Shared House


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Shared house.

The idea first came up at a Christmas family get-together. TV was the usual post-Christmas rubbish – nothing but slushy movies and reruns of old comedy shows – so we opened a bottle of wine and sat around catching up on all our news. Mum and Dad were enthusing about the local amateur dramatic society’s New Year production of a romantic comedy in which they were the main stars. It was about a mature couple having a passionate affair and included, apparently, a raunchy bedroom scene where they were both prancing around in their underwear.

Tom, my brother was telling us of his recent promotion and how he’d beaten an ‘arrogant bitch’ to the post. She resigned when she was rejected – but nobody at the office thought that a bad thing. He also mentioned that he had been looking round for a house to buy but everything was so expensive, it was hard to get on the property ladder.

I told them I was having the same problem; there was nothing in my range at all. Then Mummy came up with a good idea: “Why don’t you two pool your resources and buy a house together? You get along pretty well so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Tom was nodding in agreement when I looked over at him. “What do you reckon, Jacqui? Think we could live in the same house?”

“We manage OK here at home. Why not!” So the rest of the evening was spent talking round the subject and deciding little details like how to share the household tasks and expenses. Daddy suggested we have a look on the internet for somewhere, so we could get some idea of what we wanted and how much we would need. After looking at several possibilities we realised that even combined we were going to be several thousand short of the deposit. Here Mummy and Daddy stepped in and said they would pay the deposit for us. That would give us the extra cash we would need for furniture and all the other bits and pieces needed. Of course they both got a big hug from me and Tom.

As soon as the estate agents opened after the holidays Tom and I did a tour of them, taking away a stack of possibilities. We had a leisurely lunch whilst browsing through them then completed our tour. That evening we looked through the properties and decided on a few to have a look at the next day. The first was OK but it was in a poor area – too many junkies and dealers around, from the general appearance – so we rejected that and drove to the next. It was a pokey little place: an old two up and two down in the middle of a nondescript terrace and, although the owners had tried to spruce it up, the whole house looked poorly maintained. We scratched that one off our list too.

As we drove up to the third house I almost fell in love with it there and then. A lovely stone cottage, really old but so, well I suppose ‘romantic’ is a bit clichéd but it fits. The garden was a typical, jigsaw-puzzle-pretty, country garden which looked lovely even in the depths of winter. I could tell Tom liked the outside view too so we were both quite excited when we pressed the door chime and were admitted by a couple who looked to be in their 60s. They showed us around without trying to ‘sell’ the place, if you know what I mean.

Every room we looked in just took my breath away. There were two large bedrooms at the front of the house and a smaller bedroom at the back. The master bedroom was dominated by a magnificently massive solid oak four-poster bed complete with hangings. When I oohed and ahhed over it, the lady said they couldn’t take the bed with them, much too big for their retirement cottage in Cornwall, she said she’d be happy to agree a price with the new owners. “Much easier than putting it up for auction or anything,” she observed ruefully, “and it’s lived all its ‘life’ there. I’d be happy to sell most of the furnishings.”

The second bedroom, although the bed was less opulent, was just as cosily arranged as the first. There was a surprisingly large back bedroom and a beautiful fully equipped and roomy bathroom at the top of the stairs. Downstairs the beamed ceilings were quite low but even Tom at 6’2″ was comfortable under it although he had to duck a little through the doors. The living room was large but cosy. There’s that word again but the whole place was just that, cosy while never suffocating. Even the kitchen was gaziantep kızıl escort bayan built as a kitchen should be with room to swing a cat, if that’s your kink. And again, it was well equipped, with a lovely Aga range against the wall. I was almost swooning. Mr and Mrs Walker – George and May, they insisted – offered us a cup of tea so we sat around the table while Tom and I explained that we were brother and sister looking to get a foot on the ladder then they told us their story. Because it was off the beaten track in a small hamlet with no shop, not even a church or pub, and no bus route for five miles they had reduced the price.

