I arrived at the house hot and sweaty from my long cycle ride, my lycra shorts sticking to my body, showing every detail of my anatomy. I got off my bike and wandered over to the door, removing my helmet as I went. I rang the doorbell, and heard the dogs barking and smiled. I waited for a while, and then the door opened.

You were stood there framed by the door. You were a vision of loveliness in a pair of tight jeans and an old t-shirt. I could see the dogs behind you, and when they had recognised who it was they wandered away. I gave you a hug, and a quick peck on the cheek, and we went through into the living room.

You offered me a drink, and I said, “Thanks, a glass of water would be nice thanks.” You got up, and I heard the tap running. You walked back in, with a tall glass of cold water.

“Thanks babe, that’s great, just what I need.” I say, taking the glass from you.

You sit down, and we talk for a while, and then sit watching a bit of TV.

“Where is everyone?” I ask.

“They’re all out, and won’t be back for a while yet.” You reply, smiling.

“Then I’ve got you all to myself?” I ask.

“You have indeed.” You say, smiling even more.

“That’s fantastic, come over here and give me a cuddle.” I say, a huge smile on my face.

“OK.” You say, as you sit next to me.

I put my arms round you, and we cuddle, our bodies close together. I can feel your breasts move as you breathe, and your breath on my neck. It is very erotic.

We cuddle for what seems like an age, oblivious to everything else that is going on around us. Our bodies mould to each other. We are comfortable in our closeness.

“I feel like having a shower.” You say, breaking away from our embrace.

“Oh. OK, I’ll see you when you’ve finished then.” I reply, a bit nonplussed.

“There’s no need for that.” You chuckle, “You’re coming with me, I need someone to wash my back, and I’ve volunteered you.”

“Really?” I query, hope shining in my eyes.

“Absolutely.” You reply, standing up, and taking my hand in yours.

I stand up, and follow you, my eyes locked onto your, jean clad, arse. I watch as we walk up the stairs, and your firm bum sways from side to side, hypnotising me. I see nothing of the house, as we go, transfixed as I am by your perfect posterior. You stop, and I almost walk into you. I look up, and find that we are stood in the bathroom. You smile at me, and let go of my hand. I watch as you reach into the walk-in shower, and turn the spray on.

“How hot do you want it?” You ask.

“However you like it will be fine for me.” I reply.

“Right, let’s get our clothes off, unless of course you plan on getting in with your kit on?” You ask, laughing.

“I think it’s probably best if I take my stuff off, since it is all I’ve got.” I reply, a huge smile spreading across my face.

“Together or one after the other?” You ask.

“Together.” I reply, quickly.

We stand there for a few seconds, facing each other, not moving. I lift my tight top over my head, and then watch as you pull your t-shirt off, revealing a cream lacy bra, which you quickly remove, leaving us both bare from the waist up. I stared at your exposed breasts, noting their creamy sheen, and the brown colour of your areolas. As I stared, I saw your nipples begin to harden, and felt my cock get harder than it already was.

I stopped staring, and removed my shoes, and socks, leaving myself dressed only in my, revealing, shorts. I watched as you undid your jeans, and wiggled out of them, pushing them over your hips, and down your strong, shapely, legs. I stared, again, as your panties were revealed. Cream, lace, and very small, I was delighted, and felt my heart speeding up in response. I watched as you hooked your fingers into the sides of your panties, and began to slide them off, revealing the first sight of your trimmed, curly blonde, pubic hair.

I stood there, rooted to the spot as you pulled off your panties, and left them lying on the floor. I noticed that it was a g-string, and smiled. I looked up, and saw you standing there, naked.

“Come on, all the water will be gone if you don’t get those shorts off.” You said, staring at my groin.

I grabbed my shorts, and literally ripped them off, revealing my erect cock, which stood out from my body, pointing its way to the ceiling. You reached out, and grabbed me by the cock, and pulled me into the shower. I gasped at the first contact, but followed you willingly into the shower.

The water sluiced over our bodies, coating us with its powerful spray. We stood close our bodies pressed together, my erection trapped against your stomach. I could feel your pubic hair rubbing against my balls, sending little electric shocks up my body, causing me to shiver with each erotic contact. Your breasts were pressed hard against my chest, and our lips met in a hungry kiss, as our hands explored.

