Slave to Love Ch. 06


Disclaimer: Welcome to my world! As always, here comes the disclaimer. You just can’t live without those, can you? My stories are almost always fantasy based, (vampires and werewolves and angels, Oh my!) and this one is no different. This story holds strong BDSM themes as well as Slavery, polyamoury and romance. Mind you, my depiction of Slavery is *not* real life based, it is fantasy, my idea of what real slavery might be like in my fantasy world.

This Chapter has no sex! Yes, it’s true :gasps in horror: This is a short chapter that is plot and character building. If you’re gonna throw a hissy fit because this particular chapter doesn’t have humping, skip it! The next chapter does get back into the sexual aspect of things. :grins: Hehe. So, if you guys aren’t into the storyline, and only want the adorable angel boy sex, wait till chapter seven or reread the last few chapters.

If you choose to get into the real world scene, do your research, make sure you have safewords and stay completely safe, sane, and consensual. The D/s world can be a wonderful thing when enjoyed safely, as kinks or as a lifestyle. That said, if none of the above bothers you, enjoy the sixth installment of “Slave to Love”.


As it turned out, Cia absolutely loved readying slaves to be with their Master. She got to play with beautiful and expensive things as well as make Daman proud of the work she’d done. Those two things together made her rather excitable when it came to bathing and preparing Eko for his upcoming night of passion.

Unfortunately, that also meant she didn’t stay quiet very much. She wanted to know everything about Eko, from the type of food he ate at home, to what his family was like, and everything in between. It was hard for him to stand, honestly, considering he was so deeply lost in thought.

“Eko? What’s on your mind?” Cia finally asked after an extended period of time where he’d manage to forget about her last question entirely. “Are you worried about tonight? Or is it something else that’s troubling you?”

Eko looked up at her, sitting inside the huge bathtub with him, a strange washcloth contraption that looked like a glove, dripping suds, on one hand. She looked at him with an odd mixture of compassion, tenderness, and annoyance. It made Eko’s wings tremble with uncertainty.

“W-what d-do you m-mean?” He whispered in response. She exhaled sharply in frustration.

“It’s obvious something’s bothering you, and I don’t think it’s just about tonight.” She said again, frowning slightly.

Eko sighed deeply, his eyes slowly lowering to the steaming water he was seated in. After a moment, his slight shoulders rolled in a gentle shrug. “I-I’m in l-love.” He finally stammered out, swallowing hard.

Cia was actually speechless, which was clearly a feat all in itself, but when she finally spoke it was in a quiet voice. “I take it not with Master Daman.” She watched as Eko hesitantly shook his head in the negative. “Wooboy.” She mumbled. “Is he here?” She asked, and when he nodded, she swallowed hard. “Angel. Shit. You didn’t fuck him did you?”

Eko’s head snapped up, eyes wide with mortified embarrassment. “N-no.” he said, then sniffled softly as his tears threatened to break. “I’m s-so co-confused.” He wailed quietly, his eyes turning a beautiful grayish lavender with the impending tears. “I th-thought M-master w-was evil… th-then h-he l-loved o-on me t-today. N-now I d-don’t kn-now w-what t-too do.” He tried to stifle a sob, his wings shaking so hard they sent ripples throughout the warm water of the tub. “I d-don’t w-want t-to h-have s-sex w-with h-him b-but I al-already s-said I w-would.”

Cia reached over and began to scrub his back and shoulders again with the soapy glove, sighing softly as she mulled over what she’d been told. It was odd for Eko to bath with a naked female, but he was beginning to feel a sort of sisterly companionship with her, the way she chattered and talked, and now listened to his problems, making him feel somewhat steady and comfortable in a crazy and untamed world.

“Well…” she began, chewing absently on her lower lip as she stared at the wall over his shoulder. “I don’t know what you should do, Eko. Does Angel feel the same way about you?” She asked, and that was the question Eko’d been dreading. Suddenly, he burst into tears. Whole hearted gut wrenching sobs that shook his tiny frame. Instantly, Cia’s warm body was pressed against him as she wrapped Eko up in her arms, nearly pulling him into her lap as she rocked him gently, murmuring nonsense words in that way parents do with crying babies.

“N-nooo.” Eko cried helplessly, shaking his head. “H-he d-doesn’t l-love me a-at all!” his words were anguished as he pressed himself into the comforting arms of the young woman.

“Which is why you asked for Master Daman to take you tonight…” Cia whispered her understanding.

