Sharyn Fucks Kezza

Sharyn Fucks KezzaYou had come to visit me while my husband was away, the timing was great as the k**s were both staying with friends. The preliminary chitchat out of the way, we both headed for the bedroom, as despite all the polite excuses, we both knew that that was what you had come for.We held each other and kissed for a while, it was great to feel. your nice hot tongue probing around inside my mouth and the feel of your strength against me was enough to make me wet straightaway.You undressed me and laid me on the edge of the bed with my feet over your shoulders. You began kissing the insides of my thighs and very slowly moved up to my wet, wet bald pussy. Shaving makes the lips very very sensitive as there is no hair there to dull the sensations. So as you ran your hot tongue along my outer lips, the whole tongue was able to touch hot and wet against the skin of my pussy. My lips could feel every single part of it. The feeling was incredible!You just continued to lick the outside of my pussy for a while but you were slowly circling in towards the clit. When your tongue finally reached the clit, which was by now so sensitive and so desperate for some attention, I almost exploded immediately. My hips were raised right off the edge of the bed and were jerking like crazy as I came again and again.Once I’d settled down a bit you continued a good thorough licking all over and would clamp your mouth over my clit, or over my cunt hole, and would suck with either little short sucks that sent a weird almost vibrating sort of pressure throughout my whole pussy, or sometimes with one long firm sort of vacuum that almost felt like my insides were going to be sucked into your mouth. Wonderful!!!One more, cum and then you simply sucked up all my spare juices and moved up onto the bed so I could kırıkkale escort suck you. As you know I LOVE sucking cock! How can anyone NOT love it!!! The scent of it alone is enough to make me wet. All fresh and sweet, slightly soapy, but mostly a sort of man smell. Can’t describe it really, just a beautiful sexy scent of clean horny male .. . . YUM! I love to rub my face into a man’s groin, nuzzle and press my cheeks against it. What a wonderful place to be!But then to take your cock into my mouth and do what I want with it. HEAVEN!!!You were already very hard by this stage, and there was a lovely little thread of liquid trailing from your sweet pink hole. I circled the hole with my tongue and licked it all up. Then pushed you onto your back, I prefer that position for oral as it gives me more control. I just licked your shaft for a while and occasionally very softly nipped a strand or two of pubic hair and tugged very very gently, teasing you. I am a prick teaser, and see no insult at all when anyone calls me that! I kneaded your thighs hard and deep with my hands, trailed my fingers softly up and down your thighs and over your pubes. Your cock was twitching and straining towards my mouth.I opened my mouth VERY wide, breathed out slowly through my mouth and, as I did so, lowered my mouth over your cock . . . . . but without touching it. You were desperate by this stage!!! I figured I’d teased you enough, so once I’d gone all the way down and all the way up, just breathing hot air on your cock but not actually touching it, I then slid my mouth down over it and closed my lips and cheeks around it but just holding still. So your cock was held tight in my mouth but no movement. I stayed like this until you stopped jerking and wriggling, then began a normal sort of head kırıkkale escort bayan job.Swirling my tongue around the knob, moving my mouth up and down with tongue wrapped tight as possible against your cock in a fucking motion, sometimes licking the shaft, sometimes sucking on it. I continued this for ages, each time I felt it about to cum, I would ease off, removing it from my mouth and taking your balls into my mouth instead kneading them slowly between my lips and tongue, or when you were REALLY close, I would simply lay my head on your thigh and kiss it gently for a while. Eventually it was time to cum . . . . . this time when your cock strained and the balls tightened and moved right up, I didn’t stop. This time I buried your cock deep into my mouth as far as I could take it. I could feel the cum as it entered into your cock. I wrapped my lips and tongue firmly around your cock and sucked not too hard, gently now as great gushes of your warm juice came flooding into my mouth. You were in Heaven. As for me. . . . . I was so horny, this was great but I wanted more.I kept your cock there in my mouth for a few minutes after you had cum, not moving my tongue or anything at all, just hugging it with my mouth.I removed my mouth and went back to just kissing your thighs and nuzzling around. Then I sat astride you, with my knees either side of your hips, but not with your cock in my pussy yet. I moved myself in a way that was sliding my very wet pussy back and forth along the length of your cock, but your cock was still outside me. The heat against my clit was amazing. Then I held your cock in my hand and used it almost as I would a vibrator rubbing it all over and around my clit. A cock head is a wonderfully smooth thing and once lubricated with my own juices plus yours escort kırıkkale it was as slippery as anything you could ever find. I was amazed at how good this felt and decided I could have one more cum before we settled down to real fucking.So I knelt there above you. Basically masturbating (which you had said you wanted to watch anyway) but using your cock to masturbate myself. I ran it along my cunt lips, down just to the opening but not into my cunt, but mostly back and forth over my clit. God it felt great. I love masturbating and this was just out of this world. I dragged it out, I teased myself as long as I could I wasn’t in any sort of hurry . . . I love a good wank at the best of times and this was the ultimate wank as far as I was concerned. I could feel my climax, building up from deep inside me and almost forgot about poor you as I rubbed your cock faster and faster over my clit. But, as I opened my eyes and looked at you, you didn’t seem to be minding at all! (And your cock was nice and hard again)Your slippery smooth cock head against my wet, slippery and sooooo sensitive clit just felt so good I never wanted it to stop but I could feel that old familiar feeling and wild horses couldn’t have made me stop rubbing my clit at that point. I looked down and your cock was all wet and slippery from my juices and my fingers were wet as well. I was so close now and I just kept holding your stiff cock and with a few more flicks across my clit I felt the heat and smoothness of your prick as it slid across my swollen clit in the last few strokes that sent me over the top. As I started to cum I shoved your cock deep into me and sat on top of you with it pushed inside me as I jerked and all my muscles spasmed inside me, gripping your prick as they did.I was spent from the strength of my orgasm and just sat there for a little while enjoying how great it is to have a stiff prick inside me. Before long though you flipped me over onto my back hooked both ankles over your shoulders and rammed into me hard and fast until we both carne again. Fantastic!

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