Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 17B


Original story: Scipio

Continued: RogueAlan

Author’s Note: Happy New Year, gang! I know, it’s been too long. Real life gets in the way, though, and the time to write isn’t always there. And frankly, Ann’s story was coming easier than Sharon’s… What’s left for Sharon to do for us? Not to mention that pesky little continuity thing– as the story grows longer, making sure I’m not committing some cardinal sin in timeline or who said what or who did who becomes more of a challenge.

Toward that end, those who’ve caught me making a mistake, my most sincere apologies… I’ve tried to minimize them, but I know they exist out there. And if you’ve read closely enough to catch them, my thanks, I hope it hasn’t detracted from the story.

It was NOT my intent to hold this until it was ‘appropriate’ but it seems to have been fortuitously timed. Which brings me to my requests… as ever, PLEASE someone take a stab at what happens… if not to Sharon, there are her friends, other BZ Bitches, her son and daughter, Chris, the doctor, his staff, the frat members… the options are endless. I started out rewriting Penthouse Forum stories decades ago, because they all had errors… My writing still has errors, but over time the practice made for better writing. And the authors who’ve let me crib their characters and take them on new adventures I owe a lasting debt. One of these days I’ll do some more original pieces, but we have a ways to go with Sharon and Ann yet.

But I mention this because if you’ve noticed on the new stories line there is a little annual contest. I am NOT asking for me… a couple stories over the course of a year wouldn’t put me in the standing of the regular contributors here, but there must be authors and stories you like, and I hope you will take a minute to nominate your favorites for the LitErotica awards… I always enjoy Just Plan Bob, StangStar06, StoryTeller07, dr13bone, Karen Kay, and a bunch of other authors, for example. Think of it as your chore for getting to enjoy an endless stream of great erotic stories.

And as ever, let me know what you like… or don’t like. I’ll listen to suggestions, but can’t always promise they get incorporated. D, your suggestions saw some life in this chapter. Roby, there were a couple Playboy girls at the end of the year whose measurements would be bang on for Sharon if they were say fifteen years older. To the readers who hated Sharon’s implants, I’m with you, actually… my personal experience is that they suck. But it seemed a natural step for our heroine. To all the others who have asked after Sharon my thanks, I hope you’ll enjoy 17B…


Chapter 17B: Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sharon was nervous when she woke on Monday. It was not about classes, or anything related to the frat. She rolled to her side, gazing lovingly at her companion, happy that they were together, that her breast implants had not… she giggled as she thought ‘come between them,’ because that had most certainly happened. Rolling supine once again, she stared up at the ceiling, replaying the past weeks as a defense against considering the coming day… or more accurately the coming night.

Still excited after the unexpected and brazenly rude approach of the arrogant frat students… or more accurately from the subsequent ‘work out’ she had thoroughly enjoyed– and in public no less– with Bernie, Sharon had expected to clean up and practice her dancing. Instead, she had come home to find her guest waiting for her.

Kelly had been naked, and within seconds, Sharon had joined the younger woman. Kissing and fondling one another with the familiarity of long time lovers, Sharon had wanted to go into the bedroom, but Kelly had not been patient enough to wait. Before she could consider whether she had even closed, much less locked the front door, Sharon had been moaning in her front room as Kelly knelt in front of her, hands steadying them both at the back of Sharon’s toned thighs as she lapped at the housewife’s hairless seam, pausing at the top of each stroke to suck or lick at her aroused bead.

Sharon came quickly, sagging back until she had managed to catch the pole where the table had once stood. Kelly had moved with, her, until Sharon’s ass was centered on the cool brass, as the young brunette’s hot breath and skilled tongue got her off again.

Panting, hungry to return the favor, Sharon had pulled the shorter woman up, gasping in pleasure as Kelly’s lips fastened onto her turgid right nipple, manicured nails playing deftly with the pierced left side. Her free hand had cupped Sharon’s tight ass, dropping lower until her fingers slid easily into Sharon’s dripping sex.

“Mmm,” the brunette BZ murmured, “I’ve missed this.” Sharon shivered at her lover’s words, catching Kelly’s head in her hands, bringing her face up, and kissing the younger woman fervently. Her own hands had slipped down Kelly’s tanned sides, then rose as she cupped the more naturally endowed woman’s full breasts, thumbs flicking at her nipples, then applying a firm pressure. Kelly’s head dropped back, her body Escort bayan undulating, pelvis pressing against Sharon’s thigh, one leg rising as she rubbed her sex against Sharon.

