She’s so cool part two:


She’s so cool part two:She’s so cool part two:Now we’re dating Ellen and I we haven’t had sex since that windmill encounter. Because Ellen challenged me to find somewhere private and safe, we can go and have sex at, without Ray finding out, I did. Then I called Ellen’s mobile and arranged to come over and get her.“Ellen, it’s Stu, found a place that we can go to if you wanna come.” I said, tongue in cheek.“Perfect, I’m bored here and Ray ain’t around either to be nosy, we need to hook up.” Her reply made my dick flip to semi hardness. She’s so incredible and she’s my girlfriend now.“I’ll be over in ten minutes then.” I raced over, and got there within ten minutes, I was eager to see what she would wear for this. I knocked on the door and she answered immediately, came straight out and kissed me. Her kisses drive me wild, my dick physically stiffened, for her to feel. She was wearing a silver and white two tone basque, with black lace around the bra cups and waist, her skirt had lacy black flowers on it and short as usual, her black panties matching the frills. She swirled a white cardigan around her shoulders and I wrapped my arm around too and then she gave the order.“Lead the way then honey?”My hand was d****d loosely over her left shoulder and my hand was touching the slope of her tit, she didn’t nag me to stop and continued to walk towards my location. What I found whilst scoping for somewhere, was an old secluded nature reserve, a bit further in the woods from where the windmill was, and a number of a****l hides, I thought we could get into them and enjoy ourselves. But I güvenilir bahis found another way there so as not to be noticed. We go to the spot and she was glad it was hidden from the public.“Shall we go inside one of these?” She turned to me and kissed me again, more passionately than earlier. I figured I did well for us, her kissing once again arousing my dick.“Let’s try it, and remember, what ever you want to do is fine with me.” I led her inside a wide hide and all the shutters we open. The light shone on her and I moved in closer, she looked so incredibly sexy.“Unlace your basque?” I ordered her and she obeyed. Ellen began by undoing the top not and loosened it all the way down to her belly button. I moved to about a foot away and knelt down. My eyes were looking straight at her tits, which weren’t exposed yet. I kissed her stomach, and she sighed as I did so, my hands moved up her body and opened the basque, so I could see her bare tits, the contrasts of dark and light excited me, she let me caress them for the first time, not saying a word. Her soft skin on the palms of my hands and the little pink, erect nipples in my fingers, made her moan. I kissed her nipples and she held my head there, enjoying my attention. I pulled Ellen down to her knees also, and she kept my hands on her tits while she let me move her into position.I took the cardigan from her shoulders and placed it behind her, then I knelt back in front of her. I pulled her in close and kissed her mouth darting my tongue in and swirled it around her cheeks, she kissed me back, then I slowly pushed her back türkçe bahis on to the cardigan behind her. I unfolded her legs and d****d them over my thighs, so I could view between her legs. She was panting to my seduction, as my hands slowly moved up her creamy thighs and over the fabric of her panties. I drew her panties down without any resistance, and I lifted her legs up to move them past her ass. Whilst in that position I pushed her legs against her body, allowing me access to her glistening pussy, obviously wet from all my caressing. I lapped at her pussy lips with my tongue, curling it up at the sides and licking toward her clit, then back down and up the sides of her hole. She loved it, pushing my head in for more of the same.“That’s amazing, who taught you that?” She sighed, and I answered.“My Uncle showed me, he’s quite liberal and shared some of his wisdom with me.”“I’d love to meet him, show me what else he showed you?”I whipped her panties off, picked Ellen up and carried her to the bench down the back of the hide. Her legs straddled my hips as I undid my pants, then I lowered them down to my ankles, and as I sat on the bench, I slid her pussy in to position and down on to my hard cock. I pushed in and she helped by bucking back and forth, sighing and soaking me with her juices, I looked at her face while we fucked like that, and It was clear she was churning up another orgasm, her rhythm was slowing down as she moaned.“I’m going to come right now!” And she did, soaking my balls once more, the light from outside showed her gleaming body to me, I stood up with me güvenilir bahis siteleri still inside her, moved to the back wall, steadied her against it and began to fuck her, slowly at first, building up and more powerfully, the come in my balls started to rise. She came again before I slowed down, her thrashing on me felt so fantastic. Then I came out of her, and moved back.“Finish me off Ellen?” I ordered and she gripped my dick, to suck hungrily on it, her hand twisting and moving at the same time as her mouth. It wasn’t too long after that, I felt the rush and I came, she was quick enough to move her head away, as I made a mess spluttering past her shoulder on to the wall behind her. She licked the few beads of come off my knob. As just like before we straightened or clothes and sat hugging each other.“This place is lovely Stuart, thanks for making me come here.” She gripped my hand, and I stroked her hair, breathing in her smell.“Don’t think we can top this pace for quiet or comfort, so what happens next?”“I wanna meet your Uncle, does he have a place where he shows you these things you do to me?”“Okay, you can meet him, but if you do, he’ll wanna fuck you, and he’ll give me his girl in exchange, so you can’t be jealous, that’s the deal.”“As long as it’s just the one time, you’re mine and I’m yours, so we do it together okay?” I can’t believe my ears, she wants to fuck my uncle, and she’ll let me do that with her. Could this chick be any cooler?“My Uncle owns the strip club in the city, give me a call when you’re ready to do this, come on, let’s get outta here?”We gather ourselves and I escort her home, kiss her at the door and again she disappears. I doubt it would be long before she’s calling about my uncle. His club is really famous.End of part two.If you wanna read more, stay tuned for part three.

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