Sisterly Love Pt. 07



The following is obviously a continuation of Sisterly Love Pt. 6, of which I recommend reading prior to as an introduction, or at least the last few paragraphs at a minimum. And as I mentioned in the prologue to Sisterly Love, this will be a long series by the time I finish documenting everything. So please bear with it. Thank you.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


As soon as we returned home from our bike ride I took a fast shower as it wouldn’t be long before people started arriving. After I got dressed, I brought my shaving things to Brenda’s room where I shaved her pubic mound and anus to remove any stubble. And while doing so it was impossible not to notice her clitoris was somewhat aroused.

“You horny Brenda?”

“Yes I am, and in spite of masturbating this morning when I first woke up.”

“I can feel for you. It can be frustrating to rely on masturbating to get all your sexual relief. You only end up masturbating more often, and all for an orgasm which after a while isn’t very satisfying except for a brief moment or two.”

“You got that right Lacey. What do you suggest?”

“Let me ask a question first. What do you fantasize about when masturbating?”

“Lately it’s been two things in particular. Obviously I fantasize about going down on Teresa, and her again on me after she did last weekend. The second thing I’d be embarrassed to share with you.”

“Like it or not you need to. How else am I going to come up with any viable options.”

“I suppose you’re right. The other thing I fantasize about…” There was a slight pause before she finished “…is it was me and not you when I watched you and Walter having anal sex.”

“No reason to be embarrassed, and I’m not surprised. But was it the fact it was Walter, or what we were doing?”

“I guess you could say both. But mostly the fact how much you seemed to be enjoying him doing you in the ass. Until Teresa first licked and fingered my asshole, and then you used the glass anal dildo in it, I never realized I enjoyed anal so much. Or just someone tonguing my anus like Teresa did. Ever since I watched you and Walter I often fantasize about Walter doing me in the ass as I masturbate. Especially when I use the anal dildo you gave me. Just once I’d like to experience it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Walter and his big cock, but at least someone who knows what they’re doing, and like Walter, would care more about me enjoying it than themselves.”

Just then the front doorbell rang, which meant our guests were arriving.

“We’ll have to finish this conversation later. After you get dressed meet us on the back patio.”

Both Bill and Rita and Bob and Lois arrived at the same time. Once we all greeted each other we made our way to the patio where Walter had a large cooler filled with beer and wine coolers. After getting everybody one depending on their preference, Rita asked where Brenda was.

“She’s getting dressed. We took longer than usual with our bike ride and barely made it back in time to shower and dress before you arrived.”

No sooner did I finish when Brenda walked out onto the patio. And she was dressed in the short strappy red on white floral v-neck sundress that came down just barely mid thigh. To say she looked terrific in the flattering sundress with her hair in a ponytail would have been an understatement. Not forgetting the huge amount of cleavage she was displaying. Not that Rita, Lois and I weren’t sharing our fair share too. No doubt she wore the skimpy red sundress instead of the more conservative white one so she could make a “big splash” with everyone. Or at a minimum be the focus of everyone’s attention. And from the reaction of Walter, Bill and Bob, who I would have sworn all stopped breathing when they first saw her, she exceeded her expectations. Even Lois and Rita were a bit breathless because of how terrific she looked. Sexy as hell actually.

After everyone regained their poise I introduced Brenda to Bob, being Lois’s squeeze, who she was meeting for the first time. Once I did we made ourselves comfortable before we chatted for a while. Us girls at one end of the patio while the men sat and talked sports on the other end. As they were, it was easy to see they kept looking our way and were more interested in us than what they were discussing. And most likely Brenda more so than Lois, Rita or me. Finally after a half hour or so they grabbed their chairs and relocated to where we were.

No doubt they wanted to be closer to Brenda so they wouldn’t have to keep straining their eyes. Not that I blamed them because of how terrific she looked. Particularly Bob, who after he sat with us couldn’t keep his eyes off Brenda’s feet, although he was attempting to be more discreet about it than with me at Lois’s apartment. At first Brenda didn’t seem to notice, although it appeared Lois did immediately. After a while it became obvious hastane porno Brenda did too as she did a couple of things which I’m sure she knew would drive Bob crazy. First she dangled a sandal on the big toe of one foot with her legs crossed. Not long after she nonchalantly uncrossed her legs slowly and provocatively. Very similar to the way Sharon Stone did in Basic Instinct, which made me wonder if she had underpants on. After she did, she removed her sandals and with her legs stretched out and feet crossed at the ankles, fully exposing her pretty soles to Bob. When she did, I could have sworn I saw sweat break out on his brow.

