Shirely’s secret. (She loves young BBC!!!)

Shirely’s secret. (She loves young BBC!!!)A few years back while I was still in college studying journalism, I had a classmate named Sarah Niemann who was the managing editor of our media outlet. Her BFF Alexandra Scoville was my personal f**k toy at the time even though she had a Fat small c**k BF that spoiled her like milk, but their sex life was a dud because he couldn’t fuck her right so every time we’d see each other (and I mean literally every time) I’d pound her till she didn’t or couldn’t take it and send her home to him with her panties soaked full of nut.At the end of the semester Sarah through a house party of sorts at her mother Shirley’s place. Now Shirley is a m****r of two BBC loving thick PAWG white girls, Sarah being the oldest. So you can imagine she’s thick with hips, tits, ass, and lips. She’s got a few wrinkles here and there but her body is tight for a woman her age and she knows it.Shirley is a cougar and she loves the attention young men give her, only thing is she’s married to a white man named Richard, who is 5 years her senior.He is a hatay escort sports psychologist by trade and is always outta town because of his job in the medical field.So on the night of the party Alex went with her bf and Sarah wasn’t short on her negroes as they’re were plenty of her bf Dougs buddies in the house.By the end of the night Doug and his boys were having a full blown gangbang with Sarah at the center of the action. Shirley must’ve noticed me all lonely looking for a bitch to cap the night off with.Liquored up off vodka and horny Shirley noticed me outside in the 30 degree weather and invited me inside her house, which is the main part of the house as Sarah lived In the back with her man and s*s.Shirley quickly began chatting with me and before I knew it she made a move.Being the stud that I am I took full advantage of her hitting on me, but I didn’t come on to her too aggressively which made her want me even more.While In the restroom pissing without Shirley Carr knowing, i decided to shower up since I had brought clothes and a gym bag with escort hatay all my essentials in case I s*s t make it home that night.In the middle of my warm shower Shirley walks in and gets a glance of my naked body and than turns around and shuts the light off leaving me In Darkness. Instead of making a big deal about it I decided to end my shower early.As I’m exiting the shower I realize my towel is In the bedroom Along with my under garments so I had to ask Shirley to bring my stuff over or walk out naked into darkness and hope she doesn’t see me.I called her name a few times to no response so I walked into her bedroom wet and naked looking for my things when the light suddenly came on and Shirley was staring at me naked on her bed.I covered my genitals out of respect and she said “why are you hiding your c**k from me?” I got stuck in my own words and said “out of respect Mrs. Paulsen. Forget that I’m Sarah’s m*m for a night and do what you would do if I wasn’t her m****r.I never put my clothes back on until the next morning. Shirley didn’t think twice hatay escort bayan when I asked if she wanted to suck my c**k and gobbled it like an old s**t.She let me f**k her in all her holes and I bred her a few times before the smoke had cleared. Shirley loved my c**k and my strokes. She kept telling me how big and thick it is compared to Sarah’s bfs friends whom she had forced.Shirley went as far as to say that if she had been blindfolded When handed my clock shed think I was black. So Sarah found us in Bed cuddled up the next morning and got uptight but she couldn’t say s**t because it’s her m****r and like m****r, like d******r. Shirley Carr was one hell of a lay and she’s the epitome of a white cougar hotwife that needs to have her pipes drained my a stud that can make a b***h squirt ever time like me!!! I piped Shirley every Friday night religiously for over a year, now Friday was a for sure session every time, but I went over her place 23ndays once because Richard was in NY on business and Shirley wanted me to be her in home BULL for 3weeks str8. I still see here every so often still to this day especially now that Sarah is in Arizona studying.!!!SORRY Mr. Paulsen, I promised I would never tell the world, but I had too!!! UNLESS the Demands are high on here, I WONT MAKE IT A SERIES!!!

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