Sharing Black Ch. 03



4:00p.m. Sunday (Big Momma’s house)

“Big Momma I really don’t want to talk to him about this, I don’t have nothing to say to him, nothing at all!” I told her, slamming the serving spoon on the table.

“Jori you need to do something, cause you can’t do this alone, and I am not going to be here forever to help you. So…” she paused. I continued to mix the cornbread.

“Big Momma he’s not ready to be a father, and I’m am not ready to wait for him to sow his wild oats then when he feel like it, come tryin’ to be a daddy!”

“I know what you mean honey, and I will respect any decision you will make concerning your life but, I really think that you should not give up so easily. A good man is worth fighting for.”

“He ain’t no good man, Big Momma or he’d be here right now, and not fuckin’ around with every Tam, Trish, and Mary!”

“Oh, I see, then he’s only good enough to sleep with then?” she slapped in my face. I had nothing to say. “If he was only good enough to only sleep with, then you are no better than the other women you claim he’s sleeping with. Look, I know you love him, just give him time Jori, he haven’t had much time to take this all in as you did. Give him time, he’ll come around.” I rolled my eyes in the back of my head in disbelief.

“Me lovin’ him has nothing to do with him lovin’ me and MY babies.” I jumped in. “I just can’t go after him full throttle just to get kicked to the curb.”

“Why don’t you tell him how you feel?”

“I aint telling that bastard shit, if he didn’t believe me when I first said something then he don’t deserve to be in our lives, point blank!”

“Well, like I said, what ever you do I will back you one hundred percent, but you better make up your mind quick you only have 2 more weeks left.” she told me and left the kitchen. I finished my cornbread and put it in the oven.

“I’m going to take a bath, Big Momma!”

“Alright baby!” When the water was full I took off my clothes, and stood their in front of the full body mirror behind the door. My belly had stretched so much that if it stretched anymore it would have torn. I saw stretch marks worming their ways up to my bellybutton. I rubbed my extended belly.

“You are going to be out soon and I can’t wait to see you guys!” I climbed into the tub. It was hard to get down now since the accident, the crash smashed my leg so hard that they had to do surgery on my hips. I will walk with a little limp for the rest of my life. They were so surprised that the babies survived the impact at such an early stage in the pregnancy. They weren’t sure if I should terminate or keep my pregnancy. I stayed in the hospital for four months after the accident learning to walk and function again but in more pain cause of the babies growing over a cracked pelvis.

Big Momma ruled out the terminate part for me. She don’t believe in abortions, she stand strong against them. That’s how she got me from my mom. Momma was immature and got pregnant and wanted an abortion, but since Big Momma told her not to she made a deal. If she didn’t abort me she would take me and raise me. And since then all I remember is Big Momma raising me. I hardly ever see my mom though only around the holiday time.

Big Momma was right, I couldn’t do this all alone. I ain’t gone kiss Black’s ass either. He want to be out there fuckin’ everything in sight then so be it. Black ass mutha fucka!

I finished my bath and put on my gown. I didn’t feel like arguing semantics anymore with Big Momma so I drug my fat belly into bed and laid down.

7:49p.m. (Big Momma’s house)

I didn’t know I was that tired, sleep creped and cloaked over me as soon as my head hit the pillow. When I woke up I was alarmed to find that I wasn’t alone in my bed. I turned around and behind me was Black. He had fallen asleep too. I shook him.

“Black what are you doing in here?” I asked him when I saw those gorgeous gray eyes looking at me.

“Damn, did I fall asleep?” he said stretching

“Damn, didn’t I wake you up?” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Oh, Big Momma sent me up here to see if you were O.K.” he said.

“Well tell Big Momma that I’m fine on your way out!”

He took a deep breath through his nose smelling the food cooking down stairs. “MMMM, Big momma sure can whip up some soul food to be an old white lady!” he laughed.

“My Poppa, who was BLACK, was a chef and he taught her how, before he died.” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah I just bet you are.” I mumbled.


“Nothing… I got to get dressed so if you don’t mind…”

“So why so many baby things?” he asked looking around and I laughed.

“You really don’t know do you?”

“Know what?” he asked looking back at me.

I put the palm of my hand in his face… “Boo, you fired!” He laughed and grabbed my hand and kissed my palm. I snatched my hand away.


“Nothing, just go down stairs, now.” I said and scooted to the end of the bed. I beşiktaş escort wanted him out of there as soon as possible cause I was like a bitch in heat, my pussy ached for him so bad. He grabbed my shoulder. Damn why he do that!