I reach behind you, and grab the soap, and begin to raise a lather on your back. I feel your breasts rubbing against güvenilir bahis me, your hard nipples poking into me, as I continue to work on your back. Our mouths meet again, and I slide my soapy hands between our bodies, reaching up to cup your firm breasts. You groan into my mouth, as my fingers brush across your sensitive nipples. Your hands take the soap from mine, and I feel your hands kneading my buttocks, as I continue to play with your breasts.

I feel your soapy hands rubbing all over my back, from the top of my spine, down to my buttocks. I grope your breasts, and push my tongue into your mouth. You push your groin against mine, and grind against me. I slide my hands round, and cup your buttocks, lifting you onto your tiptoes, and slide my fingers between your bum cheeks.

Our kisses get harder and more urgent, as our hands continue their exploration.

We break off, and you turn round, and begin to rub your arse against my erection. I reach up, and massage your breasts, as you move against me. I lean forward and begin to kiss your neck you squirm faster. I leave one hand playing with your breasts, and let the other trail its way down your body. Over your flat stomach, until it find itself rubbing over your trimmed pubic hair. You move, and spread your legs wide, leaning further forward, resting your head on your arms against the shower wall.

The water splashes up from your back, and runs in rivulets down your bum and legs, I stand and admire the view for a few seconds, before sliding my hands back onto your luscious wet body. You shudder as my hands run from the top of your thighs, over your bum, and up your back, to end caressing your neck.

I move closer to you, my erect cock nestling neatly between the cheeks of your beautiful arse. You moan, and push against me, as you feel my hot erection rubbing against you. I slide my hands from your neck, back down your back, until my hands are gripping your hips, holding you tightly. I press my cock against you, and you thrust back.

I move away, keeping hold of you with one hand, but allowing the other to trail over your tight bum, and down between your legs. I feel the heat from your aroused pussy, and slide my fingers between the engorged lips, feeling the oily wetness there. I feel you shiver as my fingers slide in your natural lubrication, finding your clit, and rubbing gently.

Your breathing pattern changes, and you begin to gasp as your arousal reaches new heights. You begin to shake as your orgasm builds. I slide my arm round your waist, helping to support you, as your whole body convulses in the throes of orgasmic release. I feel your muscles tensing and releasing in a rhythmic manner, as you release all your sexual tension in a huge orgasm. I hold you tightly, supporting you.

I slip my fingers into your waiting pussy, feeling the wetness there from your continuing orgasm. I revel in the feeling of your cunt walls clamping onto my invading fingers, trying to pull them further in. I nestle my cock back between the cheeks of your bum, noticing that it looks like a hotdog in a bun. I continue to slide my fingers into you, letting you come down from your sexual high.

I feel your body beginning to relax, as I continue to finger you. You breathing is still short and sharp, but your body is no longer in spasm. I carefully move, positioning my hard cock at the wet entrance to your pussy. I continue to slide my fingers into you, but also slide my cock between your pouting lips, and over your, still, sensitive clit. My cock becomes coated with your natural oils, and slips easily over your intimate flesh, causing you to shudder each time it contacts your clit.

With a careful motion, I remove my fingers, and slide the head of my cock into you. I hear you gasp at the initial penetration, and then feel you beginning to push back against me, demanding more. I oblige, and slowly press my cock into your waiting depths. I watch as, my cock is swallowed by your willing pussy. I stop and let you get used to the feeling, and then slide the full length into you. You moan as the head of my cock nudges against your cervix. I feel your body shaking as I push gently against you.

I slide backwards, letting the water run between us, as I begin to fuck you, slipping in and out, faster and faster, as my body begins to work on auto pilot. I try not to penetrate too far, but occasionally my cock hits your cervix, causing your body to shake in response. Loud moans begin to escape from your lips, and your back arches each time I thrust inwards. I reach round, and grasp your dangling breasts, squeezing them. I feel the hardness of your nipples against the palm of my hand, and carefully pinch them, causing you to push back in time with my inward thrusts.

My breathing is becoming more rapid, as the lust takes over. My hands slide off your pert breasts, down your heaving sides, to grip your hips. I hold you tight, and begin to thrust into you harder. Our cries of passion rise, as does the steam from the hot water. There is türkçe bahis a loud slapping sound each time our thighs meet, amplified by the running water, and the enclosed space of the shower stall.

