She raised her eyebrows as she walked into the house. Jesus, she thought, they don’t do things by half. She carried on to the kitchen where a lot of people stood around, drinks in hand, ducking here and there so to miss the decorations which seemed to be hanging from every possible area.

“Carla you made it!” Jess came dashing over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Of course I did, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” she said, giving Jess a hug. Jess giggled and handed her a drink.

“I’m so glad you’re here, all of Kevs mates are mad drinkers and none of our gang can keep up!”

Carla smiled at her and allowed jess to steer her outside, where Kevan and his mates were making a lot of noise and causing general hell. “Kev! Carla’s here!”

Kev dropped his tongs and wiped his hands on his jeans, “Hey girl,” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek, “You been good?”

Carla smiled at him, her eyebrow raised, “Hey Kev, real good, Happy Birthday!”

She gave Kev another kiss, nicked a hot dog from the BBQ and went to mingle.

She couldn’t stop the smirks that crept across her face. She knew he had been watching her, knew he wanted to step in when his mates had started chatting her up, and new that the drunker he got the more obvious he was making it.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, “You are going to get caught.” she said.

He shrugged, “She’s been too stupid so far.” Kev smiled at her, bringing his body closer.

Her body started to respond instantly. Since her and Kev had started their affair he managed to push all the buttons to tease her. Even the text he sent her earlier begging her to come to the party and promising he’ll behave himself got her clit tingling.

“You’ve drunk too much and you don’t want her to notice. Once she finds out you’ll never see me again.”

“We can’t have that,” Kev mumbled, and pulled away from her.

She walked back into the garden shortly after him, and followed him to where the others were sat. There were only about 15 of them left now, and the evening was rolling in.

Jess, she could see, was in the kitchen with some other girl, doing the cleaning and glancing through the window the people outside every so often. “So Carla, how is the love life?” one of Kevs mates asked her, with the others sniggering.

It was well known that Carla liked to stay single, and never tied anyone down for long, and she knew everyone had their theories and reasons behind this, but no travesti porno one had ever got it right. “Actually Mark, its perfect! Finally got a man that wants sex and nothing more! Hows your boring wife doing?”

Mark blushed and looked through the window, “Amanda’s still got it.”

The other guys laughed, “Yeah right mate,” said Kev, “Unless she fucks like she cooks, you’ve been telling us lies!”

“Says you and Mrs No Oral because she doesn’t like the taste!” Mark laughed back in Kevs face.

Kev went bright red but didn’t retaliate. Carla smirked and felt her nipples harden. Kev got plenty of oral, and gave plenty too, she knew it was killing him to not be able to brag about it.

Carla stood up and stretched, and headed into the house, “Ans in there,” Amanda said, as Carla went towards the bathroom, “He looked a little green, so I wouldn’t join him!”

“Try Kevs cabin, hold your breath though I doubt he’s cleaned it.” Jess smiled at her.

Carla thanked them and spun around, in the patio door way Kev stood, his muscles bulging in his shirt, the tattoos outline them perfectly. “Excuse me,” she whispered to him, gentling pushing herself into him, “I need to use your boys room.”

Kev hooked his finger into her jeans and held her there for a second. “You best be quiet young lady”

“Yes sir,” she sighed, her clit tingling.

She carried on to his shed, popping the bolt open and taking a look around. Everyone else seemed to be occupied so she slipped inside.

Two minutes later the door opened again. She sat up on one of the work benches in just her French knickers, and each foot propped up, spreading her legs wide. “Fuck I’ve wanted you all day.” Kev said, sliding the inside bolt shut. “You better not have started without me.” he growled, taking her hand and sucking on her fingers.

“Not me babe, you know I’d rather wait for you.” she said, her voice laced with lust.

He moved himself forwards so she could feel the heat coming from him, he pushed himself against her pussy and slid his tongue along her jaw line.

She tilted her back as he continued running his tongue down over her throat and collar bone. “God you taste good, I can’t wait till next week I gotta have you,” he said.

She gritted her teeth and grabbed his head, raising his eyes to hers. “Fuck me,” she said, and he slammed his mouth against hers, hard.

She could feel him swelling in his jeans, so alt yazılı porno she fumbled with his buttons and popped his cock out. It was at half mast but she knew it wouldn’t be long till it was the throbbing beast she’d come to know.

