Siblings and Lovers Ch. 06


Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter, but I had trouble finding an editor. Hope you guys enjoy it.


A frail six year old boy held on tightly to his stuffed giraffe, Tommy. The rain was battering at the windows at an alarming rate and thunder was flashing frequently. It was one of the worst storms he had ever seen in his life. He clutched his giraffe harder, willing it to make the storm stop.

He watched, terrified as a flash of lightning streaked across the middle of the sky, splitting it in a momentary dazzling line. He got out of bed and cowered in the corner, anticipating the loud crack of thunder.

The tempest did not disappoint. Moments later, the sky roared at him with a fearsome sound. He shivered and cried softly as the sound reverberated in the room. It was so loud, he could almost feel himself shaking in the aftermath. On that cold dark night, that boy felt all alone.

The door to his room opened. His nine year old sister stood in the doorway, with tousled hair and a sleepy expression on her face. She studied the crouching form of her brother and smiled.

“Still afraid of the storm, Kyle?”

He just nodded. She always seemed to know what was going on in his mind.

“That last crack of thunder woke me up. I knew you would be afraid so I came. Now, go back to bed. I am sleeping beside you tonight.”

With some reluctance, Kyle slid back under the covers. His sister climbed up beside him. They were facing each other. He got that familiar feeling of warmth and confidence radiating from her face.

“Thanks, Dana.”

She affectionately stroked his face, which she found cute, and then cuddled up to him, wrapping her arms around his back. He buried his face in her comforting shoulder as she gently patted his hair and softly ran her fingers through them.

“Remember, little brother, your big sister will always be there for you. I promise.”

There was an even brighter flash of lightning followed by a deafening roar of thunder, but this time Kyle wasn’t scared. He knew that he was safe in the protective arms of his sister. He fell asleep.

Suddenly, he awoke to a different scene. He was no longer six and Dana was no longer nine. They were adults, but she still held on to him with that affectionate embrace as they lay in bed. The bed was in the middle of a field. Dana awoke soon after and looked straight into his eyes. Her expression was cold and emotionless, as if the life force had been drawn out of her. Her eyes had no vitality in them. She just looked at him, wallowing sorrow writ large on her face.

“Why did you leave me, Kyle? You know how much I loved you.”

Taken aback, he tried to stammer a response. “I know, but you said it was okay for me…”

The sentence remained incomplete as her eyes moistened. The grief was emanating from every pore of her face.

“I said that to make you happy, but you know that I love you so much. Do you have any idea how hard it has been for me to let go?”

She got up off the bed and slowly began walking away.

“Wait, where are you going?”

Dana turned, her spectral, emotionless gaze resting on Kyle.

“I am going away. You are someone else’s now. Goodbye Kyle.”

He jumped out of bed and tried following her, his flowing tears mingling with the swirling rain.

“Please stay. I love you too.”

“It’s too late Kyle. I have to go.”

He chased her over the drenched grass, desperately hoping to hold onto her. She kept moving further and further away and he kept running. Finally, they were out of the clearing and facing two tall buildings. She turned to face him one last time.

“Goodbye Kyle. Make Stella happy. And know that I always loved you.”

There was a massive crack of thunder and both buildings spontaneously collapsed, burying Dana in a pile of rubble and smoke.

Kyle Walsh woke up with a start. His heart was beating wildly and his pulse was erratic. He stifled a scream of anguish in his throat. He took a deep breath to calm himself and gazed at his sister’s tranquil sleeping form curled up against him. Her arm was draped over his body. He reached over to gently caress her cheek as she slept peacefully.

Just days after their resolution, he was already feeling guilt at leaving Dana. She had always been there when he needed her. Maybe he should be with her now that she needs him more than ever. He checked the digital clock on the bedside table. The glowing LEDs announced 4:45 am. He fell asleep again.

“Do I have to come?”

“It would really mean a lot to me. I worked pretty hard to put this event in place. I don’t get why you are complaining though, so many people would kill to be invited to the Mayor’s ball. This is the biggest party of the year.”

“I don’t know. I have never been much of a party person.”

“This is not just any party. The entire glitterati of the city will be there. I had to go through so much trouble to get an extra pass for you.”

