Smoking Visits

Smoking VisitsMy mother would drag me along to many of her friends house’s so she could have a drink and a catch up. This was a regular occurrence and boredom would always set in the minute i would had to sit there.Visiting Maureen was different though, Maureen was a smoker. Maureen was a petite loud carefree woman that didn’t hold back in saying what bodrum escort was on her mind.She was a northern working class mother who was rough around the edges but naturally attractive. I would sit and wait patiently for her to grab her Benson and Hedges kingsize packet and slide out that corked tip and slip it into her mouth and light escort bodrum it up. There was never a time where Maureen wasn’t smartly dressed either.She was always in smart clothing when we would visit.Black skirts with white shirts and black high heels were the norm when we visited.I would sit there and stare at her as she would stub bodrum escort bayan out her cig and instantly reach for another from the pack and the whole smokey process would start again.From time to time one of her k**s would need attending to and she would kneel in front of them with her cig dangling from her lips and i would sit there wishing i was her k**. We stopped visiting Maureen after she split up with her husband. She had an affair with a work colleague and moved away. I always wish i could meet up with her and share my fantasies with her now and how much she aroused me as a young lad.

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