She’s Home


So, your wife is gone for the weekend. Your daughter is gone too. You’re home alone and invite me over. Wow, we have the whole night together. I get to you about 6 pm. You invite me in. You have a little spread laid out for us in your living room on the coffee table. A bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, scented candles burning. You’re dressed in jeans and your shirt is unbuttoned, you’re barefoot. You look so sexy. I love that little patch of gray hair in the middle of your chest. I’m wearing my dungaree mini skirt and the gray hoodie with the zipper. I found some nice high heeled fuck me pumps to go with the outfit. I come into the house and you stand back to look at me. You smile and I see that look in your eyes. “Mmmmm, you look good enough to eat and I’m going to eat every inch of you” you say. That makes me smile and my clit tingle.

We can afford to go slow tonight and we take our time. You seat me on the couch, take my face in your hands and kiss me lightly on my lips. You uncork the wine. You pour two glasses and we toast to our time alone together. I’m already so hot for you. So ready to get down to business as it were. I look around the room and soak in the ambience. I haven’t eaten beforehand and the wine goes right to my head. I have a nice buzz going and I sit back against the coach cushions and relax.

I’ve been looking forward to this evening ever since you told me the wifey and daughter were going to be gone 2 weeks before. I had all kinds of scenarios playing out in my mind about how it was going to be, but they’ve all flown out the window and my mind is blank. We’re going to play this by ear. That’s the best plan, no plan at all. I just want to enjoy every moment we can spend together.

We chitchat for a while. How did your day go? How was my day? It’s Saturday and you worked and thankfully business has picked up considerably so you’re in a very good mood. I move closer to you and place my hand on your thigh as I sip the wine. You place your hand over mine and look deep into my eyes. I love the look you get on your face when you’re looking at me. I can feel the heat coming from you and it makes me hot right back.

I take the wine glass from your hand and place both glasses on the table. I can’t wait to have your hands on me any longer. We kiss. Our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. You pull down the zipper on my hoodie and extract one tit from my bra. You pinch my nipple hard, the sudden pain makes me whimper but I react immediately to your touch. My breathing changes and turns up a notch. You release my mouth from yours and bend your head to take that nipple between your lips. You lick and suck on it hard, but the pain feels sooooo good to me. I can feel my pussy start to wake up, feel the lips swell and get hot. My clit is twitching. I want release now, but you wouldn’t think of letting me cum so quickly.

You push me back against the couch pillows and kiss me again. You get your hand up under my skirt and discover that I’m not wearing panties. You smile at me and put two fingers into my now dripping wet cunt. My clit is straining for attention and you take a wet dewy finger and swipe at it. I gasp with pleasure. You slide down the front of the couch and pull my skirt up to my waist.

You bury your face between my legs. You start kissing my pussy lips then gradually get to licking them, sucking them, teasing them. I want to cum so badly. You won’t allow it. Not yet. Not until you’re ready. It büyük meme porno doesn’t stop me from pushing my pelvis up to meet your mouth. Moans escape my lips, my breathing becomes raspy. Oh God. I need so badly for you to make me cum. Thankfully, you now focus on my clit. It’s on fire and I feel your tongue on it pressing down ever so gently and making little circles around and around. Finally, finally you flatten your tongue against my little nub licking me to ecstasy and I cum and cum and cum against your mouth, gasping for air, calling out your name. You drink down my cunt juice. Lapping me up and down all the way to my ass crack.

I take but a moment to recover and now I want to feel your cock deep inside me. It’s your turn to sit back on the couch. I take your place on the floor. I undo your pants and slide them down around your ankles. I take my time removing your underwear. I place my hand over the bulge that is your dick tenting the material over it. Oh God, how I love your cock. It’s magic is not lost on me. I kiss it over the material. You’re watching me intently. I take two fingers and pry them under the edge of the underpants and trace a line from your balls to the base of your cock. I go back to the line of skin towards your asshole. You sigh with pleasure. I haven’t even actually touched your cock yet and it’s already hard as a rock.

I pull down your underwear over your dick and release it. It’s big and beautiful and before I let myself sit on it I must have it in my mouth. Starting at the very tip I lick up the dollop of precum that’s formed at the slit. I wet my lips well and slip my mouth over the head and down, down, down I go until I have the entire length of you in my mouth. You can feel my tongue licking at your balls. You gasp from the intense sensation. I could make you cum that way, but I so want to ride that cock of yours. I want to grind my pussy into your pelvis and make myself cum again with you inside me.

With my skirt still pulled up around my waist I climb on you. I guide your pole into my waiting pussy. There’s no lube needed tonight. You have me sopping wet and so ready to fuck you. Holding onto your shoulders I lower myself onto you. You penetrate me so easily. I begin stroking you. My cunt is warm, wet and swollen with desire. It envelopes your cock. We’re looking at each other, staring into each other’s eyes. I’m moving up and down getting into a nice rhythm. You have your hands on my ass, kneading my cheeks encouraging my movement. I can feel another orgasm building within me. I can feel your climax approaching too. “Please, please, please baby don’t cum before I do” I pant. “Ohhhh, let’s cum together.” You grunt and nod and I can feel my orgasm begin to roll out of me just as you pump faster into me. We’re moaning in sync and cumming together. It’s a wet and wild moment as we cling to each other until our explosions subside. My cunt is still spasming as I grind my pelvis into you to keep the feeling going. Now I take your face in my hands and we kiss deeply, lazily, languidly. Sated for the moment. We have all night. And I’m going to do you again and again.

Suddenly, while I’m still impaled on your cock I feel another presence in the room. Holy shit!!! It’s your wife and she’s standing there watching us from the other side of the living room. God only knows how long she’s been standing there and how much she’s seen. “What the fuck is going on here” she bellows. She çinli porno looks like a deer caught in the head lights. I jump off you and pull down my skirt. I can feel your cum drip down my thigh when I stand. You sit up quickly and pull your pants back on. I take the opportunity to quickly exit the room and find my way to the kitchen.

