Sister Mine Ch. 03


A funny thing happened as Erica, Megan and I lay there that day, nothing. I think the possessive side of Erica came out and suddenly she was all about getting Megan out the door. She stayed the night but when I asked her what getting rid of Megan had been all about she was very circumspect. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of her and knew it was one of those things best let go. Erica’s idea was to cuddle and fall asleep like that and I had to admit it felt good. My feelings for Erica, however, were very muddled. I knew I love her like I should love my sister but there was more, a lot more. I was asking myself if I were in love with her. The smart thing to do the next morning would have been to discuss that with Erica. I went out for coffee while Erica slept and said nothing. By the time I got back she was gone.

We went back to our regular lives although we did talk at least briefly every night. On the following Tuesday I got a somewhat strange call from Megan. She was asking me all these questions, how’re you doing, what’ve you been doing, yada yada but I knew there was a looming question. I could have made it easy for her and drawn it out but it was really a question I preferred not to answer. I knew she wanted to go out with me and under almost any other circumstance I’d have said yes but things were just a bit too messy so we hung up after talking a lot but not really saying anything and that was good.

I called Erica the next day and told her of Megan’s phone call but asked her not to do anything rash. “What do you mean by that?” She asked combatively.

“Oh come on Erica, you’ve become possessive of me.”

“Do you have a problem with that?”

Actually I did but such a problem extends well past Erica but at that particular moment I didn’t want to get into it with her so I let it slide and said, “no.”

We hung up a few minutes later with Erica saying she wanted to come over the following evening and she was bringing me a surprise. I couldn’t imagine what she was up to and Erica’s really good about not tipping her hand.

At about 6:30 I heard the doorbell ring and as I got up to answer it the door opened. The first person I saw was Megan followed close behind by Erica. Erica stared me dead in the eyes and indicated that I should be silent but placing her finger over her lips. She had Megan gagged, blindfolded and handcuffed.

She pushed Megan roughly into the living room and said, “Okay bitch, sit down there! There’s a sofa right in front of you. You sit there and don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Erica grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. “What are you doing?” I inquired sharply.

“What does it look like?” Erica replied with a grin on her face.

“Does she know where she is?”


“So what’s the plan?”

“I told the little bitch that if she were good and did everything I said perfectly I let her have you for one night. You should have seen her when I brought out the handcuffs. She said she would do it and I said fine and turned to leave. I would have too! I took like two steps and she agreed to everything.”

“So what does she think is going to happen tonight?”

“I told her it might be her and me or it might be a gang bang but whatever it was she couldn’t complain or all bets were off.”

“You’re bad!” I said grinning.

“I know,” Erica replied, “I honestly didn’t know I had this in me but I kinda like it!”

“What’s gotten into you? You were always like the shy one.”

“Yeah but I always had fantasies too and now I want to do some which reminds me, I’ve got another surprise for you. Let’s just say she’ll be coming here in a little while?”

“Who is she?”

“I’m not saying! It’s a surprise.”

“So what do we do now?”

“I want you to fuck Megan while I watch but you can’t say a word. I don’t want her to know who’s doing her.”

“Okay, anything else?”

“Yeah, remember, you’re still mine.”

I sighed a bit and said, “Okay.” I really wasn’t all that comfortable with her possessiveness but I figured it wouldn’t hurt anyone to let her have her way for a while. I had wanted to fuck Megan but I didn’t want to cross Erica and ruin things between us. “So why the change of heart? How come you’re gonna let me fuck Megan?”

“I told you. I’ve always had this fantasy to watch a man fuck another woman and I can control Megan so it’s perfect.”

“Come on,” Erica said grabbing my hand and pulling me back into the other room. “So Megan, I’ve got someone here with me who is going to fuck you but I’m going to keep you blindfolded and gagged. Nod your head if you understand.” Megan nodded. “And if you’re a real good girl and do exactly as I say maybe I’ll get Jack over here to fuck you. That’s what you really want isn’t it.” Megan nodded her head again. My friend isn’t going to say a word. I’m going to take the cuffs off you but if you pulled your blindfold off I promise you you’ll never ever get to fuck Jack, do you understand?”

