She’s Not My Daughter Ch. 05


She’s Not My Daughter – Part 5


So you think fucking the step-daughters best friend was complicated ..

Well as it turned out Jesse had a lot of plans for me this weekend we were having away from the city at my apartment. She seemed to know that I would bring her back here, or was at least hoping that would happen.

First she showed my how horny Sandy, my girlfriends daughter, was for the “Daddy” type. Showing me the web cast she had fucking her tight little pussy into submission with a big black dildo. Screaming how she wanted daddy to shoot his cum deep in her pussy while cumming herself all over the dildo she pounded into her tender little snatch.

It was quite a scene that led to my filling Jesse’s tender young pussy full of my hot load. as we lay together she explained further how Sandy had watched my with my girlfriend, her own mother, several times and even fingered herself to orgasm as I would pump my hot load of cum inside her Mom.

Jesse told me that Sandy wanted me to do that to her so badly, and she would someday get me to fill her pussy with my cum. Sandy would get herself so hot thinking about it, and telling Jesse that she would just start to play with herself right in front of Jesse. Saying she needed to cum so bad thinking about it. Then it lead to them playing with each others pussies, inevitably then led to them eating each others pussies out.

After that session Sandy would tell Jesse everything. Jesse loved hearing about me fucking Sandy’s Mom, and her watching it. She was telling me it got her so hot hearing Sandy describe it all that she needed wanted my cock herself, and didn’t worry about what Sandy wanted.

“I saw the way you looked at me.” Jesse said looking up at me from my bed. “I knew you wanted me, you just needed a little push,” and she giggled. I was standing next to the bed still pretty shocked about the whole thing, as she knelt on the bed naked and kissed me.

“Now I’m all yours …” she whispered in my ear. Licking down my neck. “.. and this is all mine.” as she squeezed my hardening cock.

“So, all that Daddy talk .. she was thinking of me?” I said to Jesse. My cock getting rock hard from Jesse rubbing, and tongue action.

“You bet,she’s been trying to find a way to get you alone to get at this cock for a while now.” as Jesse pulled my cock from my boxers. It was hard as steel thinking about all this.

“In fact she is going to be pissed your not there tonight. She had planned to get you drunk and suck your cock after you passed out.” Jesse laughed.

“She knows that her Mom likes to suck your cock to wake you up, and thought it would be the best way to seduce you into fucking her.” Jesse giggled. “Her plan would have worked to, she was just going to get you hard then climb aboard.” she laughed.

“If you saw it was her, she said she could convince you to cum in her.” Jesse licked her way down my chest towards my hard cock. “Sandy said once you felt that hot wet tight little young pussy around your cock you wouldn’t stop.” then Jesse took my cock in her mouth sucking gently.

“She was definitely right about the hot wet tight little young pussy around your cock part ..” as Jesse took my cock from her mouth for a second. “.. you can’t seem to get enough of mine.” then giggled continuing to suck my throbbing rod.

There was a knock on the door then, and I thought damn I thought Steve was not going to be around this weekend like he said. Jesse jumped up of the bed all excited, pushing me down on it. She looked over at the clock by the bed, then pulled on her camisole. She then pushed me flat on my bed climbed on me and kissed me.

“You stay right there until I come back.” she laughed. “No peeking either.” then jumped up again. “I’ll be right back with a special surprise for you.

I pulled up my boxers wondering what the hell was going on now. I had no control of what’s been happening for days now I felt. I laid back looking at the ceiling thinking, who even knew I was here I had been in the city most all of the time. I could hear Jesse talking to someone at first, then nothing after a big “Shhh” from her but her giggling. Then nothing but silence.

“OK .. you can look up now.” I heard Jesse say. So I sat up in the bed. There was Jesse in a very hot pink camisole with matching thong. Next to her was Erin, the girls big ass porno other school friend I had met on several occasions.