“Fine,” said Dana, “I have never been able to say ankara escort no to you anyway.”

“Thank you so much. Besides it would be the ideal place to meet someone, get back on the horse,” Kyle added with a smile.

Scowling at him, she left the room.

He sat down on his bed. There were several thoughts running through his mind. It had been a month since their emotional resolution on his ledge. Even though Dana had told him to go after Stella, he could make out that she was visibly hurting. Ever since they had moved to New York, she had not been on a single date. He desperately wanted her to be happy.

The ball was the most talked about event on the New York social calendar. The guest list was only slightly more impressive than the decorations.

The Walsh siblings made their way to the ball. Kyle immediately started chatting with Stella and the other people he knew. Several guys tried flirting with Dana, with precious little success.

It was time for the dance, when he suddenly spotted Dana sitting all by herself in the corner with a drink in her hand. She looked so distant and lonely. He politely spurned Stella’s offer for a dance and walked up to her.

“May I have the pleasure of this dance?”

Dana looked up, a strange half smile playing on her lips.

“I thought we were not going to be intimate any more?”

“Intimate? This is just a little brother asking if his beautiful big sister will dance with him.”

Unable to refuse this simple request, she held his hand and led him to the dance floor. The music changed to a slower tempo as they held each other gently, their pace slow and measured. Glancing over, he saw Stella observing them as they waltzed across the floor. He was unsure what to make of her expression.

After the dance, he went over and introduced Dana.

“Stella, this is my sister Dana.”

“It’s so nice to finally meet you. Kyle has told me so much about you,” said Stella warmly extending a hand.

“Likewise. He thinks very highly of you as well,” said Dana, shaking it.

“Now that you two lovely ladies have met each other, I shall go get a drink while you sit here and discuss me.”

They laughed as he disappeared into the crowd.

Stella turned towards Dana.

“He is such a special person, isn’t he?”

“Yes he is. After what happened with our parents on 9/11, he was such a pillar of strength and support. I would have gone crazy without him by my side.”

“It must have been a terrible experience; he still seems shaken up by it.”

“You have no idea. He couldn’t sleep for weeks after that incident. I don’t think he is still completely over it.”

“Well I hope I am making a good impression. This is my first time meeting the boyfriend’s family.”

“Well, the boyfriend’s family is very happy. I am so happy that he is with someone like you. I could not have wanted better for him.”

They were interrupted by Kyle returning.

“This party is really getting dull now. We should get going.”

The three of them made their way downstairs. He saw Dana throwing a whole stack of napkins away. She looked over at them staring at her actions and gave a sheepish smile.

“Phone numbers. Racked up a lot of them.”

Stella laughed, while Kyle put on a fake grin. The guilt was gnawing away at him inside. She had clearly not moved on yet.

They hailed two cabs. Dana got in the first one, Stella insisted that Kyle go back to her place for a drink. Dana playfully egged him on. He got into the cab with Stella, just catching a fleeting glance of Dana wipe a small tear off her cheek.

“I am so sorry, Stella, please forgive me for what I am about to do, but she needs me as well,” Kyle thought silently. Just a month after his resolution, he was going to break it.

He just wished that he would not end up hurting her. She had not cut herself all month, but was still on edge.

This was the tragedy of Kyle Walsh’s life. Too many people needed him for themselves and themselves alone.

It was past 10 the next night when Kyle walked back into his apartment. “His apartment” he smirked, knowing that he spent more time with Stella now than in his own place. This time though, he was a man on a mission.

He walked up to his door. Collecting all his thoughts, he carefully went over what he was about to do. He thought back to several months ago when Dana kissed him for the first time, and his reaction. They had both come such a long way since.

He quietly opened the front door. She was in her room, working on some investment proposals. He slunk into the shadow of the door. Craning his head around the corner, he observed as she worked away on her papers. The papers were strewn on the desk and bed as she poured over one of them. He saw bags under her eyes and visible signs of strain on her face. It was obvious to Kyle what was going on.

She was trying to bury herself in her work to forget about him and it was taking its toll on her.

“Dana,” he whispered softly.