Sharon’s lips dropped to Kelly’s neck, and balancing her weight at the small of her back, she slipped her arms back until she was hugging the smaller woman.

Giggling, she spun, placing Kelly against the pole. Flexing her knees applied more pressure against the brunette’s sex, and let her slide lower, until she could begin to lick and suck at the younger woman’s pierced nipples. She caught one ring in her teeth, pulling gently, which elicited a gasp. Kelly was literally humping herself against the top of Sharon’s thigh, and it was tempting to shift just enough that they would be sex to sex, but Sharon knew she would not be able to hold that position… and she wanted to taste Kelly’s nectar.

Her hands replaced her lips at Kelly’s breasts, anchoring her dance partner against the pole as she kissed down, until she came into contact with Kelly’s hooded clit. She closed her lips over the sensitive flesh, applying gentle suction and flicking at the cleft in the hood as her knees came to rest on the ground between Kelly’s spread feet. Looking up, the sexy brunette had reached up, grasping the pole above her head, and for a moment Sharon imagined doing this in front of the crowd at Snake Eyes. Her body trembled, and she blinked, wondering how she had become such an exhibitionist.

She never stopped working at Kelly’s hidden button, though, and as she paused for the first time, pressing her nose against the top of Kelly’s sex, while dragging her tongue down, and then back up the brunette’s dripping sex, Kelly’s hands came down off of the pole. When Sharon again began to suck at Kelly’s clit in earnest, the younger woman’s fingers tangled in Sharon’s newly styled hair, pulling her closer, urging her on.

Sharon thrust the long middle finger of her right hand into Kelly’s sex, then, searching for the almond shaped almost pebbled texture on the front wall of her lover’s vaginal vault. Remembering the way it had affected her, she circled the subtle protuberance as she continued sucking and licking at Kelly’s clit. As the younger woman’s breathing and trembling thighs signaled her approaching orgasm, Sharon applied more direct and insistent pressure. She reveled in the control she had over Kelly’s pleasure as the smaller woman’s orgasm broke, hips jerking, even as she tilted her pelvis, pressing her sex against Sharon’s insistent mouth.

Kelly’s climax continued, spurred on by Sharon’s digital manipulation. It seemed to echo and rebound, flowing into the climax that followed on its heels. And as she cried out, her juices literally erupted, soaking Sharon’s face and hand. The housewife murmured in delight, lapping the brunette’s cum up, all the while keeping that pressure at the front of Kelly’s sex.

Kelly had proven to be as quick a student of the squirting climax as Sharon had been, and had laughed as the married student soaked the linoleum floor only a few minutes later. It had become something of a challenge, in the days since, each trying to get the right leverage long enough to get the other off so totally. Her young friend had visited every day during the week, and the women did not bother with clothes as they caught up, Sharon telling the young brunette about her Vegas weekend, and Kelly showing her preferred dance partner some of the new routines she and Lisa had put together.

Sharon spent the time she was home while Kelly was in class or working for the frat trying to perfect the new dances; she was anxious to get back to Go’s, and never considered how that could be the case. In fact, by the 11th, she had called the frat repeatedly, asking if she could go back to dance, and given the repeated denials, she was considering taking her case to Go in person. While the thought left her more than a little aroused, she was also aware that it might lead to some punishment or other by Dave and Shaun, and that had kept her from acting.

Her rebellion had gone so far as to drive Kelly to the club on Wednesday, even waving at a couple of the other dancers who were going in . She had hoped Go would hear and would demand Shaun and Dave let her return to the rotation. But nothing had happened.

She had taken a circuitous route home, finding with a little difficulty Mary’s impressive house. She was not really surprised to find that the brass ‘Gardener’ plaque on the stone wall beside the drive had a professional looking ‘BZ’ added at the end. And through the closed gate she could see several of the frat members’ cars. But it was cold enough that any partying she was missing was happening inside. She turned toward home, not really considering that she did not know when Dave or Shaun had returned her car, or that she considered the tiny place where she was living home, rather than her real home.