“Wait please!” he asked. “I want to say something to you.”

“What?” I huffed.

“I am so sorry for the way I’ve been acting lately, you have to understand I’ve been locked up for 8 months and this is the first time hearing about the…” he paused and pointed at my belly.

“The what, Black?” I questioned. “My pregnancy?!!”

“Can’t you understand why I would be so skeptical.”

“Yeah, I could understand skeptical but not cynical, Black you practically called me a hoe!”

“I know and I’m apologizing fa that! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, especially when I brought up Floyd and all.” My heart felt like it was going to drop at the sound of that name. Everything slowed down and I felt dizzy. I could hear Black calling my name but I couldn’t find the words to answer him. It sounded like his words were calling me through a tunnel.

I felt his arms around me, calling me again. “What’s wrong Jori,” he asked holding me in a tight embrace. I looked into his eyes, then slapped him.

“THAT WAS THE MOST HORRIBLEST DAY OF MY LIFE AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD NEVER BRING UP HIS NAME OR MENTION THAT PARTY TO ME EVER!!” I spat and started slammin’ my fists into whatever part of his body it landed on. He grabbed both of my wrists and kissed my hands.

“Baby I’m sorry I didn’t know, I won’t bring it up again.”

“I looked up at him and he down at me. He leaned in and put his soft hot lips against mine. I couldn’t help but to kiss him back. I haven’t felt his embrace, or anyone’s ones embrace for that matter since before accident eight months ago. I pushed away, a little.

“No!” he said and holding me tighter. Our kiss became more passionate. I could feel his dick getting hard against the bottom of my fat belly.

“So you’re making me a daddy huh?” he said and leaned back to touch my stomach.

“Naw, you made yourself a daddy!” he grinned and rolled his eyes.

“Hello in there, daddy’s talkin’ to you, I can’t wait to see you!” he said and kissed my belly then stood and embraced me again.

Knock knock, Big Momma called to us through the door.

“You two decent?” she joked and opened the door.

“I was just wondering if you two were coming down to dinner or shall we continue with out ya?” she asked.

“Continue with out us!” Black said.

“No we are going to be down Big Momma.” I said and tried to pull away from his grasp. Big Momma gave me a mean look and nodded towards Black and winked at me. She mouthed go ahead and closed the door. I got the picture.

“I need to ask you something?” he said and pulled me back into his arms.

“What” I said turning to face him.

“Will you marry me?” he asked falling to one knee. My throat got thick and my voice box stuck closed. Could this be true? Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming let me pinch myself to see.


“Ouch?” he said returning to his feet.

“Look LaJoria I don’t ever want to hurt you ever again. My mind went, ah baa, ah baa, ah baa! Everything that he said for about a second went Charlie Brown, waah wha waah waah waah.

“You don’t have to answer me right now, just think about it and let me know.” he said, smiled, and opened the door for me. I walked past him and shut the door. A look of shock came across his face. I turned around and walked over to him, pushed him on top my bed and unbuttoned his top. He just watched in amazement as I undid his shirt. He finished taking off his shirt when I undid his pants.

I pulled his pants and underwear off at the same time I climbed on top of him. I saw his semi hard monster cock throbbing. I grabbed it and pulled. I never sucked a dick before so I said I would try it this time. I leaned down to take it into my mouth. “NO!” he said and pulled me up towards his face. He planted kiss after kiss on my face. He pushed me on my back and started to undress me. He helped me pull my shirt over my head then unclamped my bra. As I took off my bra he pulled off my pants. He laid on his side and took my tit’s into his mouth. He lapped all around my nipple with his tongue. I couldn’t wait to feel his dick in me again. He sat up on his knees and kissed down from my nipples to my stomach. He kissed up to the top of my belly then down to the bottom of my belly before I pulled him to stop and come up. He leaned up and looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Make love to me Please!” I asked him

“Alright” he said and continued his path of kisses down my body.


There it was, a perfectly beautiful pregnant pussy! It glistened at the vagina as her juices started flowin’ down like silk against her skin, taunting me to eat of it. I succumbed to the calling and lifted her ass up and put a pillow beşyol escort up under it so that I could have complete access to her clit without her belly blocking my reach. When I kissed her soft pink folds she gasps and shudders. Yeah this pussy’s mine now! I softly traced my tongue around her clit to tease her. I ran my tongue around her love hole, then back up around her clit hood.

