Sister Exploits Nylon Fetish

Big Tits

So some backstory, I’m 25 sister is 22 and she is hot. Like really freaking hot. She’s 5’5, has 36DD breasts, a small waist and a bubble butt. She has long wavy blonde hair and a pretty face. But her best feature is her legs, long and wide but not fat, muscular but still very feminine.

I am 6’1, quite slim but not skinny, I work out a bit but only to keep fit, I’m not bothered about getting ripped. I have an average looking face and a thick 8 inch cock.

I have a fetish for anything nylon. Tights, stockings, you name it. I just love how smooth they feel and how amazingly sexy they look.

One day my sister and I were talking about sex (we’re a very open family) and the topic of fetishes came up. I told her about my nylon thing and she told me that the only thing better than nylon is a good pair of silk tights. My dick jumped to attention at that comment so I excused myself to jack off in my room.

From that day on all she ever seemed to wear was low cut tops (which she wore anyway) and instead of the jeans or shorts which she normally wore, she started wearing really tiny miniskirts and (I’m assuming silk) tights.

This tricky masseur porno went on for a few days until one hot summer day, we both stayed indoors as it was too hot to go out. I was in the living room watching a movie and she came is and sat next to me. On this particular day she had on a very short, very tight miniskirt and a pair of brown silk tights. As if this wasn’t enough of a turn on, she also decided that today was too hot to wear a shirt so all she had on her top half was a very sexy, lacy pink and black bra. She didn’t sit at the other end of the sofa as you’d expect but she sat right next to me so our legs were touching. I was wearing shorts so I could feel her tights against my skin and they felt amazing.

Part way through the movie she grabbed my hands and moved us around so now one of my arms was around her waist and she put my other hand across my body and on her inner thigh. I looked deep into her eyes as I stroked her thigh. Her tights felt really amazing, so smooth. She then kissed me passionately, her tongue roaming around my mouth.

I returned the favour and moved türbanlı porno my right hand up her back to undo her bra, letting her big sexy tits fall out. I moved my right hand around her body and grabbed her soft breast, all the while stroking her stunning nylon covered thighs. I groped her whole body hungrily while we made out and managed to get her to wriggle out of her skirt.

Now she was just wearing her tights and a tiny thong that matched her already discarded bra. I touched her body wildly. I groped her tits, squeezed her ass, felt her thin waist and if course I stroked her thighs.

She then took off my shorts and boxers and started jacking me off. I was so horny groping her sexy body and she was amazing at wanking me. I barely lasted 5 minutes. “I’m cumming” I managed to say between moans. “Oh yes baby, cum for me. Come for your sexy little sister. Cum on my thighs baby.” This sent me over the edge. I came like I’d never cum before. She angled my dick so I came on her silky thighs. I shot ropes of hot sticky cum onto her tights. She then rubbed my cum around her legs until there wasn’t an inch of her silky türk porno tights that wasn’t covered in cum, including her ass and even the fabric covering her pussy was now covered in my cum.

I told her that she looked sexy and asked her to masturbate for me. I wasn’t really expecting her to but to my surprise she stripped off her tights and her thong and she pushed two fingers into her tight wet pussy.

The sight of this got me immediately hard again and I moved her hand from her cunt to my cock. I started fingering her as she jacked me off. We made out again. Then in one swift movement she straddled me and sat on my dick. She sat down so my big hard cock entered her hot wet pussy.

“Oh my God I’m fucking my sister!” I exclaimed as she started to bob up and down on my dick. We sped up until we were fucking hard and fast. We went at it like animals and because I had already cum I was able to go for much longer than usual.

She screamed loudly as she hit her first orgasm. I kept fucking her until she came again and then the third time she came she moaned and squeezed my dick with her vaginal muscles. This made me cum. “I’m cummmmmmmminggggggg!” I screamed between breaths.

“Cum inside me baby. Cum in your little sisters tight pussy. Fill me with your hot sticky cum”

This sent me over the edge and we came together while passionately kissing.

I wonder if we will fuck again tomorrow.

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