That did it for Kate who had been frigging herself madly watching the scene unfold before her. Sheila hopped off the dildo and my ass and pushed me to roll over which I did as I let go of his dick.

“Look aydın escort at that cum! Oh god that is sexy you slut!” she said before going down and cleaning my face with her tongue. I stopped her by grabbing her neck and pulling her into a kiss, surprising her with the cum I had not swallowed yet. She kissed me with un-abandon want searching and swapping his load between our mouths.

Breaking off the kiss and swallowing what I had left I told her I still needed to get off somehow.

“Well you can just fuck the hell out of me then!” Kate said as she got down on her knees and leaned over the seat of the couch swinging her ass back and forth showing it off. Sheila and grabbed Steve and pulled him down onto the couch beside her and began to play with his limp dick as I swung around and entered my wife from behind. Her pussy was soaked as she clamped her muscles onto my cock. I did not want to blow off too quickly and held still shortly, but Kate had other plans.

“Its ok hun, just fuck me. You know how to get me off if you get yours first.”

I began to do just that and pummeled my cock into her.

“Yea ram that pussy of mine you cum eating slut! You like that huh?”

She was inducing me and egging me on as I began stroking her faster.

“You like eating cum? I know you do, that’s why your gonna suck it all back out of me you bitch.”

That did it. I literally screamed as I shot my cum deep into her wet pussy. I immediately climbed off Kate and moved to sit on the floor, with my back against the front of the couch I layed my head back so that I was looking straight up at the ceiling. She got up while I was getting into position and from my vantage point I watched as she lowered her soaking wet pussy down onto my face. I couldn’t control my self as I ate her with everything I had, probing her with my tongue in an effort to retrieve all of our combined cum as I could find. Sheila got down and sat on my still erect member in a frontal position and she too began lapping at Sheila’s pussy, concentrating more on her clit as I drove home as deep as I could.

“Share!” ordered Sheila as she pulled my face down to kiss me. I swapped what cum I had not swallowed with her before she spit it back into my open mouth.

“Damn your one sexy cunt.” I told her as she wiped at my glazed over face with her fingers before sticking them into her own mouth.

“I’m seeing that I have nothing on your talent.” Was her only reply before hopping off my softening dick.

“Why don’t you clean me off?” I said to her with a raised eyebrow.

“Ummm, well Steve get down here and join me” she said with a wink. Steve lowered himself onto the floor and together with his wife they took turns licking and engulfing my cock, cleaning it free of the juices of Kate and my cum. She then climbed from above me and leaned in to giving me a passionate kiss as they continued their magic.

“Round two?” she said with a wink.

“Oh I think they can handle it dear, besides, I’m gonna be back up for anything here in a moment or two the way these guys are fighting over my cock.”

With that, she walked back toward our bedroom, and undoubtedly to the toy box for what could only be my guess of new adventures.

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