Sissy made in the forest


Sissy made in the forestIt was 1998 I’m 36 now you do the math.We were at a bonfire me and my friends, I drank way to much and passed out. I woke up naked in the woods. My soft cock smushed in the mud . It was damp and clammy the side of my face held down into the wet leaves. It smelled of old forest. I’ll never forget that smell. In the distance I could see the barely lit fire. It was quiet. Except for the sound of mikes balls slapping my taint. My asshole had a burning pain. With each thrust my body went deeper in to the forest floor. I didn’t know what to do or say so I just laid there tears rolling down my cheeks. Finally his cum eased my pain. After I got dressed we walked home. Mike was his normal self. He acted like nothing happened. I was so confused. I wasn’t gay, he wasn’t gay. Mike was my best friend for my entire life. I was so confused. I didn’t tell anyone anything and just tried to forget about it. That week we were our normal friends riding bikes and hanging out. The next Saturday me and mike were walking around in the wood like we usually did. We came upon I fallen down tree.Mike pushed me over the tree a pull my shorts down around my ankles. I was a deer in headlights. Shocked and confused once again. I felt the head of his big cock pushing into my ass. It hurt so bad. With no lube it was just painful . Finally he spit on my hole and shoved it in. I clawed away at the bark on the tree. Tears rolling down my face. I started to whimper and he covered my mouth with his hand and began pounding away. It was broad daylight, I was terrified that more friends would see us. This time he came quickly, soothing my anus once again. I reached down and pulled up my shorts. I shoved mike back saying what the fuck man? He just laughed. You know you like it!“Cmon let’s see what we kaçak iddaa can find in the creek !” Why would I like this? Do I like it? We just started summer break , me and mike we’re always home our other friends went away with their families. We were such good friends cause we were always together we lived next door to each other. This summer was just different obviously. The next weekend my parents were going to visit some friends so they left me with mikes family. His parents worked long hours so we were home alone a lot. I remember waking up to my asshole being rubbed with something sticky. Mike was naked next to me . His hard throbbing cock pressed against my thigh. His hand between my legs his forearm touching my limp penis. Three fingers rubbing my asshole. I didn’t know what to do or say I just looked at him . See you love it he smiled.Look at my cock big and hard look at your tiny and soft. I had a late puberty. My voice was sqeaky my body was hairless and soft . I wasn’t gay though. Mike position himself between my legs . I watched as he stroked his thick gleaming cock it was like 8” . I couldn’t fight him cause I would lose. He was so much stronger. He continues to stroke and play with my asshole. He slipped a finger in . I moaned , it felt good. I told you! You love it. He slipped another in I moaned again. I knew I was about to be fucked whether I wanted it or not. Mike inched closer between my legs . I spread my legs wider. His fingers pulled out and his helmet pressed against my hole. Reaching down under my thighs I grabbed my ass cheeks pulling them apart. Slowly his massive cock slid in my boy hole. I moaned loudly and Mike smiles. Soon I felt his hairy balls against my cheeks. He was all the way in. I moved my feet from the bed and wrapped my thighs around his waist. kaçak bahis His balls slapping my ass, the bed squeaking, the feeling of his cock inside me . His grunting he just kept going and going. After a powerful pounding he kneeled back up, taking my legs and putting them on his shoulder, he held my hips and continued. My life changed forever in that instance. My little soft cock was flopping around. My hands playing with my chubby tits, rubbing my nipples. I felt like I had to pee so bad . My little cock started squirting cum all over my belly. I was having a orgasm from him fucking me. Eat it mike grunted! So I scooped it up in my fingers looking him in the eye I ate my cum. I know it turned him on even more cause his steady pounding turned into hard slamming. I felt amazing but horrible at the same time. He pulled his cock out and slammed it back in. Over and over it hurt so bad I started crying the lube was gone. He got off on my pain . Tears rolling down my face he slapped me hard. I continue to cry as my hole was on fire. Yeah little bitch ! You like it! Take my cock he grunted! Finally he squirted his thick cum in me. I thought it was over. He pulled his cock putting it in my face. Suck it sissy! No ! I sobbed Suck it he demanded. It was just in my ass… please no I begged He shoved it in my mouth and down my throat. I gagged over and over. I knew I had to suck it. So I did. Sucking the remaining cum from him. It tasted good. He pulled his cock out and dick whipped my face . Good girl he laughs. Mike lays down next to me . His cock hard again. I knew he was just getting ready to use my ass again and it was so sore. So I did what was best for me. I crawled between his legs and started sucking. I actually started to enjoy it. I was good at it cause he came again quickly. I illegal bahis swallowed his creamy load. We got up to take a shower he made me kneel in the tub told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. I felt his warm piss covering my body. In my mouth . I rubbed it in it felt so good. You little piss slut he laughs your hard! I was very hard. After the shower we got dressed and rode our bikes until dinner time. Over the course of the summer I was filled with cock at least once a day. Most days I didn’t want it but he didn’t care. He took what he wanted. He used me and abused me. Even during the school year he did what he wanted. Mostly on weekends he would make me sleep over his house. One weekend I was over there he made me wear his moms clothes. That became a regular thing. He would dress me up and use me. By the next summer I would cum anytime he was in me. I really enjoyed that part. But he was just to much interest in hurting me. I hated that. Throughout the summer he abused my hole, mouth and body. I grew fond of a few things. Sucking cock and eating cum really turned me on but my favorite was piss. I would pee on myself before I shower pee in a glass and gargle with it and drink some. One day I asked mike to piss in my ass. He used his mother’s dildo on me. I was face down and ass up. Her dildo was huge , just to get it in was a task but when he did I would squirt so much after gaping my asshole he started pissing. It was, it is the best feeling in the world. Cleans you out great. His piss power washing my anal walls . Half way into the summer I knew I was a sissy I wasn’t born this way. I was made. Mikes family moved away at the end of the summer. I stole his moms panties and dildo. I looked him up a few years ago. He’s in jail for doing the same thing to another guy. Go figure. Years later I crave that feeling of being used and abused against my will. And of course lots of piss lol. I’m definitely damaged goods. But I’ll rock your fucking world. Never find a no limits girl like me.

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