Sharing is Caring Ch. 02


Sarah all but shoved me off her.

“Mom, it’s not-“

“Course it is, stupid. You think she’s gonna buy that?” Sarah said, sitting up and reaching for her clothes.

Mom just stood there, staring at us.

And then she must have realized that the moans coming from the TV were her own. Her eyes went wide and her jaw slack.

“Sarah would you please go to your room,” my mom said without looking away from the TV.

I busied myself with restoring my clothes.

Mom sat down next to me, still watching herself and her sister work.

Should I have turned it off?

“I take it you like this,” she said.

I wasn’t going to bite that bait.

She nodded. “You know, I’d been worried about whether you’d ever develop a love life. Isn’t healthy for boys your age not to. And this is why.”

Why wasn’t she erupting? The serious tongue lashing was coming soon. She was toying with me. I couldn’t have felt more awkward.

“Well now that you’ve had your first experience with a girl, I hope you finally have the confidence to approach girls.”

And that was it. She went over to the VCR, popped the tape out, and went into her room to change out of her work clothes.

But of course that wasn’t it. The fan was just dying for a healthy load of shit.


Friday came around and no one mentioned anything about what had happened. It was too eerie. I kept cringing, waiting for the other shoe to drop with an enormous crash. I mean, Sarah mocked me incessantly about how pathetic I was with women, and added a few jokes about not being able to deliver to her repertoire, but that wasn’t what I was worried about.

That came later that day, when my best friend was over.

When mom got home, she greeted Kevan a heck of a lot warmer than she usually did. I started thinking “oh no” right away. It was just a warm hello, right? No big deal right? Yeah, right.

She came out of her room changed from her skirt and sports coat wearing skimpy shorts that had her ass all but hanging out and a t shirt that fit way too tight.

Kevan did a triple take. No, scratch that, he looked away once or twice, and that was it.

The usual, cordial small talk which lasted 30 seconds turned into 5 minutes. And seriously flirting. She patted him on the arm constantly, laughed at his awkward, stammered, forgive me b/c I’m staring at your tits and not thinking about what I’m saying, jokes.

I could see where this was going. “I’m gonna go play some X-Box,” I said, as suggestively as I could.

“What? Oh, yeah, ok,” Kevan said.

But thirty seconds in, he decided he needed to get a drink, and rushed downstairs again. Funny, I didn’t think it took ten minutes to get a fucking soda.

I snuck down the stairs to find my mother gobbling my best friend’s cock right in the kitchen.

It was hard to say, what with her face glued to my friend’s meat, but I’d swear she was staring right at me.

I crept away before Kevan could notice teen porno and went back upstairs. Despite being a ball of confused emotions, I kept playing my game. And getting my ass handed to me. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I paused the game and peered down the hall.

Only it was my brother, who was visiting us that weekend. “Dad home early?” he said, by way of greeting. “I heard them through the walls–louder than usual.”

I didn’t say anything.

Mark dropped his duffel on the floor and sat down on the spare bed. “Oh, I know that look. I was wondering when you’d finally figure it out.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

Mark laughed. “About mom. Let me guess–is it Kevan in there with her?”

I nodded. “Shit man, I always thought she was…I don’t know, it sounds so stupid now.”

“She’s more discreet than Aunt Liz. I thought she was a one man woman too, until Liz told me all about their little parties. I brought it up with mom…I guess I was sorta hoping…anyway, she did the same to me. Pretended it was no big deal, then started humiliating me, teasing me, showing me she was indeed a slut but that didn’t mean I could have her the way I could Aunt Liz by fucking all my friends.”

I drew a deep breath. He’d tried to get in mom’s pants? Fuck, who was I to act shocked. Like I wouldn’t.

How could I have never noticed? It wasn’t like she was trying to hide it with Kevan. “So does it stop? She ever decide you learned your lesson?”

“Yeah, sooner or later she’ll let up. But more like later than sooner. Just be happy you’re out of high school.”

I sighed.

“Tough break, bro,” Mark said.

And that was the last he said about it.


Of course, Kevan was just dying to come over again. But I kept making excuses. I didn’t want him to know I knew, so I didn’t blow him off–we just never hung out at my house.

But I could only keep that up so long if I didn’t want him to know I’d figured it out. I guess out of morbid curiosity, or perhaps the stupidity to believe nothing would happen, I invited him over again a few weeks later, when I knew dad was going to be away for the weekend.

We picked up a case of beer and rented a movie, which we watched in the living room. Go on. Do something. I dare you both.

Kevan never turned down a dare. And, as I was learning the hard way, mom was nowhere near a tenth as inhibited as I’d once thought.

She joined us for the movie, weaving only a long t shirt, and squeezed me over to sit between me and Kevan. Halfway through the movie, she had her head on his shoulder. Then her hands rested on his thighs, inching upward slowly but surely.

Kevan kept glancing nervously at me. I didn’t know whether to be consoled that he at least was aware of my existence or to be furious.

A love scene–very soft, but not terribly short–came in towards the end of the movie. Mom wiggled as though she were the nervous one. Then she and Kevan just travesti porno stared at each other.

They wouldn’t. You gotta be kidding me.

Kevan eased his hand up mom’s thigh slowly, hesitated, then slipped up under the t shirt, not even bothering to try and slide it under, but just pushing her shirt up around her waist.

