Snowed In


It all began at work with every customer that came into the bank, telling me just how much snow we were going to get, but being a federally run company we couldn’t close until they told us we could, even though the snow was coming down at two or three inches an hour. The steady stream of customers that had been making their way in and out of the bank was starting to dwindle, and I finally had a chance to take my morning and lunch break even though it was mid afternoon.

As I was getting ready to run to the store to pick of a few supplies instead of actually taking a lunch, the manager called out, “Great news everyone, we can close and all go home.” I was relieved because the snow continued to come down at a steady pace, I cashed out my drawer and got my car dug out of the snow, and drove very carefully to the packed store, I guess I wasn’t the only one who needed to pick up a few things. I drove around the crowded parking lot until I finally found an empty space for my car to park in, and with luck there was a snow -covered cart right next to my spot, I brushed the snow off deciding that this was better than trying to find one inside the store.

I weaved in and out of people as I went aisle to aisle gathering the items that were on my list, batteries, candles, water, you could never be too prepared for a big storm. I found the chips and opted for the last bag of baked cheddar cheese, but as my fingers touched the bag another pair of fingers also touched the bag at the same time, I let go and looked up and there he was, this hunk, his shoulders so broad, his hands one and a half times bigger than mine, clean shaven and casually dressed. I was amazed that I had never seen him before, but after introducing ourselves, and finding out your name was Curt, I also found out that you had just bought a house here, and actually had just returned the moving truck, with things still in boxes you decided to pick up a few things since, the important things were in a box somewhere.

I decided to let you have the bag of chips, noting to myself mentally that I had just did my good deed for the day, I grabbed the nearest bag, and said, “Have a nice day.” I hurried grabbing the rest of the stuff, and got into one of those lines that seems never ending, as I stood in line patiently I read the headlines on the Enquirer now that was entertainment… as I began loading my groceries on the conveyer belt, I heard a familiar hello and as Yozgat Escort I turned around I soon realized that it was you, the hunk from the chip aisle standing in the lane next to me. You just started talking like we had been old friends, my face feeling as though it was on fire as my groin stirred. I made small talk back to you not really knowing what to say, I have never met anyone as nice looking as you, and for once I was at a loss for words. I paid my bill, signed my credit card receipt and headed out the automatic doors wishing you well.

I had to load the bags into my car and then re-brush the snow off the car, I had just started my car up, when I heard a tap on my window, your car was stuck in the snow, and you wanted to know if I had a number for a wrecker service, well I do have one but, with all this snow, they won’t be able to come until the snow stops, because they also are the ones who plow all of the main roads. I asked you if you would like to come stay at my house until they could get your car out, and you agreed thanking me, stating that you just wanted to get a few things out of your car, we loaded your things in and headed to my house, I was very nervous and you volunteered to take over driving, which was fine by me. It took us a while but we finally made it to the house, we were snow-covered by the time we finished unpacking the car, I suggested that you go take a hot shower and I would put some coffee on, so I showed you the way and got you settled as I went about putting stuff away and getting that much needed coffee brewing.

When you appeared you were wearing a pair of sweatpants and a towel around your neck, I couldn’t believe that you were standing half naked in my kitchen, I had to force the words “Coffee’s ready” out of my mouth, picking up my mug, I took a big sip buying time before I had to say anything else. “Um, good coffee”, you stated after taking a sip yourself as you walked over to me, looked into my eyes, and said, “Thank you for having me”, and then kissed me, I returned your kiss my mouth opening slightly to allow your tongue to enter, we explored each others mouths, my arms went around your neck, as your found my waist. We stayed like that kissing in the kitchen for a long period only pausing to look into each other’s eyes, and what beautiful eyes you had.

