Sibling Squabbles Pt. 01

Close Up

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I am so fucked up. There is definitely something wrong with me. You see, something happened to me that is really, really questionable, and when I say questionable, I really mean fucked up. Like really fucked up.

My name is Reed. I know that’s a boy’s name, but my dad got drunk at a Japanese steak house six months into my mom’s pregnancy with me, and he thought the bamboo along the south wall were reeds, so he suggested the name Reed for me, and my mom is a new age bookstore owner, so Reed fucking stuck in their brains. I got stuck with a fucking boy’s name.

Anyway, I’ll try and describe myself. I’m five-four, white, a dyed-blonde from my original chocolate brown hair, that long hair usually up in twin pony tails (I just like that style. Don’t judge me) and I have hazel eyes and decent sized breasts (they’re a C-cup if you wanted to know). I’m not fat, but I’m not skinny either, and I have pretty big hips (at least I think so). My face is more ‘cute’ than gorgeous, but I’m fine with that. I wish I could lose a little weight, because I have a slight pooch in my belly, and I hate that, but you learn to live with what you have. I’m lazy, okay? Don’t judge me.

I’m twenty-two, and I’m living with my parents. I don’t want to go to college yet (all of my friends have), but I just want to work at the local supermarket and save some money (though I sometimes waste it on frivolous purchases…except for shoes. Shoes are never frivolous). My dad is an accountant at a big firm, and my mom is the owner of a new age bookstore that sells crystals, incense, tarot, and books (of course). My parents moved to suburbia once they started making real money, but that was even before my older brother was born. We live in a two-story house that we’ve had forever, but it met my dad’s specifications, something he’d been looking for in purchase way back when, but that’s not really important right now. What is important is my older brother (the point of this fucked up tale).

My older brother Jeffrey went to college as soon as he graduated high school. He’s twenty-four, and he and I have always fought over everything. We’ve fought over the TV, food, money, music, walking space, politics (don’t get me started), the bathroom…The bathroom’s the big one. It’s what started this bullshit.

Jeffrey is six-foot even, six inches taller than me, so it feels like I’m always shouting up in his face. He’s a little thinner than most guys, but not like, stick-thin. He’s got chocolate brown hair like me (before mine was dyed) that he keeps immaculately short and well-trimmed (I swear, it’s like he goes and gets a haircut every week), and he’s got a square, stern face like my dad’s (not round and cute like my mom’s, like me) with the same hazel eye color as myself. We do look a little bit alike, but we are as different as night and day. I’m fun-loving and fancy free, spontaneous, and somewhat irreverent at times. Jeffrey is orderly, imperious and self-righteous, and if his asshole were any tighter, he’d snap off that stick that’s permanently shoved up his ass. He drives me nuts at times (well, most of the time).

Right now Jeffrey has come home for the holidays, and whenever he does, it’s nothing but fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. He’s constantly on the phone with his girlfriend, Jenny, whom I’ve never seen, but I’ve heard her voice from his phone, so she must be real, but how his anal-retentive ass got a girl, I’ll never know. I’m surprised she isn’t a mail-order bride, because I never thought he’d actually get a girl to talk to him, much less date him.

To catch you up to what’s been going on, the trouble started when my parents had to go out of town for a funeral. My mother’s Aunt Gilda died, so my parents left for a week to take a flight to San Diego. We (my brother and I) got stuck here alone together for one entire fucking week (big mistake). That first night they were gone was the worst (and boy howdy was it bad).

That Saturday night I went out on the town with my three former high school friends, and we went and cruised the bars like the mighty pack we are. I failed to pick anyone up, but that’s not because I’m ugly (I’ve been told I’m very fuckable…multiple times) but because the only ones out during this time of the year were some ugly trolls that I wouldn’t fuck if my pussy were cursed and was going to fall off if I didn’t have immediate sex with a stranger. Anyway, I got a little drunk, just a little, and I drove home anyway. That was just the beginning of my misery, because…Jeffrey…So here’s my story.

I fumbled with the house key and managed to unlock the door, but I didn’t even get a chance to open it. The doorknob was yanked out of my hand as Jeffrey blocked my entrance, my big brother scowling down at me with a look that I just wanted to smack off his chastising face.

“Where in the hell have you been?” he demanded.

I scowled back at him and pushed him out of the way, stumbling a little into the living room.

“Out ankara escort with my friends,” I frowned. “Not that it’s any of your business.”

