Snow Day: Story 06


This is the last of 6 separate stories that was taken from a much larger piece. They take place on the same day, at the same time, during the same snow storm. Since each is a story all its own, it doesn’t matter which one you read first. WK


Kevin Stockton made his way through the sometimes blinding snow and stepped over three foot high drifts. “You better be fucking home, Marcel, or so help me I’ll kick your ass,” he muttered as he stepped into another large drift and snow made it to the inside of his boot.

Walking up to the front door, her almost slipped and fell down the five cement steps when he hit a patch of ice at the top. Ringing the doorbell, he stood bouncing from foot to foot in the frigid air as he looked around at the surrounding houses. It seemed like everyone who would normally be gone to work or school at this time, was staying home. He was just about to ring the doorbell once more, when he heard the locks being worked on the inside.

“Hey Gail,” he waved, “is Marcel around?”

Gail Monet was 32 and slightly plump, with reddish brown hair and a very cute face. The problem with her getting dates was the fact that she was slightly overweight and she also was blind in her left eye. Although she tried not to show it, she had a slight crush on Kevin, mostly because he didn’t make fun of her like everyone else did. Even though he was 9 years younger than her, she still could see herself dating him.

Opening the door slightly so Kevin could hear her, she shook her head. “Nah, him and my dad are stuck at my grandmother’s house. They went over there early this morning to get her snow blower working, and this storm came up rather quick and stranded them there.”

Kevin hung his head and sighed. “Well, as long as I’m here, you might as well give me a shovel so I can take care of some of this mess for you. I almost broke my ass on this patch of ice,” he told her as he scraped his foot over the small but thick patch.

“Stuffs in the garage,” she smiled slightly. Thanks.”

When Kevin finished an hour later, he was sweaty, tired and hungry, and knew he had at least another twenty minute walk back home. Normally, the walk would have taken him less than eight minutes, but with the storm being what it was, however, it was going to be longer.

He had just finished putting the shovel and ice chopper away, when the garage door opened and Gail poked her head out. “Thank you so much!” she smiled. “Why don’t you come in for awhile and get dried off and warmed up. I’ll make you some soup or something.”

The concept of walking back home sweaty and hungry appealed to him as much as cutting off his own nuts at that point. So, with a tired smile, he agreed. As soon as he stepped into the room, the warmth of the house engulfed him and he smiled and sighed.

“Go ahead and take off your stuff,” she told him, handing him a towel. I’ll go see what Marcel has in his closet that’ll fit you, so we can get your clothes dried up.” Before he could reply, she was already walking up the stairs.

She returned a few minutes later with a sweat shirt and a pair of sweat pants for him, and, although she wanted to stay to watch him get changed, she instead told him to just come up to the kitchen when he was ready. After getting out of the cold, wet things as quickly as possible, he made his way up to the kitchen, where Gail was just pouring a few packages of soup into a pan of boiling water.

“Feel better?” she asked as she smiled at him.

“Much,” he said, returning her smile. He had always thought she was cute, however, given their age difference, he figured that she wouldn’t even consider dating him. That, and that fact that she was such a nice person and he would only be dating her for a piece of ass made him feel a little guilty.

“So what are your plans for this wonderful snow day?” he asked, rubbing his hands together briskly.

What she had planned to do was take a long hot bath and curl up with a few of her favorite toys and make herself achieve as many orgasms as humanly possible. It was very rare that she had any time to spend alone, and had to resort to pleasuring herself quietly each night before bed. This was one of those special occasions where she would allow herself to let loose, and she had to güvenilir bahis admit she was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t going to happen.

“I was going to take a nice hot bath, and then go curl up with a good book,” she lied. “I have to admit, though, having you here for company is a lot better than that.”

“Really?” he asked, a little astonished. “I would have thought you’d rather be alone. I know you get so little time to yourself in this house.”

Smiling, Gail nodded. “That’s true, but when you’re in a house always full of people coming and going and still don’t get noticed, it sort of gets to you. It’s nice to actually have a conversation with someone.”

“You’re an adorable woman, Gail,” he smiled, his face reddening. “How come you don’t have a boyfriend?”

She stood back and raised her arms. “It’s a little obvious, isn’t it? She replied a touch of bitterness in her voice. “I’m overweight and I’m blind in one eye. Those two factors alone are enough to kill a man’s desires, even if it was only for a one night stand. Most guys want a skinny, big breasted supermodel to show off to the world and tell them, “Look and see what I have’, rather than have a chunky, half blind woman with little tits.”

“I like little tits,” he said quickly, suddenly regretting it. “Sorry,” he apologized even quicker. “That was uncalled for.”

Gail giggled and waved him off. “Don’t worry about it, Hon,” she told him. “One out of three isn’t bad.”

