Sister Knows Best Ch. 02


Since you guys all wanted a better character background I’ll go back to the beginning. Before Alicia gave me a blowjob and before I was even 18 years old and explain to you how I got as lucky to have an attractive 31 year old virgin to want to fuck her little brother.

A couple of years before this event I just heard of Alicia’s boyfriend. He lived in the same city as her and I had found out that he had stayed over a few times. At this age I was already horny for her and I got curious enough to wonder if she was fucking this guy already, so I asked her if I could stay over at her flat for a weekend. I’d done it once before and met one of her friends from work, Charlotte who was living with my sister at the time. Anyway, she said yes. Charlotte had moved to the flat next door so there was just going to be me and my big sister that weekend.

I spent the night staying up with Alicia in the living room just talking about casual topics like friends etc. until it had gotten pretty late. Then I managed to slip her boyfriend into the discussion as we’d started taking about what she’d want from marriage.

“Hey Alicia,” I continued nervously.

“What?” She was looking at me intently as the tone in my voice had clearly changed.

“Well- anime porno in marriage – would you stay a virgin until then or not? Because now you have a boyfriend so…”

“Oh, you mean to ask me if I’m still a virgin.” She just figured it out as she said it and that just made her sound even cuter when she got embarrassed. “Let me show you something.”

“Okay” I got excited as I replied. She smiled at that, also still blushing from beginning to talk to me about her sex life. Then she grabbed my hand to follow her. We got into her bedroom and she walked over to her wardrobe letting go of my hand, so she could reach out. Then she pulled out a plastic see-through box.

She reached out her hand to me as I marvelled at what was inside. Alicia said “This is my dildo.”

I wanted to say something but I didn’t know what. She was so fuckable right then at that moment. I looked from the dildo to her just for a split second and tilted my head doing so, thinking of her sexy body and what we could do. She realised before I could do anything and interrupted my wave of thoughts preventing any contact from her body.

“You can’t. You’re just 16- stop looking at me like that!”

My mouth was asyalı porno now watering but I managed to slur out “sorry sis, but you did just hand me your dildo.”

“I was just showing you that I’m a virgin, okay? I don’t wanna have sex until I’m married like a real lady. Besides-” she carried on “By then it will feel so much better!”

“I was a little disappointed” I admitted. Still half-hoping that I could use the dildo on her now that I’d seen it.” So you’re not going to ever feel a man inside you until you’re married? What if your husband’s not a virgin?” I was confronting her openly now that I felt the period of embarrassment had left.

“Well I can still do some things and not lose my virginity.” She sat down on the bed as she said this and I just followed her on, not really thinking about it. “I can give head.”

I looked at her all of a sudden and I think from it she took me to say- ‘you don’t believe in sex before marriage but you’ll give head?!’

“Well,” She continued “It does get boring. I have had anal sex.” Her face changed, not as though she was ashamed but just to show her recalling what it felt like. Smiling now she said “And when Charlotte used to live here I shared someone with her. I backroom casting porno only took it up the ass and he had a condom on too.” I think she had lost track of what she was saying because she basically just told me she took it up the ass with her Hot friend Charlotte in a threesome. I wasn’t about to complain though!

She continued, still remembering with her head slightly tilted “So I never got any cum in me. Charlotte says that when she feels a guys cum shooting up her, it’s the best bit.”

“-So, you can give head then.” I interrupted and raised after raising an eyebrow cheekily.

“I’m just saying that I Can, if I want to.”

“Oh.” My eyebrow went back down.

At this point, she noticed that she had been looking in the direction of my boner for quite some time and stopped talking altogether.

After a short pause: “Look, we’re not going to do anything with the dildo so just put it down.” I felt as though she had read my mind. “I think it’s time for you to go to bed now, okay” she finished talking and I put the box with her dildo on her bed as I got up to leave.

“Okay sis. Sorry for..” I didn’t know how to put it all but she smiled to show she knew what I meant.

After that night I started coming over more often to get close to Alicia and overhear her enjoying her dildo. Also, over the next two years Charlotte moved back in and her and my sister had gotten to become ‘best friends’, but I’ll save the rest of the story for another time.

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