An odd series of coincidences brought me one of the most taboo and memorable sexual experiences of my life.

I have been married for many years to a woman who has suffered a diminishing sex drive. We have consulted doctors and counselors but nothing seems to help. Sex has no importance to her and it is a chore to oblige me. This has left me with a level of frustration that more than a few married folk are familiar with.

Recently I was visiting my sister who had just recently separated from her husband of over 25 years. During my visit, I discovered that she was suffering the same malady. Terminal sexual frustration. She told me she could count on her fingers the number of times she and her estranged husband screwed during their marriage.

One evening she came home from work with a headache to beat the band. I asked if she wanted a neck rub, and she tentatively agreed. I assured her that I would not hurt her much, but if tension was the cause of her pain, I could get rid of it. She agreed and we moved to her bedroom and she turned on the news while I gathered the oil and towels to administer the treatment.

When I walked into the bedroom, she was already on the bed with her night gown on and was listening to the local weather report. I immediately set to work and using deep muscle techniques I have developed over the years, I began to de-knot her neck. The moans and sighs told me that I was getting the job done. Working in special areas near the top of the neck, I managed to get the muscles to relax and her headache melted away like a popsicle on a hot summer day.

I noticed that her knotted muscles extended into her shoulders and I began to work my way down. Not wanting to grease up her night dress I pulled the straps off her shoulders and down her arms. Oddly enough this didn’t seem unusual at all. we talked about how the problems of her day had brought on this tension. During the discussion, I continued to rub and work the knots out of her shoulders and upper back. I sent an exploratory hand down her spine and discovered that the muscles along her backbone were wound up like the rubber band on a toy airplane.

“Sis, we’re gong to have to get rid of those knots or what you suffered today will just come back again and again.” She asked me what she needed to do and I told her that we need to get her street blowjobs porno clothes off at least to her waist.

I rolled up the towels and placed one on each side of her chest as she raised up and I pulled her night gown to just above her ample back side. It took me almost an hour to work out the knots put there by years of frustration and tension and I was sure she would be sore the following morning.

As I worked closer to her lower back, I noticed her breathing pattern changing. The moans and sighs were there but they had an entirely different sound. Coupled with her hip gyrations, I quickly realized that she was becoming excited and just may achieve climax without any real sexual contact.

When it became obvious that she was about to cum, I carefully reached down and stroked the back of her knee and up her left thigh. As soon as my hand touched her inner thigh about 2 inched above her knee, she grunted and ground her hips into the bed. I continued to stroke her thigh and her orgasm seemed to go on forever. When she finally stopped. She looked over her shoulder, and tried to apologize for what had just happened. He face was red and while I’m sure it was partially from embarrassment, at least part of the flush was from her smashing climax.

“Sis, don’t worry about a thing. After over two decades of near celibacy, I guess you deserved a break.” With that said, she gently moved her hand to my crotch and asked me if she could help me with my problem too. I immediately became uncomfortable, but my cock would hear nothing of being shy. Two or three gentle strokes and my shorts were growing more and more uncomfortable.

Realizing that I may not be over anxious to get romantically involved with my sister, but my dick was, she rolled onto her side, reached for the drawstring at the top of my shorts and pulled it loose. I looked down and saw a magnificent set of tits. I had always known that her chest was huge, but her tits were perfectly formed, a bit saggy, but crested with areolas the size of coffee mugs, and nipples like thimbles.

While I admired her tits, I hardly noticed that she had worked her hand into my shorts until she grasped my pecker and worked it out over the waistband. By this time I was beyond stopping and shifted forward to help her strip off my now student sex parties porno binding shorts. As soon as I was free of the offending clothing, she shifted her position and began stroking the head of my cock across her nipples and began licking my belly. Her breathing started to shorten again and I was shocked as she dove on my cock like a starving woman. She didn’t even hesitate sliding the full length into her mouth, the head pushing into her throat. Holding my balls, she began bobbing and tonguing, guaranteeing that I would soon fill her mouth with baby batter.

It took less time than I expected, and I suddenly erupted in her mouth and while she may know how to suck a cock like a pro, she was just not prepared for the volume of cum I flooded her tonsils with. She gagged and dribbled cum down both sides of her chin and onto her tits. In spite of her gagging, she managed to swallow everything that didn’t escape, then suck all the leftovers from my oversensitive tube.

When she realized that there was nothing else to get from my cock right now, she looked at me sheepishly and cupped her enormous tits in her hands, pulling them to her mouth and licking the residue from her jugs. I lay down next to her and we began touching each other in tender way. Sis giggled and reminded me that this was not only immoral, but illegal. She was, however, sterilized after a problem pregnancy 24 years ago and we didn’t have to worry about offspring.

I smiled and began kissing my way down her chest. Her nipples were extremely responsive and as I began to suckle, she started to writhe and moan. I reached between her legs and cupped her pussy, sliding my finger between her engorged lips and found a prominent erect clitoris just waiting to be stroked and sucked. As soon as I contacted her love button, she jolted, clenched her thighs and began rolling back and forth. I bit her nipple and she grabbed my head, pushed it tighter to her chest and began screaming. I thought I had hurt her, but as she started screaming in time with her orgasm spasms I got a bigger mouthful of tit and began to chew again.

By the time this ended I was sporting a raging hard on, and decided that she was in serious need of a good fucking. I rolled her on to her back and placing my cock at the opening of her now submissive cuckolds porno frothing pussy, I slid in to the hilt, feeling the tip of my cock work past her cervix. She immediately wrapped her legs around my waist and looked at me with eyes that glowed with an almost unearthly aura.

As I started thrusting, I realized that in spite of the abundance of natural lubrication, this pussy was the tightest I had ever plowed. I guess the abstinence over the years had returned her to near virgin status. I was not complaining, mind you. Each thrust was met with an enthusiasm I had never experienced. The screams continued and grew in both volume and pitch as I continued to pound my sister’s pussy. It took me nearly 45 minutes to approach my own orgasm and not wanting to disappoint her, I announced that I was going to flood here guts with cum. She wrapped her legs tighter and gripped me even tighter with her pussy.

My nuts grew tight and I lunged one last time. Sis pulled her legs tight and pulled me into her as I bathed her insides with my scalding sperm. I seemed to cum forever and before I finished, I felt the hot flush of cum oozing out around my cock and down my balls.

When she decided to let me go, I rolled off and watched my sister reach between her legs and bring her soaked hand back to her mouth, licking off our combined juices. She then pushed me down on the bed, knelt over my face and began licking my cock clean. I sucked her pussy clean, realizing that our juices were delicious and I found her still engorged love button. Sucking the nubbin between my teeth, I began to hum and she began to cum again. I decided that if she was this frustrated, I would keep her going until she ran out of steam or begged me to stop.

Her orgasms were popping one after another and when she showed signs of slowing down, I lubricated my finger with her pussy juice and began to trace the circle of her asshole. This immediately set off a new and more intense reaction than before. Working the finger to the first knuckle, she finally begged me to stop and fell limp atop me.

I planted a kiss on her pussy and rolled her onto her back. Positioning a pillow under her head I pulled the sheet over us and lay next to her, cuddling her as she moaned and drifted off to sleep.

I must have dozed off as I woke up to find my cock in my sister’s mouth and when she realized I was awake, she popped my hard dick out her mouth, smiled and said, “You started something last night that we didn’t finish. My virgin ass needs attention and you don’t get away without tending to your duties.”

The rest my friends is history. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

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