She escort ankara looked up from her work and turned her head in his direction. There was a mixture of happiness and disbelief on her face.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were going to spend the night at…”

“I told her I needed to be somewhere. She doesn’t need to know.”

“Doesn’t need to know what?”

“Doesn’t need to know about us.”

It took a few long moments for this sentence to register in Dana’s mind. Throwing back her wavy black curls, she looked at Kyle incredulously.

“No, Kyle. We can’t. We shouldn’t. We promised..”

He stepped closer to her, his intense gaze searching her expression. He was very close to her now. Close enough to see her big beady eyes. A solitary teardrop formed in the corner of one and started to make its way downwards. Kyle gently reached out to stop it with his fingertip.

She brushed his hand away and moved back hurriedly. Her hands were trembling with an unknown emotion – desire laced with dread.

“Go back to Stella, please.”

“I will. She needs me, but you need me as well. I will never tell her about us. It would break her heart. She loves me a lot.”

In one last attempt to dissuade him, Dana said in a quivering tone, “I don’t need you Kyle. I’m fine. I don’t need help.”

He held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. She desperately averted his gaze.

“Look around you. Your papers are all over the place. Your notes are scattered on the table. This from the person who had her assignments neatly arranged by subject, date of submission and colour coded?” he said, waving at the room, “This mess is a scream for help.”

This was all that she could take. She spontaneously started crying, her tired face racked by the heavy sobbing.

“You’re right. You’re always right. I can’t live without you. It drives me crazy to see you and not be able to touch you, to kiss you and tell you how much I want you.”

“Then don’t hold back,” he said, as he leant in even closer.

“Kyle, we mustn’t.”

“Just tell me to stop. Just say it,” said Kyle slowly parting his lips as they inched closer to hers. Soon, they were lip-locked in a fiery kiss.

“Oh Kyle! I love you so much. You have no idea how hard the past month has been on me,” she panted into his mouth between kisses.

“I love you as well. I always have and I always will. Please understand that she needs me as much as you do, but I will make time for you. I promise.”

“Shh.. don’t talk, little brother. Just give yourself to me.”

She undid her dress in a rush and threw it aside over a pile of papers. Kyle was fumbling with his buttons as Dana unsnapped her bra and her firm breasts popped out. Impatiently she shoved him onto her bed and her hands raced through his buttons. The rest of their clothes came off in a flash as the Walsh siblings stared hungrily at each other’s bodies.

“You’re so beautiful.”

No one said it, yet it hung in the air from their collective consciousness. They never got tired of looking at each other.

She curled up beside his thigh and her dainty right hand gripped his balls. He gasped as she deftly manipulated them between her fingers. She gently cupped one ball and ran her fingernail under it, just scraping the surface. The feeling was of indescribable joy as her fingers moved further back and rubbed his perineum. The other hand, meanwhile, was drawing various shapes on his abdomen and stomach region, the tip of her finger barely touching him.

It was a feeling, soothing beyond measure.

She smiled her first real smile in some time as she lovingly looked at his face. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on her tranquil ministrations. Finally, he opened them and smiled back at her. She lowered her head and took the first testicle in her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around it and slurped at it and after a while moved to the next one. Her hand had left the balls and was caressing his shaft.

Kyle felt sanguine ecstasy as she moved her wet lips to his shaft. Her lips parted and the tip of her tongue slipped out and caressed his hardening shaft. She licked up to the very sensitive tip and gently took it in her mouth. He ran his fingers over her scalp and gently let her beautiful hair flow through them. The silky smooth tresses spread out in a heap on his thighs.

She took more of his length into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around the girth and slid down slowly. He threw his head back and arched his throbbing member upwards deeper into her mouth. Dana suppressed her gag reflex and took the tip of his rod into her throat.

He slowly held her head as it bobbed up and down on his towering erection. Saliva was flowing down the sides of his member and pooling underneath. One of his hands left her head and the back of his palm gently rested against her cheek. She took all of him in her mouth and came to a halt as his hand gently made its way to her neck.

Slowly, Kyle could feel his orgasm rising. ankara escort bayan His entire body was straining in anticipation of a climax. She sensed it as well and kept licking and sucking on his entire length. Finally, he came powerfully and deposited several ropes of semen deep into her throat. Dana detached herself from his deflating member and smiled affectionately at him. She did not spill even a drop.

