Slutty Mom and Daughter Pt. 04


(Author’s note: This is the shortest chapter of the story)

Harper Taylor was in her happy place. She was naked, she had a cock in each hand, and she had nothing to do for the next day and a half except enjoy them both.

The eighteen-year-old sat up with her back propped against the satin-padded headboard of a luxury hotel bed. They’d gotten a real classy suite for her, much nicer than most of the guys she fucked could afford.

On her right, her neighbor Frank Lawton had his arm around her slender shoulders. Frank was a big, beefy guy with a prick to match, and her fingers didn’t quite close around it as she worked her fist up and down its length. He groaned appreciatively at her expert hand-job technique–her grip was feather-light, yet firm enough to provide the friction to bring a guy to the point of oozing the pre-cum to both lubricate her palm and whet her appetite for his jism.

Frank’s ball sack was full and heavy. Harper couldn’t wait to empty them for the first time. He had one of the nicest cocks she’d seen lately, though not as nice as her brother Bryan’s.

And certainly not as nice as Daddy’s.

Harper’s left hand was wrapped around her father’s prick. She wasn’t jacking him off, just gently squeezing his thick fuck-stalk and feeling it throb. Daddy had the most beautiful cock she’d ever seen. Nothing else made her pussy purr like that awesome slab of hard meat.

She sighed and leaned back against Frank’s big arm. He fondled her pert, high tits with both hands, pinching her rubbery pink nipples until they were hard as rocks. Lowering his head, he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and bit gently. The teenager whimpered and rubbed herself against him.

“You like that, honey?”

“Uh-huh.” Harper looked up at Craig with earnest blue eyes. “Play with my pussy, Daddy. Finger me while Mr. Lawson sucks my titties. Make me horny for both your cocks.”

“Are you ever not horny?” Craig teased, sliding his hand up her silky thigh until his fingers rested on her plump, pouting pussy mound. He tickled his daughter’s clit with his pinky.

“Nah,” Harper admitted, biting her lower lip. “But that’s your own damn fault. You taught me.”

Craig sank his blunt index finger into her moist slit. “See, you’re soaking wet already.”

“Oh!” Harper automatically ground and humped her small ass, mashing her cunt against her father’s familiar, experienced hand. “Unnnhhh! Oh, Daddy!” She tilted her face up to his, and her soft lips parted. When he kissed her, she thrust her pointed little tongue deep into his mouth. After a long time, she broke away and turned to kiss Frank just as passionately.

This was Harper’s first time with Frank, but far from her first time with two older studs. Daddy had personally seen to that, as he had every aspect of her extensive sexual education.

“Suck my cunt,” she mumbled into Frank’s mouth. He exchanged a look with Craig, who nodded approval and removed his hand from her snatch. She arched her back, lifting the shaven cleft of her pussy towards Frank’s mouth. In no time he was between her legs, spreading her legs and licking her slit like a hungry beast. Soon she was tossing and wriggling her ass so wildly that he had to hold her hips down on the bed with both hands.

“Do it to me!” she trilled, clutching the back of his head. “Oh fuck you’re good, you’re gonna make me cum. Make me cum, Mr. Lawson!”

Harper stopped talking when Craig brought his fingers to her lips, still fragrant with the aroma of her excited pussy. She sucked his fingers into her mouth, licking them clean of her girl juice.

“She’s running like a river down here,” Frank said. “One of us should fuck her.”

“You go ahead,” Craig offered.

“Seriously?” Frank looked up at his friend. “You know, Harper and I got to have a lot of fun already on the way up here, with you driving. I figured you’d–“

“You’re Girne Escort springing for the room,” Craig said. “Seems fair.” He smiled at Harper. “I got something else in mind.”

Harper blushed and felt her pussy gush even wetter as she guessed what Daddy had planned. She’d been dying to suck him off all morning, ever since she’d snuck out of the house before dawn that morning and climbed into his SUV when he’d come by to pick Frank up for their “golf weekend.”

Daddy had insisted that Harper sit in the back with Frank and let him concentrate on the road. She’d gotten to know her handsome next-door neighbor in a whole new way over the next hour. A thing that she liked about fucking older guys was that the ones who were good lays really knew what they were doing. No struggling with her clothes or fumbling around to find her clitty. Before they’d turned out of the cul-de-sac, Frank had her stripped to nothing but her cotton tee and was strumming her magic button until she was ready to scream. He’d bring her right up to the point of almost getting off and then stop, letting her drift back down from the edge before going at her all over again.

She’d been so hot that she was wobbly on her legs by the time they’d locked the door of their suite and all got naked together.