She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Mom started moaning and then grabbed Kevan’s head and drew him into the type of deep soul kiss Sarah had mastered.

I couldn’t believe them. I couldn’t believe myself, because I wasn’t as angry as I should have been. I was definitely a little angry, but also more than a little turned on.

Without breaking her hold on Kevan, Mom fumbled around with her other hand and groped at my crotch.

Oh my god. I don’t think this is how it went for Mark.

I hesitated maybe a moment before whipping it out and guiding it into mom’s hand. She pumped me a little awkwardly, her attention more geared on Kevan. God, was it even possible to kiss that long?

She took her hand away from me and broke away from Kevan. He looked at me in fear, saw my erect cock, and then smiled. He actually gave me the thumbs up. Fucking asshole.

Mom climbed up on the couch, leaning her head into Kevan’s crotch and facing her ass towards me.

I began fondling the soft flesh. God did she have a nice ass. It was much bigger than Sarah’s, gleaming white, so ripe. I playfully spanked it and watched the ensuing giggle with glee.

Then I started fingering her. Before long, I pried her legs open and dove in, trying to remember what my sister had said I did right and what I didn’t.

Meanwhile, I heard slurping sounds as mom sucked off Kevan. Judging by his gasps, mom wasn’t much worse than Sarah.

Mom didn’t taste any better than Sarah, but I was bound and determined to finish the job this time. I felt her buck her hips, slapping her ass into my face softly. I didn’t complain.

Kevan jerked stiff, undoubtedly erupting in mom’s mouth. A moment later, she melted in my mouth.

Then she stood up, a little wobbly. Kevan was still recovering his breath. He leaned forward on the couch, eagerly staring at her, waiting for whatever was next. Mom held up a finger as if to say, “Not so fast.”

Kevan just looked at me, big fat stupid grin on his face. If I wasn’t so eager to pound the hell out of my mother’s ass, I’d be white-hot mad at him.

Freud said all men wanted to have their moms, as a means of validating themselves by being a bigger man than daddy. In this case, it wasn’t my father I wanted to show up. It was my brother, who had fucked Aunt Liz at 18 and didn’t mind telling me all about it. He never fucked mom. I knew very little about who fucked who in this family, apparently, but I was sure of that.

“I’ll be back in a flash,” Mom said and left the room.

“Oh my god, dude,” Kevan said. “I can’t believe this.”

I refused to answer him.

Mom tricky masseur porno came back in a few minutes, having subjected us to an awfully awkward silence. She was wearing heels, fishnet stockings, and a choker. I didn’t think she owned those kind of clothes. She looked ridiculous…ridiculously good too.

Her breasts were unbelievable. Her whole body was just so voluptuous. Sarah didn’t have half mom’s curves. Okay, so maybe her stomach wasn’t entirely flat, but we’re not talking a sagging paunch either. She carried her weight in the right places, all things considered.

She took one of each of our hands and pulled up from the couch. She turned her back to me and started kissing Kevan perhaps even deeper than before. I pressed up behind her, stroking my cock against her ample cheeks. I ran my hands over her hips, then reached around and played with her unbelievable breasts.

She guided Kevan into her cunt, lifting one leg up and wrapping it around his hips to peel herself wider.

I backed away. I didn’t like being excluded, but I didn’t want to be that close to Kevan.

I watched enviously as they continued fucking standing up for a minute before Kevan laid down on the floor and guided mom onto his pole. She giggled like a little girl as she bopped up and down.

I came around beside her and fondled one heavy breast. She looked up at me, that same hungry look on her face as Sarah’d had. “Is this what you wanted?” she said.

No, it wasn’t. I wanted her alone. But instead I just nodded like a goofball, licking my lips.

Mom guided my cock into her lips. Sarah had nice lips, mind you. But mom…mom’s lips were made for nothing else. You’d think she’d had her lips enhanced like some pornstar. I ran my hands through her raven-black hair, leaned my head back, and moaned.

It only took a few seconds to realize Sarah was better at sucking cock than mom, but that was sort of a bonus since I didn’t feel like I was going to explode any second, nervous about looking pathetic, forced to think disgusting thoughts just to prolong the moment.

Not that the inevitable was far off, mind you. Kevan had yet to blow his second load when I jerked forward and gave mom a nice little present.

She swallowed it all, licked her lips, took me back in her mouth to make sure she hadn’t missed a drop, then pushed me away and focused all her efforts on Kevan.

And continued ignoring me even after Kevan bust his nut. She just climbed off him, turned around, and got on all fours, wiggling her ass in the air as an invitation. I went around behind her, looking at Kevan for permission. He shrugged and backed away, but mom said, “No. Kevan, I want your cock.”

Okay, fine. Head’s not bad. I went back up front and got down on my knees, presenting my offering to my mother. But she shook her head. “Just sit over there,” she said.

I sat on the couch, jerking myself sadly, watching my mother finger herself while my friend struggled to find some more energy. He looked pathetic. He was clearly spent. But he refused to stop. I guess I couldn’t blame him…but I did.

When finally mom shuddered with her orgasm, she stood up. “Thanks boys,” she said and went to the bathroom to clean up.

To be continued…

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