Sloan Ch. 01.2


Danni sat like a grumpy baked potato in the uncomfortable booth with their arms crossed. “I can’t believe he asked to meet you here. This is a fuckin’ Long John Silvers.”

“I love hush puppies and malt vinegar.” Sloan smiled and adjusted the denim jacket she wore over her dress. “And besides, its public, its within a few blocks from his house. If I don’t dig him, I can bolt and he’s not out for a fancy meal.”

“That is very generous of you but what am I supposed to do in the meantime?” Danni was her work friend and the only person Sloan trusted enough to be her backup if things got weird. They (Dani was always a ‘They’} had a grey spikey high and tight haircut and taught P.E. in a country school until they grew tired of being the “mannish bull dyke of Downs, Kansas” and moved to the more progressive city and took over as Dr. Elliott’s office manager.

“You can go to the Bennigans and drink those gross martinis you love so much. I don’t know, just…” she motioned as if shoo’ing away a stray cat, “…just scram, Danni.” She paused and remembered her manners. “And thank you for doing this for me. I owe you one.”

“Yeah, kid. When I go out ‘dogging’ you can sit in a car and wait.” Danni made an obscene gesture and winked.

Danni almost walked over Trevor as he walked into the lobby of the oily smelling fast food restaurant and he scanned the room for her. Sloan saw him and waved just as her mind kicked into high gear.

His pictures had not been too terribly embellished, though he appeared a little heavier. A tweed jacket that fit nicely broadened his shoulders. His face was boyish (that’s what caught her eye along with his ability to write in full sentences) and his hair was groomed without looking like he’d toiled over it. His jeans were black and tapered without being youthfully skinny or over adorned. His shoes were oxfords with socks that matched the checkered pattern of his shirt. He stopped at her table. “Ms. Sloan?”

“Doctor, but who’s counting degrees?” she smiled and she offered her hand to shake while scooting over to stand.

Her whirring mind continued to assess the situation at a frantic pace. His shoes were clean as was his shirt. His grip was gentle but not limp. He looked healthy, not chemically altered, and smelled of cologne applied with some discretion…but not enough discretion. She saw no signs of weapons, recording devices or any reason to run away yet.

His mind whirred as well. He saw the juxtaposition of fashion between a basic black dress (straps Yozgat Escort maybe? can’t tell.) and a worn Levi’s denim jacked and faded purple converse. (The buttons…what does DK stand for?) “She’s a doctor? I’m gonna fuck a doctor?” His mind didn’t whir as fast as hers.

At first, the conversation started like any date would, establishing roles in the community by discussing work, age, educational background and dependents. This was polite and allowed them both to maintain an air of control and dignity. But Trevor was brave and made the first move.

“So, did you mean what you said about…” he gulped and lowered his voice so other patrons would not hear. “About making a guy cum first…y’know…so he can go longer?” he smiled and his face turned red. She liked how his eyes wrinkled when he smiled. He seemed genuine.

“Yeah…” she smiled as well. “Lots of guys can have more than one orgasm…but it takes time to recover.” her face drifted to a casual smile to communicate a nonchalant feeling of confidence. “So, if I get YOU off first…then, um…you can concentrate more on me and take your time…and then it is more beneficial for both of us.”

“Well, my place is just two blocks away. I could drive you. I mean…I could give you a ride.” they laughed at the unavoidable auto/sexual innuendo and she said the first sexy thing in recent memory.

“We should walk. You can give me my ride when I get to your place.”

The studio audience in her mind erupted in mad applause and they stood and left without ordering anything. Sloan’s phone buzzed and she checked it to see a text from Danni. “I see you leaving. Don’t take too long. Apple-tini’s are half off.”

Trevor’s apartment was decorated like a man serving a life sentence in a college freshman’s dorm room. A style that is often adopted following a divorce, he replaced “Live. Laugh. Love” affectations of his ex wife with posters of prominent sports heros as if the overt masculinity would keep her memory away like a charm. The television was obscenely large and shiny and reflected them dimly. Sloan was happy it was not on when they arrived. No pets were visible. One plant, a ficus tree, languished in a corner. It smelled of carpet freshener and hastily sprayed men’s body spray. He gave her a ‘stand and point’ tour as every room in the small transitional apartment could be seen from the end of the entry way. Sloan noted that the kids bedroom had a bunk bed and had an abundance of children’s things that would only be Yozgat Escort Bayan played with every other weekend and some holidays. She could feel the heartbreak in his overzealous compensation to his children that he would not see enough. A construction paper sign neatly read “Lydia’s side” with an arrow pointing to the left and “Trey’s side” with an arrow pointing to the right. The sign was adorned with stickers.

