Shopping!‘Bread, Milk, Ham, Butter, Cheese’, ‘God the list goes on’ thought Jane.‘Salad stuff ?’ ‘Oh yeh and a cucumber’ she said chuckling, ‘maybe two’. She smiled inwardly, ‘well I might need some fun’, especially as the rabbit had broken earlier in the week and there was a little nagging feeling that needed attention. ‘Must look for a replacement when I’ve time’ She looked out of the window, it wasn’t the best of days, overcast, a hint of rain and a northerly breeze.‘Mmm better put some tights on, might be a bit chilly.’Trudging upstairs she rummaged through her underwear drawer for some tights before taking her jeans off and rolling the tights up her leg.‘Oh bugger, not again’ she sighed as the tights gave way with a substantial ladder.Turning the drawer out didn’t help either, ‘My last pair, something else for the list’.Scooping up the socks and pants, Jane felt a plastic package in the bundle.‘What’s that? ‘She thought letting the items fall back on the bed revealing a clear plastic packet, ‘oh stockings!’She’d seen them on a trip to Ann Summers, they were hold ups with lacy tops, a little pink bow at the top and a small run of fishnet running up the back.‘Well, those wouldn’t keep me warm’ a wicked thought forming in her mind. ‘Maybe I could keep warm with naughty thoughts?’Slipping them out of the packet, she pulled them up her legs, they were expensive, a little treat to herself, silk and lycra mix and she felt incredibly sexy as she stood up and admired herself in the mirror.Her hands wandered down over her stomach before resting over her panty lined sex, she pressed slightly, feeling the softness of her inner lips and warmth spread out across her upper thighs. ‘This might work she thought’ then looked at her bra and panties, ‘but they won’t’.Discarding the pink polka dot and plain white bra she picked out a lacy hold up number and a pair of black satin panties. ‘Well why not?’ she thought, ‘Tony can get the benefit later if they work.‘So, I’m a secretary picking up shopping for her boss’ she thought. ‘Must get it right, wouldn’t want to be punished!’ ‘I’m wicked’ she exclaimed bemoaning the broken rabbit an instant later, thinking a few minutes distraction before she went out would have been good.‘Oh well’ White blouse and a skirt followed with a suit jacket, ‘Hmm, maybe a different skirt, we want to attract some interest’ she mused changing the first one for one with a slightly more daring slit up the side.‘I’m the office slut’ she laughed to herself catching a reflection in the hall mirror. Opening the door to the porch brought a sudden realisation and bundling herself up in a winter coat ordu escort and scarf Jane headed to the shops………….She left the car in the multi story park and headed quickly around the supermarket picking up what was needed and wistfully only picking up the one cucumber. The shopping centre was warm against the bracing air outside and her quick dash around was making her hot.‘Bother’, she grunted against the effort of the shopping bag and then spying a Costa Coffee, made a beeline over to sit down.There was only one free seat at a metal table in the corner and she gratefully slumped into it as she looked around.Lots of suits having morning coffee, a couple of mums with k**s, some students and the staff all fell under her gaze. ‘Well a quick latte wouldn’t hurt’. Warm now, she took her coat and scarf off and laid them over the back of the chair before arranging herself comfortably as the server took her order.She sat back in the chair and played with her mobile, ‘maybe there’s an app I can use instead of a rabbit’ she mused ‘There’s one for everything else.’Her phone vibrated in her hand and she looked down to see who the text message was from expecting one of her friends, but the number was unrecognised.‘Nice stockings!’ read the text message and she almost dropped the phone in surprise.Jane’s coffee arrived, interrupting her thoughts and whilst she sorted herself out with the server, the phone buzzed again.Another text,same number. Thumbing the view button it read ‘And Black panties, my aren’t we all dressed up.’Slightly panicking now, Jane looked around, ‘How the hell?’ she thought, then realised the way she was sat was showing off the stocking top. She followed the eye line to the back of the shop but could only see someone reading the paper.‘Well’ she thought, ‘two can play at that game’. Thumbing the reply button she quickly typed ‘and matching lace bra, pervert!’‘Now, now,’ came the reply ‘dressing sexily needs admirers and you are definitely admirable’.‘Cheesy’ laughed Jane but intrigued she replied ‘I hope I’ve got everything I needed, I might get punished’.‘Only bad girls get punished, you havn’t been a bad girl today have you?’Jane blushed, thoughts of her distractions earlier causing a warm glow across her face and a moist feeling between her thighs.‘No, I havn’t’ she replied, casting another surreptitious glance around the room, nobody was using a phone.‘You’re lying, your eyes are giving you away and you are fidgeting’ came the reply. Before she could respond another text buzzed. ‘I bet you are all puffy and swollen and your nipples are going hard.’‘Bastard’ thought Jane, making her escort ordu think about it was making it happen. ‘How dare you!’ she text back ‘That’ll show him, pervert!’