Erin was dressed in a camisole set like Jesse’s only in a sexy dark green color, which looked amazing with her red hair and those sexy green eyes of hers. I have always had a real weakness for redheads, and it was showing now as my cock was standing straight up just looking at her in the doorway.

“Hhhmmm .. looks like you approve of my outfit.” Erin smiled looking at my hard cock standing up. I couldn’t say a word.

“I know this is probably a dream of yours.” Jesse said as they moved towards the bed together.

“We want to give you something you always dreamed of.” Erin brought her hand up my thigh as she continued Jesse’s sentence. “I know I want some of what Jesse’s getting.” as she rubbed my cock through my underwear.

“You can have us both right now.” Jesse was on my right rubbing my chest then leaned over and kissed me. I tried so speak, but she just put a finger to my mouth. “Don’t say anything.” she shook her head.

Jesse moved down to that side just as Erin started to pull down my boxers from my left side.

“Hurry up Jesse, or I will start on his cock without you.” Erin giggled as my hard cock popped free. “God I want to take it and suck it so badly.” Erin said.

“Hey .. you remember the rules. Share and share alike.” as Jesse laughed licking up her side of my cock.

“Ohhh yeah, this is gonna be fun girlfriend.” Erin said licking down her side of my hard cock.

All I could think of was how the fuck did I ever get this lucky. As I looked down to see these two beautiful young sexy bitches licking my hard cock up and down. I laid back on my elbows and watched them as there tongues would meet at the top of the head of my cock to kiss. Then again on the bottom of my shaft by my balls, but if I watched that any longer I would blow a huge load all over there faces. I flopped back on my back staring at the ceiling.

“I think he likes your surprise Jesse.” as Erin giggled. “I think you like his cock Erin.” as Jesse laughed at her.

I reached over on both sides, and stroked the back of there heads lightly. I felt my way down there backs caressing them. I love the silky material of those camisoles, but I moved down even lower feeling the strings on the sides of there thongs.

Both instinctively moved those beautiful hot asses within reach for me coming to there knees. If felt Jesse’s pussy through her thong, and it was soaked. Erin’s thong was completely soaked through wedged between her pussy lips. I slid a finger in Erin’s very tight hot pussy, she responded by taking my cock deep in her mouth.

“That’s it suck Daddy’s big hard cock, while I take good care of his balls.” Jesse said before putting my balls in her mouth to suck. Jesse whimpered around my balls as I pushed two fingers inside her tight pussy with my right hand.

I looked down for a second to see Erin’s head bobbing up and down on my cock, her sucking was so good I felt like I could very easily cum in her mouth in seconds. I pushed a second finger inside Erin’s soaking wet pussy, as her ass pushed back to meet my fingers.

Erin went stiff for a second as my fingers were buried in her pussy, my cock deep in her mouth. She reached down to try to pull her thong off with one hand as she held the base of my cock with the other. She pulled the thong off with my help now stroking my cock quickly with her hand. She moved up and kissed my neck up to my ear.

“Please make me cum Daddy, please.” and gave me a long french kiss her tongue going wild in my mouth. I pumped my fingers in and out of her wetness, as her ass pushed down for me to get them inside her further.

“Please eat my little pussy while I suck your big cock Daddy.” Erin said as she moved her body around and her legs on either side of my head. Erin took my cock back in her mouth as I watched her pretty young pussy inch closer to my mouth. She had a beautiful little patch of red hair on her mound in the shape of a heart.

My fingers pumped into Jesse’s pussy so hard now I could hear the squishing sounds, her ball sucking was working too good on me since I did not want to cum yet. I quickly had an idea, and took those soaking wet fingers then pressed them on her ass hole. I started to snake my way into her ass with them.

“Ohhh my god Daddy.” Jesse big tits porno said stopping her ball sucking. “Yes, Daddy play with your little baby’s ass.” and I felt her hand grab my wrist pushing down with her ass.

Erin had my cock back in her mouth again though, and that hot sucking mouth felt way too good. I dove into Erin’s pussy, my nose buried between her pussy lips, my tongue sought out her clit.

