Sister home from uni.


Sister home from uni.My sister was home form university for a long weekend, she was eighteen and I was a little younger. As she was home our parents decided to have a few days away with friends. It was early evening and I went for a shower, I had just started when the bathroom door opened and sis’ walked in, she sat on the loo and was watching me. ” I see you are still taking my panties while I have been away”, I looked at her and felt very awkward. “It’s o.k I don’t mind, do you wank in them, do they give you a big erection, have you ever cum in them”? She was smiling as she said this. “When you have finished showering come to my room, I have some new underwear you can try” Then she stopped. “Has another man ever touched your cock, I bet they have, did you like it?” She turned and walked away.When I had finished showering I put on my dressing gown and went to her room.Laid out on her bed was the most beautiful sets of panties and bras imaginable, three sets in total.”so” she said, “has another man ever touched your cock”. I didn’t answer. “O.k , did you enjoy it, tell me”. kaçak iddaa My sister could be very dominant when she chose to be. “Tell me and you can pick whichever set you want, not only that I will dress you like I did before. Then if you want me too I will call Lily, I know “she’s at home. I’m going out so the two of you could have a lovely time together”. The thought of Lily being with me was enough.”Yes ” I said “a guy has touched me” . Her eyes lit up “Go on, so what happened, did he wank you off, did he suck you, I bet he did” By now she was very excited and I noticed she was rubbing her groin. “Does it turn you on the thought of somebody touching me” I said . Once again she smiled, but she never stopped touching herself. “Yes, the thought of my little bro’ having his cock played with is beautiful, did you enjoy it” I hesitated, then I smiled, “It was very naughty but very sexy and yes he did everything” Her fingers were rubbing her pussy like mad, she went very red. “Oh god” she said “I’ve cum”She lay back against the bed for a few minutes, then her face lit up. ” I enjoyed kaçak bahis that, it’s the best cum I’ve had for ages, now I’m going to call Lily and tell “her” to be here for 7.30. That will give us plenty of time to get you ready” “O.k pick whichever panties and bra you want” I went for the pink ones. ” You be putting them on, I think I have a suspender belt and stockings which will go very nicely. She then brought a little black dress, my sister and I are about the same build, so it wasn’t too difficult to fit me. By the time she had fitted my wig and done my make up I felt good, I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t believe the transformation, it was hard to believe it was me. Sis just smiled, “come on sexy, you’ll have me fancying you soon”We went down stairs, it was nearly 7-30, for some reason I was feeling nervous. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. I answered it, Lily was as gorgeous as the first time I met her. I took her into the lounge, she was wearing black trousers and a white top. She gave me a warm embrace and then a kiss on my cheek, we sat down on the couch, illegal bahis she was still holding my hand.My sister came in the lounge to say goodbye, “Now you two, have fun, I will see you about 11-30” and with that she was gone.I wanted to get hold of Lily straight away but she fended me off, “we have plenty of time and I will make sure you won’t be disappointed” She was still holding my hand, she moved it to her groin, I could feel her bulge. “There you are I’m as excited as you”. She slid her hand up my dress on to my cock, I had the biggest erection I had ever had. I loved the way she smiled, she carried on playing with me, but she wouldn’t let me touch her. “your sister told me this is the first time you have been with a ladyboy and to make sure I gave you a happy time”Eventually she gave way and let me feel her cock, I hadn’t much experience but it felt wonderful. I pulled her skin back, she had a beautiful bell end, “put it in your mouth if you want” I have no idea where the time went but it was suddenly 11-00, we were both down to our panties and bras’. The door opened, my sister walked in. “Sorry i’m early” and then she smiled. “Are you having a good time gurls” . With that she turned and walked out of the room closing the door as she went.A good time was had for sure!!

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