Snowed In with My Warm Mom Ch. 05



Dating, seeing, or whatever it is we have been doing. It’s interesting because usually when you start seeing someone in that way. You get to know them over time and become accustomed to all their ticks and habits. With my mother, I know everything there is to know already. I know that she loves Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac more than anything. Some of my earliest memories are of her singing Case Of You to me while giving me a bath.

The only new things to learn are related to sex. I’ve learned that she likes me doing counterclockwise circular motions when I lick her clit. She likes me to lean down and kiss her back if I am fucking her from behind. If she is on top of me it drives her crazy to spit in my mouth. I always have my mouth open for it.

Since she’s my mom and I’m her son there are no awkward feelings. We’ve long since gotten beyond the “what we’re doing is disgusting” phase. I don’t have much experience with women who aren’t my mother but I assume communication can be difficult. Especially if you are just getting to know someone and are trying to impress them. If the girl isn’t doing something just the way you’d like it to be done. You might not say anything. But we my mother I am open. She is open with me as well and usually already knows just what I want.

It’s obviously not practical for every son to sleep with their mother. I can’t gauge everyone’s situation. What we do is illegal and will never be socially acceptable. But what other woman is going to show you as much love and devotion? I’ve never felt more alive. Time with her makes time doing anything else seem pointless.

Winter break starts tomorrow so we’re both going to take some time off work. I wish we could spend the whole three weeks together but no job is going to allow that. We plan on flying to New York and spending the week there. We’ll have room service for Christmas.

“Don’t forget to pack extra gloves and mittens!” My mom shouts from her room.

“I’ve already got them packed, mom,” I say to calm her worries. “I’ve got everything ready. I’m just waiting for you.”

My mother slowly walks out of her room carrying a heavy suitcase with her left hand. She’s dragging behind a rolling suitcase with her right. She is struggling to lift so I rush over and take the heavy one from her left hand.

“Thank you, dear,” she says and gives me an innocent peck on the cheek.

“This will be fun!” I say lifting my bag with my free hand. “I’ve never been on a plane before.”

“I’m sure we’ll end up spending a majority of this vacation in bed naked.”

“I wouldn’t say a majority…but a good portion.”

Both my hands are occupied so my mother opens the front door of her condo and the trunk of the car for me. I lift and place all our luggage inside. My bag is fairly light but both my mother’s bags are so heavy.

“What’s up with these heavy bags, mom?” I ask slamming the trunk shut.

“I like to dress nice on vacation,” she answers. “I hope you brought at least one nice outfit. I hope it’s the red shirt I bought you a couple of years ago.”

I open the passenger door for my mother and she gets inside. She’s wearing a shirt and a puffy winter jacket. I stare at her legs as she swings them inside the car. I can’t wait to be in New York where I can cover those soft legs in kisses. I start driving towards the airport.

“Remember, Steven, you can’t call me ‘mom’ until we’re back,” my mother reminds me. “I don’t even want us to use our real names. I’ll call you Greg and you call me Mary, okay?”

“Okay, mom,” I say giggling.

“Hey! This is serious.”

“Okay, Mary.”

“That’s better.”

The airport is about an hour’s drive away. We’ll have to pay extra for the car to remain parked there for a week. We could have gotten a friend to drive us or even a Uber. But she’s really nervous about others finding out about us.

It’s just one long stretch of highway and the airport is just off the exit. My hand is on my mother’s thigh rubbing back and forth and she’s just looking out the window. She looks happy but I also see a small bit of unease behind her smile. I keep glancing over at her. Her red lips and dark hair underneath a black beanie. She’s the most stunning thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

“You okay, mom- Mary?” I ask putting my hand on her shoulder.

“I’m fine, dear,” she answers quietly.

I want to ask her what’s wrong. But I also don’t want to ruin a good thing with too many questions. I know I’m locked into us being something more than we were. But if I say the wrong thing to my mother and she thinks too hard about what we’re doing, will she be okay with it? It’s best not to say anything. I just drive and the car is quiet for the next half an hour.

“Can we talk?” My mother asks turning her head towards me.

“Sure,” I answer.

“So….what….what do you want out of this?”


“I know that, hun. Do you think this is smart in the long run? I know I’m happy but we’ll have to live a lie. We can never be open about who tuzla escort we are.”

