Shit happens Ch. 01


Doug came home drunk again the third time this week. I told him that I was not going to put up with his shit any more and I mean it. So when the S.O.B. fell across the bed dead drunk and passed out I decided to get out and go for a walk and think it over. Do I leave or kick his ass out. That may take a lawyer to get some kind of order against Doug because the house was his families before we were married. But after twenty years I would think the house is as much mine as his. Either way I am not going to live with him any more. I was tired of cleaning up puck in the bathroom, shitty pants and listening to his filthy mouth. He was not always this way. I don’t know why he changed and I really don’t care. I am tired of it and that’s it for this marriage.

Besides he has never been there for our daughter Shelly. He was too drunk to go to her high school graduation or even her nineteenth birthday two weeks ago. Shelly is some what more tolerant than I am but kids seem to love the parent that is some how disabled. Even if it is their own fault. And what ever Doug has wrong in his head is all his own fault.

Doug hit the bed and I walked out the back door, across the back yard and through our neighbor’s yard. Down the alley and around the high fence that surrounds the ball field where the kids play. I had no idea where I was going or why I just needed to get out of the house. I sat up in the very top row of the bleachers with my back to a pole just thinking and enjoying the quite of the late hour and almost moonless night.

I head voices below me under the stands. I pulled back into the shadows and held my breath. I should have called out of at least come down the steps and let the couple know I was there or just walk back home. But no; I sat there like a thief in the night and coward in the dark.

The voices were of young people. I should have recognized the voices as I know most of the young adults in the neighborhood. But I could not make them out so I sat and listened.

The boy said “Come on baby, you’ll like it. We talked about this before. Don’t get all chicken on me now.”

The girl said “No I changed my mind. I don’t what to do it.”

The boy said “Well why the fuck did you say you would if you were not ready to do it?”

The girl said “I thought I was ready. I mean when I saw that video and saw that girl doing it, it looked like fun. But I read where girls, Good girls that is don’t do that.”

The boy sounded very discussed and said “Well fuck you then. Most of the other girls like to suck cock so they don’t get knocked up. Well then; how about you jerk me off. I mean shit; my cock is as hard as a fucking rock.”

The girl said “No I don’t what to do that either. You’re being bad and talking all dirty so ‘NO” I will not jerk you off.”

Then I think they must have kissed because it was silent for a long time and then she told him she would just jerk him off but that was all. I could tell by the hesitation in her voice that that was not all. I knew she was going to have oral sex with the boy.

Sitting in the dark all by myself I blushed and smiled as I remembered how I was first introduced to sex. I remembered how exciting it was to touch my first boy and feel his cock in my hand. I was so in love but all he wanted was to get off. I of course did think that boys had to be in love too to have sex. But I soon found out differently. But that did not change any thing. It was oral sex for the first time and for several times after that until that one fateful afternoon when Billy Stone came over and showed me how dogs do it from the back and so I lost my virginity and never looked back. I was hooked and until I left home at age twenty one I was heavy into sex and I really did not care too much who it was with. I was the country girl and many of the guys called me the country whore. But back over twenty two years ago I did not care as long as I got screwed and could taste a load of sperm. So I let visions of days long past filter through my head. I even could see the girl below me in the dark doing what I had done so many times before.

But then after I had taken my first job in the big city I met my husband and decided to be a good wife. So for the last twenty years and one birth I had been faithful. I guess at that moment I realized that if I left my husband I would have to start all over again and I was not so sure I was ready for that. I probably should think this over more rationally. I thought if I had not been here at this particular moment I may have made a big mistake and ended up a miserable old broad and alone.

Later after the couple left I walked home.