Fortunately, Walter broke the hypnotic state Brenda put Bob in by getting himself another beer and while still standing asked everyone if they were ready for the latest jokes he heard at work. With the exception of Brenda, all of us have been tortured more than once listening to some of the jokes and it elicited a loud chorus of moans and groans.

Undaunted, and before I could stop him, he started with the first one…”At 12:55AM at a Burger King, which stays open 24 hours, a man approaches the counter with a gun and tells the attendant to open the register and give him all the money. The young attendant replies…’I can’t do that. It won’t open unless I place an order’. The robber gave it some thought before saying…’Then give me an order of onion rings.’ The attendant then replies…’I can’t do that either since it’s not on the breakfast menu.’ After which the robber, totally frustrated, turns around and leaves.”

Once again, everyone moaned and groaned. Only more so this time along with a few boos. All I could think to myself, if the rest of the jokes were as bad everyone would leave like the would be robber.

To spare us any further pain…”Walter, if that’s the best you can do as far as the latest jokes you heard, please refrain from telling them. It was so bad it hurt my ears and made me winch.”

“Maybe I didn’t tell it right, but wait till you hear the next one.”

Before he could…”Walter, unless you want me to shut you off as far as sex, you better not. I couldn’t deal with another one of your jokes today. And I don’t think anyone else could either.”

With a big smile he replied…”You sure know how to hurt someone Lacey. Thankfully I can take a hint and not be offended.”

“Thank you Walter, and I promise I’ll make it up to you later. Wink, wink.”

Just then we got a big surprise as Rodger and Teresa walked into the yard through the back gate. When they reached us I noticed Brenda had a big smile on her face. After we all greeted each other, and Brenda and Teresa hugged like two long lost friends, Walter got Rodger and Teresa a beer and wine cooler respectively.

After he did…”I’m so glad you two could make it. And you both look terrific.”

Teresa replied for both of them…”Thank you Lacey, and I didn’t think we would. One of the grandkids came down sick and my daughter figured the last thing she wanted was for Rodger and I to get whatever was ailing her so they put off their plans until next weekend. So here we are, and I hope we didn’t miss anything.”

“No you haven’t. Unless you consider Walter’s corny jokes as missing something.”

Teresa laughed…”God no, and it seems our timing couldn’t have been better. And look at you Brenda. You look fantastic…as everyone else does.”

The “everyone else does” was thrown in to be polite for everyone else’s sake. It was easy to see the focus of her attention was on how great Brenda looked. Then again, Brenda could have just gotten out of bed and still looked good.

At that point, Walter announced since there were now four guys it was perfect for a few games of horseshoes. Of which Walter has a horseshoe pit on the far end of the back yard. After he filled a second cooler with beers, the four of them went off to play, which left us girls on our own.

After we chatted about family, the latest gossip and our favorite TV shows I announced I had a confession to make. I felt it was only right they knew about the conversation Brenda and I had earlier since it involved them. It was either now or later, but with them all together it would make it less time consuming for me to do it individually.

“So you’ll know, Brenda and I had a long conversation this morning relative to the extracurricular sexual activities between us and our husbands. Brenda was curious about certain things I’ve said recently, and I thought it was time she knew. If I didn’t, she’d eventually have figured it out on her own, but I felt it was better she heard it from me instead.”

Rita then interrupted me…”To be honest Lacey, I’ve always been puzzled why you two didn’t have this conversation before now. And good for you Brenda for being curious enough to inquire about it. Now that you know, I hope you don’t think badly of us.”

“Absolutely not. Quite the contrary. Hard not to seeing how hemşire porno all of you are such good friends and the way you interact. You couldn’t find a group of people more at ease with themselves and each other. Like I told Lacey, I’m even jealous in some ways.”

