Snoozer2000 bimbo daughter Cindy

Snoozer2000 bimbo daughter CindyI’ve been going to the gym regularly for years to help keep fit and get some cardio. It’s sometimes boring and frankly at times I just don’t feel like going there again. That feeling came over me one day last week and I almost didn’t go. Boy and I glad I did!!There’s a girl that works out there regularly that I’ve chatted up a couple times. I know her name is Cindy and I also know she is drop dead fucking gorgeous and literally oozes sexuality. Every swinging dick in the place can’t take their eyes off her, including me. She’s that fucking sexy and slutty wrapped in a perfect package. The few times I’ve talked to Cindy, I’ve had the feeling, that, well, while she’s physically gorgeous, she’s really not all that bright. Once I figured that out, it occurred to me that she’s the perfect Bimbo. She’ll have men drooling over her for the rest of her life and she’ll take full advantage of them, letting them buy her things like cars and condo’s. Many a young lady has been a ‘kept woman’ and I’m sure Cindy will be too. But I digress….Cindy was already there when I arrived that day. She had a healthy pink color and glistened from her workout. That spandex she was wearing hugged her tight body in all the right places! She saw me come through the doorway and flashed me a private smile and twinkle in her green eyes. ‘What the fuck’, I thought. My heart immediately began racing.I stumbled through my workout routine and scarcely took my eyes off her. After all, she was putting on quite the show for me, bending over, stretching and turning this way and that, allowing me long lingering down blouse looks at her fabulous tits. She knew exactly what she was doing too and I could sense she was enjoying teasing the hell out of me as much as I was. Occasionally she stole a glance at my waist and lingered on the very prominent bulge in my shorts.I guess I was being really obvious with her that all I wanted to do was fuck her and pleasure her like none other. My girlfriend moved out over 6 months ago. We’d run our course and it was time to move on for both of us. We’re still on good terms but kütahya escort unfortunately for me those terms do not allow me to bury my thick 8 inch cock in her body several times a week. Since she moved out, my constant companion, Mr. Right Hand, gets a regular workout. Not having had the pleasure of a female body in so long had my fuck hormones were raging as Cindy slutted so beautifully in front of me. I could have gone down on her sweaty cunt right there in there in the gym and loved every bit of it! Cindy finally ended her workout and retrieved a towel to dab away to tiny beads of sweat. Even doing that, she was both slutty and gorgeous all at the same time. First she’d nudge one firm breast with one arm then the other. While doing that she was looking at me out of the corner of eye.Finally I thought, ‘Fuck this…my fucking cock is going to explode if I don’t do something about it! Cindy disappeared toward the back of the gym toward the showers leaving the rest of us horny as fuck guys to fend for ourselves. I finally began to calm down and my inflatable monster began to relax. I too headed back to the showers. As I passed the door to the ladies room, I thought about that supremely gorgeous body under a stream of warm water and of course, Mr. One-eye immediately jumped to attention.I pushed open the door to the Men’s side and proceeded to strip for my shower. One shower was already running but otherwise I was alone. Working out always makes me horny as hell and today was no exception, made all the more intense by the antics of Ms. Cindy the Bimbo cock worshiper. There I stood naked as the day I was born, my cock standing straight up, super hard and thick. My shaved balls sucked up tight to my body. I pushed the curtain aside and stepped in. I let the warm water cascade over my body which is really relaxing after a good workout. I looked down at my still erect member and silently rebuked myself for letting that fucking Bimbo get to me so bad. I hardly registered the sound of the other shower turning off. I had my back to the curtain and just as I began a slow turn, a small hand escort kütahya with extra long nails gently pushed it aside and in stepped Cindy! She was soaking wet and god damnit (!) even soaking wet she was fucking exquisite. Her eyes immediately dropped to my groin and she stared very intently at my thick hard on. I looked down at her pussy and to my astonishment saw a tattoo that said ‘Daddy’s Cunt’.’I’ll be your daddy Cindy’…I blurted out, instantly feeling like that was the dumbest thing I’d said in a long time. ‘No….you’re not my Daddy’, she added with a little giggle. ‘Only my daddy can be my daddy.’ Her hands reached out and grasped my erection as she slowly and gently gave me a couple cock pumps. She immediately went to her knees and beginning with the base of my balls, licked me from balls, around my sack and up the shaft to the purple head. She took as much of me down her throat as she could with was more than half. I even wondered how the hell she could do that without gagging. This little ‘Daddy’s cunt’ bimbo was clearly and expert in sucking cock. I remember thinking that ‘Daddy’, whomever the fuck he is, must give her a protein shake on a regular basis. Lucky bastard! Cindy was on her knees sucking and stroking my pole and I quickly felt that old familiar tingling sensation of a looming orgasm. Hell no! I reached down and pulled her to her feet. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes as I slowly turned her around and had her lean on the shower wall with both hands. My hands explored every square inch of that perfect body….stalling only for the briefest moment when I saw yet another tattoo that, predictably, said ‘Daddy’s ass’. Warm water cascaded over our bodies as stroked and caressed her beautiful nakedness. My fingers easily slipped inside the feminine folds of her pussy which was already dripping. I pulled them free and for the first time in months, I could smell pussy…and I licked and sucked my fingers like a wild man. Again I dipped them into Cindy’s pussy and this time put them in her mouth. She sucked hard as her tongue lapped her juices.She reached kütahya escort bayan around then and grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her now begging to be fucked pussy. I widened my stance to allow better penetration. She guided my man flesh to her cunt then and giving it a couple quick rubs, parted the very slippery lips. I pushed firmly but gently and fully half of my 8″ unit disappeared inside her glorious body. I felt her pussy contracting than, seeming to grip and stroke me from within! It was incredible! Oh how this Bimbo has learned to fuck! With a second thrust, I was balls deep! I let it soak there for a few moments, luxuriating in her pussy and relishing the rhythmic contractions of that tight little cunt on my thickness. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to last very long so basically I didn’t try to. I withdrew and thrust into her several more times, building up the flood of semen I was about to unleash. Cindy reached down between her legs with her right hand and grasped my lubed cock as I withdrew and stroked me as I impaled her time and again. Her groaning became nearly continuous. I felt her body begin to shudder now and quickly reached around to her pussy in time to feel her feminine orgasm flood onto my hands! ‘Cum for me! Give me every drop!’ she moaned.With that, I drove deep and hard and held her tightly into me as I pumped long ropes of my sperm into her. Over and over my cock spurted….at least 8 times. One spurt for every inch! I held her tight…again feeling those rhythmic pussy contractions on my meat. Exquisite! I watched as I withdrew and saw a huge blob of my cum drop free. I was in heaven!! Satisfied for the moment, Cindy straightened up turned to look at me. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a very sweet and passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever. I knew if she kept that up, I’d be rock hard again in mere moments. She smiled a smile that would light up the bottom of a coal mine. ‘Thank you! Thank you for that!’ ‘Wow….you’re thanking me?’ I whispered. ‘I don’t know what to say’ I said as I pushed little strands of wet hair back behind her ear. ‘Just say yes’, she giggled. ‘I want you to meet Jo.’, another giggle. ‘You’ll like her, I guarantee it. And if you have a couple buddies, feel free to bring them along.’ ‘Uhhhh okay..”Now be a good boy and go get me a towel….I need to go home to daddy.’

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