“You had the car, dumbass,” said Jeffrey as he closed and locked the front door. “It’s my car. Just because Mom and Dad said you could borrow it doesn’t mean you can just take off with it anytime you want.”

“So?” I asked. “It’s not like you’re going anywhere.”

“I have to get a Jenny a gift,” said Jeffrey. “I needed to get her one tonight. Now I’ll have to wait until tomorrow!”

I rolled my eyes at that one but didn’t even turn to acknowledge my brother. He was pissing me off. I reached down and pulled off my right shoe, because I didn’t like walking around in the house with them on. I liked walking in my socks, and though that may sound weird to some people, it wasn’t weird for me. Heck, my mom likes to walk around in her bare feet ninety-percent of the time, so it’s not that unusual.

Anyway, I was going to say something after I took off my left shoe, but considering our living room has a wooden floor, you can guess what happened. My right foot slipped, and I fell straight backwards to my ass and then to my back, and then the back of my head bounced off of the hard wooden floor. It hurt like fuck.

“Owwww…” I said weakly as I sat up and rubbed the back of my head.

Jeffrey did not even try to help me up. He just glared down at me and berated me like the asshole he is.

“You’re drunk!” he hissed. “I can smell booze all over you! You drove my car while drunk!”

“I only had a couple of margaritas,” I frowned up at him. “Well, maybe more than a couple, but…but I’m fine. It’s not a big deal.”

“You’re in deep shit,” said Jeffrey, his lips pulling down into a terrible, accusing grimace. “Wait until Mom and Dad hear about this!”

I waved him off. I wasn’t in the mood to put up with his shit.

“Fuck off,” I said. “I told you…It’s not a big deal.”

“You’re fucked,” scowled Jeffrey. “Just wait until they get back. Then we’ll see how ‘it’s not a big deal’ when Mom tears you a new asshole.”

“Oh, so she’s going to have another you?” I asked.

Jeffrey just shook his head and walked away, muttering something nasty under his breath. He walked up the stairs to the second floor, probably on his way to jerk off to pictures of women in chains…Nah…I knew he was waaaay too uptight for his little dick to get hard. Any erection he got would probably cause him to pass out, because he needed all of his blood to keep his two brain cells working.

I finally took off my left shoe and tossed it aside. I didn’t feel like putting them away, that’s how pissed I was. Normally I guarded my shoes like a lioness guards her cubs.

I followed my asshole brother upstairs and decided right then to take a shower. I took baths at times, but at the moment I was pissed from having to deal with Jeffrey Stalin, so I didn’t even bother to grab my pajamas. Yeah, I wear pajamas at night. They have little teddy bears holding big red hearts on them. Don’t fucking judge me.

I walked into the upstairs bathroom and locked the door. I had a slow-burning fury building within me, and I needed to chill and just…chill. I stripped, stood naked before the mirror above the sink, and cupped both of my breasts in my hands, holding them up a little. I studied my large brick-red nipples for a moment and sighed.

“Sorry guys,” I said. “No action for you tonight. You’ll have to file a complaint with the Board of Better Boys, because I’m not in the mood to catch gonorrhea from whatever those refugees from a horror show were…What a shame.”

I let my hair down and put my ties on the side of the sink. I wanted the works, and that meant washing my hair. I got into the shower, turned on the hot water, adjusted the temperature, and sighed in relief as that soothing liquid spilled over me. I got my hair wet, lathered it up with my first stage shampoo (I have three stages in hair care, two shampoos and a conditioner) and waited for the shampoo to work its magic. I took down my white bar of soft soap (soft for my sensitive skin) from the soap shelf on the shower wall and rubbed myself down, taking extra care to open my butt cheeks and clean my big brick-red anus (you can never be too clean down there).

I felt like playing with myself, but in retrospect, I shouldn’t have, because this was a factor in the absolute shit show that happens later.

I reached down and gave my clit an easy stroke. I have a really pointy clit that looks like it’s wearing a little round hat when it’s hard, and my hood and inner lips are really ‘leafy’, and they’re a darker color than the normal brick-red of my other parts. My outer lips have a light smattering of chocolate brown pubes on them, because I haven’t shaved in a while, and I was getting those little curls up above my pussy, but I shaved those often, because if I didn’t, it became a forest down there. I’d actually grow a little line of hair up to my belly button if I didn’t and…shudder. No thanks. I don’t like escort ankara looking like a lowland gorilla.