“You What!?” The angry voice cut through the room, and when Eko and Cia looked up, they saw Angel standing tecavüz porno in the doorway.

He was an incredible sight, and for a moment, Eko forgot completely what he’d been crying over. Angel stood in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of bright red leather pants, so tight they appeared to have been sewn onto his body, and a matching set of shining gold rings in each nipple, a sparkling sunstone bead holding each closed. His fiery hair billowed around his body, the colors shifting and moving, giving the impression of living flame. In fact, the longer Eko stared at him, the more like fire his hair really did look.

Heat billowed off of Angel in waves, causing that odd ripple effect that happens surrounding an open flame, and his eyes burned a glowing orange-red, actually glowed with a supernatural power. “You did what?” Angel asked again, his voice a menacing whisper, eyes snapping misplaced rage.

He took slow steps towards the bathtub, making his slight form look every bit as menacing as his voice sounded only moments previous. He looked more the Master then Daman had earlier that morning, and it sparked some terror in Eko’s heart, making it impossible for him to speak. He began to shake uncontrollably against Cia’s body, and she hugged him closer as she watched Angel approach.

“Answer me!” Angel snapped, tossing the clothing Eko hadn’t realized he’d been holding to the cold tiled floor. Eko heard a soft terrified sound, and after a moment he realized it’d come from his own tight and constricted throat. Tears seeped unheeded down his cheeks, and he pressed in closer to Cia in a silent plea for protection. “Why isn’t he answering me?” He growled out at Cia, eyes moving from Eko to the young woman.

“Because he’s terrified.” She replied. “Tone down the heat, fire-boy.” She sounded angry, but Eko had managed to rip his gaze away to hide his face in the crook of her neck, making horrified little whimpers and half-repressed sobs. “Look at yourself in the mirror, Angel!” She snapped at him.

Angel actually followed her advice, turning his face towards the mirror covering one wall of the bathroom. He paused at the sight of himself, he looked like a warrior, an avenging fire-demon with something to fight for. He looked downright frightening. He clenched his fists at his sides, taking slow deep breaths as he gazed at his reflection. Slowly, his hair began to tone down, his eyes dimmed, and the heat pouring off of him diminished down to an acceptable level. He had to close his eyes for a moment, forcing himself to control his emotions, his rage, his desire, and his self recrimination, and when he opened his eyes again he was more like his usual self.

“I’ve never seen you pull fireworks like that, Angel.” Cia whispered, awe tingeing her voice now that the immediate danger was passed.

“I’m growing into my powers.” Angel replied nonchalantly, as if it made no matter to him, but truthfully it was concerning him. His powers were connected to his emotions, and were choosing a terrible time to start maturing, considering how emotional the last few days had been. “So, the clothes I was asked to bring here was for Eko’s first night of mindless fucking, huh?” He asked, trying to sound flippant, and only managing to sound angry.

Eko chose that moment to give a helpless sob, choking on his own indrawn breath as Cia glared angrily at Angel.

“Shut up, Angel. You’re being a prick.” She growled at him, running a hand over Eko’s damp hair in a soothing gesture as his wings fluttered and trembled in the water.

“What’d I say?” he asked, frowning. “It’s the truth. He’s gonna fuck Daman, and then he’ll be Master’s toy in every aspect, just as the two of us are. It’s a good thing, but let’s not sugar coat it for him, its fucking, plain and simple.”

“ANGEL!” She shouted, “Shut the hell up! You’re scaring him!” She tried to pull the little angelboy away from her neck, but he clung to her so helplessly that she couldn’t dislodge him from her body.

Angel stalked silently to the edge of the tub, sitting on the tiled edge. “I don’t know why he’s so upset. He asked for it didn’t he?” He knew he was being cruel, but he couldn’t stop the words from pouring out of his mouth. Just this morning Eko had professed love of him, and now he’s going to fuck their Master.

“Y-you’re th-the o-one wh-who t-t-t-told me t-too!!” Eko suddenly cried out helplessly. “Wh-why d-do you e-even c-care?! Y-you d-don’t w-want me!” he sobbed helplessly, finally drawing away from Cia to look at the other boy with hurt and dull lavender eyes. He looked broken, and in that moment, Angel realized why Eko’d done it. He’d done it because of him. Horror assailed him, and with it a heat wave poured off his body causing both Cia and Eko to hide their faces from the intensity of his flame before he could force himself to dampen it.

“Oh gods.” Angel whisper, “No… no, no… Eko, don’t do this. Don’t.”