Lois then asked…”In what ways Brenda?”

“From the way Lacey explained it to me, and I’m assuming it’s the same with most of you, you wanted to invigorate your sex life. Or maybe rejuvenate it as with Walter and Lacey, when they realized theirs was going down hill. Albeit maybe not in an accepted way by most people’s morals, but you still did and all seem better for it. So who am I, or anyone else for that matter, to think badly of you. Now I need another wine cooler, does anyone else want one?”

After Brenda got fresh coolers for all of us she continued…”To answer your question Lois, as I told Lacey, I’ve always second guessed myself by never being sure about anything I wanted to do or try. Or even explore my own fantasies. You could say I was afraid to live as I please without worrying about what other people think. Whereas none of you seem to. Being mature adults and like minded people you did what you thought was best, and you seem very comfortable with it. Knowing what I now know, I probably would have done the same thing. But only because I’m a lot wiser and more confident about myself thanks to my sister. I denied myself many things over the years, and if I don’t start enjoying myself, it’ll be too late, which explains what took place between Teresa and I last weekend.”

Teresa who was sitting next to Brenda reached for her hand and squeezed it lovingly before saying…”I’m sure I can speak for everyone else in saying I’m glad you’re finally aware of the special relationship we all have besides our bi-sexuality. It’s been hard being careful of what we say in front of you, but now that you do know, where does it leave us?”

Since the question was meant more for Brenda, she answered it…”As far as I’m concerned, we can all be more open with each other. Otherwise nothing’s changed except I have a better understanding and appreciation of your relationship with each other. Plus everyone won’t have to be so guarded about what they say or do around me. It’ll be nice you can all act naturally, which I could sense you weren’t before. Even my sister at times.”

Lois then asked me…”What about Walter? Or Bob, Rodger and Bill?”

“Good question. Since Brenda and I had our conversation just this morning, Walter doesn’t know about it. Which leaves us, and me in particular, with a dilemma. To answer your question, a part of me says it’s only fair to inform him, but another part says to leave well enough alone. At least for now. But since it mainly involves you Brenda, what are your thoughts on it? Should we inform Walter, and the rest of the men, or would you prefer we didn’t?”

“My first inclination is to go with the second option and leave well enough alone, but in reality it’s only fair at least Walter should know. If we don’t inform him, he’ll eventually find out, and when he does he’ll be justifiably upset we didn’t sooner. Unfortunately when we tell him it very well could make things uncomfortable for all concerned so how we go about it needs to be done in a way no one will be afterwards. And sooner the better. As a result I’m thinking we need to take what could be a sticky situation and have some fun with it. Not at the expense of anyone, but in a way which doesn’t seem forced or as though we’re fessing up about something. Now let me share what I have in mind to see if you’re all agreeable.”

Brenda then went into a long detailed description, which ended with…”Now this is where the staged part ends. Afterwards we’ll let things evolve on its own.”

It was a surprisingly bold idea for Brenda, and very imaginative when considering she didn’t have much time to think about it. After she shared it with us she asked for our thoughts, and any suggestions we might have. Collectively we all agreed it was a pretty neat plan, but we put our heads together to work out some minor details. Once we did we were pretty pleased with the end result and couldn’t wait to implement it. And like Brenda implied, in a way that would be a pleasant experience for everyone. Unfortunately as with any quickly formulated plan, it could always backfire or unravel for some unforeseen reason. Except in this case, I couldn’t imagine it would.

Not long afterwards the men finished playing horseshoes and returned to the patio area. When they did Walter asked if we were ready to eat since it was getting late and would be dark soon.

After we consumed hamburgers and brats along with a nice antipasto salad we sat around the patio and talked until it was nearly dark. Soon as it was the mosquitoes made an appearance so we quickly retreated indoors. Mainly between the family room, which is quite large, and the kitchen next to it. Once everyone was comfortable hikaye porno with either a beer or wine, being Lambrusco and Pinot Grigio instead of coolers, it was time to execute the plan we developed. Brenda being the lead player was seated on the large L-shaped sofa in the family room. Also seated around on the sofa was Bob, Bill, Teresa and Rita, with Rodger and Walter seated in nearby recliners. Lois and I were in the kitchen, but had a clear view of things since it’s wide open between the two rooms except for a long counter or breakfast bar.

