Sharing Eve Ch. 06


Eve recovers from her dirty weekend away with Jared and another sexy session with multiple guys. Jared quite likes being in control of Eve’s sex life – especially because she loves sex with lots of guys and he loves watching her. However, new temptations present; will Eve be tempted to stray from the arrangement and fulfill new fantasies?


Jared drove us out of the city after our sexy weekend. He met with his Dad and their new business clients Leo and Stephen, finalized some paperwork and picked me up from the hotel. I sat in the passenger seat, exhausted from the weekend’s activities but completely satisfied and fulfilled.

I day dreamed about Leo’s mischievous grin, him playfully kissing me and fucking me hard. I thought about Neil invading my face with his cock then having his way with me too. I smiled as I remembered all this whilst under the watchful smolder of Stephen. I wondered if I’d see them again and how long it would be; Jared was in charge of all of my sexual liaisons at the moment and I liked it that way; I simply had some new preferences.

I looked over at Jared driving, he caught my eye and winked.

“You did well,” he said, “They signed a big deal with the company and I know it wasn’t down to mine and Dad’s schmoozing alone.”

“I loved it,” I agreed, “I’d be more than happy to assist with your clients in the future.”

“I bet you would, slut,” Jared teased.

I loved the arrangement we had; Jared was fucking hot and I’d drop my panties for him anytime but he also seemed to enjoy sharing me out to other guys; lots of other guys. I loved it too and getting to live out my sexiest fantasies was a dream come true.

“Didn’t have you down for such a good pussy eater by the way,” Jared smirked, “You looked like you knew your way around Ginelle’s body.”

“That was a shock,” I admitted, “Walking in to see her on the bed.”

“It was fucking hot!”

“I’ve never fucked another girl before. I just did to her what I know feels good on me.”

“And?” Jared asked.

“And, I kinda liked it,” I said.

“Interesting,” he grinned.

We arrived back in town within a few hours and Jared dropped me off at campus.

“I’ll give you some time off to recover properly, but keep an eye on your phone in case I need you,” Jared instructed as we pulled up outside my dorm rooms.

He leaned over and kissed me hard and squeezed up my thigh.

“Behave yourself,” he ordered, “I’ll find out if you don’t.”

I got out of the car and walked away, shaking my hips knowing he’d be watching my ass. He revved his engine and sped off.

I got to my dorm room and my roommate and best friend Jessica was there.

“Dirty weekend away with Jared was it?” She teased, stood by the window having obviously watched me pull up with him.

“You could say that,” I laughed, smug.

I hadn’t exactly told Jess all the details of my arrangement with Jared but she knew I was fucking him and had fucked a few of his friends at the house party.

“Tell me, tell me!” She insisted, “You’ve been very busy with him lately, what are you getting up to?”

“Well, you know after the house party,” I started to explain, “Me and Jared talked about how hot the whole thing was, and I actually kind of liked it, you know, getting fucked by different guys.”

“Slut!” Jessica laughed, pushing me playfully.

“Hmmmm, yeah I think I am,” I giggled, unable to contain my smile, “Well, Jared likes the idea too and he likes being in charge of these fuck sessions.”

“So you’ve been fucking loads of guys, all at the same time?” she questioned.

“Yeah. Well they take turns, you know.”

“Aaaah! That’s hot!” she screamed, “I didn’t know you had it in you Eve. I want details.”

“So the first time, I met Jared after football practice and we fucked in the shower. Then the rest of the team passed me around.”

Jessica’s eye’s widened, she was loving this..I continued:

“I’d never been in a room with so many cocks before, Jess, it was crazy. I came so hard though, they were on me for hours.”

“Oh my god, are you serious?” she questioned, I thought her jaw was going to hit the floor.

“There’s more. So after the locker room session, Jared tells me he’s going on a road trip to the city and he wants me to go with him. So he picks me up and we drive out of town.”

“Mmmmhmm,” Jessica hummed, eager for more juicy details, “I bet you can’t keep your hands off Jared though, his body is amazing.”

“To be honest, he’s the absolute best fuck of them all, massive cock and he gets me going with just one look. He fucked me on the hood of the car before we’d even traveled 10 miles,” I remembered, blushing and feeling wet at the thought, “we met up with a few of his friends he was giving a ride out of state. They got in the car with us and, well, Jared had already briefed them on what I was ‘up for’.”

“No fucking way,”

“Yeah. I fucked one of them on the back seat and the other two pounded me at the gas station.” I continued, “They left us soon Rize Escort after that and me and Jared went into the city.”