Eko forced himself 18 porno to look back at the other boy, setting his face in a blank mask, a mask that was beginning to be second nature to him after the past couple of days. He didn’t say anything, just looked at him with those dull eyes.

Angel knew, he knew he should tell the other boy he did love him, but the words stuck in his throat, and after a moment of staring at one another silently, Eko turned his face back into the crook of Cia’s neck. “M-make h-him l-leave.” He whispered dully.

“Angel…” she whispered, looking at him with her large pale blue eyes, pleading silently with him to give Eko what he needed. But Angel couldn’t do it, he couldn’t put his heart out for another person, no matter how he felt. He couldn’t get crushed again, when Eko fell for Daman, he’d forget all about him and the only thing he could do to stave off the inevitable was to deny his feelings completely.

Compressing his lips into a thin line, Angel stood up from his seat on the edge of the tub. “Well then, have fun Angelboy. Don’t fight him, or it will hurt like hell.” And with that, Angel turned and swept out of the bathroom. He didn’t stop walking till he closed the door to his bedroom, and the moment he did, he sank to the floor, curling his arms around himself and began to rock slowly.

His feelings were a jumble as he pressed his back against the door, rocking back and forth gently. He wanted to cry, but tears wouldn’t come. The smell of wood smoke tickled his nose as he stared at the floor, the door burning slowly where it was touching his bare skin. He didn’t care, the world could go up in flames around him, and he wouldn’t have cared in that moment.

The image of Daman fucking his Angelboy was too much for him to bear; he’d have given anything to remove his ability to think at that moment…


The next hour went by in silence. Cia had tried to engage him in conversation, to both cheer him up and to council him on how to deal with Angel, but Eko couldn’t force himself to respond. By the time he was all clean, primped and perfect, Eko was in worse shape then he’d been that morning.

“Eko, you have to loosen up, smile, come on this is a big night. You don’t want to disappoint Master Daman.” She said as she ran a brush through his wealth of beautiful soft hair. It shone silky smooth as she gently worked all of the knots out, and when she’d managed this, she picked out a bit of hair from behind his ear and began a slim braid, eyes locked on her work.

Eko sighed gently, licking his lips before closing his eyes with a tiny shake of his head. “I j-just w-want it t-to b-be over as q-quick as I c-can.” He whispered softly. “s-so I c-can c-crawl into b-bed a-and s-sleep.”

Cia was worried, Eko was beginning to look worse and worse with each moment that passed, and she had a feeling no matter how beautiful she made him, Master Daman wouldn’t be taking him no matter what the boy claimed he wanted. It was clear at this moment that the boy didn’t want to be touched, period, not even a little bit. She completed both braids, tying them off with amethyst studded thongs, then stepped back to look at him.

She’d done a good job, he looked truly stunning. His hair hung free, dark and swaying with his movements, accented by the startling splashes of color in his lavender streaks. She’d chosen to dress him much like Angel had been dressed earlier, but his pants were a rich buttery soft black leather that clung to him in all the right ways. She had to admit he was one of the most beautiful boys that Master had ever brought into his household.

She’d used a gentle adhesive to place a beautiful rich purple amethyst into Eko’s navel, causing a sparkle to catch the eye as he moved in the light. Amethyst studded white gold wrist-cuffs crept their way up each forearm, and though she’d wanted to put rings through his nipples, she’d soon realized he hadn’t had them pierced yet, so instead she’d used two amethyst studded nipple clamps which caused some discomfort. He was beautiful, and she knew Daman was going to go nuts when he saw Eko.

Taking his hand in her own, Cia began to lead him out of bathroom and down the hall. It was the same path he’d taken his first evening here, but this time he knew what he was walking into, he knew where he was going, and the naked slaves wandering the halls now seemed almost common place to him. It was amazing how quickly his perceptions were changing. Stress and trauma have a tendency to do that to a person, he guessed.

Pausing at the door, Cia turned him gently to face her. She fussed with his hair a moment, then touched his cheek. “Don’t worry. It won’t be so horrible; Daman’s never been that rough the first time he takes a person. You’ll do just fine, okay? She watched as he nodded numbly, and then knocked on the door in three quick raps.

“Come in!” Eko heard Daman’s voice, muffled by the door, and Cia simply opened it up and konulu porno waited for him to go through. He thought she’d follow him, but when he heard the soft click of the door closing behind him he knew he was all alone with his Master.