“Eat my pussy Daddy.” I heard Erin cry out as my cock escaped her mouth just in time. She leaned back with her body, and nose buried in her hole deeper and my lips wrapped around her clit. Just then I drove my fingers deep inside Jesse’s ass, my thumb buried in her pussy.

“Here I cum Daddy.” and I felt Jesse cum all over my hand. “Ohhh god, here I cum too Daddy.” said Erin as her juices washed over my face. Erin’s juices gushed over my face, she was a squirter. Her juices tasted unbelievable, and I latched my mouth over her pussy lips and sucked.

I had Jesse shaking and cumming all over my hand, and Erin’s juices filling my mouth. Erin collapsed on top of me shaking. Jesse lay with my thumb deep in her pussy and two other fingers buried in her ass twitching and moaning.

I have no idea how I survived that without blowing a huge load all over one or both of there faces. I looked down to see them kissing, some very sexy tongue play.

“Excuse me girls, but Daddy’s not finished with you.” I said. I popped my fingers from Jesse’s hot little holes, and put them to Erin’s mouth. Which she did not hesitate to suck on. I leaned forward to kiss Jesse with my pussy juice soaked face from Erin’s gushing cunt, which she excitedly started to lick clean.

After a few seconds of this though, they both looked over at each other then back at me and said, “Yes Daddy.”

They giggled to each other, until I grabbed a handful of each ones hair. “Now you little ladies will have to learn to behave like my good little sluts.” I said standing up. I pulled them off the bed and onto there knees in front of me.

“Now .. who is the good little girl that gets Daddy’s cum.” I looked down at them smiling. “Or will you both be good girls and share Daddy’s cum.” I said as I held each ones chin in my each hand making them look up at me.

Jesse pulled away to stand up, stretched out on her toes, and then whispered in my ear.

“Erin wants you to cum deep in her pussy, she has never had anyone cum in her before.” and Jesse she backed away from me to her position back on her knees in front of me next to Erin.

“Is it true Erin?” I pulled Erin to her feet in front of me. “Do you want Daddy to cum in your little pussy?” as I asked her brushing that long red hair away from her face.

“Yes please.” and she kissed my cheek on her way to my ear to whisper, “I want you to fill me deep with your hot load just like you do with Jesse.”

Erin gave me an extremely long hot tongue kiss then, and as she did I could feel Jesse’s mouth wrap around my re hardening cock. Erin and I kissed heatedly as Jesse work my cock over with her hot mouth. I was hard again in a minute.

“Let’s get comfortable my little ladies.” as I sat down on the edge of the bed I went to pull Erin onto my lap.

“Sit on Daddy’s cock baby.” I looked up at Erin. As she did I said to Jesse “I’d want you to suck Daddy’s balls again baby, you did such a good job before.”

I laid back as Erin guided my hard cock into her tight pussy. The heat from inside her felt like it was burning my cock, as I started to stretch her pussy to fit my cock. I looked up to see Erin biting her lower lips as she sank down to take the rest of my cock inside her tight wet pussy. I felt Jesse’s hand push apart my legs, then her tongue started to lick balls.

I pulled Erin down to kiss her, and could tell Jesse was licking my cock as well as Erin’s pussy too. As Erin sat up to ride me hard I looked down at Jesse.

“Come up here baby, come let Daddy taste that sweet little pussy of your. Come up here and sit on Daddy’s face.” I smiled at her.

Of course my good little baby girl did as she was told, and I was being rode hard soon by two pretty little hot pussies. Erin ground down on my cock hard, moaning that my cock felt so deep inside her, stretching her more then anyone has ever before. I licked Jesse from clit to her little ass hole, as she squirmed all over my face. I could see in the wall mirror blacked porno what it all looked like, a mental picture etched in my mind forever. I took a second break from my licking to pull apart Jesse’s ass cheeks and slide a finger inside her ass, and she squealed at my entry. At the same time Erin with my cock fully inside was grinding her mound into my pelvis hard to maximum clit pressure, when she leaned over and sucked on one of Jesse’s nipples.