Jessica was now crouched on her bed, clutching a pillow and listening intently like I was telling her the best gossip she’d heard all year.

“Why were you going to the city?” she asked.

“So Jared said that he has started working with his Dad in the family business and they had arranged a business meeting with two important clients.”

“Let me guess, your job was to ‘impress’ them,” Jessica interrupted.

“Yeah, you got it. Basically, after a drunken night out we all ended up back in the five star hotel and I got to play with all four of them.”

“What, even Jared’s Dad?” Jess asked.

“Mmmmhhhmmmm,” I giggled, “His cock is bigger than Jared’s and that’s fucking ridiculous.”

“Jeez Evie.”

My phone vibrated with a text message. It read:

[Eve, this is Leo. I’d love to see you again, let me take you out for champagne and dinner soon. Call me.]

“Oh my god,” I said, looking at my phone screen.

“What? What?,” Jess asked impatiently, “who is it?”

“It’s Leo, one of the guys I met this weekend. He wants to meet up with me again,” I showed her the message.

“Ohh champagne, are these men rich?” she pondered, “I bet they’d treat you well you know, like Julia Roberts.”

She bust into song singing ‘Pretty Woman’.

“I’m not a prostitute you know!” I snapped.

“I know that, you fucking love it for free… but there might be some extra benefits if these guys Jared is setting you up with are loaded,” she reasoned.

“Jared doesn’t want me messing around with guys unless he’s arranged it,” I explained.

“Ah fuck him, you do you babe.”

“Yeah I know, but I like him having that control I think.”

“Well then let him find out and accept your punishment,” she teased.

Jessica was my best friend for a reason; she has the exact dirty mind as me.

“Hey, I did something else this weekend,” I said, “Stephen, the other client, was very domineering, kind of dark actually.”

“Kinky,” she smirked.

“I had a quick shower and came back to the bedroom and he had found this maid, another girl about our age. She was lay down on the bed and they wanted us to do things as they watched.”

“No fucking way,” Jess said, “Did you?”

“Yeah, I did everything Jess. It wasn’t that bad, she was really cute actually. It was a bit strange at first, but the guys absolutely loved watching us and I think that turned me on even more.”

“Whoa. I had no idea you’d be up for that.”

I shrugged.

“Hey Eve, do you think I could get in on this action?” Jess questioned.

I raised my eyebrows.

“What, with me?” I said.

“No! I mean with these rich sexy blokes,” she asked, “I’d give you a snog if it floats their boats but I’m a good old cock lover like you Evie.”

“I guess I could introduce you to the equation at some point, but you know they’d insist on us doing a bit of girl on girl.”

“Hmm, it depend on the size of their wedges, and by that I totally mean wallets… and cocks.”

“You are unbelievable Jess!” I laughed, throwing a pillow at her head, “I’ve got a good thing going right now, so I’ll wait and see.”

“Thanks babe,” she said, “now what are you going to do about this Leo?”

I looked back at the text message.

“I’m not sure yet. I’ll just leave it for now, my pussy needs a week to recover!”

We continued to giggle and gossip, Jess told me about a new guy she’d been seeing then she left to get pizza.

I tapped onto Leo’s message again in my phone, I liked the excitement, I felt really naughty like I was going against Jared. I decided to text Leo back:

[Hey. How did you get my number lol. That would be nice but I’m back at home on campus. I think I’m probably too far away.]

I shut my phone down and began to unpack my bag. Jess arrived back with pizzas after about an hour and we sat on the floor and ate. We went to bed about 22:00, I was exhausted from the weekend.

I was awoken from my peaceful sleep at 23:42; my phone was vibrating. It was Leo again:

[Never mind how I got your number. I’ll send a car no problem. I want to see you, I’ve not met a girl like you before, I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ll make it worth your while I promise. Leo]

I turned over and tried to get back to sleep but my heart was racing, the temptation was so exciting. More vibrations from my phone:

[Think about it. Send me your address and I’ll make the arrangements. Whenever you’re ready. Leo]

I didn’t text back and I didn’t receive another message from him after that. I spent the next few days going to lectures, trying to at least look like I was trying to lift my grades for the semester. I couldn’t take my mid off Leo though, I kept looking at his messages feeling tempted to text him back.

There was something about Leo, he was a man; not a college boy like I was so used to. I know he really liked me, that mischievous glint Rize Escort Bayan in his eye, I know we’d have more fun together and he’d treat me so well.

