Sister’s Morning Duty


My sister and I have always been close, being twins, and it seemed natural when we went off to the same college together when we turned 18 this fall.

It surprised us both, however, when by random draw we received adjoining suites at the coed dorm. We both had roommates, and our respective boyfriend and girlfriend were over most of the time as well.

Last weekend, I did a stupid thing. As part of a fraternity initiation, I had to continually hang from a chin-up bar for hours. As a result, I ended up with severe arm strain and have slings in place for at least a week.

Of course, I am the butt of jokes around campus, but I am staying in my room and holding my water until my girlfriend Vanessa arrives at 9 every morning (you’re crazy if you think I’ll let my roommate Bill anywhere near my cock).

Well, this morning I woke up at 7 with a raging piss hard on. My roommate was gone and I lay in bed in a panic with an aching urinary tract for 30 minutes until I gave in and hopped over to the wall and banged my head against what I deduced was my sister’s headboard on the other side.

“mmmh…what the hell? what is it?” I heard through the muffled wall.

“Sis! Hurry over, it’s an emergency!” I cried.

After a sound of stumbling around, my sister Darlene came in my room. “Donny, what is it? You’re lucky you didn’t wake my boyfriend- he’d kill you!”

“Listen, Sis – this is so embarrassing- but I need your help bad!” I jutted cumlouder porno my hips for emphasis and my bulging erection strained against my pajama pants.

Dar’s eye’s opened wide. “Donny, I’m going to pretend this never happened and go back to bed!”

“No, listen! It’s not what you think! It’s a piss hard on! I just need you to, er, point it into the bowl for me!”

“I’m not touching you there. I will not touch your penis.” she was now whispering in a subdued voice.

I walked into the bathroom, and turned in profile. I’m sure she was ogling my fat cock standing at attention. ” Hold it with a washcloth. That way you don’t have to touch it. Now hurry, please! Before I piss myself and your boyfriend realizes you’re gone!”

Dar hesitated for a second, then padded sexily into the bathroom. Dar is a very petite blond, with small tits and a cute butt. Today she was wearing only sweat pants and a half-t-shirt that showed off her tan, tight abs.

Dar gingerly picked up a washcloth and got down on her knees next to me. I swear my cock grew another inch. “I’m only going to help you this once. Next time make sure your girlfriend is here.” Dar whispered her words in a soft, tender voice, and she slowly undid the drawstring on my pajamas.

“Wow. Wow.” Dar was way to close to my fat veiny cock. I could feel her hot morning breath all over it.

“Uhh..point it in the bowl.” I winced. Dar held my cock warily, czech amateurs porno What do you know? The washcloth remained on the floor.

“Hurry. And don’t get anything on me.” Dar intoned meaningfully.

“Funny…that’s what Joanie says when she gives me a hand job.” I laughed quietly.

“Don’t talk like that, Don’t say stuff like that.”

Dar didn’t let go. I slowly began to rock my hips, causing my cock to slide back and forth in her tiny hand.

Strangely enough, I was losing the urge to piss as I now felt a buzzing in my nutbag. Looking down at my twin sister, my cock was close enough to her face that wisps of her blond hair were now sticking to the inevitable bubble of precum that was forming.

“I thought you had to piss.” Dar’s voice was as small as a mouse, and I let my next thrust purposely caved in her outer cheek, wetting it with my early swimmers.

“Hey. Watch that stuff.” Why didn’t she back up?

I lifted my right leg and placed my foot on the tub. My cock was now in front of Dar’s lips, and I began a slow, rocking pressure that made a wobbling sound against her moist mouth.

Dar was breathing very heavily, and her nipples were now sticking out against her t-shirt. Still, she would not open her mouth.

Looking up at me with pleading eyes, Dar mounted one last defense. “You’re my brother. My boyfriend is right next door.” I stopped moving my hips. There was no need. Dar czech casting porno was jacking me off, aimed at her own face, like a complete whore.

If I only had use of my hands, I would have pulled her face on my cock. Instead, I hopped up on the sink, causing her to let go. If Dar wanted my cock, she would have to follow.

She did. Whimpering in frustration, Dar pulled her shirt over her head and pulled off her bottoms. Completely nude in front of me, Dar wiggled her ass into a sitting position and opened her wanton mouth. Without looking up at me, Dar throated me until her nose touched my pubes.

“Oh. my fucking God!” I was trying to keep my voice down, but I never felt so good in my life.

My sister’s mouth was like a wet blast furnace, and she sucked, tugged, pulled, and teased my piss slit with her magical tongue.

“Sis–do it–drink down my cum.” Dar gently tickled my asshole with one finger while beginning a deep swoop and suck on my boiling cock.

“Am I bigger than your boyfriend? Do you want to fuck me?” That did it. Mewling like a thirsty kitten, Dar began to finger herself. Her hand was a blur on my shaft. The entire bathroom smelled like wet pussy.

“Urrggghhh..” I exploded. Dar drank dutifully from a cum fountain that wouldn’t turn off. I watched her throat muscles work as she winced and swallowed my bitter load.

“Better?” Dar looked up sweetly, still holding my cock. I groaned as I now finally had to piss.

“The toilet-” I lurched, but Dar aimed my stream all over her naked breasts. I soaked her until she shone in the bathroom light.

“Now, let’s clean up.” Dar smiled and began to suck my cock. As I felt it stiffen, I prayed that my girlfriend wouldn’t show up.

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