I retraced my steps and when I cut across my neighbor’s back yard I saw a car parked at the corner of our garage. I knew it was Shelly and her date parked for one last kiss before she came in. My daughter is a tall girl like her daddy and very pretty. Dark hair like mine but that wide well shaped mouth like her Dad. I guess she is a good mix czech gangbang porno of all the best of the both of us. Shelly is not shay and when her Dad is not around she often walks around naked. I see how she walks and she is so sure of her self and proud of her figure. Her legs are a little heavy but well shaped. Her ass is round and as solid as any muscle in her firm trim body. She has a thick wide vee of dark hair between her legs and up her belly. She even has hair up the crack of her ass. Now she gets that from her Dad. The hairy S.O. B. but some how on her it looks so very sexy. I know she is popular and had lots of dates so I can only guess that at nineteen she is not a virgin. But she is an adult and I let her run her own life and don’t ask too many questions. Some as any mother would but not no too many. I may not like the answers…

The security light case a dark shadow from where I was to the side of the car. But I could not get past them with out them seeing me. So I thought I would just stand here in the shadows and wait until Shelly went in then follow a short time later. I moved closer but still in the shadows. I could see in the car by the reflected light off the white garage. I could see the guy was older maybe even gray haired. Well shit my daughter was dating a much older man. This guy must even be older than her Dad or me for that matter. I was forty three at the time. But this guy had to be fifty or more. I could not hear the voices but the old guy moved his seat back and Shelly laughed and lowered her head below the window where I could not see. My daughter was giving this old guy head. Twice in one night I had seen or heard couples giving oral sex to there dates. This was getting to be too much I was getting sexually excited and that had not happened for a long time.

Doug my dear drunk of a husband had not screwed me for three months and even that last time was little more than a drunken sloppy try at best. I had ended up masturbating to get myself off. Hell I was getting good at this self gratification shit.

The old guy did not last long and I did hear him grunt and wheeze like he was having a heart attack. Shortly Shelly lifted her head and wiped her mouth with her hand. They exchanged a few more words and Shelly got out and walked to the house. He sat there for a few minutes and then put a cell phone to his ear. I heard his mumble a few words and then drive off. This was of course none of my business but I would go fishing in the morning with a few well chosen questions at breakfast. Shelly did love a good breakfast and that would be good time to ask about her life and what was going on.

Doug had not moved and was still dressed so I took my pillow and walked to the gust room. I think this is where I will sleep from now on. Doug can clean himself up and his filthy puck filed bed from now on.

I had a few dreams during the night and slept in short burst wakening to feel the need for love and affection. But would fall back to sleep quickly. I woke around eight thirty and that is much later than on most days. I got up to fine Doug gone and the bed a fucking mess and the bathroom full of dirty cloths. Well so be it. He’ll find it the same way when he gets home to night or whenever he comes in drunk.

Shelly was in the shower when I called to her that I was going down stairs to fix breakfast. She called back she would be down in a moment. Shelly worked at the local high end car dealership and was doing well from the size of her pay check I had seen a few weeks ago. I know when I was nineteen I was not making that kind of money. The thought crossed my mind just then maybe she was with the older guy because of some kind of car deal or something to do with her job. God knows now a days anything goes to get a head even giving head.

Shelly walked in the kitchen with only a towel around her head. She really is a beautiful girl. Her breasts are so firm and pointed almost child like but much larger with stiff nipples pointing straight out. I know she must draw a lot of attention when she walks around the show room and all those brightly polished cars. I laughed as I thought her Daddy was half Polish and Shelly is Polish, English, and German. Well maybe that is not too bad a combination.

I noticed she had trimmed her heavy public hair back to what is referred to as a bikini cut. So I ask her if she had been swimming and was the trim for her bikini. She said it was and she turned around to show me she had shaved her ass crack too. She said she was wearing a thong. I told her that had to be very sexy. Then I ask if there was any one special that she was doing this for. She said no one in particular but she did get a few whistles the last time she was up at the lake.

I said “I bet you do with that sexy body and beautiful face.”

Shelly smiled and said “Mom I think you see me in a different light than most men.”

I ask what she meant by that and she told me most guys only czech harem porno see her as a sexy symbol and a thing to get them off. A play toy for their amusement and something to entertain them for as long as it takes to get off.

I was surprised at this open and factual estimate of how life was at her young age. So I ask her straight out if she used her sexuality for get what she wanted out of life.