Bob unknowingly was a key player also, and as expected, it wasn’t long before he once again couldn’t take his eyes off Brenda’s feet. To give him a better look, Brenda removed her sandals. After she did, and to make sure he had an unobstructed view of them, she sat in a sideways position leaning against the armrest with her feet on the sofa.

Once assured she was achieving the desired effect Brenda asked…”Bob, I can’t help but notice you staring at my feet. Is there something wrong with them?”

As with me at Lois’s apartment, realizing he was caught in the act he couldn’t apologize fast enough…”I’m so sorry Brenda, I couldn’t help myself. And it’s not because there’s anything wrong with them. Quite the opposite. As most everyone here knows, I have a thing for pretty feet and yours are simply perfection. Lois mentioned yours were as pretty as Lacey’s, and she’s right. So please bear with me as I’m only admiring them.”

“I’m truly flattered. No one has ever admired my feet before, or at least admitted they have. If you want, why don’t you sit next to me so you can have a better look.”

Which Bob didn’t hesitate to do and after getting a closer look…”They’re even prettier than I thought. Would it be too much to ask if I could feel them?”

Unknowingly, Bob was playing along perfectly as far as our plan. Very predictably thankfully.

“No it wouldn’t Bob, but let me get in a better position so I’ll be more comfortable.”

After she did, Bob had to kneel on the floor in front of her. Once he was Brenda raised one leg and pointed her foot at him. Bob took hold of it by the ankle with one hand and felt her foot all over with the other.

“Your foot is so smooth and soft Brenda. Not even a hint of a callus or any roughness. Your sole and heel are as soft as the top of your foot. And I love your beautiful staircase toes and high arch. Not forgetting the excellent choice in nail polish to accentuate your delicate toes. Bright red…my favorite color. Simply put, you have lovely feet.”

“Thank you Bob, and I think I discovered a new erogenous zone from the way you’re handling my foot. Very sensuous the way you are. If you keep it up it’ll have me thinking obscene thoughts before long.”

At that point everyone in the family room was totally focused on Bob and Brenda. Lois and I decided to join them from the kitchen and as we did, and as planned, Teresa moved to sit next to Brenda. As soon as she did, she put an arm around her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

Brenda looked at Teresa before saying…”Really. No one’s ever done that before.”

Brenda then looked at Bob…”According to Teresa, you’re probably craving the thought of sucking my toes. I can’t imagine why you would, but…”

Bob never let her finish…”She’s right. I’d love to Brenda, but only if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t think I would since it would be a new experience for me. Feel free as long as no one else minds, especially Lois.”

No one objected so Bob as with me proceeded to suck one toe at a time first, and very intently, before sucking them all at once. After what seemed like five minutes of sucking her toes, Bob then proceeded to lick up and down her entire sole before returning to her toes, which he first licked the bottom of each one before sucking them individually again.

Surprisingly Brenda seemed to be enjoying it, at least more than I thought she would. It turned out her feet are an erogenous zone she never knew she had. She even asked Bob not to ignore her other foot, which he didn’t after she raised her leg.

In the meantime, Teresa with her arm still around Brenda leaned towards her and began nibbling and kissing her ear. As she was, and with Bob making love to her feet, Brenda seemed to be losing any self control she had. Wasn’t long before her breathing became labored and she began licking her lower lip.

Finally Walter came over and in a near whisper asked me…”What’s with Brenda all of a sudden?”

“Well, she is my sister. I guess it just took her longer to come out of her shell than me. Why do you ask?”

“The way Teresa and Bob are going at her it won’t be long before some serious stuff is taking place.”

When I looked back at Brenda, one of Teresa’s hands found its way under her sundress and was obviously rubbing Brenda’s pubic mound. Plus the two of them were now kissing, and very passionately with their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. In the meantime, Bob now had one hand inside his shorts as he continued to suck Brenda’s toes. When Brenda and Teresa paused from kissing to catch their breath it’s when Brenda noticed where Bob’s other hand was and he was obviously rubbing his cock.

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