She had stopped, shopping aimlessly in the Walmart before returning home, where she had made sure that she was caught up on homework before she went through Bayan escort the dance routine and headed across campus to exercise. As she went through her circuit and climbed back onto the treadmill, anxious that she had gained weight during her dancing hiatus, Sharon could not keep from looking to the door each time it opened. She found herself hoping Bernie or one of the other frat members would ‘interrupt’ her, but it did not happen. Instead, she found her momentary attention to the succession of students there to exercise insured that the young men spent most of their time watching her.

It was a relief that none of them were so bold as to approach her. She knew she should just ignore anyone coming into the gym. She did shock herself that Wednesday as a boy lifting an impressive weight on the squat rack drew her attention– she found herself wondering if he might be sufficiently endowed to satisfy her. Because as amazing as her orgasms were with Kelly, it just was not the same. She needed more. Frightened of what she was thinking, the blonde housewife abandoned her cardio, jumping down before the belt had stopped moving, with her towel and water bottle in hand. She did not bother with the locker room, which would mean passing close to the young man who had been a temptation.

Instead, she went out into the hall, and followed the signs to the pool. Maybe Bernie would be inside. Instead, it was open swim, and there were student splashing and having fun, with a clutch of matronly women in the shallow end doing water aerobics. Sharon smiled, amazed that more than a few of the women were actually wearing bathing caps. All had to weigh at least twice what she did, a reminder that it was important that she keep exercising. So she returned to the gym, and for the first time in nearly two weeks she had studiously ignored the others for the rest of her visit.

Walking back, still sweating lightly after her renewed focus on the treadmill, Sharon answered her phone when it rang without checking the screen.

“Hello.” There was a pause.

“Shar’?” She blinked, almost stumbling as she realized who it was.

“Chris,” she looked down self consciously, glad that she was wearing her sweats and a North Face fleece that helped with the blowing cold, “Is something wrong?” She had a sudden mental image of Catherine trapped in a wrecked sports car, her daughter’s head pinned in Zeke’s lap.

“No, well, except that we miss you, hon’,” Chris hesitated, “I guess I’d hoped we would see you more often this semester.”

“Oh,” Sharon began to walk again, “Well, I’m sure I can, but with the cold and classes getting started again…”

“So I should expect you this weekend?”

“I uh… I hadn’t really thought about it,” she answered lamely.

“Well you’ll at least be home Monday,” Chris pressed, “Or would you rather I came there. I haven’t been up to see your little place yet, so…”

“No!” Sharon winced at how sharp her response was, “It’s tiny and it’s a mess. No I should come home to see everybody.” She found herself watching a young woman walking hand in hand with a spectacled dark skinned man as she crossed the campus, and imagined it was her daughter and Zeke. What was she going to say when she did go home? She blinked, realizing she had missed what Chris was saying.

“… forgot about us or if you were mad about New Years…” She waited, puzzled at the way he left that trail off, but she had no idea why she should be mad. She had been married long enough to know, though that admitting that would be a mistake.

“No, I meant what I said, “she answered instead, “I’ve just been busy. I’m either in class or studying or exercising.”

“Well I can’t wait to celebrate, then,” Chris continued. Sharon frowned, still trying to understand what was important about Monday. “Will you be home Saturday or Sunday?”

“Uhm, I’ll have to check…” Sharon managed not to say ‘with Dave and Shaun,’ “my schedule. And make sure Kelly doesn’t have something for me here.”

“Bring her,” Chris insisted, “She can round out the kids celebration, since I think Catherine and her new boyfriend said something about dinner. I know her brother and boyfriend hang out a lot, so they might all just go together, leaving us to…” Sharon did not answer. “Well, I thought it was one of your favorite days,” Chris added, clearly a bit put out. And then Sharon remembered.

“Oh, my,” she bit her lip, “I’ve been so busy I almost forgot.” She glanced down at her chest, “I hope you’ll like my surprise.” She meant to say ‘for you,’ but it did not seem right. “I’ll text you when I’m going to be back. I’m sorry baby, I wish we could talk longer, but I have to get to a small group session.

“That’s great,” Chris was barely listening, having assured that his plans were going to work. Sharon frowned, wondering if he would have heard if she had said ‘I have to strip at Snake Eyes,’ “I’ll see you soon, babe.”

“OK, honey. Love you.” And then her husband was gone. Sharon was decidedly unsettled for the remainder of the walk home. The familiar anxieties… escort shame, guilt, fear, assaulted the defenses she had built. She paused inside her small house, eyes moving from the tin of marijuana and the bong sitting on the mantle to the stripper pole– she could never let Chris visit school. Aware that she was sweating, Sharon stripped naked in the front room and padded into the bathroom, pausing at her reflection, and at what she had just done. What was Chris going to say about her new breasts? Or her new hair?