Thursday evening came around and I got back to my dorm after a long day of daydreaming through lectures, Jessica was out with her new boyfriend Zach and I had the room to myself. I lay on my bed, feeling restless. I looked at my phone and finally decided to text Leo:

[Hey. I’d really love to see you again, I had fun last weekend. I’m not sure though. Eve x]

About 10 minuets later he replied:

[I could tell that you had fun. You’re so sexy. You have nothing to worry about. Leo]

[Thank you, you’re sweet, and sexy too. E x]

I added on the ‘sexy too’ to be a little flirtatious; I wasn’t sure if I was going to see him again but I wanted him to know I was interested.

[I’ve been thinking about you all week, especially in the shower. Hope that’s ok. Leo]

Fuck, he was turning the heat up on this.

[Lol yeah that’s hot. I’m glad I left an impression on you. E]

[Fuck did you. I keep thinking about that tasty little pussy of yours. L]

I started to feel myself getting wet, thinking about him. I was glad that I was home alone. I texted him back again, playing along.

[Are you playing with your cock now? I’m getting wet thinking about it. E]

[Fuck yes Eve! I wish it was you stroking it though, or maybe I could have your mouth around it. How does that sound? L]

[I love sucking cock, it gets my pussy so wet and ready for a fucking. E]

[I wish I could fuck that tight little pussy right now. Are you playing with yourself? L]

I took my pink dildo out of my drawer and took my panties off.

[Yeah, I’ve got my dildo, I’m pretending it’s your fat cock. E]

[Fuck yeah, fuck that little pussy as hard as I’d be pounding you right now. Send me a photo. L]

I’d never taken sexy photos before, but I figured he just wanted as dirty as possible for his wank. I positioned my phone camera by my pussy and pushed the dildo in deep, I opened up my pussy lips with my fingers and rubbed over my exposed clit and took some photos. I sent them to Leo.


He returned a photo of his big cock in his hand. It really turned me on and helped my visualization of him pounding away on top of me.

[Mmmm, are you going to fuck me hard with that fat cock? Are you going to fill me with hot cum? E]

I fed him dirty messages, knowing he was wanking over my photos.

[I’d cum over those massive tits if they were bouncing around beneath me right now. L]

I positioned my phone above my chest and pushed my boobs together to take another photo giving a full view of my tits.

[These tits? I’m waiting for you baby. Cover me. E]

He didn’t reply for a few minuets and I was busy playing with my pussy. I thought back to the weekend when he was licking my pussy and how his cock felt inside of me. I plunged my dildo in and out of my pussy as I rubbed my clit faster, feeling my orgasm build. I pictured Leo on top of me, his hot body fucking me wildly. I came quickly, surprising myself how much some sexting got me off… I liked the excitement.

[Cancel any plans you have this weekend, I’m taking you out. Send me your address. Leo]

I wondered what Jared would say if he knew I was talking to Leo. Technically, I would be meeting Leo one-on-one so this was private, Jared didn’t need to know. He wasn’t necessarily in control of my sex life; he just liked throwing me into his wolf packs.

I texted Leo my address. My heart was racing.

[Great. Be ready for 3pm tomorrow, I’m sending a driver. He’ll take you to an address where you can get ready and I’ll pick you up at 7:30pm from there. I can’t wait to see you. Leo x]

I went to bed early but struggled to sleep, I was so excited to see Leo. Jessica came back about 10pm with Zach, I pretended to be asleep. Zach was one of the football players that had fucked me in the locker room, we recognized each other when Jess first brought him back to our room. I hadn’t told Jess because I didn’t think it mattered – it certainly didn’t matter to Zach, he fucked Jess just like any girl that took an interest. He was alright though, I knew Jess was just looking for a bit of fun too so I kept my mouth shut. They usually had sex at his place but I could tell they were both drunk from one of the student bars near campus; Jess’ bed was the most convenient.

They tried to be quiet but Zach was a grunter, they carried on for half an hour. Afterwards Jess tiptoed out of the room to wash and I heard Zach snoring from her bed. Jess returned quietly but I was awake anyway.

“Pssst, Jess,” I whispered, “Guess what.”

“Aah I though you were asleep,” she replied back, coming to crouch by my bed, “What is it?”

“I said yes to meeting Leo again, he’s sending a driver to come and get me tomorrow.”

“Ohhh that’s amazing Evie!” she said excited, “That’s proper Hollywood you know, sending a driver.”

“I’m Escort Rize actually really nervous now. I have nothing to wear, I used up my only fancy evening wear last weekend I can’t wear it again.”