Harper sprawled on her tummy with her legs spread so wide apart that her toes pointed at the bottom corners of the bed, letting Frank tuck two big comfy pillows under her hips to raise her cunt up to the perfect angle for penetration. Her father watched approvingly as Frank knelt behind her. Harper looked back at him with a sly smile, wiggling her butt and waiting for the invasion of his prick.

He moved forward until the tip of his cock bumped into the lips of her open sex hole. “Oh, honey, you really do have a big dick,” she sighed. “I can feel how big the head is already.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Frank said.

“Don’t you worry,” she reassured him. “My pussy’s wet and ready, and I’m used to taking Daddy’s donkey dick. Just get in there and push.”

Savoring the moist heat of Harper’s sex lips clinging to the tip of his cock, Frank held himself steady and thrust slowly forward. His glans disappeared into her tight slit, followed by a few inches of his shaft.

“Can you see okay, Daddy? Can you see Mr. Lawson’s dick goin’ into my pussy?”

“Sure can, doll.” He waved his iron-hard cock at her face. “Can’t you tell?”

“Man, you’re one evil bastard,” Frank said admiringly. “Popping your own daughter’s cherry.”

Craig shrugged. “If you were her father, you’d have done it.”

“I don’t know,” Frank replied. Impatient to have him all the way inside her, Harper flexed her well-trained pussy muscles, sucking his prick inward. His eyes widened in disbelief. “I–Fuck, you’re right. I sure would’ve.”

For a young woman of her age, Harper had quite an educated cunt.

Harper always got a major case of the trembles when a guy’s cock first entered her. Every nerve in her body sparked, especially if it was a big one. And if it was someone new, penetration itself was almost like a kind of little orgasm. The very most exciting was anonymous fucking. She’d screwed guys whose names she didn’t know but that her father had told her were his friends. And she’d fucked his boss, twice. Anything to help Daddy out, since he was not so good at holding onto jobs and that was more important than ever for him, now.

“It’s not like I gave Daddy much choice,” Harper confided with a giggle. “See, him and Mom used to keep me up at night with all the racket from their fucking. So, not too long after I turned eighteen I decided to see for myself what was goin’ on in their room. So I spied. And I got a good long look at Daddy’s cock. Wow! I played with my pussy all night after that. I hardly slept at all.

“After Mom went to work Magosa Escort the next day, I walked right into their bathroom while Daddy was in the shower. And I opened the glass door of the shower stall and got in there with him. In my nightie and everything! I was just too excited to wait.”

“You’re kidding me!” Frank looked to Craig for confirmation, sure that Harper was pulling his leg. Craig gave him a thumbs-up, patting the top of his daughter’s head.

“Abso-fucking-lutely true,” he said. “There she was, big as life, with that soaking nightgown plastered to her. I could see right through the goddamn thing. I cracked a hard-on like that–” Craig snapped his fingers–” and Harper knew exactly what to do with it, the little slut.”

“Oh, Daddy, that’s not true!” Harper objected. “I knew how to jack you off, ’cause I’d already done that to my soccer coach and two guys on the team bus. But you taught me everything else that day. About how to suck your cock, and fucking…”

“I’ll be damned,” Frank muttered.

“I don’t know about that, but I guess I will be,” Craig joked. “Hellfire for all eternity, so I’m told. But you know what? I don’t much fucking care.” Craig held the back of Harper’s neck and brought her face to his prick, smearing pre-cum across her lips. “Go ahead and show Frank some of what you’ve learned, sweetie.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Harper said softly. Cradling her father’s balls in both hands, she lazily lapped her tongue over his mushroom-shaped fuck-knob. “I’m gonna make you feel real good, just the way you taught me.”

She dragged her teeth teasingly over the dripping tip of his cock, then opened her mouth, sucking just the crown at first. Her nimble young fingers tenderly massaged his ball sack as she eased the first few inches of his shaft past her lips. Frank craned his neck to get a better look at the hot action.

Craig’s face broke into a raunchy smile as both men watched his horny daughter suck half of his cock into her drooling mouth. Harper rolled her head from side to side, bobbing back and forth a few inches while gradually sucking harder to try to take the rest of him. Her wet pink tongue flailed at his meat, lapping and bathing his hard, warm flesh with her saliva.

“You love that, don’t you?” Craig whispered, running his fingers through her hair. “You love sucking Daddy’s cock. You want the rest of it?”

“Mmmm…” Harper nodded and looked longingly up into her father’s mischievous eyes. With that, he took hold of the sides of her head with his hands and abruptly thrust forward, cramming over half of his veiny prick between her parted lips. Harper’s eyes bulged out and she nearly gagged as her soft lips stretched to accommodate his entire cock. But she recovered from her surprise quickly and started sucking him greedily.