My thrusts get faster, slamming into you, causing droplets of water to spray upwards from our heaving bodies. I can hear you moaning in time to my hard thrusts. I feel like my world is shrinking. I become one enormous sexual organ, feeling my cock sliding against the tight silky walls of your receptive pussy.

I manage to pull myself back to reality, and slide my left hand off your hip, and round till it finds your pubic mound, my index finger resting lightly on your responsive clit. I feel the shuddering of your body as I begin to stimulate your clit whilst continuing to plunge my hard cock into your intimate depths.

I slow my thrusting down, and lean forward, to begin kissing your neck and shoulders. You shiver with each kiss, and shudder as my fingers continue to excite your clit. Our bodies are on automatic, leading us to the point of no return. I increase the speed of my thrusts, feeling my cock expand once more, as spunk boils from my balls, and streams into you. I continue to flick your clit, knowing that you are almost at your orgasm. I pull my spasming cock out of your tight cunt, and watch as streamers of cum join us together, and delight in the way globs of cum appear over your bum and back as the last of my ejaculate escapes. I press my cock between your butt cheeks, and whilst continuing to stimulate your clit, I slide two fingers into your tight pussy.

You squirm back against me, moaning louder as your orgasm hits you. I feel you tense up, your breathing stops, and your pussy clamps down on my fingers, as you body begins its journey to ecstasy. I carefully rub your clit, as you ride the waves of your orgasm. I pull my fingers out, and slide my still hard cock back into you, pushing as far in as I can, feeling the tremors pass from you to me via our connected tissue. I feel my cock gripped by the muscles in your pussy, as shudder through the last highs of your orgasm.

You look over your shoulder at me, your face shining with delight, as the last vestiges of your orgasm subside. I am still buried deep in your sopping pussy, luxuriating in the heat I can feel, and the ease with which my cock can slide, due to the amount of natural lubrication you have just produced. I lick my fingers clean, tasting you, and enjoy the musky odour, and the lovely taste.

“Stop.” You whisper. “I need a rest, I don’t think I can take anymore stimulation at the moment, let’s wash off, and then we can dry each other off.”

“Okay babe, I think you deserve a rest.” I say. A huge smile spread all over my face.

I slide my cock out of you, and you carefully stand up. We wash each other off, you slowly wank my hard cock, and I slip two fingers into your pussy as we stand there under the warm flowing water. We kiss, letting our bodies meld into one. We feel the water, cooling down, and break our embrace. We both sigh as we relinquish our hold on each other. You turn off the water, and we step out of the shower.

I pick up a big fluffy towel from the heated rail, and hold it out for you. You cuddle up against me, the towel between us, as I wrap you up in the warmth of the towel, and begin to rub you back dry. I look into your eyes, and see my lust mirrored in yours. I drop the towel, and pull you close, feeling the hard points of your nipples against my chest, as our lips meet in a passionate kiss.

I feel your hands trail down my back, and tightly grip my bum, as my hands do the same to you. We pull each other closer, my erect penis trapped between us, and pressing hard against your pubic mound and stomach.

You guide me to the chair, and push me down onto it. I sit, and look up, my eyes travelling up over your smooth legs, the groomed patch of hair hiding your delightful inner folds, the flat expanse of your stomach, the wonderful swell of your breasts, topped by your, deep red, nipples, finally gazing intently into your eyes.

I lean forward, and kiss your flat stomach, trailing my tongue into your belly button. You squirm, and grab my head, pushing it lower. I nuzzle against your pubis, gently kissing the patch of hair. You spread your legs slightly, allowing me access to your inner folds. I accept the invitation, and slide my tongue between your engorged lips. I sigh, in total contentment, as I taste you. You shudder as my tongue moves over your sensitive clit, and nestles at the entrance to your pussy. I reach my hands round you, and grasp your pert bum, kneading your buttocks as my tongue wriggles its way into you, licking from your pussy to your clit, and back in a slow sinuous motion.

I can feel you shuddering as my tongue brings you quickly back to a heightened sexual state. I lift my head, giving your clit a final kiss, sucking it into my mouth, and rubbing it with my tongue. You squeal as your climax once more, your body juddering with the ecstasy of another güvenilir bahis siteleri orgasm. I hold onto you, and lick your pussy, collecting and savouring, the cum as it flows copiously from you.