I told you to light a fire in the fireplace while I took a quick hot shower myself, and before Yozgat Escort Bayan long I was standing before you in my silk leopard skin nighty with a matching robe, I pulled the ribbon freeing the tied robe it fell open revealing my silky thighs, and bare shoulders. I stood before you pulling you up to me, I planted a kiss on your soft lips and told you to lay down on the fur throw, I knelt between your legs, kissing your ears, neck, lips and chest slowly working my way down to your stomach, just a small part of my breasts revealed at this time, I slid your sweatpants off your body, revealing the biggest cock I had ever seen, I started by holding your semi-erect cock at the base, licking all over and running my tongue up and down the shaft, I then took your penis between my lips and slide my mouth gradually down to its base and then back again I continuously slid my lips up and down your shaft, stopping only to gently nibble the sides. My free hand found your balls cupping, fondling and stroking them. I soon had a hot wad of cum in my mouth swallowing my much wanted reward.

You removed my nighty, I could feel the warmth where your body had just been, you kissed my lips and then my neck as I squirmed with delight, you continued downward stopping at my breasts taunting my erect nipples with your tongue, mouth and fingers; things continued to stir between my legs and I couldn’t wait to have your hot lips on my pussy, and as you kissed your way down my stomach I found myself spreading my legs farther impatiently awaiting your arrival. It seemed like forever for you to reach my freshly shaven womanhood, and you wasted no time beginning, you twirled my clit with your tongue and I knew that it would take long for you to make me cum, you moved running your tongue in between my lips and finally entering your tongue inside moving it up and down, in and out. My heavy breathing became moans which grew louder as I neared orgasm, my pussy so wet from the attention you gave it, I began to shake all over and then felt myself tensing to release my love juice to you, you lapped up every drop but didn’t stop, you moved next to me kissing me, as your fingers touched my clit, I found your big cock and began moving my hand wanting you to get hard again so that I could ride you.

Your fingers brought me to another orgasm not to long after the first and the moans escaping my throat seemed to turn you on Escort Yozgat even more, you were stiff again, which was my clue to take my post. I had you sit up and put your feet together so that you sort of formed a diamond with your legs and feet. I stood straddled over you, and sat down with my feet resting behind your tight ass, your arms held my bend legs to your body and your warm hands held my butt, I leaned back, my back arching which pushed my big tits towards you and rested my hands on each side of your ankles. I slid down your hard cock that I had just finished coaxing into life, and began rhythmically squeezing and letting go with my thighs, I was in control so whatever direction I wanted this lovemaking session to go was my choice. Your lips once again found my hard nipples as I continued the movements with my thighs. My clit was positioned at the base of your manhood and with the movement of my hips it was being stimulated by the base of your cock, “Curt, Oh Curt”, I began moaning soft at first and then louder, you sucked and nibbled my breasts and nipples until I couldn’t take anymore. I sat up wrapping my arms around you nibbling at your ears and neck. I could hear moans escaping from your own throat, my pussy beginning to have spasms and my juices are freely flowing. I have increased the tempo, as my hands touch you all over, I am so hot and from your response I pick up that you are also, it has become a hot steamy session, with hands moving all over the other’s body, lips pressing in a hot kiss, hearts feeling as though they are going to pound right through the skin, breathing and moans coming louder and at shorter intervals as my pussy milks your cock for your own love juice, so wet from the act you can hear the sounds of your cock moving in and out of my pussy, I am once again so close, my nails dig into your back as I steady myself for what is about to come, I kiss you trying to stop the eruptions from happening but I can’t and I throw my head back as my gush of fluid drowns your cock that is pumping its own fluid inside me, I scream, “Curt, Oh Yes!!” As my body once again shakes, I dig my nails a little deeper into your skin bracing as my orgasm continues, I can’t make it and it won’t stop until finally I subside into a calm, catching our breaths you hold me, our skin sweaty, I rest my nose upon yours, looking into your eyes, we smile then once again kiss.

I climbed off of you, stiff from being in that position so long but yet, so worth it. We decided to make a little something to eat to regain our strength just in case we decided to have another session later and yes, we did. What better way is there to spend a snowed in weekend except spending it inside with a hunk named Curt?

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