Show , Tell Ch. 07


What could I say? I had no doubt that Elle’s husband had some serious issues…, but not ever having oral sex with her was the least of those.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll have to admit that I’d encountered a somewhat similar circumstance about twelve years earlier in my life and it involved my wife’s youngest sister.

Suzy was fifteen years younger and, like Elle, a century less experienced in life than my wife. The baby of the family, she’d been pampered by her father, spoiled really and had just gotten married to her high school boyfriend. He wasn’t anyone in our family’s choice as a husband for her, nor in his family, she a wife for him. She was used to getting her way…, he was used to working sixty hours a week to help support his extended family.

A little more than two years after the wedding, no children, she’d had enough, as had he.

They decided on a, “trial” separation. Suzy, with no real occupation, asked if she could come live with us, “…, for a while,” figuring she might help her sister with her two nephews and me with my growing businesses.

I didn’t need to be asked, she and my wife closer that sisters, despite the age difference. And, besides the age difference, the life experiences differences and the life expectation differences, there was also a number of physical differences between the girls.

While my wife was petite…, a natural blond with hazel eyes, she had a great body, with full breasts, a tiny waist, full hips and a great ass. Suzy was a head taller, slender with a models figure, small breasts, small waist, long legs and a surprising cute ass. Dark hair and natural green eyes.

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy having her around the house all the time, her penchant for frilly nightwear and having an after dinner drink with me while I watched TV, a major distraction.

I might have made it through these developments had it not been for a business trip I needed to make to New York City. Because the trip had been arranged at the behest of my advertising agency and the Tour Company they also represented, the tour operator booked me a, “gratis,” room at an elegant boutique hotel, very near the site of our meetings. My wife decided that the trip would be a perfect opportunity for us to get away for a few days. The, “us,” included her sister! And, since Suzy wouldn’t be, “comfortable,” having a room of her own, even if it was adjacent, I was prevailed upon to reserve a room with two queen size beds.

I didn’t know, nor was I informed, that no such room existed in that hotel. After checking in on Sunday afternoon and discovering that our room had only a single queen bed…, I was also told that, “…, because of the large number of conventions in the city this week…, we are unable to accommodate you request for another room.”

The nearest hotel room they could find with two queen beds…, was in New Jersey!

“What’s the problem,” my wife asked, “it’s not like we won’t all fit in one bed.”

Looking at the bed and the lack of a couch as an alternative…, I knew I was in trouble.

After we’d spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening wandering about and scouting out shopping opportunities for them, I took the girls to dinner at a highly recommended steak house. The food was terrific, the drinks even better. Although my wife isn’t a drinker, her sister talked her into splitting a bottle of wine with the meal and then ordered both of them an after dinner drink, instead of dessert. By the time the cab dropped us off at the hotel, they were both feeling no pain.

They got ready for bed while I watched TV and then they got into bed while I cleaned up. During the transition, I couldn’t help notice that both of them had changed into nightclothes, only one, however, wearing something that would seem appropriate given the current circumstances.

That one would be my wife…, a cotton shorty nightgown not unlike she wore most every night. Since I hadn’t heard a reprimand, mostly loud giggles from the drinks and whatever they were güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up to while they were in the bathroom together, I could only assume that she was okay with Suzy’s choice of nighttime attire…

The babydoll she was wearing was unlike anything she’d ever worn in my presence and to be honest, I had no idea why my wife had let her get away with it!

Fuchsia lace, a large damask floral design, the top fell to her hips, below a tiny matching bikini panty, her ass half out. While the design attempted to obscure her, “best,” parts, that only worked if she was standing still.

Just by the way I looked at Suzy as she sashayed past, my wife declared, “It was a shower gift from Cousin Colleen and she’s never had a chance to wear it …, so get over it!”

I shrugged and went into the bathroom…, looking at myself in the mirror and wondering how I was going to get any sleep.

Suitably attired in gym shorts, I went back into the room.

Then it got worse!

Think about it. You’re a, 40 (something) year old woman and…, because of circumstances beyond your control you are forced to share your bed with you husband…, and your, 15 years younger, baby sister. This is the same sister whom you have described on many occasions as, “…, a beautiful and very sexy young woman.”

Where would the innocent husband sleep?

If you answered, “DUH…! Next to his wife with the sisters side by side…”


“She’s always cold and needs a hundred blankets,” from my wife…, her words slurred.

“She’s always hot and throws my blankets off the bed,” from Suzy…, her voice stern.

“So you’re in the middle!” from both of them…, with a giggle.

