SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales) Volume 9


SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales) Volume 9SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 9LONDON, ENGLAND – circa 1900A-THE WIVESBetty looked at the large clock at the top of the bank building. It said 10 o’clock and it was morning. She didn’t want to be early and always had a story made up just in case the husband was still there. It was summer and she didn’t wear much except for her cotton dress buttoned up enough to hide her small breasts. She did have her walking shoes since Alice’s side street was cobblestone. Betty was rather slim but had long limbs and looked strong. Her face was plain with a pointy nose and thin red lips. Her jet-black hair gave her a “crow look”. She had recently turned 40. Betty’s husband worked in one of the many factories in this area of London. He started early and finished for dinner time. By 10AM he had been gone for a few hours and the coast was clear for her to leave the small tenement they called a house. Alice lived about a 10-minute walk from Betty’s house. One entered Alice’s tenement through a large door, pass the caretaker, and up the wooden stairs to the second floor. The door was on the right. Alice and Betty had paid the female caretaker for her silence. She was also thanked in other ways. Alice was at the window when Betty entered the courtyard and raised her hand to her through the window. Betty had been meeting with Alice for two years now, but her heart raced every time she walked up those stairs. She didn’t know if it was the excitement of seeing Alice or if it was the fear of getting caught and publicly exposed. Alice had been anxiously waiting for Betty since her husband had left. He was a clerk in one of the offices and had a better job than Betty’s husband and made more money. They could afford a better house, and this is partly why the two women met there. Alice was the same age as Betty but prettier and had rounder features. Although her hair was also black, it was lighter, and she often put it in a bun. Betty walked in as soon as Alice opened the door which was shut immediately and locked. Alice only wore her old dressing gown over her thin cotton nightie. First Betty sat at the kitchen table and took off her heavy shoes which she put next to a chair. She began to undo the buttons on the front of her dress. Betty started from the top while Alice did the bottom ones. That always brought smiles to both women. Alice had taken off her dressing gown and Betty could see her nakedness through her sheer nightie. Alice walked to the bedroom moving her hips, her asscheeks shaking like jello. She knew that drove Betty crazy. Betty walked into the bedroom in her short knickers. That was always when the first kiss was exchanged. Both women groped the other through the thin cotton fabric. The kiss became more passionate as Alice dropped her nightie and Betty slipped off her knickers. They fell on the bed, totally naked. The two middle-age working-class women were not the most beautiful women in London, but they loved each other. Betty was the aggressor and opened her mouth to let her tongue work its way through her lover’s patch of pubic hair. Alice opened her legs even wider as she felt Betty’s long tongue slide inside her cunt hole. Betty twirled it round and round. Then she tickled her lover’s piss slit enjoying the salty taste. This short moment excited both women as they had once experienced mutual piss licking and had promised to do it again soon. By that time, Alice’s clit was already erect, and Betty flicked her tongue on it bringing deep groans from Alice. Betty sucked on the small piece of nerve endings until Alice had her spasms and Betty felt her juices flow on her chin and down her throat.The women play wrestled for a few minutes and Betty accepted to let Alice put her face between her small buttocks and lick her there. It was a special kiss which they shared once in awhile. The lesbian couple then went back to being a couple with Betty as the man and Alice the woman. They whispered dirty words in each other’s ear as they moved to get both cunts aligned. Betty was in charge and Alice opened her legs and crossed them over Alice’s back. It was the same position, her husband used to fuck her when they were first married. Fortunately, he had long ago stopped the practice. Betty was güvenilir bahis used to being on top even when her husband was fucking her. He had his own fantasies now and his own sexual practices which didn’t include Betty. Betty began to move up and down against Alice. The two middle-age women had fucked each other for two years now and were enjoying every minute of it. Dirty words became love words and stopped when both bodies shook, mouths cried out, and then everything was still. Betty and Alice silently wished that this moment could last forever.B-THE VOYEURSNigel and Winston had found this small caretaker’s cabin by accident and had managed to rent it for a pittance some weekends at night when the owner was not there. It had two very small lights but could not be seen by tenants who walked in or out since it was tucked between two structures. ‘I hope they’re not late”, mumbled Nigel under his voice. He was the typesetter for a newspaper. Small man in his 40s with a black mustache and a tweed cap. It was summer and the cubicle was hot.