“Hell yes I do. If I can sell a high priced car by letting some guy think I will fuck his brains out then hell yes I let him think what ever he wants. I do what ever it takes and I sell more cars than any other one at the dealership.” Shelly said with no shame of embarrassment in her voice.

I turned over the eggs and buttered her toast. I said “Shelly. I know how it is out there trying to make a good living and I know you’re a full grown adult but just be careful don’t get in trouble. Okay? I can see you have a beautiful body so use it wisely. May I ask if you do follow thought on any of these near promises to make a sale?”

Shelly laughed and said “Mom; are you asking me if I fuck around? Now this is a side of you I never saw before. I always thought you were kind of a prude.”

I laughed out load and let rip a real hardy open mouth laugh. “Oh, my god Shelly don’t you think I was young once. Don’t forget I was twenty four before I married your Dad. I had a long and very healthy life before that. So please don’t think I was always a respectable house wife. But I will say this in my own defense I have been a faithful wife and as good a mother as I could. But like you my darling daughter I was enjoying a sex life before I was married.”

Shelly laughed as I set a plate in front of her. “God Mom; you do sound like you had a very exciting life early on. Just out of curiosity on my part just how exciting was your life before marriage. May I ask you such a question?”

I sat down with a cup of coffee and looked my daughter in the eye. I thought that maybe this might be a good time to bring up how unhappy I was with her father. So I said “Shelly I had a great sex life once and it continued on into marriage. But as you well know your father has been drinking and slowly becoming a real bastard. We have not had a sex life of any kind for a long time and last night I moved into the guest room. That is where I will stay until he sobers up or moves out. I want a real life again before I get too old to enjoy it. If your father sobers up and can once more take care of me then that will be fine. After all we have been married for twenty two years. But if he doesn’t I will get the pleasure I crave even if I have to go out side the house to do it. I have needs as you do and I am tired of your father inattention to my needs.”

Shelly looked at me and I saw she fully understood what I was saying.

My daughter reached out and pressed her hand over mine. She said “Oh, Mom I know, I know. I see in your eyes that you still love Daddy. But I know I got my sex drive from you and I can see you have the same needs as I do. I will support you in what ever you decided to do.” Then she looked at me and I saw a bright light come on some where behind those deep blue eyes.

“Mom we need a time keeper in the office and you could do that easy enough. How would you like to come to work at the dealership with me? We can have a ball and I’ll show you around to all the guys and maybe if you want to dress up a little sexy I’ll even show you off to a few of my customers.” Shelly said with egg on her face.

I looked at my own flesh and blood as I thought she was trying to get her old mother laid. I do believe my daughter has seen a need in me and was willing to help be bust me loose from this shit of a life and open new horizons. I leaned across and kissed my daughter on the mouth as a loving mother.

But then Shelly clasped my head to hold my mouth to hers as she kissed me back in a very sexual way. She kissed me with an open mouth and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth. I was surprised and jerked back. I stood and was slightly shook up by this show of affection. Shelly rose too only to take me into her arms again and his time I let her kiss me like a lover.

I let my daughter caress my breasts as she kissed me again and again. I was so struck and yet I felt an excitement I had not felt in years. I was feeling a strange warm sensation fill me from my toes to the top of my head.

My arms circled my daughter’s naked body and this excited me more. I gasp as Shelly lifted my dress and cupped my bare behind in both her hands. I did not resist as she pulled my old cotton house dress up and over my head. Then she crushed her naked body to mine. I shivered and started to cry. It was like never before. It was a crying of a different sort. I was feeling so loved and so cherished my crying was more to show her I was willing for this to happen because I loved her and I liked the way it felt.

At that moment there czech sharking porno was no right or wrong, no morals to get in the way of two lovers. I loved this woman not my daughter and I was willing to go along with what ever she waned of me. I touched my daughter’s breasts for the first time as a lover and not a mother. I twisted the firm nipples between my fingers. I was doing to Shelly what I liked done to me and hoped she like it too. She kissed me harder.