“What do you mean?” he asked. “I don’t think you’re all that much overweight, and you being blind in one eye has nothing to do with anything, really.” He then gave her a small shrug. “It’s what’s inside that counts,” he finished.

“You’re just saying that because you’ve never seen me naked,” she sighed. “Trust me, a couple of small rolls of fat and a bunch of ‘harpoon’ scars are a big turnoff to a man.”

“Let me see,” he replied, not really sure where all this sudden bravery was coming from. “Let me see you naked, and I’ll be the judge of that.”

Gail’s face went suddenly crimson at the same time her crotch went suddenly wet. “Let me get this straight. You want me to strip naked so you can see my fat and harpoon scars?”

“There not harpoon scars, Gail,” he protested honestly. “C’mon. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about crap like that.”

“Well,” she replied, her voice suddenly becoming soft, “almost 99.9% of the male population doesn’t think the way you do. I have to admit though, it is very flattering.” She then turned and tended to the soup, and after turning the knob to simmer, she held up her index finger. “I’ll be right back.

She returned a few minutes later wearing a pale blue terrycloth robed. The redness in her face and the shy way she walked told him that she had done it. She was naked beneath her robe. Jus the thought of it made his cock start to stiffen. “Are you sure you want to see this before you eat?” she joked softly. “It might be better to have something in your stomach for you to throw up.”

“Stop it, already,” he protested again, a little softer this time. Then he waved her over. “Come here. If you don’t wanna do it, I’d be more than happy to do it for you.”

“No, that’s ok,” she replied, nervously taking a step back. She paused for a long moment, staring directly into his brown eyes before suddenly letting out a long breath and pulling the robe open.

As he had thought, Gail was nowhere near as bad as she saw herself. Yes, there were a few stretch marks on her body, however her belly protruded only slightly, and he could see no signs of cellulite on her hips. He guessed her breasts were slightly smaller than C cups, capped very nicely with large, dark pink nipples, and although her legs were together, he could see very little hair between her legs. “Hot damn,” he replied softly. “Now drop the robe and turn around for me.”

After hesitating once more, Gail did as she was asked, slowly turning her naked body around for him. “This is the kind of body a woman gets, after years of marriage and having children,” she protested, almost sounding like she wanted to cry. “Men don’t want a woman already at this stage to begin with. It can only get worse from here.”

When Kevin stood up to walk to her, she let out a small, nearly silent türkçe bahis gasp when she realized that he was hard, and it was pressing against the sweats he was wearing. The fact that she had caused a man to get hard like that, turned her on to the max.

“What…what are you doing?” It was supposed to be a question, however, it came out as a lusty whisper.

“Something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time,” he replied softly. Taking her face in his hands, he kissed her, softly at first, and then with increasing passion. The longer and deeper they kissed, the louder and throatier her moans became.

“I…I need to shower. Will you take one with me?” His hard cock had been poking her in the crotch as they had kissed, and her legs were weak and shaking.

“I think that could be arranged,” he smiled.

Gail lost count of the little orgasms she had while they showered. The way Kevin soaped and washed her body for her, the loving way he massaged every inch of her and the way he even washed her hair, made her believe that he really did like her.

“Tell me what you like,” he said as they toweled off. She was a little disappointed that he had lost some of his erection, but she was hopeful that she could help him get it back. “Tell me what you’re used to.”

“You mean for sex?” she asked. Smiling, Kevin nodded. “I’m used to one night stands,” she replied quietly. “Well, more like 2 or three hour stands. A guy would take me out and do just enough to make me want to sleep with him, and then in a half hour or so, he was done and suddenly had to go. I never hear from any of them again.”

“What did you allow them to do to you?” They were now walking slowly, hand in hand to her bedroom, however, she didn’t continue until they were on the bed together.

“Anything they wanted, really,” she told him. “I mean, I know it sounds slutty, but I thought if I did that for them, they would want to come back”

“But that would mean they were only coming back for sex,” he replied as he let his fingers gently trail over her entire body.

“That didn’t matter. They would come back. It would mean that I had at least a little something worthwhile to come back for.” The more he caressed her body, the harder it was for her to talk.

“Did you suck their cocks?” he whispered as he began to nibble and suck her large nipples.

“Yes,” she breathed, although if it was because of what he was doing to her or in answer to the question, he didn’t know.

“Did they eat your pussy?” he asked softly, brushing his lips against hers teasingly.

“Only one did,” she answered, a little of the passion gone from her voice. “He made me cum so hard when he did. He also tried to put it in my ass, but it hurt way too much.”

“What about doggie style and you being on top?” His fingers were now trailing dangerously close to her overheated pussy, and the tingling feeling he was leaving on her inner thighs wherever he touched, had her juices seeping down the crack of her ass.

“Again, only once, same guy. I really thought he was at least a second dater,” she replied sadly.