‘Don’t worry. I saw Heather yesterday and she said she would be there with Marsha”, answered Winston who worked as a cab driver during the day and knew London better than anyone. He was small and round without being fat. The two had known each other since their teens and were full of mischief. One perversion which brought them together was the fact they were voyeurs. Even their wives didn’t know. The men heard some noise. Two women in their mid-twenties appeared arm in arm. Heather was a short blonde and quite cute with her upturned nose. Marsha was about the same height but skinny and wore her black hair in a bun. Her face was very plain, but she had a nice figure. Both wore a light summer dress buttoned half-way up the side and a light coat to cover their near-transparent dress. The two men shivered in anticipation. The women and the men exchanged faint smiles. An envelope was given to both. Marsha put both in her purse. Marsha began to unbutton her dress and so did Heather. The dress fell to the floor of the cubicle. The women were naked underneath except for a small cotton triangle barely covering their very thick bush. The men had already dropped their pants and were holding their half-erect cock. Nigel had given an extra handkerchief to Winston. The two women embraced and started to kiss each other with some passion. Tongues were sucked. Then Heather began to suck on Marsha’s sizeable breasts while Marsha took Heather’s long nipples between her fingers and twisted them. The two men were about a foot away from the lesbians and both were slowly milking their erect cock, their eyes riveted on the scene in front of them. The women quickly pulled off their linen triangle and began to finger the other’s curly bush, pushing a finger or two up the wet but hidden cunt hole. It was the first time they moaned. Marsha took the lead and knelt in front of the blonde, opened her cunt lips with her fingers and began to lick Heather’s fleshy pink cunt lips. The two men were sweating heavily. The men couldn’t tell if Heather had had her pleasure, but it was soon her turn to get on her knees and attend to the black-haired butch. It was Marsha’s bubble ass which got her attention and her tongue twisted and pushed her way between the asscheeks to reach her butch’s asshole. That was the part which made the men shoot their load in their handkerchief. They both leaned against the wall of the small building. The women quickly dressed, put their light coat, smiled again to the men and left.‘Heather is quite the cutie”, said Winston‘Yes she is but I wish she would have a better figure’, answered Nigel ‘Well Marsha seems to have put the grip on her”, smiled Winston‘Nobody knows so we have to keep quiet. Even, you know, their mothers don’t know”, added Nigel.‘Don’t worry. We won’t ruin a good thing’, said Winston‘They were always together….remember ?”, said NigelWinston chuckled. ‘What is it ?”, asked Nigel.‘I am just wondering when they started…you know…getting it on ?”, said Winston‘I think if something was going on in their teens, we would have seen it”, answered Nigel‘I think you mean ‘we would have watched it’”, answered Winston laughing. C-THE NUNIn the large village of Brinksworth, near türkçe bahis London, most of the vegetables for the community came from the large farm run by the orphanage of the Sisters of the Epiphany. The orphans who lived at the school had to leave by the age of 18. They were all girls. With their studies and other duties, the orphans could not take care of the farm by themselves. The sisters helped also but the youngest was Sister Nelly at 43 and the next youngest was Sister Agatha at 55. They needed outside help and many young women from other farming communities were hired and did most of the heavy work. They hired help slept in a bunkhouse next to the orphanage. Another adjacent building was the convent where the sisters lived. Laura was barely 25 and worked on the farm from April to October, then she returned to London where she worked in various offices. She liked Brinksworh and the fresh air. She also liked Sister Nelly who was the youngest of the nuns. The two women spent as much time together as possible before and after work periods. It was a very close friendship which the other nuns encouraged. Contrary to the boys orphanage, the sex didn’t involve the orphans but many of the hired girls. During the usual night at the bunkhouse, one had to be deaf not to hear the lovemaking between young and mature women. The sisters stayed away and closed their eyes. Laura was very popular among the other girls. She slept with many of the hired women but wasn’t exclusive. One night two of her colleagues decided to give her a surprise present. When it was dark, the two women convinced Laura to follow them outside the bunkhouse. The three girls were dressed only in their nightie. Laura was intrigued and followed her companions without resistance. After a few minutes, they reached a shack where gardening equipment and other supplies were kept. One girl opened the door and, on the floor, they all saw a crouched figure on a thick blanket.‘Sister Nelly”, began to scream Laura before the women silenced her with a hand over her mouth.Sister Nelly slipped off her long coat and showed a revealing nightie to the women. She put her finger to her lips so that no one talked. Laura was on all fours next to her on the blanket and the two nearly naked women embraced. What followed took only a few minutes. Nighties were discarded and Sister Nelly lay on top of Laura. They were kissing and rubbing bodies. The two women who had brought Laura there were masturbating under their nightie, terribly excited at watching sex between a nun and one of their friends. Laura wrapped her legs around Nelly’s waist and the two lesbians rubbed cunts. The girls could see Nelly’s asscheek muscles working as she moved her hips against Laura’s. The two lovers kissed when they felt they were reaching their orgasm. The party of three came back to the bunkhouse. The next day, Laura asked one of the girls how she had managed to work out the meeting with Sister Nelly.Helen (the other girl) and I have been fucking Sister Nelly and Sister Theresa for months in that shack. We all though you should join us !