“That’s fine, just borrow some of my clothes babe,” she offered.

“Uh Jess, I don’t mean to be a bitch but you’re clothes are sluttier than mine!” I teased, “He’s taking me out for dinner and champagne, I need something classy to wear.”

Jess scowled at me then burst into laughter,

“Yeah you’re totally right. Let’s go shopping tomorrow.”

Zach groaned in his sleep, our giggling must have disturbed him. Jess mouthed ‘oops’, kissed me on the head and hopped back into her bed with Zach.

The next day, me and Jess went shopping and I bought a navy blue lace cocktail dress and heels. It was very sexy and showed off my curves but was more appropriate for some of the fancy places I anticipated Leo would take me.

I packed a bag when I got home and eagerly waited for 3pm. Soon enough, that car arrived; a black Mercedes with a suited man driving. He was polite and friendly but didn’t say much on the journey. It took a few hours to get to the city again; I couldn’t believe I was going back so soon.

We pulled up to some modern apartment blocks about 6pm, they were in a stunning location overlooking the river.

“Apartment 4B in Water’s Edge, it’s the blue building,” said the driver as he helped me out of the car and passed me some keys.

“Thanks,” I replied. “oh, I didn’t get your name.”

“Gregory,” he said, “have a nice evening miss.”

I made my way up to the apartment. It was amazing, high ceilings and huge rooms decorated with contemporary furniture. Long glass windows, glass surfaces, illusion shelves and cupboards. There was a bedroom next to the kitchen so I peaked through. On the bed was a red rose and a hand written card that said ‘Eve’. I smiled, it was a little corny but very sweet.

I started getting ready in the bedroom and en suite as I now only had an hour before Leo said he would pick me up. I put on my new dress and heels, and curled my long red hair. I kept my make-up subtle apart from my rouge red lipstick – a first date must.

At 19:30 exactly, I heard the front door to the apartment being unlocked. My heart was racing, I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I barely knew Leo and here I was in his apartment. I flicked my hair over my shoulder and stood outside the bedroom door.

Leo walked down the hall and appeared in the kitchen to see me standing there.

“Well well well, what a treat you are,” he smiled and walked over to me, “I’m so glad you agreed to come.”

He was so handsome, his eyes were so green and beautiful, he had short tousled brown styled hair and beard stubble. He was wearing a brown blazer jacket, navy blue shirt and dark jeans. I was mesmerized by his gaze, I remembered how he made me feel, I was totally infatuated by this older man, he was confident and knew exactly what he wanted.

“It’s great to see you again Leo,” I said, holding his gaze.

He leaned in for a kiss and I met his lips with mine. He kissed me softly and held it for a few seconds then pulled away. I wanted to make out with him there and then, I imagined him wildly lifting me up and having his way with me.

“Let’s go, I’ve made reservations for us,” he said, taking my hand.

He was being very sweet. A part of me believed that he’d just got me here to fuck me again and after our sexy text messages and photos I believed that more and more. However, he was being a complete gentleman, flirtatious but respectful.

Gregory was waiting outside again, and took us in the Mercedes to a restaurant only 2 blocks away. We walked into the building, looking like celebrities, well in my own head that’s what we looked like. We stood in the reception area, the place was so busy, I wondered if we would have to wait for a table.

“Ah yes, Mr Rayson, come, come this way,” said the maitre d who had spotted us as soon as we walked in.

We were escorted past all of the other people who were waiting and through the busy restaurant to a table. We stopped and Leo whispered something to the maitre d.

“Of course sir,” replied the maitre d, sounding almost a little embarrassed, “follow me.”

We continued to the back of the building and outside onto a stunning balcony overhanging the river. There were a few empty tables set up with beautiful glassware and there were tealights everywhere. It was so romantic.

“I do hope this is to your liking sir?” said the maitre d, hovering at one of the tables.

“Yes, very good. Thank you,” replied Leo, “We’ll have a bottle of Brut Classic if you would.”

“Right away Mr Rayson,” he said and left us alone.

“Leo, this is so beautiful,” I said straight away, feeling overwhelmed.

“It’s my favourite spot,” he said, looking out to the river.

The evening drew in warm and calm and the city lights were starting to reflect in the water.

“I don’t bring just anyone here you know,” he was looking over at me again, “I really mean it when I say that I’ve not met a girl like you before, you are special Eve.”

“I’m not used to this,” I admitted, “I wasn’t expecting any of this.”

“What were you expecting Eve?”

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