“Now tell me, what would you like to do? What do you want me to do to you?” He was staring directly into her green eyes, his lips brushing against hers as he spoke.

“Anything,” she panted. “Everything! I just want to know if you’ll come back.”

Chuckling softly, he let the tip of his nose brush against hers. “Baby, if you’ll have me, I want you to consider yourself off the market.”

Gail let out a squeal as she began to cry uncontrollably. When she felt his raging hard on pressing against her thigh, she lost all control. Still crying, she grunted as she pushed him over on his back, and then swung her leg over him.

She was so soaking wet at that point, neither of them had to guide him into her. She simply lowered her soaked quim onto his throbbing meat, and he slid into her like a hot knife through butter.

Kevin had been with some amazing women in the few years he had been sexually active, however, Gail topped them all. It felt as if her pussy was made for his cock, it was such a perfect fit. He loved the way she moaned, cried and the filthy little things she said as she rode him. “Hang on,” he panted. “I want to roll us over!”

Clamping her güvenilir bahis siteleri trembling legs against him as tightly as she could, she let out a little giggle as he rocked them a few times before finally reversing their positions. Once there, he sat back until only the head of his cock was inside her. He then pushed her legs up and open, marveling at the way her plump, bald snatch looked. “Sorry,” he panted as he dislodged himself from her. “But, I’ve got to eat that pussy!”

She was coming even before his mouth came in contact with her hyper slit. In a matter of moments, she was bucking and grinding her hot pussy against his face and tongue. As soon as his tongue started to swirl slowly around her engorged clit, she started to squirt. Gushes of hot, tangy liquid shot from her frothy pussy, until she cried “No more!” and pushed his dripping face from between her legs. She barely had time to catch her breath when she suddenly felt his cock sliding back into her.

Again she came, her hot juices soaking them both. She was drooling and mucus was running from her nose. “Roll over and get that sweet pussy of yours in the air,” he commanded, and Gail complied as quickly as her convulsing body would allow her to.

Kevin wasted no time in ramming his meat into her gaping gash, almost laughing at the noises that he heard as he slid in and out of her. On a whim, he let the palm of his hand connect with one of her jiggling ass cheeks. When he did, Gail let out a grunting cry, and gripped the sheets as her pussy clamped down on his cock. “Harder!” she cried hoarsely as she ground herself into him.

He complied, spanking each cheek until they were rosy red with his hand prints. It was then that he slid his middle finger into her ass. Gail froze for a moment, and then let out a gut wrenching howl that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

When she was finally able to move, she began to slam her ass against his pelvis, as once again, her hot juices bathed and coated the two of them. When she could take no more, she let out a loud wail as she lurched forward and collapsed on the bed.

With a trembling hand, she pointed at her nightstand. “Top drawer,” she panted. “Blue vibrator, condoms. Get them.”

“I love how big your clit is,” he told her as he held the blue vibrator up to look at it, noticing it was almost exactly the same size as he was.

“I love what you were doing to it,” she replied weakly. “I love how you sucked and nibbled it.”

“What do you want me to do with this?” he asked as he waved the blue gel cock at her.

“Put the condom on, and then put the vibrator in my pussy. I want your cock in my ass.” When she was done speaking, she rolled herself back over and back into position.

Once he slipped the condom on, he slid himself back into her for a few strokes, making sure to get himself properly lubricated. He then slid the phony phallus all over her soaked slit before slipping it into her quivering box.

After looking at the position she was in, he decided it wasn’t going to work, at least not at that point in time. “Why don’t you get on your back again?” he suggested. “This way I can push those sexy legs of yours up nice and high, and then have you work the vibrator while I work your ass.”

It took a little time, but once Kevin was firmly lodged in her tight asshole, Gail relaxed and began to moan. “Holy shit,” she whined as he slid in and out of her. It had felt so good, she almost forgot to put the vibrator in. In a matter of moments, she was once again spraying her hot juices all over them. When she started coming this time, her asshole clamped down almost painfully on his throbbing cock, causing a sensation that proved to be his undoing.

“Come with me!” he grunted, as jet after hot jet of steamy cum filled the condom to overflowing. He had cum so much; the pearly liquid was matted in his thick brown pubic hair by the time he collapsed next to her.

“How ya doin?” he asked several hours later. They had both literally passed out, and were now just coming awake. It was pitch black outside, and a check of the alarm clock said it was well past 9 PM.

“Sore,” she replied hoarsely. It was dark in the room, and even though he couldn’t see it, he could tell she was smiling. “Did you mean it, Kevin?” she whispered, her voice close to tears. “Did you mean it when you said you wanted me to be yours?”

Rolling over with a soft groan, Kevin slid his arms around her. “Every word,” he replied, kissing her softly.

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