I thought about this is as I rubbed myself in a circular stroke, thought about my various private parts and what they looked like, but I got hard from this, and I started rubbing my whole pussy in excitement. Unfortunately, the thought of Jeffery and his fucking bullshit entered my mind, and it ruined the whole thing for me. I couldn’t even masturbate because of him.

“Fucking asshole,” I muttered. “Fucking clit-blocking dickhead.”

I finished my shower after completing hair care stages two and three, and then I stepped out to dry off. You see, when I dry off, I use four towels. I know that seems excessive, but trust me, it’s absolutely necessary. I dry my hair with one towel, my body with another, and then I wrap my hair in a new one and my body in another. All of our towels are a spotless white, because my parents think that’s the only color towels have, but that’s another complaint that doesn’t contribute to this story, so…meh. Anyway, I toweled off and wrapped myself up like a little burrito, and then I opened the bathroom door to go to my bedroom and read. I read every night, hot little romances that spin my bottle, so reading like this usually helped me wind down and get in some much needed masturbatory ‘me’ time.

So I opened the door, and guess who was standing there, an asshole look on his asshole face? I’ll give you three guesses, but you’d be really stupid if you can’t get it the first time.

“Did you just take a shower?” demanded Jeffrey.

He’d changed clothes. He’d been wearing a forest-green T-shirt with blue jeans before, but now he was wearing a wine-red turtleneck with a pair of fine tan slacks. He looked nice, like he was going out on a date. Even so, his question was really, really stupid.

“What do you think, genius?” I smirked up at him.

I put my hands on my hips and gave him the smarmiest look in the world. It consisted of this leaning of my head to the right and the curling up of my lips into a half-smile on my left, something I had perfected over the years, mainly because I knew my big brother hated it. Still, I was standing there in nothing but a white towel wrapped around me, and my hair was bundled up in another white towel, my hair towel in that ice cream scoop shape after the ice cream goes on the cone.

Jeffrey got really, really pissed, not the reaction I thought he was going to have. He threw his arms down in frustration, clenching his hands over and over again. He turned his back to me, walked to the other side of our narrow, carpeted hallway, stared at the light-blue wall that separated his door from mine, and then turned and gave me a look of pure fury.

“You used up all the hot water!” he yelled. “I have to go out! Jenny arrived at six and just called me! She just got settled in at her parents!”

“How in the hell was I supposed to know that?” I asked in rightful anger. “You didn’t tell me she was in town! I didn’t even know she came from here!”

“Why do you think I needed to get a gift!” yelled Jeffrey. “And she lives in Oakwood, not here.”

“That’s like an hour away,” I said in stupid reply.

“Yeah! I know!” yelled Jeffrey. “I needed a shower before I left! It’s already past ten! She’s waiting for me!”

“Stop yelling at me!” I yelled back. “I didn’t know any of that!”

Jeffrey’s square face twisted into what looked like pure frustration, and he clenched and unclenched his hands as he raised his arms and then lowered them. I suspected he wanted to hit me, but I knew he wouldn’t. He was a fucking coward, anyway.

“You’re always doing this!” he said in a low hiss. “You’re always fucking up my life!”

At least he wasn’t yelling, but that didn’t last long.

“Me?” I asked in incredulous disbelief. “Me! You’re always in MY business!”

Jeffrey raised his hands up and then threw them down as he shot me a look of pure hate.

“You keep fucking up my life!” he yelled. “You’re not even competent enough to…You…You’re just a…a dirty…”

What he said next must have been building up in his psyche for years, because apparently the hot water I’d used was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jeffrey unloaded those nasty thoughts right on me, vomited them right down on me out of left field, no warning or context leading up to it.

“You fucking whore!” he shouted.

My eyebrows raised at this. This was getting ugly, uglier than usual. Jeffrey had called me a lot of things in the past, but never a whore. Not whore, not slut, not tramp or harlot…not anything like that.

“What did you just say to me?” I asked in a false calm.

I wasn’t calm, you know. Not at all. Not after that statement.

“You heard me!” he said angrily. “You’re disgusting. You jump on any guy’s dick that gives you a sideways glance, and you jack off to internet porn when you’re not riding some stranger…I know. I know you’ve been jerking off at night. I’ve seen your browsing history…Young twinks get naughty ankara escort bayan in apparel section of store? Hot guy jerks off in shower? Big uncut dicks compilation? Twink goes down on gym coach?…Ring any bells?”

“Wh…What?” I asked in surprise.