Megan nodded. Erica went behind her and undid the cuffs. Erica bangbross porno whispered in her ear, “I’m going to undress you myself so stand still.” Erica hot breath in her ear made Megan shiver a little. She felt Erica’s arms extend around her and undo the buttons of her blouse and then pull it off her. Then she quickly removed Megan’s bra and as it dropped to the floor she cupped her hands under Megan’s breasts and lifted and squeezed them gently. Erica kissed Megan’s neck and stuck her tongue quickly into her ear and Megan again shivered with delight.

“Take off her pants,” Erica said looking at me. As Megan was still wearing shoes I helped her off with those first before unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down. My face was rather close to her pussy and I could smell her scent arising from her hot damp pussy. That aroused me a little more. Then I pulled down her panties and Megan stepped out of them. With her pussy inches from my face I felt the uncontrollable urge to lick her pussy so I quickly pushed my tongue between her pussy lips. Even though Megan had a gag in her mouth she let out an audible moan.

Erica gave Megan a sudden sharp slap on her ass that I could tell from the crack stung her enough to make her yelp. Megan let out a muffled, “Ow!”

“I told you bitch, you must be quiet or you’ll never get to fuck Jack. Do you understand?” Megan nodded and Erica smacked Megan’s ass again although not nearly so sharply as the first time. This time Megan remain silent although I could see her clench her ass and stiffen up a little as she absorbed the slap. “Maybe I should spank you’re pretty little ass just so you’ll remember who’s boss!” Erica said in a commanding voice. Even though Erica didn’t touch Megan I could see Megan stiffen up again waiting for her spanking. Instead Erica grabbed Megan’s hair and pulled her head backward and in a loud whisper said, “That’s better you little bitch.”

I could believe my sister. I had no idea she had this side to her and it excited me greatly. Then Erica said to Megan, “Alright bitch, get on your knees. I want to see how well you suck cock.” Megan moved slightly hesitantly from not being able to see but still got to her knees rather quickly. I stood right in front of her. Erica took my hard cock in one hand and with her other hand directed Megan’s face to it. Megan sucked me tentatively at first but in seconds got more into it and was quickly bobbing her head up and down on my cock. As Megan was sucking me Erica was playing with my balls and running her hand back to my ass and over my scrotum. I moaned as I felt I was going to explode at any second.

Erica saw this and said, “No coming yet!” She stopped Megan from sucking me and took her by her hand and got her up on her feet. She led Megan over to my couch and said, “Bend over bitch and put your hands on the couch.”

Megan did as she was told and Erica got behind her. Erica put her hand on Megan’s pussy and drew it backward running her finger through Megan’s slit and then up the crack of her ass. Erica then pulled Megan’s ass cheeks apart and said, “So do I want to see you fuck her in her pussy first or in her ass first.” I really didn’t like the idea of fucking anyone in the ass. I don’t know if Erica picked up on my disliking of that but she then said, “No, I think we’ll save your cute little ass for another time. Okay, fuck her real slow.”

I got behind Megan and slowly pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. Erica walked over to the outside door and stood next to it. She said she liked the view from that angle. My kitchen was to her left and the living room and the sofa upon which I had Megan was to her right. I couldn’t figure what was so special about that view but trying to figure out Erica those past several days was difficult anyway so I’d basically stopped trying.

So even though I couldn’t see her the thought of my naked sister standing behind me and watching me fuck Megan was really hot. I was having a hard time maintaining my silence but had to admit that Erica’s way of doing things was working even so. I was holding onto Megan’s hips and firmly slamming my cock into her and I could hear Megan’s muffled moans.

Then I heard a knock at the door. “Our guest has arrived,” Erica said with obvious delight in her voice. I had turned my head a little so I could see Erica. She opened the door so it hid her from the view of the person outside but I heard her say, “Come in, please.”

I couldn’t see who was there but what I heard next caused me to turn sharply. “Oh my God Megan, what are doing!”

It was Megan’s mother and to say I was shocked would be a real understatement of my feelings at that moment. Erica stepped out from behind the door and said, “Hi Mrs. Johnson.”

I heard Megan’s mother say in shock, “Erica?” and then saw her look over at me and then back at Erica. “Oh this is sick! What do you kids think you’re doing?”

I was speechless, to say the least, but since she’d obviously planned this Erica was not. “We aren’t kids anymore Mrs. Johnson. We’re consenting bangbus porno adults.”

“But Megan, Jack,” she fumbled for the right words, “Erica, you’re standing here naked and in the same room as your own brother! That’s just wrong! What’s gotten into you?”