Daman was seated at his big comfortable chair, and for a moment Eko just stood there, watching his master watch him. It was one of those moments, peaceful and quiet, the calm before the storm.

As Daman looked at the beautiful boy standing before him, he took note of the way the wings drooped, but it was clear that he was trying to hold them up proud. He saw the way his eyes lacked the luster he’d helped restore that morning during their lunch and cuddle session, and he knew something was wrong. It wasn’t fear, not the fear that might come with being anxious about loosing his virginity. This was that hopeless desperation again, the knowledge that there was nothing he could do to change his life so he’s simply giving in, giving up, and doing what was wanted of him. It broke Daman’s heart in a way it really shouldn’t have, he shouldn’t be so attached to the angel.

“Come here, Eko.” He said in a gentle voice, noticing that Eko didn’t even hesitate as he walked towards him, stopping inches away. Daman reached his hand up to cup Eko’s face gently, “What’s wrong, Eko? I thought you were feeling better when you left my rooms earlier today. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I c-c-can’t, M-master.” He whispered, lowering his eyes sadly.

“Why not?”

“‘c-c-cause it’ll m-make y-you a-angry.” He whispered in response gently, then sniffled.

“Why do you think it’ll make me angry, Eko?”

“J-just ‘c-cause.”

“I’d like to know what has you so down, Eko. Come here.” Daman drew the angel boy down into his lap, curling his arms around him and nestling Eko against his chest, mindful of his wings. “Tell me, Eko.” He commanded gently.

Eko sighed deeply, closing his eyes for a moment, trying to build up the courage “I … I… I l-love A-angel ‘c-cept h-he d-doesn’t l-love m-me back.” He finally stammered out anxiously, avoiding looking Daman in the eyes until he heard a rich chuckling laugh.

“You thought that’d upset me? That you love Angel? No, Eko, that doesn’t upset me at all. I’m glad you feel like that about Angel because you’re going to be spending a lot of time with him.” Daman said, watching when Eko raised teary eyes to meet his.

“B-but h-he d-doesn’t l-love m-me!” Eko wailed helplessly.

Daman chuckled softly, shaking his head and lifting to a standing position easily with the angel still held in his arms. He made his way towards the intercom, pressing the button and said, “Send Angel to my room. Now.” He ordered, then returned he and Eko to the chair, cuddling the young man in his arms. “I don’t think that Angel doesn’t love you, Eko. I think that maybe you just feel very strongly, very quickly, and that maybe we’re all just trying to catch up to how we feel. You’re innocent, Eko, and that makes everything you feel so much stronger because you aren’t used to it yet, and that doesn’t make it any less real. Do you understand what I’m saying?” he asked delicately.

Daman watched as Eko mulled his words over, obviously trying to grasp his point. “S-so… you th-think h-he d-does l-love m-me?” He asked, looking so hopeful it broke Daman’s heart. He hoped he was right, he hoped he wasn’t setting Eko up for untold disappointment and pain.

“I think that if he doesn’t already, he will shortly if you give him some time, Eko. I am a little sad you didn’t love me first, but I suppose that’s to be expected, the last few days have been quite hard on you, I know.” He said, gently stroking a hand through Eko’s soft hair in a soothing gesture.

It was just that moment when Angel pushed the door open without knocking, and Daman realized with surprise he didn’t look much better then Eko did. They were both in tremendous emotional pain. Now, Daman was a dealer in pain, but it was the physical type he relished, not the emotional brand he enjoyed. Seeing both his beloved pets in this much anguish was something that cut him right to the heart, and it was clear he had to remedy the situation immediately.

Angel was burning up, heat pouring off of him in waves, which was the second thing Daman noticed about him. He looked fiery, his hair was wild, eyes wide and glowing in the dim light of the room. He crossed his arms over his bare chest, keeping his distance from the two in the chair because he knew he was putting off heat and he couldn’t control it in that moment. Thankfully, Daman didn’t push him to come any closer.

“You look as terrible as Eko does.” Daman said quietly, “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Angel spat, reverting to the fiery anger that was his natural defense mechanism. He and Eko were so different, night and day. The same pain causing different reactions in them both.

“Don’t lie to me. Tell me what’s wrong.” Daman said, then paused for a moment as his other slave glared at him angrily. “You’re in love with Eko.” He didn’t ask, he stated it as the fact he knew it was.

Angel’s eyes shone first shock, then fear, and finally a deep pain. It was the truth, by his reaction, Daman knew it was the truth, yet Angel still denied it.

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