They had been to Cornwall recently to look at what sort of properties would be available for George’s retirement in six months and had stumbled on their ‘dream’ so they needed a fast, easy sale. The asking price was right at the top of our budget – well, a little over, if truth be known when the furniture was included – but I certainly knew it was the place for me. “Tom, we need to talk.”

“We’ll leave you two alone for a while,” said George and they both went through to the kitchen, closing the door behind them.

“Jacqui, we just can’t afford it. I know Mum and Dad stretched themselves to the limit on the deposit offer. We can’t ask them for more. I know I am committing as much as I dare – I’ll be eating beans on toast until my bonus comes in and I know you’re pushed. I know you love this place; I love it too, but face the facts. We can not afford it.”

I almost had tears in my eyes when George and May returned: Tom was right, I had to be realistic. They must have read in my face because May came over and patted my hand. “Don’t worry, we have a proposition to put to you.” She sat down next to me, still holding my hand.

“It’s like this: George doesn’t retire for another six months so he would have to get lodgings or something around here while I’m in Cornwall. You can move in and the place would be yours but if we can both stay here during the week, then go to Cornwall for the weekends, just until George retires, we’ll take £10,000 off the cottage.” That was it. That brought it within reach. Hell, we were both going to eating a whole lot of beans but we could manage it!

“Yes,” Tom and I said together after a brief questioning look at each other and mutual nodding. We stayed a couple more hours talking about the arrangements. They would obviously keep the master bedroom, Tom would have the second bedroom and I’d sleep in the back room until they left. We agreed not to make any changes for the six months. All in all it seemed a happy arrangement and the older couple were easy to get along with.

Everything was sorted out quickly: we asked if Mum and Dad could see the house and she invited us all to have dinner with them the next day. We had a pleasant meal and sat around the kitchen table discussing the agreement we had come to; our parents approved of the house itself and the financial arrangements. Dad said he would get his solicitor on the job right away. We had no real problems getting a mortgage because Dad put up his and Mum’s house as part surety so all the legal stuff was completed quickly and the papers signed.

Tom and I moved to our new house, albeit with sitting ‘lodgers’ and all of us quickly blended into living together happily. Because of the financial situation, Tom and I didn’t go out too much in the evenings so we had many a lively chat with the Walkers and sometimes gathered round a Trivial Pursuits board, bridge table or similar games. It was after an evening of bridge, when we had packed the table and cards away and sat down to relax, Tom went to the kitchen to make us all a cup of tea. “Why don’t you two get together, Jacqui?” May’s question brought me out of a reverie.

“What on earth do you mean?” I answered with my own question as the inference of her words became clear.

“You and Tom; you love each other. Don’t you notice your eyes follow him everywhere – just like they did when he went to the kitchen. Just as his follow you.”

“We don’t …” I started to reply then stopped myself. Maybe I do watch him a lot. Sure I love him, he’s my brother, but not love as in the way May was implying – with George nodding and smiling his agreement.

But the thought, once implanted in my mind, began to grow and I was startled to notice that my body responded a new way when my brother emerged from the kitchen bearing the tray. He was, now I noticed, very handsome. Indeed why he was apparently celibate was a mystery – he should have had girls queuing up with his looks and charm. Had he not been my brother I would be happy to take him to my bed. But he is my brother.

“We were just talking,” George said after Tom had resumed his seat next to me on the sofa, “about you and Jacqui getting together, as you love each other so much.”

“We can’t!”

“He’s my brother,” Tom and I responded together. Then I looked into gaziantep köle escort bayan his eyes and knew he loved me and desired me.

George stood up and went behind May’s chair. He placed his hands on her shoulders in a familiar way. “We know the problem, May and I.” George squeezed her shoulders reassuringly. “You see, May is my sister but we have always loved each other and spent our lives as a happily married couple, as we are in our hearts.” May looked up at him with a radiant smile on her face and the love between them was obvious. “Kiss her, Tom; don’t waste the opportunity for happiness.”