“Y’want something to drink?” he asked as he took of his jacket and hung it on the doorknob of a closet where the jacket should have been actually hung. As he turned, she was standing right before him, taking off her jacket. (“Straps!” he finally saw.) They paused and he leaned down to kiss her. Like the conversation at the Long John Silvers, it started friendly but escalated quickly. In a beat, their hands were roaming one another’s backs. When his arms wrapped around her neck, she decided to be the one who stepped across the threshold and she bent her knees, lowering her body. In a moment, she found herself on her knees, unbuttoning his jeans there in the entrance way of his apartment. He leaned against the hall closet door and his jacket fell to the floor.

“Wanna see if my theory works?” she smiled.

“Yeah, sure.” his smile showed relief, surprise, lust, anticipation…he gazed down at her as she opened his slacks and pulled his underpants out to reveal what he’d previously told her she would enjoy.

“Oh…you ARE a big boy.” she giggled as she felt all of her preparation for talking dirty just wasn’t going to work, so she would do it her own way. He was erect and swollen. She kept herself low so her head would tilt upward. Her mind buzzing again with thoughts, memories and random facts as she opened her mouth and licked the length of his shaft. Thoughts like, “This is the fourth total penis I have had in my mouth in my lifetime. The first one of this decade. Definitely the largest at least by girth.” She opened her mouth wide after a few preliminary licks and took him into her mouth. She loved the feeling. When her ex and her were still in high school, she blew him every chance she got. She loved how it made her mouth water. She felt him touch the back of her head and, not knowing whether he was going to get rough with her, she pulled back and stroked him with the lubrication of her saliva.

“Trevor…I really love doing this…and…um…” she interrupted herself with a few deep sucks, “…um just let me set the pace, ok?” She looked up at him and Escort Yozgat he nodded.

With her fist to her lips, she took him back into her mouth, stroking and sucking slowly but firmly. With her other hand she tried to pull his jeans down farther but that didn’t work. So she used both hands with him in her mouth. She closed her eyes and she could feel him shuffling his legs about to pry off his shoes and step out of his pants.

Sloan stopped to look at him as he stood before her, bottomless, his cock staring right at her, muscular legs in a confident ‘A’ but with that boyish look and a really endearing grin on his face. She smiled, “Looking good, Mister.” she said enthusiastically. She thought, “I’m totally failing on the dirty talk now. ‘Looking good, Mister?'” Her knees still felt cold on the faux wood floor. The top of her foot was pinched funny by her shoe and that was distracting…but she kept going and wrapped her lips around him again, pushing him deep. Her head and hands moving faster, mouth watering, she could feel rivulets of spittle from the corners of her mouth. When she went back for a deep breath of air, a drooping line of spit from the shaft of his cock to her lip broke and fell in a sagging glob onto the hem of her dress. As she stroked him and resealed her lips, he groaned her name. He came within a few instants of her realizing what he had said and she stopped and just let it happen.

Every woman who has ever been in this situation knows the spectrum of reactions, from retching revulsion, to playful reveling and everything in between. Sloan just stopped and felt it, barely moving her lips or hand. The last time this had happened it was with her ex. She knew it was coming. She hadn’t thought that far ahead. She formulated her response as she heard his groaning subside and the pulsing circumference of his head even seemed to withdraw in her mouth. That familiar taste…the thudding of ejaculation in her mouth subsided. She simply opened her mouth and smiled. Much of the glob poured forward and she tried to catch it but it fell down her front.

“Uh oh.” he managed to utter. “Messy girl.”

She laughed and wiped her mouth on her hand only realizing the sperm glob was substantial. “So much cum.” she sputtered and then laughed as she surveyed the front of her dress.

“Let me get you something.” his voice revealed genuine concern. In a moment, with his dripping erection leading the way, he returned with two kitchen rags and a roll of paper towels and handed them to her. He turned back to the kitchen, comically attending to the dripping waterfall of sex that he was both excited by and embarrassed for. “What do you want to drink?” he shouted.

Sloan began to clean herself and stood. “Um, tapwater first…then bourbon if you’ve got it.”

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