“Fuck that, I don’t care. If I can have you in secret. That still means I have you.”

“You really mean that, Steven?”

“Every word.”

“You’re just, you’re so young. Sometimes I worry that I’m taking advantage of you.”

“I worry the same thing too sometimes.”

“Hey, I promise not to take advantage of you, okay? If you’re ever even a little bit uncomfortable. Just tell me.”

“I promise not to take advantage of you either.”

My mother leans over and gives me a pick on the cheek. She grabs my hand and places it back on her thigh. She seems a lot more at ease. Her thigh is getting warmer the longer my hands rests on it. The little things like this can make my mother horny. The other day I touched her waist when I was walking by and I could feel her melting in my hand. It’s bright out. Usually, when we are on a ride it’s dark. I guess it’s sort of symbolic of what we’re heading to do. We intend on fully behaving like lovers in New York.

I had a woman my keys and she drives my car off to the overnight parking area. My mother drags her wheeled suitcase behind her while I carry both our bags in each hand. Her bag is very heavy but I am trying my hardest to make it seem like it’s not. I make sure I don’t carry one bag lower to the ground because she’ll notice and ask if I need help.

We go through the TSA and board our plane. A lot of people are traveling this time of year so it’s packed. There is a man who within moments of sitting down fell asleep and his face is pressing against the window. My mother is in the middle and I’m on the end seat. She has a blanket covering her from shoulder to ankle and it looks adorable. I slide my hand under the blanket and down her pants. She looks at me with desperate eyes.

“Do you want to join the mile-high club, Mary?” I whisper and gently rub her pussy lips.

“Stop that,” she gasps and pulls my hand out of her pants. “You can have me in New York.”

I slide my hand out from the blanket and put the finger I touched her with in my mouth. She gives me a naughty look and quickly turns looks around the plane to see if anyone is watching us. I put on my Airpods and turn up some music. My mother lies back in her seat. She’s on her side facing me. Her smile is bright and sincere.

What are we? She only knows refers to me as her son or her lover. I’m not sure what I want to be. I don’t want to lose the title of son though. She’s my mother and I love her like a mother. But I also love her like a romantic partner. Can these two feelings coexist in a healthy way? I’m listening to Dashboard Confessional right now and for the first time in my life, I can relate to these songs. I always understood what love meant but to know about something and feel it yourself are two very different things.

I want to be my mother’s boyfriend and her son. I don’t care if it is unconventional or bizarre. I don’t want her to not treat me like a son anymore if she does claim me as a “boyfriend.” My mother’s hand slides out from under the blanket and grab onto mine. She looks up at me with a wholesome and fulfilled look. Our relationship is naughty and nasty but also probably one of the strongest and most gentle relationships on this planet.

The plane lands so we get off and collect our luggage. I’ve never been to New York before. I’ve only left the state a couple of times. I carry the two bags and she drags the one and we walk outside. I set the bags down and she sets up an Uber drive from her phone. She puts the phone back in her pocket and lets out a big sigh of relief.

She tugs on my arm so I face her and then pulls me down for a long passionate kiss. She put my hands on her hips and she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me tight. She pulls her face back and little plants numerous small pecks all over my face and chin and then lets me go. She doesn’t even look around or care if anyone is watching. She just takes my hand and leans her head into my shoulder.

Our Uber driver is a kind and quiet man in his late 30’s. The kind of man my mom would be seeing if she weren’t with me. He goes above and beyond. He gets out of the car and places our bags in the trunk. He opens the door and lets my mother and me in the backseat. He gets in and drives off and right away my lips find my mother’s. I put my hand on her thigh and grab it softly. She’s panting heavily while she kisses me. We always seem to run out of breath.

“How long have you two been together?” The driver asks which causes us to stop kissing.

“Feels like I’ve been with him forever,” my mother answers and winks at me.

“I understand that all too well. I’ve been with my wife for 10 years now. Are you two married? You seem like the married type.”

My mother smiles at me and then leans forward to kiss me again.

“We’re engaged actually,’ she answers.

“Ain’t that the sweetest thing,” the driver says back.

The driver pulls in front of the hotel, turns on his hazards, and gets out of the car. He pulls pendik escort all the luggage out and shakes my mother’s hand. My mother reaches in her purse and pulls out a fifty-dollar bill as a tip for the good service. The driver thanks us and drives off.

