Slave To Nylon And Feet


Slave To Nylon And FeetToday I went to work for a beautiful mature lady, I was sorting out her garden when I cut myself only a scratch but me being the faggot I am yelped in pain, the mature lady ran to my aid whats wrong she said? its just a scratch, let me look!’ her hands were so soft I was imagining them around my erect cock, she sent me upto the bathroom to wash my hands but I went in the wrong room but instead of leaving I started looking through her drawers and I opened the nylon draw and my cock instantly went hard I was sniffing her nylons I was in heaven I carried on looking around the room in the wardrobe was some amazing sets of lingerie then behold in the bottom was 6 pairs of amazing heels my blood ran to my cock sending a shock though my body, Then! she came in the room, What mariobet güvenilirmi are you doing? she said, nothing I replied wrong room, as I went to leave the room she pushed me down onto the bed, get undressed she said I paused for a few seconds and before I could say anything she shouted now or I’ll tell your boss, I instantly obeyed I laid there on the bed she was rifling through her nylon draw, close your eyes she said, next I felt that silky feeling of nylon on my face, she pulled a stocking over my head and tied a pair of heels to my face with the other, then she tied my arms with another pair of nylons I didnt know wether to resist if she told my boss I’d lose my job, I stayed still all I could smell was the sweet scent of stockings and heels my cock and balls mariobet yeni giriş ached then she put a pair of crotchless panythose on me whilst I was laid there then she squeezed her heels onto my feet, stay there she said I heard her walk away then cheekily so oops I forgot and she tied a nylon stocking around my balls then she left I waited and waited for what seemed to be hours, then I heard to female voices coming towards me, she had a friend? they both entered the room and began to giggle what a pathetic littls cock you have slave her friend had long nails and began to drag them down my shaft this made me want to explode they teased me for hours trampling my cock, heel inserting, ballbusting after this they were kind and gentle they started caressing their nylon feet mariobet giriş all over my cock, want to cum do you slave? yes Mistress I mumbled, okay then slave on my count 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…….Dont cum slave I have one last thing she asked her friend to remove the heels from my face so I could see them they were just amazing Mistress had her back to me, she turned and she was wearing a big red strapon she came over and whispered in my ear…. If you want cum slave you have to take this, bang up it went mistress was fucking me and her friend was laughing I was moaning loud so to shut up mistresses friend also got a strapon and fucked my mouth after half an hour or so she said want to cum slave? Yes Mistress I yelped She untied me from her bed where mistress and her friend were sat on the edge, jerk your cock she said, I jerked for my life and exploded all over 2 pairs of feet, thankyou mistress I am very grateful You havent finished yet she said clean it all up lick our feet clean you pathetic little slave so I did and now I go to mistress Garden every week

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