sis coming home from the bar.

sis coming home from the bar.So the other night i was hanging out at home waiting for my s*s to come home from the bar. i was drinking myself and was expecting her to come home but she was much later than expected so she must have been up to something i was thinking. Finally at 2 am or so she comes stumbling in and i’m joking with her asking her if she got held up at a secret gang bang. i’m sitting right beside her talking and she stumbles over and i can see her pussy lips dangling from underneath her skirt. It wasn’t uncommon for her to go out and do things with her pussy open so anyone could accidentally see it. so of course i put my head down and take a better look and notice its actually beat up and freshly fucked! i play if off like i didn’t know and asked her why she was late. she told me she was just drinking with friends and lost track of time. eventually i walked over to her and pulled her skirt up and exposed her bare pussy super easily and said “how do you explain your thong being gone then?” she of course just said she uşak escort likes to let her pussy be free and she liked it. So i agreed and said ok thats fine and she went over to the fridge to get a beer and bent over again and i got another good look (she did it on purpose i think) her cunt looked messy and sticky and i knew for sure. i asked her “so explain to me why your pussy is full of cum” and she looked over at me with a smirk and said well if you are so curious ill tell you. “i was flirting with these two young hot boys in the bar all night and i knew right away they wanted me in the worst way. we drank and laughed and flirted. I knew for sure he wanted me when i was laughing and i put my hand on his leg and i could feel his big thick cock hard in his pants going down his leg, i left my hand on it and gave it a squeeze. Finally i told them i had to get going and started to leave but they followed me out to the smoke pit. i started making out with one of them and the other watched in jealousy. I felt bad so i made uşak escort bayan out with him next and i started getting really horny. One of them said legs go across the street so we can be alone, so we did. We found a park bench and before i could even come onto one of them i was forced to my knees with two rock hard cocks shoved into my face instantly. I didn’t hesitate to work them both as best i could and they moaned with pleasure. One pulled his cock out of my mouth and came around from behind me and with one quick motion buried his cock into my pussy to his balls, and i could tell because they slapped my clit. He slowly worked his cock in and out of me while the other leaned up against the bench and moaned. I could tell he was getting to blow his load because his cock was swelling up. I wanted them to cum at the same time so i worked his cock deep into my throat and back my pussy onto his dick as hard as i could. Before i knew it he grabbed me by the hair and blasted a huge load down my throat and the other clenched escort uşak my ass cheeks and filled my pussy full of cum. I stood up and both their cock were shiny and still half hard while my skirt was up at my waist. We all shared a smoke and i gave them a kiss and left for home and thats when i walked in” I couldn’t believe it, i was so turned on and impressed. I was so proud of how big of a slut she was for those two boys, and my cock grew in my pants. She saw it and asked me if i liked what she did, and if she could help. She stood up and spread her legs and said “want to taste a strangers cum?” i said yes instantly. She tool her hand and wiped it across her pussy while pushing out whatever cum she had left inside her onto her palm leaving a big thick slimy mess on her. She held it out to me and said “clean this off for me” so i took her hand and licked all the cum up that was mixed with her pussy juice. I quickly jumped down and said let me get the rest for you and she let me clean off her pussy lips and the surrounding area that was all messy including her asshole. She walked away to the bathroom and said “make sure you don’t jerk off to much, i don’t want you to be useless when i get out of the shower” And thats a whole other experience for another time….

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