“Atta girl!” Craig twitched his hips and started pumping his prick in and out of his daughter’s mouth, fucking her face as he pleased.

The slutty teenager arched up off her stomach like a startled cat, then shoved her hips backward to take more of Frank’s prick faster. Frank grimaced as he felt the slick, inner walls of her pussy spasm and milk his cock. He picked up the pace of his fucking to match Craig’s, slamming his cock into Harper’s cunt as hard as he could.

All of which charged her lust even higher. She climaxed in minutes, as her father had known she would. Harper was the most insatiable slut Craig had ever fucked, and plunging his bloated cock-head all the way down his daughter’s throat was a thrill like no other.

Craig saw himself as a simple, direct fellow. Why complicate something as great as sex with a lot of pointless rules? He fucked pretty much whomever he wanted, whenever he and they wanted. That included his hot-to-trot daughter. Why not?

It included Frank’s wife, Jill, too. Craig had banged her quite a few times, Lefkoşa Escort a fact that he had chosen not to share with his best buddy Frank. Jill spread for Craig almost every time Frank went out of town. The way she told it, she and Frank had a mutual understanding of their needs for sexual variety. His regular golf weekends were his opportunity to bed other women while providing Jill the run of the manor to get new dicks in her holes.

If Jill was on the level, Frank probably wouldn’t even be bothered by Craig putting the prick to his missus. But while Craig might be simple, he wasn’t dumb enough to risk a good thing by putting that to the test.

Harper shared Daddy’s earthy disregard for sexual convention. To her mind, her parents’ broken marriage was as much her mother’s fault as her father’s. She knew from experience that Mom had the same explosive sex drive as Daddy. If he was going to fuck other women, Mom should have taken it as her get-out-of-jail card to fuck other guys.

As it was, having to sneak out to meet Daddy for some hot action while pretending in front of Mom to disdain him sucked in the worst way. There should be some way to fix this. She would figure it out.

Now, though, the taste of Daddy’s big, long dick and the delicious fullness of Frank’s driving cock were all she could think about. Her father let go of her head at last, and as she gasped for breath she gathered what was left of her wits to squeal “Fuck meeee!” She was on the verge of another climax, her whole body aflame from the depths of her cunt to the tips of her ears. “Oh goddamn sweet fuckers, oh fuck, haaarder! I’m gettin’ off…keep going, keep fucking me!” She clawed at the bedsheets and humped frantically back and forth between the two older men. “Goddamn it, I’m so fucking hot!. Fuck me, fuck meeee!”

Roaring, Craig pumped an incredible fountain of cum into his daughter’s mouth, frantically stabbing his spurting cock all the way to the bottom of her throat, filling her belly with jism. The warmth of his load flowing into her belly combined with Frank’s deep thrusts into her pussy to push Harper over the edge into ecstasy.

Frank couldn’t hold back his own orgasm any longer against Harper’s powerful cuntal contractions. His cum rifled into her pussy, both soothing and unbearably exciting the girl at the same time. Spent, he collapsed onto her back.

Harper squirmed out from between the two older men. Leaving them to recover, she padded barefoot over to investigate the minibar. “Tequila!” she exclaimed. She twisted the top off of the tall, clear bottle and took a long gulp.

Frank regarded her dubiously. “You’re a little on the young side to be knocking back the hard stuff.” Harper shot him a wrinkle-nosed look of dismissal.

“I’m old enough to be fucking two guys at once, I’m old enough to take a couple of shots.”


“Don’t look at me, chum,” Harper’s father muttered blearily. “I don’t have any more control over her than her mom does.”

“That’s not true, Daddy. I’ll do about anything for your big old dick.”

Craig ignored her. “Anyway, she holds her booze pretty good.” He winked at Frank. “And when she gets a little in her, she goes wild. So just enjoy.”

Frank looked back at Harper. “Is it even possible for you to get any wilder than you are?”

The question seemed silly just twenty minutes later when Frank found himself with Harper sitting on his belly, reclining back against his hairy chest. He lifted her thighs from beneath, holding them wide apart for easier access as he stuffed his prick up her snug little asshole. Her butt cheeks bounced gently against his balls as Craig bore down on her from above, pumping his cock into her pussy.

“Hammer my holes, guys!” she yelled out. “Split me in two! C’mon, Daddy, empty those big balls into my little fuck-hole!”

Burning up with lust, Harper was losing her horny little mind. That suited her father just fine. He’d seen it in her before, and it promised a weekend of boundless debauchery. So he continued to play with his daughter’s small, perfect tits, tweaking her nipples as he pounded into her perfect cunt, and looked forward to the hours ahead.

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