“Lick me!” she whispered.

“Huh?” I teased, I heard her loud and clear.

“Eat my pussy damn it, stop teasing me!” she barked.

Damn, “Yes ma’am!” I replied and dove into her waiting pussy. I took her cunt into my mouth and sucked on it. I made a figure eight with my tongue over her clit and around her vagina. She was loving it, her pregnant body pumping her hips, grinding her pussy against my tongue. I lapped at her clit and drooling vagina like a thirsty dog. When I stuck two fingers in her hole she came instantly. Her vagina squeezed my fingers and flooded my hand with her creamy cum dew. She tastes so delicious, I wanted more.

I continued my tongue attack on her pussy and she squealed.

“Stooop! Please! I can’t …” she cried as I licked her into another screaming orgasm! “Aaahhh!” she moaned between breaths. “Black!!!” she begged trying to move my head away from her sensitive clit. I slowed my tongue lashing so she could calm down, but as soon as she caught her breath I tongued her pussy again. I watched and laughed as she tried to reach my head from around her extended belly but couldn’t quite reach. I bit on her clit with my lip covered teeth and that sent her over the top once more. She arched her back so high she lifted off the pillow and yanked my arms loose around her legs. As much noise she made screaming and moaning, I was so sure they heard her down stairs.


After I finally got loose of his wild tongue and his grasp on my legs I kicked him off me. I think I came at least 10 times in his mouth, or I don’t know one continuous orgasm. He landed on his back on the bottom of the bed and I darted over to him as if to mount his meat. I held his giant cock in my hand as he closed his eyes and waited to feel my pussy around his dick. Precum drooled out the top of his semi erect penis, inviting me to come taste. It was hard to bend down, but, when I got just right I used my big belly as a crutch to hold me in position over his dick. I wanted to taste him so I took him in my mouth.

“Jori!” he jumped and pushed at my shoulders to stop. I bit down a little, careful not to hurt too bad and he stopped.

“AH!! YOU BITIN’!!!”

“Then lay back.” I mumbled with my mouth full of his dick head and pushed him back. His cum was salty, heavy, and thick, but his cock was quite pleasant. It began to stiffin in my mouth and I could only get about 2 ½ inches into my mouth without gagging. I wasn’t sure to just lick or to suck and lick on it so I tried both. I noticed when I sucked on it his cock would throb in my mouth so I kept sucking it. His hand raised and rubbed my side.

“MMMM” passed through his lips. His rubs began to push me, as if to pace a rhythm on it. I wrapped both hands at the bottom of his dick as I sucked on the top. I could feel his hips begin to roll with my rhythm. My jaw was getting tired now but I wanted to see him cum. This was kind of fun.

“SSSSS!!!” He sucked air in through his teeth and jumped when my tooth clipped his dick.

“Sorry!” I said and continued my suck feast.

“O.k. That’s enough!” He tried to lift my chin with his hand. I didn’t let up, I continued to suck and bob on his cock. I looked up at his face, his eyes were closed and his forehead was frowned up. Occasionally he’d lick those beautiful, luscious, black lips, but no more sounds came out.

I could feel him getting into it, his shaft started to swell more in my mouth. His hips were moving up and down and side to side. His hand found my head and fisted a hand full of my hair. At first he was just resting his hand there then after a while he would push my head down on it. Damn I’m getting turned on again. Just the fact of seeing him enjoy something else but my pussy made me really hot! I tasted more heavy precum on the back of my throat as he started fuckin’ my mouth.

“Ok, that’s enough baby!” he said leaning up.

“Mmmnn mmm!” I indicated no and continued engulfing his treasure in my mouth.

“Come on Jori you finna make me cum!”

“Give it to me baby, let me taste it.” I begged. Then just before he was about to wrap my mouth back on his engorged hard on, he yanked my hair so hard.

“I SAID NO!!!” he barked and snatched me off his dick.


Damn, I didn’t mean to pull her hair like that. I sat up and removed her hands from her crying face.

“Baby I’m sorry” I kissed her tears.

“Why you do that?” she asked staring her dark brown eyes into mine.

“I just……” I paused and leaned back. I couldn’t nut in her mouth, to me that’s something I would beykent escort do to a hoe!

“Was it something I did?” she questioned, how come I knew she was going to ask me that.

“No baby it wasn’t you, you were great, the bomb!!” I lied. Her tooth hit my dick one more time I’mma kill her.

“I just want to make love to you that’s all.” I said buried my lips in her neck.