————————————————————————————————————————– D-THE SPINSTERMathilda Crowley taught the first three grades of elementary school in a suburb of London. She lived a few blocks from the school. Mathilda got up in the morning, had breakfast, went to work, came back from work, had dinner, read a bit and went to bed. On weekends, she stayed home except for Saturday night when she went out. When asked where she went on Saturday evenings, she always answered that she took private Spanish lessons. Actually, she spoke Spanish fluently but had learned it decades ago. Mathilda Crowley was 52 and never married. She had no friends to speak of. Most Saturday nights she followed the same routine. She took a carriage which led her to one of the working neighborhoods. She was left near a church making it look like she was going to a church reunion. She carried a leather bag with looked heavy with paper and books. Nobody knew her here, but she hurried just the same and trotted down a side street to a dark-red brick building which advertised itself as a pension. As she went to the desk, the man smiled: ‘Nice güvenilir bahis siteleri to see you again. I think your students are expecting you with some anxiety”, said the man. ‘Well…I am giving them an exam, so I don’t know if they will be happy to see me”, answered Mathilda smiling. The man gave a small quick throaty laugh as he always did. He had been at the desk since Mathilda started coming to the pension three years ago. She walked up to the third floor and knocked at number 34. She heard noisy footsteps, made my someone who was running barefoot. The door was unlocked, and Mathilda waited a few minutes for the footsteps to stop. She opened the door, stepped in, locked it and turned facing the bed. It was dark but she could see the silhouette of two blonde female heads on the pillow. She put her bag down on the floor, took off her hat and disrobed as quickly as she could. She left her glasses on the small table. No one spoke. The bed creaked a bit when one woman moved.A naked Mathilda approached the bed. She had a full body, nice breasts beginning to sag a bit, and especially well-shaped buttocks. The men always turned around when they walked by her in the street or in hallways. She pulled the white sheet which covered the two women. They were naked, probably about 30 and looked very much alike. Mathilda climbed over the first one and lay down between the two slim blondes. ‘The usual ?”, asked one of the women. ‘Yes please”, answered Mathilda.The school teacher got on all fours facing one woman who lay on her back with her legs wide open. The other woman attached an ivory phallus to a belt and approached Mathilda from the rear. The spinster buried her head between the blonde woman’s thighs and started licking her shaved cunt. She licked with gusto while she let out throaty moans. She reached with both hands and squeezed the woman’s small tits. The woman behind her waited for Mathilda to start sucking before she fingered her cunt with one hand and directed the phallus with the other. When the woman felt Mathilda was wet enough, she slowly slid the phallus in her waiting cunt hole. Mathilda focused her licking on the woman clit and sucked on it, her cheeks looking like she was blowing into a balloon. The butch was fucking Mathilda with even strokes and moving her artificial cock in circles. ‘Fuck me harder”, cried the spinster. The butch had fucked Mathilda with her strapon hundreds of time and knew how to bring her to the brink, then stop before she reached her orgasm. The blonde butch pulled her phallus from Mathilda but kept the strap. She put the phallus in a drawer of a side table and replaced it with an instrument shorter and slimmer. Meanwhile, Mathilda was breathing very hard, working to keep her orgasm from exploding, and slowly licking her young lover who was also nearing her climax. The butch put the strap around her waist. She walked on her knees towards Mathilda, her shorter ivory phallus waving up and down as she did so. Everyone except the woman on her back slid towards the end of the bed. Mathilda was on top of the blonde bitch she was licking a few minutes ago. Then the spinster clasped the sheet with both hands in expectation. The butch climbed on her back and gently pushed her phallus between her pear-shaped buttocks. Mathilda groaned in pain and pleasure, as she moved her body up and down on the woman underneath her. The doll and Mathilda were rubbing cunts, trying to let their clits touch once in awhile but not too often. The butch was sliding her artificial cock in and out of Mathilda’s asshole. The spinster and the doll kissed and grabbed tits as they both felt their orgasm building up again. The leather piece strategically placed against the butch’s cunt rubbed against her long and erect clit.The two women engaged in tribadism had their orgasm nearly at the same time. They gushed against each other making their legs and thighs stick together while they spit and drooled over each other’s face. The butch gently pulled her cock out of Mathilda and finished herself off with her fingers. After she washed up, Mathilda put her clothes back on, put an envelope on the side table, and made sure she had everything including her glasses before she walked towards the door. She unlocked the door and turned towards the two naked blondes.‘Please say hello to your mother”, she said with a large grin.———————————————————————————————————————————- THE END

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