Shelly responded to my touch as I wanted her too. Our hands became almost violent. My nipples raged with more need to be touch. There was fluid dripping from me. Warm sweet love ran down from between my legs. Shelly cried out for me to stop. I stopped.

“Mother; come with me. We don’t need to do this here in the kitchen.” Shelly said between sobs of joy and love for her mother.

In the guest room we fell across the bed hugging and weeping, kissing and touching. Shelly rolled up on top of me and sat up looking down into my eyes. “Mother, Mother; I, I really do love you. You’re so beautiful and so sweet I have wanted to love you for a long time. Can it be that you love me as much as I love you?” Shelly asked with tears in her eyes.

I hugged her around her hips and pulled her forward until she rose up on her knees positioning her delightful charms right above my mouth. To answer my daughter’s question I used my finger tips to spread her sweet lips and ran my tongue long the sweet wetness that was hers.

Shelly grabbed the head board and jerked her hips back and forth across my mouth and lips. My tongue dug into her wetness licking and tickling her as she moved.

Finely Shelly cried out stiffening her back bring all her weight down on my mouth. I dug my fingers into her flesh and wiggled my tongue back and forth across her clitoris as fast as I could. Shell screamed as if in pain. She had her hands on my thighs as she leaned back ward. Her nails digging in so deep I felt the blood burst from my skin.

Then Shelly fell forward hitting her head on the headboard as she slipped down and back until her face was next to mine. Shelly was whimpering “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” Like the baby girl she was. This was my baby, this was my child, my love and today she loved me more than anything else in this entire world.

Shelly rolled off to the side and we fell asleep. I woke as Shelly rose and walked out of the guest room. I was so exhausted and tired sleep over took me again and time was no more.

It was near mid-day when I awoke alone in the house. As I showered I could see more clearly and wondered if Shelly had misgiving and was feeling sad or was she as happy as I felt. I hoped she was not feeling guiltily. I did not feel sorry about what I had shared with Shelly and dearly prayed she did not either.

When I came into the kitchen once more this day I found a note on the table. “Mom, when you feel like it come on down to the dealership and I will introduce you to my boss and maybe we can fix you up with a job.”

Signed “Love Shelly”

I remembered Shelly saying some thing about the old matronly way I dress so I looked around for some thing a little more up to date. I had little except for a near whore like short skirt I wore last Halloween and a frame red blouse that was a little tight around my size forty’s D’s.

I found a pair of high heels and feeling a bit unlike my self I drove to Center Boulevard which was not too far off the back street where most of the town whores do their business. I felt kind of like one of them as I walked in the side door of the car showroom. Shelly saw me at once and came to me hugging me in full sight of all the men. She whispered “God Mom you look fabulous.”

Harry Rewinder the owner offered me his hand as Shelly showed me into his private office. The introductions made Shelly said she had a customer waiting and left.

Harry said it was informal around here so it was going to be Sara Lee and Harry from now on. Harry started to tell me how well Shelly was doing and that she was near at the top of the sales again for this month. He said Shelly had made a great impression on him when she first came to apply for the job and now that he saw me he knew all too well where Shelly got her good looks. Harry got up and offered me a drink from the side bar in his office. I told him I did not drink and it slipped out as I said

“My husband drinks enough for the both of us.”

As soon as I said it I knew it was wrong to bring Doug into the conversation. But Harry smiled and said he understood.

Just then a guy stuck his head in to ask a question. This was the third time and so when the man left Harry said “This place is a mad house to day why don’t we go some where quite and talk.”

We slipped out the back door and Harry whisked me away to the back door of the Hotel Radisson across the tracks and down by the river. The bartender knew Harry and brought a drink with out it being ordered. After some urging from Harry I agree to a glass of wine.

I found Harry a soft spoken man and easy to talk to. We went from how well Shelly was doing to how Harry got into the car business and he even spoke of his loving wife and family. But after the third glass of wine Harry and I were seated closer and laughing a lot.

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