And that was surprising. This motherfucking self-righteous asshole had been looking at my internet history.

“You piece of shit!” I said angrily. “You spying, nosy, piece of shit!”

“You’re the piece of shit!” hissed Jeffrey. “You’re a fucking whore that’s going to end up working for minimum wage for the rest of her life, but only after you’ve squeezed out six brats! You’re a welfare parasite waiting to happen!”

I was really pissed now. Normally when other people get really pissed, they get violent, but I do not get violent. I get even, and I know just how to get under Jeffery’s skin.

“At least I’m not stuck in the middle-ages,” I smirked. “And at least I have a sex life. Unlike you, I can actually get an erection.”

“What?” asked Jeffrey in confusion.

But he was only confused at first.

“You heard me,” I said, deliberately imitating him. “You’re so stiff that you can’t get stiff. It must suck to know that your little sister gets more action with her hand in one night than you get in an entire year.”

“What!” said Jeffrey in barely contained rage. “What did you say to me!”

Now he was imitating me. Good for him, but it wasn’t going to work.

“I said my clit is bigger than your tiny dick,” I smirked. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you get hard, and then I’ll just stay limp. That way you have an advantage.”

Jeffrey sputtered something unintelligible, he was so pissed.

“You…You fucking, nasty, dick-sucking skank!” he cried after he got his words back.

Oh, I was really getting to him this time…but you see, I was still drunk, and my inhibitions were pretty fucking low at that moment.

“You like thinking about my sex life, don’t you?” I said with that infuriating smirk that pissed him off so. “That’s it, isn’t it? The only way you can get hard is thinking about your little sister rubbing one out.”

‘What!” exclaimed Jeffrey.

“You heard me,” I smiled. “You’re a dirty boy with dirty thoughts. That’s your problem, isn’t it? You’ve got a guilt complex over wanting to fuck me.”

Jeffrey’s eyes widened to the size of manholes.

“You’re sick!” he said. “You’re fucking disgusting!”

I grinned and thought about how best to fuck with him. You see, calling me a whore and spying on my internet history had made me really mad, but like I said, I get even, not violent. Knowing that, I did something really stupid. It came to me like magic, or rather like the voice of the little devil on my shoulder, because my common sense was fucking gooooooone at that moment.

I reached back and undid the white towel draping my naked body and dropped it to the floor. It was cold after just stepping out of the shower, so my nipples went insta-hard, turning into little brick-red diamonds that poked out from my ample breasts.

Jeffrey stepped back until he bumped into the light-blue wall behind him. He slowly looked up and down my naked body, starting with my breasts to go all the way down to my feet to back up to my face.

“I’m right here,” I smirked. “All you have to do is get your little pecker hard and put it in.”

“Wh…Wha…Wha…” stammered Jeffrey.

The look on his face was priceless. He had shock, confusion, and horror on it, and that just made my otherwise shitty night. Oh boy, did I savor that look.

“I said you can fuck me,” I shrugged. “That’s what you want anyway, isn’t it? You’re jealous that I give my attention to other guys and porn, so I’m throwing out an olive branch. All you have to do is get your tiny little dick hard, and you can put it anywhere you want. It’s not like I’ll feel it, anyway.”

“I…I…You…You…” said Jeffrey as he struggled to say anything, anything at all.

I was enjoying the hell out of this. In fact, I got a little clit-boner just doing it. Oh yeah, I wasn’t going to have aaaaany trouble getting off after this. I wouldn’t even have to read.

“I’ll make it easy for you,” I smiled.

I turned around and leaned over to show my bare ass. I spread my butt cheeks and showed him everything.

“Since you’ve never seen female anatomy before,” I said in a smarmy tone, “I’ll explain it to you. Heck, I’ll even explain it to you in a way you can understand. I’ll say it in a little rhyme so you can remember.”

I let go of my right butt cheek and pointed at my parts like the little devil I was currently being.

“This is my asshole, this is my twat,” I said with a slight giggle. “Now come over here and stick in your cock. I know it’s little, but that’s okay, because you’ll cum in two minutes, anyway.”

I rested my hands against the wall and spread my legs, but I was shaking with silent laughter. I knew he was going to walk off and call Mom and Dad, and I knew I was going to be in deep shit for everything that had just gone on, drunk driving included, but I didn’t care. This was the best moment in my life up until now. This was better than the time I found fifty-bucks beside the dumpster outside the burger joint across from the supermarket.

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