I ain’t making this up.

I tried not to think about it. I sat in the chair while we watched TV, but eventually, like after 5 minutes, my wife said, “I’m tired…, get into bed.”

I climbed over the top of her and planted myself on top of the blanket.

“Get under the blanket!” an order from both of them.

Surprisingly, once settled and I sleep on my back, I wasn’t cramped. There seemed to be enough room that, barring one of them climbing on top of me, I might be alright.

Naturally, my wife immediately snuggled up against me, throwing her right leg over my thighs and her side of the blanket on top of me. That lasted for about a minute, when she suddenly complained, “You’re too hot!” and did a one eighty, her back to me, laying on her right side, a sliver of space between us.

Moments later, must have been the drinks, her breathing became more rhythmic and then she was asleep.

I was roasting!

Knowing Suzy wasn’t asleep yet, even though I couldn’t hear her breathing because her back was to me, I whispered, “Do you need another blanket?”

“No,” she whispered back, “you’re too hot!”

I wanted to say, “Look who’s talking!”

Instead, I kept pulling the blanket to my left and once it was all on top of her, she pushed it off the bed on her side.


“Yes,” her head coming around, “Good night.”

I was still awake at 2:30 AM, looking at the ceiling, feeling Suzy’s body heat, when she suddenly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. No light came on and she didn’t close the door, her tinkling sounding like water in a gutter after a heavy rain.

Must have been the drinks!

When she came back to the bed, she pulled the sheet tight against herself, shivered and then realizing there wasn’t a blanket. With two alternatives; get out of bed and grab the blanket…, or make use of the 6’2″, 210 pounds of body heat next to her. She chose the latter and slid herself up against me.

Knowing she’d sleep on her left side, I used the opportunity the roll onto my left side also and just as I’d thought, she spooned herself against me, her ass pushed all the way into my crotch. I threw my right arm over the top of her, having it settle along the outside edge of her left arm. I shifted one more time, just a little, trying to adjust my raging hard on so güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it wasn’t sticking straight into her ass!

I heard her giggle, felt her shift, her right hand finding my crotch and pushing my cock between her ass cheeks, as she pushed herself firmly against me and her left arm moving out and around my arm, holding and squeezing it tightly, my hand finding itself on her left breast.

We fell asleep like that, only my wife’s shifting, at a little after 6:30, keeping her from finding us like that, my roll away from Suzy waking both of them up!

After getting out of bed and looking at us, my wife’s, “Wow…, see that. We had plenty of room in the bed. I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. How bout you guys?”

I mumbled, “Great, but it was a little hot.” My case of, “Blue Balls,” already starting

Suzy just looked at her and put a pillow over her head.

“Must have been the mattress,” as she walked into the bathroom.

Suzy picked up a corner of the pillow and winked at me.

By the time all three of us had showered, cleaned up and had breakfast, I was off to my meeting and the girls off shopping. We planned to meet in the hotel lobby bar at 3:30.

I was done, literally and figuratively, by 1:30, my nuts so sore it felt like someone had played ping pong with them! I’d arranged several prior meetings in the hope of putting the local tour group together with a larger, Mid-Atlantic States company that was looking to expand. Since most of the, “due diligence,” had already taken place, this session was to iron out any, “last minute wrinkles,” and to present the final proposal to the banks. With all of that done, I took a cab back to the hotel and sat in the bar, shooting the shit with the bartender, Irina, a nice looking Romanian girl, while trying to figure out a way to get some sleep that night.

The girls, as expected, were late, the hotel doorman standing behind them holding two arm loads of shopping bags when they finally walked into the bar. Irina immediately called the front desk, a bellboy appearing almost instantly and after tipping each of them, they left, my hope that the packages would make it safely to our room.

We spent, or I should say, the girls spent the next hour and a half, telling Irina all about their shopping exploits and the, “great deals,” they’d gotten on all sorts of stuff. Pretty soon, two female customers, who’d been sitting behind us, joined the conversation, shopping tips traded so quickly the guys on the Stock Exchange would have been jealous! Given the opportunity, I bolted to the room to, “freshened up,” that task consisting of a face cloth, soap, hand towel and thoughts of a 15 minute, “power nap!”

Their raucous entrance ended that…, along with their plea, “We’re starving!”

Both were tipsy, they and their, “new friends,” buying rounds as they exchanged shopping experiences in the City.

I decided on a little Italian place nearby, which I’d seen from the cab.

It was a good choice.

