Sisterly Love


Tyler ran the back of his hand across his forehead, wiping away the water dripping from his dark hair as he stepped from the shower. Reaching blindly towards the sink, he felt through the steam and snagged the towel off the counter. Tyler opened the door to let the room clear, and then wrapped the thick green clothe around his waist, knotting it low on his hips. Crossing the doorway into the adjoining bedroom, he strode to his bed and lay back, feet flat on the floor and his arms stretched out on the king size mattress. His mind wandered to the date he was meeting in an hour and a halfs time, and he grinned.

Tyler had met Crystal Johnson at the bar last Friday, and a hotter woman he hadn’t seen. He’d been sitting in a corner with some work buddies when he’d spotted the brunette across the smokey venue. Slowly his eyes had drank in everything from her long hair she wore loose to the form-fitting, barely there red top and the skirt that left nothing to the imagination. Her tits had been firm, and the milky mounds and spilled over the top of her shirt, along with the tiniest scrap of lace that made Tyler suspect the bra was more for show than support. His gaze lingered there, wondering what color her nipples were (he’d decided a coral-pink color) and traveled down her flat stomach to the end of her skirt, where suddenly legs stretched for miles down to the killer black heels. She’d noticed him staring and winked, a signal he’d been waiting for. Without hesitation, the twenty-five year old pushed his body from the bar and made his way across the room.

Tyler wasn’t a vain guy by any means, but he knew he wasn’t that hard on the eyes. Black gaziantep vip escort bayan hair that curled at the nape of his neck, light green eyes and a dimple in his left cheek ensured most women took another look at the body he’d acquired through his construction trade. He wasn’t a muscle-head, but he was in shape. And Crystal noticed all of it as he approached her, and leaned down to her ear.

“Wanna get out of here,” he whispered, not the kind to waste his time.

“Why, I’m not that kind of girl,” she had replied in kind. She sounded sincere, but the wicked glint in her eyes and the way she curved her supple body against his told him another story altogether.

Tyler snapped back to the present and groaned. The towel had tented in his lap, his cock remembering the way her body pressed against his as they danced, her ass right against him, her skirt riding up enough Tyler knew without a doubt his new friend did not wear underwear. She had grinded against him until he was so horny he would have fucked her on the bar if he thought he would get away with it. Tyler had spent all week thinking about her, the way her pussy had been wet while they danced and left proof on the front of his jeans when she straddled his lap when they stopped for a drink or three.

Tyler yanked the towel off, his erection springing free and standing at attention throbbing and begging for attention. He closed his eyes when his hand found his hard dick, and imagined the way her mouth was going to feel when she blew him, and how tight her cunt would be wrapped around him, her pussy lips gaziantep yabancı escort bayan tugging at his cock while he pounded into her from every angle and position. Tyler could almost hear her screaming his name, and his hand moved up and down faster, pumping his cock as he squeezed tightly. His hips moved of their own accord and sweat formed on his forehead. He’d managed to feel her cunt last week, and he knew she was clean-shaven and that her clit was deliciously sensitive. He figured while he had her bent over in front of him he’d make sure one of them was rubbing it.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped. A week’s worth of built-up frustration took hold and with a groan cum starting to spill from his cock. He thought about making her lick it up if she couldn’t swallow it all, with his hand wrapped in her hair. More cum spilled from his swollen head, and he gritted his teeth, his hips pushed upwards as he quickly slid his hand up and down his cock, squeezing every bit of cum from his dick, letting it spill over onto his hands and to his bed. Breathing heavily he lay still for a moment before getting up and strolling to his closet.

Glancing back at his bed, he grinned. Tyler had no doubt before the night was over Crystal Johnson would be laying there in his cum, begging him to fuck her in every hole she had while he stood over her.

Across town, Crystal Johnson laid on her bed, listening to her older sister Jessie talk about her latest break-up. She rolled her eyes and tuned her out, thinking about the guy she was meeting later that night. Smiling, a vision of Tyler gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan Campbell popped into her mind. She’d met him last week, and almost broke her own rule of never fucking the guy on the first night. Not because she wanted a relationship, God no. She liked the anticipation. She liked knowing they were thinking about her for a few days. She liked getting wet every night until they finally had her. Just thinking about what was evidently going to happen tonight, her cunt began to get wet. She was laying in her bed naked, trying to motivate herself to get up. Jessie was sitting next to her in her towel, having just stepped from the shower. The two sisters lived together and had a very close relationship. They shared everything. And, Crystal thought with a smile, maybe that would include Tyler tonight.

Crystal glanced at her sister, and saw she wasn’t paying any particular attention to her twin. Swiftly she knocked Jessie back and straddled her, making the other girl’s gray eyes darken.

“In a good mood?” She asked even as she tugged her towel off. The twins were as close as people could be, and neither saw the harm in having a little fun with each other. It’s not like they could get pregnant from it, Jessie thought as Crystal licked a nipple. “Oh, shit.”

Crystal smiled at the sight of her sister’s hard nipples. Her pussy grew wetter at the idea of Tyler biting on their tits, taking turns with each sister. She reached down and dipped her fingers into her sister’s sweet juices, knowing she’d already be wet from the simple show of domination. Locking eyes with her sister, she licked it from her fingers and closed her eyes. Maybe she’d get a chance to suck it from Tyler’s cock tonight. She pushed off her sister and got on her knees, pushing her legs open and exposing Jessie’s cunt to the world. Jessie squirmed and whimpered, and Crystal obliged, flicking her tongue over her swollen clit. She drew the swollen nub into her mouth, making the other woman gasp and push her hips up, burying her twins’ face in her wet pussy.

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