The hotel lobby is bustling and full of conversation. There are families and lovers. I bet my mother was at a place like this when she slept with my father all those years ago. It’s a shame that he never appreciated her or treated her with the care she deserved. But I’m glad he isn’t in the picture because she’s mine now.

There are other families around us. I see sons carrying their mother’s bags just like I am now. Even before we had sex I always had a much closer relationship with my mother than one should. She was all I had growing up so I latched to her. Seeing her struggle to get me what I wanted for my birthday always touched me. When I was 8 and wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween, she spent days making a realistic-looking helmet. She put it together from plastic and cardboard. I still have that helmet even to this day.

We are waiting in love to get the keys to our room. My arm is around her waist. I slide my hand down and place it on her butt. I give it a light squeeze and I expect her to tell me to stop, but she just looks at me and grins. I lean down and kiss her and continue squeezing her ass.

“Get a room, you two,” a father a few feet away from us says.

We both blush and stop kissing. I let her go and pick up the suitcases back up. My mother walks up to the desk and gets the room key. She turns around and waves them in the air above her head. She’s so excited about this. She became a single mother so young so she never got to have vacations and getaways. If we ever did something it was always for me. It was never a thing that she would want to do. She’d take me to an amusement park or a waterpark. But this is something for her and I’m glad I get to be the one who shows her a good time.

We get inside the empty elevator and move to the back. It quickly becomes packed to maximum capacity. She keeps glancing at me and looking away when I look back at her. She’s biting her lip and clutching her fist tight. When she wants to fuck, she’s bad at hiding it. It takes over and her entire demeanor changes.

We get to the fourth floor and the door opens. My mother pushes through to the front, running over feet in the process. I politely make my way to the front apologizing on her behalf. As soon as I’m out and the elevator doors close I feel my mother pull me close to her with a strength I didn’t know she had.

I drop the bags and wrap my arms around her. I push her up against a wall and she kisses me hard. Her left wraps around me and her hand grabs my cock through my pants. She covers my neck and cheek with kisses. She even kisses my chest and shoulder. I feel the love. I look around to make sure no one is watching. Even if they don’t know that we’re mother and son, I don’t want to be seen in public like this. Luckily this hallway is empty.

“Let’s take this to the room, mo- Mary,” I say as she rubs my cock and licks behind my ear.

“Come on, Greg, just have me right in this hallway,” my mother moans.

“I’m pretty sure this is a crime if we get caught,” I say while looking around.

“You’re right.”

The room is only a short walk down the hall. My mother swipes her keycard and lets me in. I set our bags down in the corner and examine the room. It’s just an average hotel room. There is one queen-sized bed and a large tv. There is a balcony but seeing as it’s wintertime in New York. I doubt we’ll spend much time out there. It’s small but it’s all we need.

My mother is bent over and going through her suitcase. I unfasten my pants and they fall to my ankles, along with my boxers. I pull my mother’s skirt up, pull her panties to the side, and shove my dick inside warm pussy. Her head snaps back and she lets out a low moan. She puts both her hands on the dresser and grips it tightly. I love the way her dark hair falls over her back when I fuck her from this position.

I pull back and thrust forward, the dresser slaps into the wall. My mother lets out another moan. I lean forward and kiss her neck and back as I thrust. Her pussy is so wet and wraps around my cock so perfectly. Every time I sink in deeper I feel it squeezing down on me. I put my hands over her hands that are squeezing the dresser. I kiss her neck and shoulders and keep fucking her. She’s moaning and saying all different kinds of profanities. She never used to cuss so much but ever since we’ve started having sex. I’ve heard how colorful her vocabulary can be.

I take my right hand off her hand and slide it down her back and to her ass. I put two fingers deep in her ass which causes my mother to let out a breathy squeal. The sounds she makes push me over the edge so I start cumming uncontrollably. She follows after and starts cumming as well. Then I can see the fluids from her pussy hitting the floor and dripping down her thighs. More cum shoots from aydınlı escort my cock and covers the inside of her pussy. I start pumping my fingers in and out of her ass and she shakes and cums a second time.