You go to her. She’s frozen to the floor and you take her and guide her to the dining room and sit her down. She’s flustered and angry and on the verge of tears from all that she’s just witnessed and you try to calm her down sending furtive glances to me and I understand your meaning. You need me to leave at this moment and I get ready to do that.

“How can you do this to me and in my own home” she sobs. “I know I haven’t always been faithful to you in the past, but how could you bring that slut here to fuck her in my house.” She’s screaming now, almost out of control. Perfectly understandable under the circumstances. You let her rant continue for as long as it takes. She’s crying now but not as forcefully. Her tears are starting to subside.

She lets you take her hand in yours and you look at each other. You feel horrible about this. After all you do love your wife and would never want to hurt her. You get closer to her and she allows you to pull her into you so you can hold her closely. She rests her head against your chest and you rub her back to soothe her. After a few moments she looks up at you. I know that look in her eyes. You kiss her softly on the lips and she responds to you. I can see where this is going. I’m beginning to get excited watching as this scene unfolds.

I’m observing all this from the entrance to the kitchen. I’m irrelevant to what’s going on. All but forgotten. I hear you say to her “I’m so sorry for all this. You know that I love you more than anything. It was just sex, that’s all. Please let me make it up to you.” She nods her answer to you and you help her up from the chair. You lead her up the stairs to your bedroom. I know I should leave. I feel embarrassed to have witnessed what should have been a very private and intimate moment between the two of you. On the other hand, I’m fascinated and want to see more.

I wait until you get all the way up the stairs then sneak up those same steps. You enter your bedroom. You leave the door open. You assume I’ve left and you’re alone in the house. From where I am standing, my view is un-obscured and I can see everything.

You stand with her at the side of your bed and kiss passionately. She has her arms wrapped around your neck and you’re holding her close. You push her away from you just a bit and your hands start to wander over her body. She whispers in your ear “I want you now, I need you to make love to me.”

“Let me wash up first” you answer.

“No” she insists, “It has to be now.” You’re feeling a little strange about this. You can still smell me on your mustache, but hey, if that’s what she wants, you think, what the hell. This notion actually turns you on. Having two women in one day. And so soon one after the other.

As you’re kissing her you unbutton her blouse and remove it , letting it fall to the floor. You unhook her bra from behind and her large heavy tits fall out. You grab onto them roughly. I can see her nipples are big and pink and you pull at them then lower your head to take each one into your mouth. You suck on them hard and I see her wince in pain, but she doesn’t değişik porno stop you because it just feels too good to her.

She’s wearing cropped pants with a drawstring at the waist which you undo and slide them down her legs. You leave her panties on and start rubbing her pussy. She’s very wet and I can see a stain forming between her legs. I wish it was my pussy you were rubbing. Watching you with her has gotten me so fucking hot that I have to start playing with my own pussy. Stroking my clit lightly. I don’t want to make myself cum too fast. I’m enjoying this scene before me too much.

You move your face to where you were just rubbing her with your hand and bite into the fabric of her panties catching some of her cunt lips and the tip of her clit between your teeth. She lets out a startled gasp. You’re sucking her through the fabric and her legs start to shake as you give her her first orgasm of the night. Her voice is low and raspy as she lets a long moan escape her lips. Her cum soaks through the cotton of her panties but you suck up every drop.

You hold her up and help her to the bed. You remove her panties and the rest of your clothes. Your cock is big and hard and I want it as badly as she does, but it’s her turn now. You get her left leg up over your shoulder and enter her slowly. I see you bury your beautiful rod way up inside her, inch by painstaking inch.

You’re fucking her faster and harder now and I can hear her heavy breathing as she gets closer to another climax. I’m getting nearer one too. I want to cum in sync with her. Suddenly, we’re both exploding at the same time. I scream inside my head with my orgasm. She has the luxury of letting hers out and with that you have your own explosive orgasm deep within her pussy. You can feel her pussy convulse as it surrounds your cock and pulsates.

It’s winding down now. We’re all three exhausted. You and her lay prone on the bed. I sink down the wall. What an evening this is turning out to be. We all rest – for a while. But it’s not over yet.

I’m just sitting on the floor outside your room. I hear someone get up from the bed and thankfully it’s you. You’re shocked to see me sitting there propped up against the wall. “What are you still doing here?” you ask.

“I just couldn’t leave” is my whispered answer.

“So I guess you saw everything?”

“Yes, everything” I answer sheepishly. I look up at you. That look you love.

You’re standing there naked. Your cock hanging flaccidly between your legs. It must be tired since it got a real workout tonight. You tell me that your wife is asleep. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself and take you into my mouth. I can taste you, but also what must be her as well. Your soft, flaccid cock begins to grow as I lick and suck you. I take my hands and caress your balls working my fingers back towards your asshole. You resist moaning out loud. You reach your hands around my head and hold me still while you take over pumping yourself into my mouth, fucking my face. Another orgasm takes over and you shoot your load deep into my mouth down my throat. I’m gasping and sputtering for air, but loving every minute of it. “I need to cum again, please one more time before I leave.” I implore you.

“Come with me” you beckon and you lead me into the guest bedroom. Again you pull up my skirt and eat my cunt until I’m my orgasm erupts all over your face. You lick up my juices quickly.

We’re spent. More than satisfied. We say our goodbyes. You kiss me sweetly on the lips. I glide silently down the stairs and out the back door. I get into my car and sit for a few minutes to re acquaint myself with my surroundings. Oh, what a night!!! I will always remember this night. I smile and drive home.

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