Very slowly Tom bent towards me, lips approaching mine and giving me all the time to pull away but with my heart in my mouth I allowed the approach yet still jumped a little as his lips brushed across mine. As they returned for a more intimate kiss my body took over and I leaned into the kiss and welcomed his hand cupping the back of my head as he pulled my face to his. I felt his tongue insinuate itself between my lips and opened up to the loving invasion. Oh, how my body ached for him with just that one kiss and I felt the tingle even after his lips left mine.

“You see,” said May after we finished the kiss, “that wasn’t so bad after all, was it? Seriously, kids, you two were made for each other. Why don’t we finish our supper and, Tom, you can take Jacqui to your room and let things fall as they will.”

Very soon afterwards May picked up the empty cups and she and her brother went to their bedroom leaving me and Tom alone on the sofa. I reached my hand out for his; he took it and pulled me gently closer until our lips touched. We both stood and went up the stairs: at the top I had to decide to turn left or right: left to my own room or right to his.

“Tom,” I said hesitantly, “I need to think this through; it’s such a big step for us. Give me time, please: until tomorrow.”

My brother hugged me softly and gave me a quick kiss on my mouth. “OK, Jacqui, take as much time as you need. I will be ready whenever you decide, which ever way you decide.”

I turned left to my own room with my head in a whirl and my heart aflutter. As I undressed on automatic pilot, I was thinking about the ramifications of a possible life with my brother, with my brother as partner and lover, but there were too many imponderables. I pulled a nightie over my head and climbed into bed, settled under the covers and waited for sleep to take me.

However, sleep was elusive: I tossed and turned, constantly thinking of ‘what if’, ‘should we’ and ‘could I’? Oh, I loved Tom, had always loved him as a brother and those shared kisses had stirred my body as no other kiss or man had done: my body hungered for him but my mind was in a total spin. It must have been two sleepless hours after I had climbed into bed that I felt the need to go to the bathroom. There would be nobody about this time of the night so I went as I was, wearing just my nightie. I did as needed, left the bathroom door and found my legs taking me along the passage to Tom’s room. I quietly entered and stood with my back to the closed door.

There was a shaft of moonlight through the window illuminating the covers over the bottom half of Tom on his back and snoring. Almost afraid to break into his peaceful sleep I tiptoed to one side of the bed, lifted the covers just enough to slip underneath and lay with my back to him. My heart was beating madly and it jumped when the snoring stopped with a questioning grunt as his hand found my body. “Jacqui, darling, I thought …”

“I haven’t come for that Tom, but please hold me; I just need a cuddle.”

He spooned into my back and his arm came round my waist and pulled me close. It felt good to be held safe in his arms so I just snuggled in, feeling my heart beating more restfully as he gently stroked my abdomen with no hint of venturing further.

“I’ve always wanted you Jacqui, ever since you became a woman.”

“I never realised it, Tom. You gave me no sign, not that I would have known how to react. I still don’t know.” I put my hand over his.

“It’s not something I could just come out with. If it hadn’t been for George and May, I may never have had the courage to tell you how I feel. You’ve always been my dream.”

“Is that why you have had so few girlfriends?”

“Yes, darling; nobody matches up to you.”

“But I’ve always wanted a family: babies to love and cherish.”

Tom said nothing for a minute or two then whispered, “We could have a family together.”

“But Tom, aren’t babies like that monsters?”

“In the hope that we might get together sometime, I have done some serious investigations. The chances of that are very small, not much more than a ‘normal’ couple. It’s constant inbreeding where the dangers become greater. Like those cultures where girls have to marry their cousins, just as their mothers and mothers’ mothers have done for generations. That’s what concentrates gaziantep kumral escort bayan all those bad genes.”

Again we were silent for a while as I pondered the ramifications. Tom’s hand was now lying quiescent on my belly. I could feel the heat of it warming my skin through my nightie and warming me inside, too. My body was starting to react and I felt that tingling between my legs. With my heart in my mouth, I slowly moved his hand to my breast and with a quiet groan he cupped it and started to squeeze gently, encouraged by my hand resting on his. It felt so right but I was still reluctant to go any further just yet. When his hand moved slowly back over my abdomen, I got scared again so I moved it back to my breast. “Not yet, Tom. Please just hold me.” With his hand resting quiescently cupping my breast, I drifted off to sleep.