Neither of the girls wanted anymore to drink, until the owner offered a, “…, complimentary,” split of champagne. That was just enough for them to ask, “Maybe we could have a bottle of that with dinner?”

They did finish their dinner and they did finish the champagne, before having dessert instead of an after dinner drink. And…, they were confused when I refused a cab, forgetting that we’d walked the half block from the hotel, and I did have to walk them, s-l-o-w-l-y, back to the hotel, as both of them were pretty wasted.

Back in the room, I figured they’d just collapse into bed and I’d be all set for the night. But after, “getting ready for bed,” with a lot if whispering and laughing going on, my wife emerged from the bathroom, her cotton nightgown in place, yet somehow…, reenergized! While still half crocked, she managed to ask, “Can we watch a…, is it okay for us to watch a…, whatzit called Sis?”

Giggling in the bathroom, Suzy answered, “A paperview movie,” with more giggles.

Shaking güvenilir bahis şirketleri my head, I told her, “Knock yourselves out.”

My wife flopped down on the bed, shouting, “Okay baby sister…, he said yes!”

In the minute it took Suzy to finish whatever she’d been doing in the bathroom, I set up the TV, the girls having already chosen a movie to watch.

“I’m ready,” from the bathroom.

My wife’s head lolled to the left, her eyes slightly unfocused and smiled, “She’s ready.”

With all the laughing and whispering, I was expecting something along the lines of, “Minnie Mouse,” footie pajamas.

Wrong again!

The way it was explained to me the next day on the drive back home…, Suzy had been absentmindedly reading the Movie card on top of the TV that morning and found that, “9 ½ Weeks,” was available on “Pay Per View.” Since she’d never seen the movie she asked her sister if she thought I’d let them watch the movie that night. My wife had already told her, “Yes,” but then decided to ask me anyway. Since they’d both had too much to drink…,

The only light in the room was coming from the TV when Suzy walked, or should I say, wobbled out of the bathroom.

My heart stopped!

It was another babydoll, this one made from a black, French Tergal material and embroidered with tiny silver and black roses. If there was a yard of material in the garment, (which there was NOT!) there may have been, at most, a dozen of those roses in the pattern, which did nothing to hide her naked upper body. The top was shorter, much shorter, that the one she’d worn the previous night and the matching bottom was a g-string, rather than a panty. It too had a few roses, which were way too few to hide her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

She may as well have worn nothing…, except this looked way better!

And if that wasn’t enough…, she was wearing 5″ patent leather spiked high heels, which was probably why she’d wobbled, making her just short of 6′ tall!

My heart was still stopped!

Picking her head up, my wife mumbled, “$14.”

“Huh?” after finally taking a breath, hoping that would jump start my heart.

Now lifting herself up on her elbows, “She bought it a store today for $14! The ticket was marked $389, but one of the roses was shredding so they marked it down. Isn’t it beautiful!”

I wanted to say, “You could have taken it out of the bag and asked me that!”

Walking on shaky legs, Suzy stumbled around the bed, pulling the blanket off as she went past the bottom, then kicked off the shoes and climbed in next to me.

Again, I had no idea what they were thinking…, but I knew what I was thinking!

Trying to sound unfazed, I asked, “Popcorn anyone?” as I started the movie.

I was asleep before Mickey Rourke made his first appearance.

I was awaked by my wife’s hand playing with my cock and balls and the sound of moans and cries coming from the TV. I’d just opened my eyes, when I heard Suzy say, “Stop that! It’s not fair.”

The girls were watching porn!

The next time I was awakened, I was on my back, my wife turned away from me, sleeping as she had the night before. Turning to my left and in the dull glow from the ambient light in the room…, I saw Suzy looking back at me. She’d slid over next to me and put her right hand on my right hip, which is what woke me. Once she knew I was awake, she started pulling on me to get me to turn over onto my left side, as I had the night before.

I immediately complied and was rewarded by her spooning up against me, again as she had the night before. And as had happened… the night before, my dick started to grow until it was stabbing her as she pressed against me.

This time she giggled softly, before reaching behind her and…, unlike she’d done the night before, reached inside my shorts and with her palm flat, pushed my cock down against my pubic bone, a soft, “Mmmm,” before pulling her hand out and pushing her ass even harder against me.

And…, again as she hadn’t done the night before, when she pulled my right arm over her body, instead of just pressing my hand against her left breast, she slid my hand inside the babydoll, now using her left hand, she squeezed my fingers against her hard nipple, pinching it with them while she hummed another, “Mmmm!”

This was NOT good. Not good at all!

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