He carried on kissing her as he let his jeans drop to the floor and stepped out of them. He kicked them to the side and pushed up against her again.

He started kissing her down her throat again, sucking and nibbling here and there, he slid the straps to her top off, and unhitched her bra. Her nipples instantly hardened in the cold air, but he caught her hands before she covered them.

“God I love these nipples.” he said, as he put his hot wet mouth against one, sliding his tongue over it and sucking on it.

Her breath caught in her throat, and she fought against his hands that pinned her arms down. He continued to bite gentling on her nipples, blathering them with his tongue, swapping from left to right and back again.

Her pussy began to tingle more, she could feel her juices starting to build up and trickle out. Kev pulled away, letting her nipples swell in the cold air. He run his tongue down her tummy, knowing how sensitive her Y area was he tickled his way down towards her pussy.

She fought against his hands again but he held her in place and tutted. “You want me to make you cum?” he whispered, his breath caressing her clit making her squirm. “Please,” she answered.

He moved his face closer to her pussy, and caught her knickers between his teeth. He looked up at her, she could see that gleam in his eyes, and gasped as he pulled as hard as her could tearing the lace.

Then she gasped for air as his hot mouth latched onto her clit. He sucked on her as hard as he could, then pulled off and flicked his tongue back and forth.

She struggled again, making her boobs jiggle, but his hands had her locked into place, and she nearly screamed with frustration. She just wanted to grab his head and force him to stop teasing her.

He glanced up at her, she could see the wicked smile on his face, knowing what she wanted but not giving it to her. He licked gently, making her breath heavy and push her pussy forward, then he sucked in her clit making her almost peak. “You bastard, will get caught if you play too much.”

She felt him giggle slightly as he latched on again, keeping her clit surrounded by his hot mouth, and sloshing his tongue üvey baba porno quickly across that sensitive bit.

She could feel the build up coming, she started gyrating her hips back and fourth against his tongue, as he stayed on her clit and kept licking. She wanted to grab his head so much but he kept her pinned. She could feel it rising, her breathing getting heavier and heavier. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned as her pussy clenched and she orgasmed, trying her best to not make any noise, “uhh fuck Kev,” she said as he gave her one last kiss on her clit, making her jerk, the cum dripping off his face.

He put a finger to his lips, as someone rattled the door to the shed. “Kev?” it was Jess.

Kevs face broke into a grin. Before Carla could stop him he called out, “Yeah babe?”

“You OK?”

“Nah, give me a few mins and I’ll be more than perfect!” he said, smiling at Carla as her eyes widened in shock.

They could hear Jess move away from the door, and Carla let her breath roll out slowly. “idiot.” she said.

Kev grinned again, letting go of her hands and grabbing her thighs, he pulled her, fast, and she came right off the work bench.

Carla steadied herself against him, and he gave her a long deep kiss. He then spun her around, and pushed her head forward.

With the taste of her own pussy on her lips, she shoved her ass outwards and crossed her legs, making her pussy wide open for him.

She felt the tip of his cock slip around her wet pussy, and braced herself as he inched his way in. He pushed forwards, and she caught her breath as the head of his swollen cock popped in.

And then he fucked her. He rammed the rest of his cock him, his balls slapping her already sensitive clit making her gasp. He pulled out again and slammed forwards, this time making her raise one leg up and resting a knee on the work bench.

He continued to fuck her, slamming in as hard as he could, she gripped the bench, her knuckles turning white with the effort, her breathing getting heavier as she could feel him swell.

“Oh that’s it babe, nearly there.” he moaned, continuing to pound her as hard as he could.

She felt him swell more, felt his cock twitch inside of her and moaned as he filled her with his cum, his growling getting gradually quieter as he emptied out.

He pulled out, panting, she could feel the cum dribbling down her thigh. She turned her head to look at him, he looked up and smiled, and slapped her across the arse.

“God I’ve missed you.” he said.

She leant forward and picked up her jeans, “I’ve missed you too, and now I got to sit here for the rest of the evening with no panties on and your cum soaking my jeans.”

He raised his eyebrows, “Shame that.” he said, and gave her one last kiss.

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