Sis, Niece , Daughter + 1


I have had plenty of feedback about the first part of the story, I must admit I have had stories published and I wrote these two stories from the viewpoint of actually seeing it happen and writing it as a spectator. Some wish for me to add dialog from the ladies, they wish to say that they prefer the stories the way they are written. Due to the lack of dialog when we get together I wanted to write more than a page of “Oh God” s and “please fuck me harder”, “Fuck me deeper”. The ladies wanted me to write our experiences from a point of being there and accepting that what we did to each other. Not from the participant’s view, but from the view of the man who had interested them into exploring they’re deeper selves and each other. Dianne is a dream come true and really does spurt more than two of the three other ladies. Thanks for the great feedback but if you want to ids the stories at least be brave enough to not do it anonymously. Live life as if you were dying tomorrow.

As I came awake I felt a mouth slowly sliding up and down sucking my cock deep into her throat. As I looked down I saw that Dianne was sucking me and enjoying herself with my cock. I reached down and brought her up for a kiss tasting myself on her lips. Dianne slipped her tongue into my mouth and slowly slid my cock into her super tight pussy. I kept her around mainly because she could spurt her cum in waves. As each ripple of her orgasm intensified she could shoot long thick globs of her girl cum into my mouth filling me up and satisfying my desire for pussy juice.

I found Dianne at work, she approached me and asked if I would like to come over to her house, this girl at 32 still lived at home with Mom and Dad, who treated her as a spoiled little girl. All I thought about was introducing this innocent little lady to the joys of sex that my cock and my fist could provide. Before opening her up to my fist I figured to enlist my sister Kat and my niece Andrea into spreading her pussy and ass. If Ginnie wanted some I would love to see her eat Dianne while I fisted her or fucked her ass. This would get their juices flowing and I could have all the cunt sauce to drink that I needed to satisfy my new drink requirements.

After Tuesday’s first visit at her parents house I took the liberty of eating her pussy for about twenty minutes until I found out she could spurt and knew she was a keeper. When I started to finger her pussy, I knew it would take some doing but as submissive as she was I knew within a month I would have her fully trained to eat, be fisted and fist my three family sluts. I would teach her to share in the drinking of their juices, piss, and other bodily fluids as they exited each of their bodies.

The love and lust I have had for the ladies of my family has led us to do many things, my interest in anal, fisting and piercing have been played out on my sister. Andrea has followed the path of my desire as well. Kat has her nose, ears and nipples pierced, her belly button, her clit, and her inner and outer cunt lips are pierced as well. Andrea has reached the point where she has her nose, ears and nipples pierced. Her belly button has been pierced this year and her outer cunt lips as well. This spring I will have the honor of piercing her clit and her inner pussy lips. Ginnie has started the process only in reverse; she wanted her inner lips done first and has also done her clit herself. Next on Ginnie will be her belly button and her nipples. She is hesitant to pierce her face, but I’m sure she will pierce her nose, eyebrow, tongue and more holes in her ears. I really enjoy finding woman who are like clean slates and creating them or helping them find inside themselves the true şanlıurfa escort bayan slut, whore or loving tease who just wants to experience the most, different sensations in their lives.]

All the things I have done have been with the consent of all parties involved including the writing of these stories, they are with the full consent of all persons mentioned. Only the exact locations of where we have lived and where we live now have been changed to protect those involved.

On Thursday I call Kat and tell her to round up the sluts as I have found us a new toy to play with, Kat wants to know what it is and I tell her “not what but whom”. Kat gasps and asks male or female, I tell her female shooter. Kat moans and she asks ” can I come over tonight I need you special treatment of both hands and I will rim you, suck you ass, balls and take your cock in all my holes before you fist my twin holes. I thought about it for about a third of a second before saying yes and telling her to bring either of the younger two that are available and need a fist shoved up one or both holes. Kat said she could bring both girls and for me to be ready to be drained of cum and piss as the girls seemed to love both on and in them.

Kat arrived about an hour later with Andrea in tow, telling me that Ginnie would arrive in a short time, as she didn’t want to miss any more quality sex with the rest of us. I answered the door naked with a hard-on and Andrea beat her aunt to her knees and swallowed my cock to the balls. Kat closed the door and undressed, then while Andrea sucked my cock Kat tore Andrea’s clothes off. Kneeling down Kat started rimming Andrea, first she slid two fingers into Andrea’s pussy fucking her for a few minutes, then adding another finger she rotated her hand and added the final finger. Kat rolled her thumb into her palm and slowly inched her hand wrist deep into Andrea’s pussy.