By this time Megan had turned around and pulled off her blindfold and taken off her gag. I could see the shock on her mother’s face as she watched Megan free herself. “Megan, did they hurt you?”

“No mom,” Megan replied hanging her head in shame.

“She’s here, Mrs. Johnson,” Erica said in a very matter-of-fact tone, “because she’s been dying to fuck Jack and what you see is what she had to do to get what she wants.”

“I’ve heard enough,” Megan’s mother replied with disgust, “Megan, get dressed. We’re leaving this, this, place.”

“Oh I don’t t think so,” Erica said as she closed the door and locked it. “That is unless you want to whole world to know about Greg.”

The color drained from Mrs. Johnson’s face and then she countered defiantly, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Mom?” Megan said.

“Go ahead, Mrs. Johnson, I mean after all I doubt Greg will mind if the whole town knows you’ve been having sex with the pool cleaner.”

“Mom, you’ve been having sex with him?” Megan asked shocked.

“And he’s married too but I don’t think his wife cares. She’s got to know he’s doing half the women in town anyway.”

“How did you find out?” Mrs. Johnson asked. “I’ve never said anything to anyone.”

“I didn’t know until right now. I’d heard rumors he’d been doing a lot of lonely housewives and I knew you had someone cleaning your pool soooooo . . .” Erica grinned.

Erica walked over to Jack and stroked his cock a couple of times. “Welcome to our little, group.” Erica said. “So Paula, you don’t mind my calling you Paula do you?” She didn’t wait for a response. “It’s up to you Paula, we’ll keep your secret if you keep ours or, well, the world will find out about you and we’ll still be having our fun anyway.”

“Oh Erica,” suddenly realizing exactly what was going on Paula continued, “you’re having sex with your own brother?”

“I love him.” She replied strongly.

“Of course you love him but it’s wrong. It’s against everything we believe in.”

“That’s why it feels so good. Anyway, Jack’s mine but I decided to share him with Megan if she behaved and so far she has. Didn’t Jack’s cock feel good in you Megan?”

Now everyone in the room was surprised by Erica’s demeanor. This once shy girl was transformed into a demanding and forceful woman.

“So Megan, go give your mother a hug and a kiss and welcome her into our little group.” Megan hesitated. “Megan, you still want to fuck Jack don’t you? Be a good girl and I’ll let you fuck him a lot.”

Her desire was still very strong for Jack so Megan got up and went to her mother. She hugged her and then gave her a kiss on the cheek. She was about to back away when Erica said, “Give her a real kiss.”

Erica’s meaning was obvious. Megan thought a moment, paused and then lightly kissed her mother on her lips. “Megan, you do love your mother don’t you?” Erica asked.

Megan only nodded to Erica and looked into her mother’s eyes. Paula felt as trapped by the situation as Megan was but also about as helpless too. Megan kissed her mother again, a long kiss.

“Jack, help Mrs. Johnson, I mean Paula, off with her clothes.”

“No!” Paula said. “I’ll not participate in this. I won’t say anything but I want to go.”

Erica came up to Paula and said, “Paula, this is not about what you want or don’t want. You’ll do what I say or suffer the consequences.” I couldn’t believe what Erica was saying or how she was saying it. This was so out of character for her and yet I liked it. It allowed me to feel that she had things well in control.

Paula looked at Erica then at me and her daughter and then back at Erica. Gritting her teeth she said, “all right but no weird stuff.”

“Paula, it’s all weird stuff. That’s what we like and that’s what we’re going to do.” Erica never lost eye contact with Paula while she said this and then looked at me and said, “Jack, help Paula off with her clothes, she’s looking awfully warm.”

Megan was a younger version of her mother except that with age Paula had some extra weight which meant she had slightly bigger breasts and was a little broader in the hips. Still, at what I guess was about 44, she looked pretty hot. Paula was wearing a blouse and jeans. I suggested she kick off her sneakers first which she did and then I helped her off first with her jeans before turning my attentions to the buttons of her blouse. The blouse was a bit more billowy than I had thought and as I undid the buttons I saw that Paula’s breasts were quite a bit bigger than her daughters. I allowed the back of my hands to press into her cleavage as I undid the buttons and Paula reacted with a shudder. She turned so I could undo her bra and then at my suggestion pushed down her panties. As I looked between her beurette tour porno legs I saw a well trimmed pussy come into view and when Paula went to put her hands over her pussy I pulled them aside.