‘Why are still texting then?’ came what she interpreted as a smug reply, ‘you just crossed and uncrossed your legs again and you are rubbing your neck.’Jane froze, acutely aware that was exactly where her hand was and she just been about to dip it down her top. She looked around again, whoever had been reading the paper, was no longer and he was staring intently at her. He was tall, shaved bald head striped top and black jeans but his eyes seemed to twinkle, definitely not somebody she would usually look at.He covered his hand with his mouth, muttered something and a few seconds later her phone buzzed again.The text read ‘Show me your panties, I want to see if I was right’Jane swallowed, this was going too far, he was a perfect stranger. ‘Well I’m hot now’ she thought, thinking she may have to go back for a second cucumber.Slowly she swivelled round in the seat and without looking at him, casually let her knees fall apart, displaying her panties.‘God I hope not everyone can see’ she thought, the added thrill causing yet more delicious tingles across her groin. ‘I’m soaking’.‘Lovely’ the text read as the phone buzzed in her hand, ‘take them off!’‘What!!!’ she almost wished she could scream at him, looking wildly in his direction. He inclined his head slightly indicating the shop toilets and the phone buzzed in her hand again. ‘No touching’.‘In for a penny’ Jane mused as she got up from her seat, ‘God both Tony and the cucumber would take a battering later, she was so horny.’In the cubicle, she slipped the panties down her leg, catching a whiff of the musky smell of her arousal. The satin felt cool against her skin and she couldn’t resist pushing her fingers into the dampness of her sex, automatically seeking the small hardness of her clit.A small gasp left her lips as she caught it with one finger, then she realised what she’d done, blushed and picked up the panties and put them in the suit pocket. ‘He’ll never know’.Smoothing out her skirt, she returned to the table and glanced across at the alcove where he’d been sitting, only to find an empty coffee mug and paper staring back at her.‘What the hell’ she fumed,’Git!’Tossing the remains of her latte back, she vowed to treat herself to a nice orgasm at home and then make Tony buy her a new vibrator.The walk back to the carpark wasn’t too long and she was putting the bags in the back of the car when she heard somebody say.‘Do you need a hand?’Automatically, without turning around she ordu escort bayan replied ‘No thanks, I can manage’‘I’m sure you can, but a helping hand always makes things better’ said the voice and Jane froze as a hand stroked her backside and delved between the cleft in her thighs.Outraged, she looked over her shoulder, only to find the man from the coffee shop standing over her, his hand caressing her thigh. ‘Oh god’ she thought ‘No’His hand quested higher and found her dampness and he shifted his knees slightly so Jane had to open her thighs so she didn’t fall. His questing fingers parted her moist lips and his knuckle grazed her clit. She moaned into the shopping, the sheer thrill of the sensation overwhelming her.‘Naughty girl’ he said ‘you touched yourself didn’t you.’Jane couldn’t speak, his fingers continued to rub and tease she only moaned ‘Nooo’‘Liar’ he said ‘I know you did, you should be punished shouldn’t you’.‘No,No,No!’ Jane breathed, aware her arousal was soaring and she was dripping over his fingers but acutely aware she was bent over in the back of the car in the carpark.His fingers started rubbing along her clit, back and forth and with his other hand he slid it up and down her leg over the top of the stockings.‘Oh god,’ she could feel the familiar stirrings in her womb, ‘this wasn’t right’.The hand on her thigh pulled something from the shopping bag, whilst the incessant motion of the other hand caused her to groan anew.It was quickly replaced by something cold, hard and fat. ‘No’ Jane whispered violently, ‘you can’t fuck me!’ ‘I’m not’ was the reply and it was at that moment that Jane realised it was a deodorant can, ‘you are!’The can slipped easily past her inner lips and he moved it around and coated it before easing it into her. ‘It’s too big’ she moaned and felt herself stretched tight to accommodate it. ‘Oh fuck, yes, yes yes’ she moaned as he slowly moved it back and forth. Her hand reached for her clit, the sensations building and an almighty crescendo took her breath away as the orgasm swept over her like a punch to the stomach. ‘Ah, ah, ah, oooooh’ she moaned oblivious to anything else for a few seconds. ‘Turn around’ she heard him gasp and she slithered over in the seat, the deodorant can protruding obscenely from her wet hole, the skirt rucked up over her hips.His cock was in his hand and he was wanking it back and forwards. She was mesmorised by the purple glans and the look of pleasure on his face. Suddenly his face contorted and thick wads of sticky semen landed over the top of her thighs and the stockings.His exertions slowed and the last few spurts trickled onto her shoe.‘You should be careful what you call your mobile, ‘Jane in Stockings’, you don’t know who scans Bluetooth’.‘Oh’ thought Jane, it all making sense.‘You’ll wait for your punishment’ he said zipping himself up and walking away.

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