I could feel every inch of her sweet little hot pussy stretch to meet the size of my cock as I pushed in.

“AH!” she moaned as I mounted her missionary style. Her pussy was tighter than I remembered it ever being so I had trouble getting in.

“I ain’t gone hurt nothing going all the way in?”

“Nothing but my feelings,” she responded and closed her eyes.

She looked so beautiful all over, her smile, her hair, her body…. mmm I wanted to hold her and squeeze her as I slowly made love to her. Her belly was so big, I couldn’t really do very much with anything, it was way bigger than Shauny’s was. Her pussy got so wet so fast it was like walking on ice. I almost broke my back, when I fell deep into her love.

“Oo you feel so good!” she whispered. “So good!”

“I love you.” Damn did I say that, out loud? Her eyes flew open in shock. I shocked myself too.

“I- love- aahhh- you too!!!” she returned and came all over my dick. It felt like she pissed on me she squirted to much. It was truly magical to see her in a state of ecstasy like that. I couldn’t hold mine back any longer so I released a load in her so deep it shall never come back. I climbed down and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Is that a yes then?” I asked out of breath, and she smiled. Tears fell from her eyes.

“Of course I’ll be your wife!” and she planted kisses all over my face.

“Well future, Mrs. Jordan lets make this engagement official.” I said and retrieved a box from my pants pocket.

“What?” I opened the box and she screamed.

“It’s so beautiful!” Jori threw her arms around me and practically licked my tonsils. I placed the ring on her finger and we made mad passionate love once more.

One week later 7:14a.m. (Monday morning)

I awoke to the smell of a wonderful breakfast. I looked over to see if Jori was up but she had been gone, her spot was cold. I sat up to get out the bed when she came in with a breakfast tray.

“Good morning!” she smiled and placed the tray over my lap. I had a plate of three big pancakes, two fried eggs over easy, just like I like them, and a beef sausage link.

“Enjoy your breakfast” she said and walked away.

“Wwwooo!! Where you goin’?” I questioned her.

“To school it is Monday you know.” she returned.

“Baby please stay here with me?” I begged.

“Don’t you have to go to work?” she ruined my moment.

“Yeah, but I was thinking of staying home and making love to you again.”

“Tempting but I got to go to school, you know Big Momma would kill me.” I couldn’t wait until she’s my wife. I ate my breakfast and got dressed.

“Why don’t you drive anymore?” I asked Jori.

“Well you seen how small my car is and look at this belly!” she said sticking it out further. I turned to look at her little green Geo Metro and realized she was too big to fit. “Any way Big Momma says that I shouldn’t be driving right now anyway being so close to due now.”

“She’s right I agree.”

“Well can I drive your car, you know mine got fucked up when…” I paused remembering not to talk to her about that night.

“Sure baby what ever!” she said and tossed me the key and started walking away.

“Do you need me to drive you to school?”

“Well I guess so, cause I am kinda tired.” I helped her in the car, threw her cane in the back seat, and ran around to get in the drivers. When we arrived at her school I came around to the other side of the car and opened the door for her. When I helped her out her class mates yelled through the gate,

“Damn LaJoria is that your man?”

“Oh that is so sweet he opens the door for her and helps her out.” She just blushed and shook her head.

“Don’t listen to these HAYTAS, Black!” she said more to them than me. She waddled up the stairs and I walked with her.

“I’ll be here when you get out to pick you up. O.K.?” I said and gave her a deep tonguing.

“We’ll finish this later, I LOVE YOU!” I said then I left for school late.

3:00p.m. LaJoria’s car

She was standing in front of the school when I drove up. I jumped out the car and walked her over to the door. I helped her in the car and drove her home.

“I’m finna go back to work, I’ll be in late tonight.

8:16p.m. work

Sarita came up to my job around 8:30. “Can you take a break?”

“Sarita, what you doing down here this time of night?”

“Well, Jay’s on the road, my boyfriend’s out of town, and Twon’s locked up…” How dare this bitch bring up that nigga’s name to me. I frowned up.

“I just don’t have no dick to turn to.” she said and started pouting.

“Aaawww, you sure don’t, good night Sarita!” I turned to walk away..

“NOT EVEN FOR A QUICKIE.” I paused. “You know Jori is going to be out of commission for at least two months.” She informed with a smile on her face. Just the sound of two months reminded me of the eight months I was locked down. The pain of my dick throbbing every night can’t get no relief.

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