shhh you will wake the other


shhh you will wake the otherShhh you may wake the other Well this is a true event that took places somewhere in whales It was late around 1 am I was 16 . we me and a few of the guy I was with snuck across to the girl room got to love them out of country school trip. We are Canadian boy and they where English girls. So across we went 3 at first 1 or 2 more fallow later. For the first while nothing really happen. I had pick out this sexy little black hair freckled cutie that I have been chatting and wanting from the very moment I saw her. She was 5’1 small tits with perky nipples with a great apple shape ass.One by one every one fell a sleep with just us now awake thing started heating up. I made my move I move in and kiss her she kisses me back with passion and waiting she quickie reached to fondle my cock though my boxer . I just of fast had stock my hand down artemisbet yeni giriş her pj bottoms and found no panties my dick grew hard and release a sticky blob of precum that oozed from the head of my dick. Just then we heard some one coming my heart pounded and we jump under the cover but naked to hide then the door open was it a teacher no just a friend wondering where everyone was I pop my head out from under the cover he look around laughed at the other who had falling a sleep shut the door and left.At this point I horny as all hell after hind out under a lovely ass she looks at me with her brown eyes and say in her sexy English tone finger me she alrighty lying down so I slip one finger in and slowly pump in and out. I slip a second finger in and pick up speed my thumb rubbing the top of her nice pussy just slightly dark for artemisbet giriş a pale English teen. She began to moan softly as she jerk my dick hard and fast I moan and as she paused for a second before moving her hand up to the head of my shaft and began to twisted and turn her hand lightly and slowly around my shafts head it oozed precum . I was still fingering her I leaned in kissed her and pumped my finger in as fast and hard as I could the force moved about 6 inches and see moaned. the girl next to us began to turn in her sleep I held her by the chin and said shh your wake the others as I kissed her with passion.She look up at me and bag me to fuck her I pulled my finger out of her juicy cunt my two fingers when cover in her juices she moan she suck and licked then clean one at a time while leaving a little cum on her full lips for me artemisbet güvenilirmi to lick and kiss off lick and nibble her tits for a second before slipping my cock head in her pussy was wet and tight I could feel it griping around every inch of my cock I inched my way in till my ball where hanging in front of her ass hole s close as they could. I then repeat it a second time she moans eyes closed. With out warning I began humping with a my might she screams in pleasure just as my dick slips out I moan mmmmmmmmn and roll her on to her side .I slap her ass and it jiggle for a second her pussy looks better now then before with her tight bun hole showing. I slip my cock in to her sexy pink pussy she moans. i pumping then grind my cock in a circle she scream but I don’t care I about to cum I pump in and out fast and hard while watching her scream and moan her brown eyes starring me in mine her perky tits bounce as I pound away I slap her ass hard she moan I moan I about to cum she moan don’t stop I can’t stop my load is on it way I load fill her cunt and dribbles out as we moan and I pulled out. I kissed her a grab my boxer and t short

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