Her head hangs low and we’re both panting. I pull my fingers out of her ass and she squeals. She squeals again when I pull my cock out of her pussy. She turns to face me and I lift her up and set her on the dresser. We kiss passionately and then separate.

“You want to go somewhere fancy tonight?” I ask pulling up my pants.

“Let’s just order something tonight,” my mother answers. “Planes always wipe me out. There is a Chinese place across the street. You should go down there and get us something. You know what I like.”

“Fried dumplings and crab rangoon.”

“You got it, Greg.”

“We’re in a hotel, do you really have to call me that here?”

“I don’t want you accidentally calling me ‘mom’ while we’re out.”

“Alright, I’ll be back, Mary.”

The Chinese restaurant is only a five-minute walk once you exit the lobby. That is the nice thing about major cities, everything is within walking distance. I’m waiting for my order to be finished. It feels naughty knowing that less than twenty minutes ago I was deep inside my mother’s pussy. I look down at my hand and think that these fingers were inside her ass. It’s our little secret that no one knows. It would be a lot easier if we could live free and open together but the taboo nature is thrilling.

I make it back to the room with our food. I swipe the keycard and get inside. My mother is completely naked. She’s lying on her side and reading a book on the bed. She has her black-rimmed reading glasses on and is so focused that she doesn’t even notice that I’m there.

“I’m back!” I say holding up the bag of food.

“Oh, nice!” My mother says smiling and putting her book away. “It smells amazing.”

She takes off her glasses and puts on a white hotel-provided robe. We sit at the small table in the corner and eat our meal. Every time we eat Chinese food I try to show her how to use chopsticks. She never can get the hang of them but she always tries.

“You hold it like this,” I say moving her fingers to the proper spots. “Then from here, it’s just like writing with a pencil.”

“Okay, here we go,” she says successfully picking up a dumpling. “I did it!”

“Good job!” I say happily.

“But I’m still using a fork.”

“That’s fair.”

She must have showered when I left because her signature red lipstick is missing. I love this woman so much that even just watching her dip dumplings in sauce and eat them is cute to me. Her robe is open and her breasts are fully exposed. I don’t even try to hide that I’m looking but I still make it a point to not stare. I’m having a conversation with her, not her breasts.

“I’ve been thinking about something since the hallway,” my mother says putting down her fork.

“Oh? What’s on your mind?” I ask curiously.

“If we ever were found out. You’d probably be okay and be looked at as a victim or a cruel disgusting mother. I’d be an outcast forever. I’d probably go to jail. Incest is illegal, you know.”

“Well, no one has to find out.”

“I know, I’m just saying that I have more to lose than you. It’s scaring me a little bit. I just want to be with the person I love. Who cares if he happens to be my son? Don’t I deserve to do what makes me happy and do WHO makes me happy?”

She eats a scoop of white rice and looks down at her meal. I never thought about it like this but she is right. If we were ever busted people would see her like some sick woman and see me as a helpless son. Like I’m some child who is in over their head.

“So let’s not get caught, okay?” I say trying to pull her out of the dark place.

“You don’t think I’m disgusting, right?” My mother asks and puts her hand over mine.

“Not at all,” I answer. “Maybe we’re both disgusting, who knows? I’m a man who loves a woman.”

“I love you, baby.”

She leans forward over the table and kisses me on the forehead. I can feel the different energies. This felt more like a motherly gesture than the actions of a lover. She’s always kissed my forehead.

“Can I ask you something now?” I ask seriously.

“Of course,” my mother replies with a smile.

“Are we…am I….am I your boyfriend?”

My mother sets her spoon down and looks me in the eyes. I can’t read this expression. All I can glean is that she is thinking hard right now. She looks down for a second and then looks back up.

“Do you….do you want to be my boyfriend?” My mother asks after a long pause.

“Yes,” I answer and take a sip of water. “You introduced me as your fiancé earlier and it made my heart skip a beat.”

“Do you want to….marry me?” She asks with a big smile.

“Is this a proposal or are you asking if I’d want to marry you. in the future?”

“Take it however you want it.”

Did my mother intentionally introduce us as an engaged couple to plant that seed? It’s all I’ve been able to think about ever since. We could never have a real wedding with all our friends and family. We could never legally be married either but just knowing that we’ve committed ourselves to each other for life is something I want more than anything.

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