I was first to wake next morning so I slipped gently out of bed and returned to my own bedroom to get ready for the day. My mind was in something of turmoil: today was Friday which meant that George and May would be leaving us for their weekend in Cornwall. With my brother and I being alone in the cottage, it seemed inevitable that we would get together sometime over the next three days. I couldn’t really explain my reluctance; even to myself because, now George and May had pointed it out, I knew that my brother was the man for me. But still…

As usual, I drove into the city to the office but I was driving on autopilot and so it was for the rest of the day. I don’t think I got much work done; my mind was constantly drifting away to thoughts of Tom. Some time during the afternoon, I realised that tonight would be the night when I surrendered my body to what it hungered for. I decided to try to make it a romantic evening so I did some shopping, including some skimpy underwear to tempt my brother. I could cook us a meal and a couple of bottles of wine would help get me in the mood. Tom phoned me to say he would be about an hour late coming home – some minor emergency at work – so that gave me time to make my preparations. I selected the clothes I had decided to wear and laid them on my bed before returning to the kitchen where I prepared the meal.

Tom phoned me again to say he was on the way home so I had a shower and returned to my bedroom just as I heard his car crunching on the gravel outside. Tom always liked a shower after work, ‘to wash away the tensions of work,’ as he would say. I used the time to dress then returned downstairs and set up the dining room with a dozen candles and burned a couple of incense sticks. When Tom came down, he was dressed in light fawn slacks and a summer shirt: he looked so handsome. His eyes lit up when he saw my arrangements as I set our meals on the table. We were seated opposite each other as we ate so I could look at him. I was regarding him now as a lover, not a brother and my body was reacting appropriately: there was a dampness between my legs and I felt my nipples engorging. When the meal was finished, we sat together on the sofa with the second bottle of wine.

Neither of us is a heavy drinker so we were both nicely mellow when we sat together: Tom put his arm around my shoulder and I snuggled up to him. He turned my head and we shared a gentle, non-demanding, kiss. He looked directly into my eyes and whispered, “I love you Jacqui.”

My heart melted. “I love you Tom but I feel as nervous as a teenager on her first date.” I surrendered my lips to his. His hand went gently to the back of my head as we kissed lovingly.

“You are so beautiful.” He caressed my cheek with the back of his hand, “We have all weekend, Jacqui, not like a couple of teenagers making out on the back seat of a car.” We both smiled at his analogy.

Tom put a fingertip to my forehead and slowly traced a line down my nose; the digit lingered on my lips. I opened my mouth to take his finger in but it just lightly pressed my tongue down then moved on to trace over my chin and slowly down my neck. I was wearing an open-necked blouse to show my cleavage and the finger traced between the swells of my breasts until it reached the first button, which he deftly opened before moving slowly, touching my flesh all the time, to the other two buttons. He then opened my blouse wide, exposing my brassière-covered bosom. I had to lean forward to allow my brother to slip the blouse off and lay it to one side then gasped as his finger traced across a nipple that was trying to push its way through the material of my bra. He flicked the hard nub with his fingertip, making me jump more from surprise than from the tiny flash of pain that somehow was good.

Our kiss started softly, tenderly, but became more passionate as it continued. He was moulding my breasts, his hand moving from one to the other, arousing me even more. I was happy to lean forward again while he unhooked my bra and eased it down my arms. He just sat there and stared at the bared swell of my heaving bosom for a long minute then cupped one of them, just squeezing and moulding the pliant flesh, tweaking at the nipple to send little sparks through my body. I was getting so turned on by my brothers fondling touches. Reluctantly I stopped him and took the time out to unbutton my skirt and slip it off my legs. He sucked in his breath on seeing the sexy little panties I was wearing just for him. “Beautiful, Darling,” he murmured. “I love your knickers.”

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