While Kat enjoyed fisting Andrea, Andrea continued sucking my cock down her throat and slipping a hand down to her pussy Andrea soaked her hand in the juices. Bringing her hand up to my ass Andrea started working her pussy soaked fingers into my ass reaching for my prostate and rubbing it. By now Andrea had two fingers knuckle deep into my ass and was working a third finger along side the other two. Kat kept fisting Andrea’s cunt and picked up an 18″ double dong that was 4″ around and started working it up Andrea’s ass.

Andrea kept working her miniscule hand into my ass and Kat leaned over and said she thought I looked hot with Andrea’s hand wrist deep in my ass. I grabbed Kat and kissed her while taking the end of the dong that was sticking out of Andrea’s ass and placing the head to the entrance to Kat’s pussy forcing it into the depths of her cunt. I slid my cock out of Andrea’s mouth and turned around so that Andrea could get more of her arm up my ass. Kat asked me how I liked the pleasure that I had been giving them for so long. I grabbed her head thrust my cock down her throat and came down her throat. When I finished coming I relaxed my bladder and pissed down her throat, which she swallowed happily. I shut off the flow and offered my cock to Andrea. She opens her mouth and took my cock into her throat. I relaxed again and finished pissing down her throat.

Andrea’s little fist up my ass rubbed my prostate and I got hard again. To which Andrea sucked harder and rubbed my prostate harder and I shot my first load of the day and it was a large one. Kat leaned down and shared it with her and we heard applause. Looking over toward the doorway Ginnie is standing there shaking her head, she looks at me and says she thought gaziantep sarışın escort bayan I only like to do the fisting she had no idea I would be willing to take a fist up my own ass. I assured her that if I wanted to do something to them then I should be willing to allow them the same liberties with my body.

A twinkle formed in her eye as she opened her coat to reveal her new toy a 10″ strap-on dildo, which she then stated my ass would be the first to feel its length. Now, I love women and haven’t had anything up my ass bigger than a buttplug. But all in one day, I was now on the receiving end of a anal fisting and my daughter was planning to fuck my ass with her long strap-on, what a day I was in for. Ginnie worked her dildo so deep up my ass that she told the others she was going to fuck me until I came all over the bed and Andrea or Kat licked it up. Andrea eased her hand out of my ass and stuck her tongue as far up my ass as she could and ate my ass out.

Kat went over and stripped Ginnie so she could join in on the sex filled playtime. Ginnie walked over and lubed her hand as she kissed Andrea and I hello, Ginnie tells Kat and Andrea to bend over she wants to fist their asses while she eats both their pussies until they come all over her face. I unstrap Ginnie’s dildo, strap it on myself and lube both my cock and the dildo. Next I eat Ginnie until her pussy is running with lube. Next I use her pussy juice to lube her asshole and proceed to ease both my dick and the dildo into Ginnie’s cunt and ass. With both of the shafts lubed I pulled them back out and holding them together eased them into Ginnie’s pussy first and then went back into her ass. I fucked her ass for about 10 strokes and pulled out, reentering I thrust straight up her pussy and fuck her for about 10 or 12 stokes and from that point I actually start fucking both holes going from one to the other in rapid succession. Ginnie started to come and soaked my whole lower body as she shot 5 or 6 huge orgasms right out of her pussy and wetting me down. Kat and Andrea were trashing around on the floor this whole time as Ginnie fist fucked their tight asses and switched eating each pussy. When each girl would cum Ginnie would switch to the other pussy and eat it until she got a good long drink of cunt juice to swallow from it too. As Ginnie was drinking the juices of her aunt and cousin I was double fucking her ass and pussy, twin dicks in one hole. I split my cock and the dildo and entered both holes at once, stuffing her body with more dick than most women feel in the sex sessions.