Stepping beneath the still cool spray, Sharon wondered if it really mattered. Her hands rose to her breasts, and she turned away from the water, squeezing a measure of liquid soap onto the loofa before she began to soap her chest. Her breasts were for the frat… was any of her for her husband any longer?

As usual, she masturbated once she was clean, a brief escape from everything she mistakenly believed was hidden from even the frat’s omnipresence. At first she tried to fantasize about the coming visit, about being with Chris. But nothing happened. And still nothing, when she instead called to mind the best sex she could ever remember having with her husband. She was frustrated,, but intent on thinking of someone other than Shaun or Dave or Tom or Go or Bernie… and she thrust the ready memories of each man away from her consciousness as they came to mind… Sharon found herself imagining how hot it would be performing with Kelly again. Arousal sparked, built by the combination of her agile fingers and the spray of hot water from the hand held shower head.

She stubbornly put Chris in the audience, watching them as they circled each other and the pole, both naked, glistening with oil and sweat, touching one another with the confidence of long time lovers. Sharon braced her back against the wall of the shower, imagining she was on her back on the main stage at Snake Eyes, with Kelly between her legs, the crowd unaware that it was not simulated fellatio they were witnessing. Sharon imagined looking over at Chris, wanting him involved in her fantasy. But her husband’s focus was not her… Sharon found herself imagining her husband was watching Kelly.

Distracted, she looked the other way, and found Lisa dancing in a mirror image of the number she and Kelly had been doing. She and her dance partner were a verse behind, moving sinuously together, pausing to kiss, hungrily. Then Lisa pivoted away, and Sharon found herself watching her daughter, working the pole and returning Lisa’s affection with genuine desire.

Sharon gasped in the shower, lost in her fantasy, unable to break free of her own imagination. She looked back, terrified that Chris would see their daughter. Zeke was lounging beside her husband, and while Chris’ eyes were still locked on Kelly, the young football star’s entire focus was her. Licking his lips, he stood, unzipping and extracting his impressive cock. Sharon’s sex twitched and she moaned, reaching down, pulling Kelly closer, trying to focus on the delicious sensation of the brunette’s tongue flickering over her clit.

Sharon looked away again, now in fear that her daughter would see Trevor’s attention on her. To her shock, she and Kelly’s dance partner was standing passively, holding her daughter’s far leg high in the air. Sharon watched Go ease down, thrusting his glorious bent cock– naked– into her daughter’s sex. She moaned, because it was as if she could feel the thrust between her legs, up into her cunt. And then she looked up to find Zeke looming over her, thrusting endlessly into her.

Sharon came hard, belatedly finding herself crouched in the shower stall, the loose hanging spray head hitting her side intermittently as it twisted beside her.

“Oh my God what’s going on with me,” she said aloud, struggling upright, and replacing the shower head. Her fantasy had been she and her daughter… And she could not talk to anyone about it. Kelly still did not know what everyone had been watching at the New Year’s party. Sharon guessed her young friend would laugh at the idea Chris wanted her. Zeke had not figured in the names she had considered as being her lovers… was she jealous of her daughter?

So Sharon thrust the fantasy and the questions it raised from her mind, telling herself it was just that Chris had called, and she was feeling guilty. And she worked at perfecting the new dances even harder than before, wrestling with whether she should let Shaun know she would be going home on Monday.

The weekend dragged by. Kelly was busy at the club or enjoying some ZB party. Sharon studied, exercised, and then lounged on the couch, smoking and watching television. And when she had not heard from any of the ZB by Sunday afternoon, Sharon decided she was going home without bothering to say anything. Her car had not disappeared again, and she had not spoken to Chris or the kids at home; she doubted they even knew about Chris calling her. Grabbing some cash out of the night stand, she drove to the city’s small mall, and after enjoying a one of Mrs. Powell’s decadent cinnamon rolls, more calories than she had likely eaten in a single day since Christmas dinner, the sugar buzzed housewife found a slinky silk red dress at Maurice’s, which she finished with four inch silver heels from Rue21 and appropriate silver dangle earrings and an infinity necklace from Francesca’s.

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