She got fucked today true story

She got fucked today true storyI had already made a hole in the next bedroom to watch the wife perform and what a joy its been.She woke up this morning asking if i felt like a bit of fun watching her fuck with some one i couldnt refuse her but who ?She decided to go for a drink with her friend Jan and see what was on offer,then bring them back for a screw with me watching.I spent all afternoon watching for her up stairs when a car drew up,i didnt recognize the car but i knew it was her with some one she had picked up.The car door opened and i saw her choice, a young black guy about 25years old tall and good looking.I went through to the small bedroom as i heard them coming up the stairs and waited for her to perform for me.Looking through gümüşhane escort bayan the hole in the bedroom i had an excellent view of what had to come and i wasnt disappointed as he sat on the bed watching my wife take off her blouse then loosening her bra to expose her tits.Helen has fantastic tits for a 37yr old but the thing i like best is how her nipples seem to turn up.As she got between his legs sitting on the bed he reached out and started to squeeze and suck her nipples, she bent her head back and fondled the back of his head pulling it into her as he sucked her nipples.The lad stood up and she lay back on the bed then he pulled off her stockings,my cock was starting to strain watching them.Pushing her escort gümüşhane skirt up he pulled off her panties she opened her legs wide as he got down and licked and tasted her shaved pussy.Helen by this time wanted his cock and started to strip him.She looked at the hole in the wall as she started to blow him taking him well down her throat and sucking hard on the end of his cock .He then pushed her onto the bed and spread her legs,she moaned as he pierced her pussy thrusting into her hard balls slapping on her arse and she loved it.I watched as he took his cock out of her and tried to find her arse hole,this would be a first time for her but she moaned as he found his mark.Her legs were high in the air as she allowed him gümüşhane escort to fuck her arse hole and came quick sticking her nails into his back.I heard her ask him to fuck her doggy with his cock in her arse she really loved this new way of fucking.Getting on her knees she grabbed his cock and stuck it in her arse backing into him as he fucked her.As he pulled her in he emptied into her arse and then took his cock out.I could see his come running out her ass then over her pussy as she kept her arse up for me to see.I wish i could join them but it was her treat and anyway i was enjoying watching.They fucked together for about an other hour him coming in her pussy and she moaning her head off with the orgasms.The young guy got dressed and she saw him off.She asked me how it was for me and with that i took her back up the stairs and fucked her again.Her pussy was red with the rubbing but it was my pussy too and i loved the sight of it when he was pounding into her, balls slapping on her arse.

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