I fucked Ginnie for another ten minutes as her Aunt and cousin damn near drowns her with cunt spurts. As she came for the umpteenth time Ginnie collapsed and fell onto her side popping my cock and the dildo out of her body. As she fell onto the floor she groaned ” we need to clean up if we are going to meet your new lady friend in an hour.” I had to agree and we went to take showers two at a time, helping each other wash and get ready. Ginnie I dressed in crotch-less panties to show her piercings, bra with nipple holes, garter belt with nylons and a tube dress that came to just below her pussy. Andrea was dressed in a t-shirt with a belt and a thong bikini bottom. Both girls had 4″ wide buttplugs up their asses and nipple clamps attached. Kat I dressed all in leather with her nipple rings locked together with a short chain running down to the ring through her clip and a paddle lock run through the four piercings in her inner cunt lips.

As Dianne arrived I blindfolded her and led her into the sex room that we had readied for her initiation şehitkamil escort bayan into our sex circle. Next I stripped her naked and fastened her to the table with her legs raised and pussy spread. I had Ginnie come in and start eating her pussy with a vengeance rapidly bringing her to a crashing orgasm, next Andrea rimmed and ate her ass while Kat and I recorded all this for Dianne’s future pleasure. Dianne loved the idea and had asked me for this day of pleasure and now she was going to have that By the way Dianne had expressed the desire to be used by more than one person at the same time and so this was our way of fulfilling her fantasy. Ginnie eased the first of many fingers into Dianne’s super tight almost virgin pussy. I figured that we would switch to Andrea for the full hand insertion as she has the smallest hands of us gathered. We kept switching off so that no one came, except Dianne, or got tired arms.

Dianne appeared to be in one continuous orgasm as we molested her body. She would grunt groan and even shriek as she spurted cunt sauce into the mouth of who ever was eating her. Dianne was cumming every few minutes and Andrea had moved between Dianne’s thighs and started inserting her fingers one at a time until Dianne asked for more.

As her pussy stretched and accepted the hand Ginnie started working on Dianne’s asshole. First Ginnie worked with her tongue to loosen up Dianne’s cute little brown eye. As Andrea slipped her wrist through the opening of Dianne’s cunt Ginnie had worked Dianne’s ass open enough to thrust her tongue deep inside, she worked that asshole for about ten minutes until she could start working three fingers into Dianne’s ass. As Andrea worked her hand in and out of Dianne’s pussy. Andrea pumped her arm working her wrist into Dianne’s pussy to about 4″s above her wrist. Ginnie worked another finger into Dianne’s ass and Kat decided to sit on Dianne’s face so she could get her mouth full when Kat orgasmed into Dianne’s mouth.

Now Dianne had all three holes filled, Andrea was fisting her pussy, Ginnie had managed to get her four fingers into Dianne’s ass and was working to get her knuckles inside of her as well. Kat was grinding and coming all over Dianne’s face. Kat kept filling her mouth with cunt juice or piss which ever flowed out of her gushing pussy and Dianne swallowed it all. This little lady has the best abilities to accept all we dished her way and ask for more. So Kat had Andrea remove her hand and Kat worked her much bigger hand deep into Dianne’s pussy, then Dianne grunted and started to shake wildly. Kat smiled at me and said ” I now have two fingers working into this sluts cervix and I am going to fist this bitches womb before I let her get off this table. I told Kat that whatever she did to Dianne, Dianne would be allowed to do the same thing to her.

Kat’s eyes lit up and thrust her hand harder, forcing more finger deeper causing Dianne to orgasm as she finally got her hand into Dianne’s womb and fisted her into continuous orgasms. By now Ginnie was fisting Dianne’s ass almost half way up her forearm while Kat fisted her womb. Andrea had joined me and was on her knees sucking my cock and rimming my ass as she got ready to finger and fist my ass. I watched the two ladies use Dianne until she went limp and withdrew their hands, took off the blind fold and kissed Dianne as she finally got to meet the other three people who had been pleasuring her for the last three and a half hours.

Dianne smiled and asked if I would let her suck my cock, I walked up and she deep throated me. I fucked her face for until I came and then she asked to drink my piss and begged me to piss into her mouth. I let loose and Dianne drank my piss until I finished my flow. When she finished drinking she asked if I had meant what I had said to Kat that she would get a turn to fist Kat’s womb and make her orgasm as strongly as she had. I told her sure and whenever she and Kat had rested and were ready we would do Kat just like we had done her. Then if the others wanted we would do each of the other two as well.

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