He took some time time to recover from the force of the last climax. After his gasping had reduced somewhat, he lay her down tenderly and parted her legs. Dana closed her eyes and groaned in anticipation of what was coming. He started by placing gentle kisses on the insides of her thighs while tickling her outer lips with his fingertip.

She moaned appreciatively as one fingertip just sneaked past her lip and brushed the inside of it in a slow motion from the bottom right to her engorged clitoris on the top. Dana squirmed as the finger gently brushed against the clitoris and tickled the bump. The sudden motion made her gasp. He repeated the motion gently over and over again, running his fingertip along the inside of her outer lips. He peered over her mound to see her head off the bed and her mouth curled in ecstasy as he gently penetrated his finger a little further into her, curling it to rub against her vaginal wall.

Kyle applied more pressure as his fingers rubbed against her moist flesh. He withdrew his fingers to a gentle moan of protest and immediately slipped the tip of his tongue inside. Dana gripped his hair tightly and clenched her legs together forcing his mouth into her pussy.

He pressed his lips to her mound and let his roving tongue go in as far and deep as it could into her slit. He let his tongue move around in different parts of her insides, savouring her erotic aroma.

She bucked and thrashed against his face as he continually kept licking the insides of her vagina. Reaching out a finger, he gently rubbed the very centre of her clit. He detached his mouth from her gaping hole to a moan of frustration, but quickly made it up to her by taking her clit between his lips. Gently holding it in place with his front teeth, he lashed at it over and over again with the tip of his tongue.

This new treatment sent waves of pleasure sweeping over her being. She reached down to gently twist one of her hardened nipples as the relentless assault on her sensitive clit continued. Kyle soon entered two fingers into her wet, cavernous orifice and reached until he found what he was looking for- a rough patch of concentrated nerve endings.

Still keeping up the attention to her engorged clit, his fingers started rubbing her G-spot over and over again in circular motions. The dual action was almost too much for Dana to bear as she screamed out, “KYYLLLEEEEE!!!”

In a flash, Kyle stopped both and climbed up on top of her, his erection perfectly aligned with her gushing lower lips. He looked deep into her eyes and found nothing but a passionate love in them. He was in bed with the one person who loved him the most.

He sank his turgid erection into her in one swift stroke. Drawing back slowly, he repeated it. Soon, he settled into a rhythm of a slow withdrawal followed by a quick in-stroke. After doing this for several minutes, Dana’s patience wore out. She quickly flipped him onto his back and impaled herself on his erection with a primal ferocity. She had waited far too long for this and was not prepared to wait a second longer.

She took charge of her brother after and furiously bobbed up and down on his erect penis. Her feral gaze remained transfixed on his face as he tried to thrust upwards to match her motions.

Kyle soon felt a fiery orgasm building in the pit of his stomach. Dana’s vaginal muscles clenched around his erection, lifting him to dizzying heights of ecstasy. They began to moan in unison and soon there was a shattering mutual climax.

The world spun out of focus for the Walsh siblings as they lay side by side, gasping and sweating in the aftermath of their orgasms. The bed was crumpled and the already untidy heap of papers was an even bigger mess as they finally regained their composure.

She turned to face him and lovingly caress him. Kyle looked back at her with a look of concern.

“Stella can never know. She is very fragile and this would break her heart.”

Dana nodded in silent agreement.

“Wow, I must say, this entire banquet looks scrumptious.”

The Walshes were invited to dinner at Stella’s place a week after their secret tryst. They had to pretend like nothing had happened between them.

They were used to it. Fornication between siblings is not something to share with the world after all.

Dana and Stella laid out the table while Kyle fetched the wine. Stella had taken quite a liking to his employee’s sister and kept talking to her about various issues. The table was ready as the three of them sat down to eat.

The conversations continued throughout the meal. They ranged from sport to politics to design. Dana even managed to get Stella to think about investing some of her money.

“All right. This conversation is getting too financial for me. I’ll take the plates while you lovely ladies pour some of that wine out.”

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