I watched in the mirror as Jesse shivered, quaked, then she tossed her head as she released her pussy juices cumming all over my face. It was an amazing sight to see, as she collapsed next to me quivering.

I looked up at Erin grinning, as I sat up holding her ass. I stood picking her up impaled on my cock. I kissed her, as a very surprise look came across her face. Then I turned around and laid her down on the bed with my cock still buried in her.

“Now I’m going to fuck my little baby like she deserves.” I whispered in her ear. “Are you ready to be fucked baby.” I asked Erin as I backed my cock out ready to give her a hard fucking.

“Yes .. please fuck me. Please fuck me so good Daddy.” Erin pleaded as she looked in my eyes. I pounded into her hard with everything I had, and looked over at Jesse who was playing with her wet pussy. Jesse mouthed out to me silently, go ahead fuck her good. I brought Erin’s knees up over my arms, to get the best angle to drive my cock in fast and deep.

Erin thrashed her head back and forth with her eyes closed, biting that lower lip again. Her hips were pushing up to meet my hard thrusts, her hand were full of the blankets holding on to them as tight as possible to bear down on my pumping her juicy pussy. So wet I could hear the squishing sounds even over her moaning.

Erin’s eyes opened wide when I felt her pussy grab my cock tight. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out now. I felt her cumming, and it was like a stream from her pussy around my thrusting cock.

“Ohhh my god I’m cumming. Daddy I’m cumming.” Erin screamed. “Please cum with me. Please cum with me.” Erin cried out. “Ohhh my god please cum inside me. Cum deep inside me now Daddy.” Erin pleaded as she pushed down her whole body against my cock.

I couldn’t hold out a second longer and buried my hard cock to the hilt deep inside her creaming pussy. I froze inside her, exploding my hot load deep in that quivering pussy.

“I feel you exploding, I feel it all. I feel you filling me up. Filling me with your hot cum Daddy.” she wrapped her legs around me holding me inside her. Then pulled me down to kiss me.

“You can cum inside my pussy any time you want. Any time.” Erin whispered very low in my ear. I pushed myself up though Erin’s legs were still holding me tight. Then Jesse cam in and kissed us both.

“That was so beautiful.” Jesse said. “It was so hot to watch you cum in her pussy.” Jesse kissed me wildly as I pulled away from Erin’s grip. I back off the bed, and saw Erin’s very sticky pussy was leaking our cum.

“Only thing left is the clean up.” Jesse giggled. They she dove right in to eat Erin’s creamy pussy. Erin went wild, thrashing her head back and forth soon again. Erin held Jesse’s head in place as Jesse sucked all my cum out of Erin’s steaming pussy.

Jesse was also rewarded with a face full of Erin’s very sweet pussy juice as I watched Jesse make Erin cum all over her face three times. I could not help but get hard again from watching Erin’s pussy squirt. So I slide my hard cock into my baby Jesse.

“That’s it Daddy, fuck your baby girl good.” as she smiled back at me for a second before diving back into Erin’s soaked gash.

Part 6 : Cums soon, it was a long hard weekend.


* Disclaimer – Please Read. Due to the amount of comments of a ridiculous nature I feel a disclaimer is needed. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. I do check for spelling and punctuation in my submissions. These are Erotic stories, they are supposed to get you worked up, and if you are checking my spelling then the story or experience (in my case) just isn’t doing the job. Please don’t feel I need to hear your negativity, just move along quietly to the next author.

99% of my writings are from real life experiences, with a little bit of creative description.

I really do appreciate hearing people enjoy the accounts of my experiences, so I do welcome positive comments. Personally I only send positive comments though this site, since I am also not a critic. I do hope you continue to enjoy these adventures, and will continue to share them with you. Thank you.

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