“So Jack, would you like to fuck her too?” Erica asked.

“Of course I would!” I said enthusiastically.

“Paula, would you like to fuck my brother?”

Paula said nothing for a moment and then replied, “why not.” The way she said the words showed defiance in her voice as if to say “I won’t let you get the better of me.”

“Well, there’s something you have to do first before you get Jack.” Erica took my hand and lead me to the sofa where we sat next to each other. “Paula, your daughter has been a very bad girl. I told her that under no circumstances was she to remove her blindfold and gag and obviously she has disobeyed me. I want you to give her a good spanking.”

“I will not!” Paula said defiantly.

“Yes you will or I can assure you your husband will be the first to find out about Greggy poo.”

“You bitch!” Paula volleyed back.

“And proud of it!” Erica said with a broad smile. “Sit in that chair over there” Erica said motioning to a chair along the wall “and put Megan across you lap so we can see her ass.”

Paula looked mournfully at her daughter and Megan said, “It’s okay mom. I actually kinda like spankings.” Paula expression changed to one of disbelief at her daughter’s admission. They moved to the chair and after Paula sat down Megan lay across her legs. Paula raised her hand and gave her daughter a quick slap on the ass that was obviously not too hard.

“Harder Paula! Make it sting! Make her cry and don’t worry, she’ll beg you for more she’s such a slut.”

Paula shot Erica as dirty a look as you can imagine but Erica just smiled. Paula smacked her daughter’s ass again this time much harder and it was met with a yelp of pain from Megan. “That’s it Paula, do it again!” Paula smacked Megan’s ass again and again as Erica prodded her onward. Megan began to whimper and cry a little but she was also becoming turned on. She didn’t know where Erica had gotten the idea she’d like a spanking but as it was happening she found herself becoming turned on and the warmth generated by the spanking spread to her pussy and caused it to become very wet. Megan’s cries quickly became mixed with her moans of pleasure.

“See what a slut you daughter is Paula,” Erica said as she started to stroke my cock once again, “she’ll do anything to get at this.” She nodded to my cock as she continued to stroke it. “Isn’t that true Megan?”

Megan was a little perplexed but was also resigned to what was happening. She hated being called a slut and wanted so much to deny the accusation but her desire for my cock was even greater. She whimpered out a quiet, “yes.”

“Check her pussy Paula, I’ll bet the little bitch is soaking wet already.” Paula stopped the spanking, paused and looked back towards Erica. “Do it!” Erica commanded.

Paula slowly moved her hand down to her daughter’s ass and then pushed it over her pussy. She could feel the heat of her daughter’s pussy rising to her hand even before she inserted a finger into her and once her finger touched Megan’s pussy there was no doubt about how wet she was.

“Taste it,” Erica commanded as Paula removed her hand.

Paula grimaced once again but slowly put her finger to her mouth and then tasted her daughter’s juices. What was more upsetting to Paula than what she had just done to her daughter was the fact the she was becoming turned on. She felt as if her body was against her. She couldn’t help think in one moment how horrible what she was doing was and then to think the next moment how much it excited her too.

“Megan, I want you to get up now and check your mother’s pussy for moisture. Something tells me that she’s as much a slut as you are.” Megan pushed herself off her mother’s lap and knelt next to her and then pressed her hand between her mother’s legs and into her pussy. She was extremely wet and this surprised Megan. She had never thought of her mother in sexual terms, of course, but she next expected her mother would react this way to this situation.

“Is she very wet?” Erica asked.

“Yes,” Megan replied in a very soft voice.

“I thought so, now taste her. Put your finger in your mouth and lick it clean.” Megan did as she was told. As with her mother, she was surprised at actually liking the taste of her mother’s pussy. “So Jack,” Erica said turning to me, “Who should do who first?” I didn’t understand the question and without saying a word Erica realized this. “Do you think Megan should eat out her mother or the other way around?”

I felt strange responding to this question at all. So far I’d felt more like a bystander taking everything in but not really responsible for anything. I knew Erica wouldn’t take anything but an answer she liked so I said, “I think Paula should eat Megan first.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” Erica said to me with pride in her voice. “So Paula, will this be the first pussy you’ve ever had?”

Paula didn’t respond and everyone was looking at her for her to answer. The prolonged silenced caused Megan to say, “Mom?” It was like she knew the answer but couldn’t believe it. “Mom, you’ve done this before? When?”

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