Your body goes limp, and you collapse onto my lap, resting your head on my shoulder. I hold you tight, rubbing your back and bum, as you recover from the force of your orgasm. I kiss and lick your neck, knowing how wild this drives you, and am rewarded when you begin to kiss my neck.

My hard cock is pressed between us, and you move to allow yourself access to it. I gasp as your warm hand closes over it, and begins to slowly move up and down. You stare at me, locking eyes, watching my every reaction to your wonderful ministrations. I move my hands between us, and gently massage your breasts, cupping each globe in my hands, feeling the hard nipples press against the palms of my hands.

You move your hand faster, and my massaging becomes more brutal. I knead each breast, pinching the nipples, and pulling them, until they stand out further than before. We both moan and groan at the contact of hand on flesh.

You stand up slightly, and move closer, trapping my hands between us, as you guide my stiff cock to the warm, wet, entrance of your waiting pussy. I feel the heat and wetness as you rub the head of my cock between your waiting lips, and over your erect clit. I feel you shudder as you slip the first inch into your hot cunt, holding yourself in position, before plunging down, and impaling yourself fully on my willing cock.

I throw my head back in total pleasure. My cock is surrounded by your hot velvety pussy, my actions mirrored by you as my cock invades deeply.

You begin to ride me, your hands gripping the chair behind me, levering yourself up and down in a frenzy of sexual abandon. I grip your firm buttocks, and help guide you so that we stay joined. I bury my face in your bouncing breasts, suckling on them as you fuck me. I take a nipple into my mouth, and begin to lick and suck it, and then gently nibble it, as our bodies thrash together. I can feel you tiring, and your pace slows down, but the intensity of our coupling increases, as you ride the full length of my rigid member.

I begin to plant kisses over the whole of your chest, and you shudder as I take each nipple into my mouth and gently bite it.

“Harder.” You whisper. “Bite me harder.”

I comply, biting your breasts and nipples a bit harder.

“Yes, yes, that’s perfect.” You utter, as your body begins to spasm at the peak of another orgasm.

I gasp out loud, as your cunt walls clamp hard onto my cock, drawing me deeper into you. I bite a nipple, and hold the pressure. You shudder as your orgasm sweeps through your receptive body. I feel like my cock is being drawn deeper, in a rippling motion, as your cunt reacts to the latest orgasm. You almost collapse off me, as your body comes back to your control. I stand up, lifting you with me, and walk you over to the sink.

I rest your bum on the cool porcelain, and you squeal.

“It’s cold you bugger.”

“You won’t care in a minute.” I reply, a huge smile on my face.

I kiss you, my tongue forcing its way into your mouth, as I begin to slide my cock in and out of your, well lubricated, pussy. My hands grip your bum, holding you in place as I begin to fuck you hard and fast.

You wrap your arms around me, and pull my chest onto yours, I can feel the hard points of your swollen nipples rubbing against me. I increase my speed, and the depth of my penetration, I can hear you moan each time I push into you. You lift you legs, and place your heels in the small of my back, locking us together. We stop kissing, as I struggle to get enough air, and you hold me in place as I recover.

I smile at you, and slowly pull my cock out, until only the head is held in you wet pussy, you look down, and watch as I slide it back in slowly. I watch your face, and delight in the look of pleasure that I see. I start to saw my cock in and out, getting quicker again. Our groins slap together, the sounds of out fucking filling the bathroom. I feel the familiar sensation building in my balls.

“I’m about to cum babe, do you want me to cum in you, or on you?” I ask.

“In me, just keep your cock in me.” You say, your voice husky with desire.

“OK.” I reply, as I feel the first step of my orgasm. My cock seems to expand, and get bigger. You gasp as you feel me begin to tense. I continue to plunge into you. You unwrap one arm, and slide it between us, and rub you clit, as I finally begin to squirt my hot spunk into your waiting cunt. I feel my cock spasm, as jets of spunk fly into you. Your fingers are flicking your clit quickly, and your eyes close as your body once again crests the peak, and falls into another orgasm.

I grunt as your cunt grips my cock, and milks it of the last few drops of spunk. Your body judders as your orgasm subsides, and your legs finally unlock, allowing me to slowly slide my cock out of your, well fucked, pussy. We both look down as my cock finally slips out. Little strings of cum join us together, until my cock is too far away, and they break. I help you down from the sink, and you kneel on the floor, and grasp my still solid cock in your hands.

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